Code Geass R2 rewritten

turn 3.5

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Code Geass R2: Rewritten

Turn 3.5: Vincent

Chinese Consulate, September 1st, 5:00 PM

C.C was looking over the schematics of the new Knightmare Frame that Urabe and his men stole during Babel tower. The Knightmare frame: Vincent, almost an except look of Suzaku's nightmare frame Lancelot. Based on the other looks of the Vincent series, the model that they stole happens to be a prototype of the series. 'This might prove useful to the right devicer.' she thought as she continue to exam the weapons and feature that the prototype has then the series line. She noticed that there was a feature on the elbows on the Knightmare, called a needler blazer, this confused her as she looked up the other models and this happens to be the only model to have this feature, 'Looks like the people of the secret service are truly on my tail. Perhaps the order might be on this. But I won't surrender, I still have to do my wish that Lelouch said he would.' she continues to think as she and the other members of the Black Knights plan to do per Lelouch's orders for freeing her fellow members being held up by Gilbert G.P Guilford and the temporary command he has.

Kallen was in her Gurren checking out her statistics from the rescue mission they did awhile back. She continues to think about the 'date' Lelouch said, she was hoping that he was kidding but for some reason, she was happy about her first date and it happens to be with one of the most attractive students when she was in school last year.

Urabe was having a practice round with XingKe, a nice, competitive sword practice to sharp each other's skills and reflexes. Urabe thought it was nice to relax around as he was with Kallen and C.C. for the past year, planning on how to get Zero's true memories back. As he continues to practice with XingKe, he wonders how does Zero balance his life as their leader and being a student.

Kallen went to the break room for some dinner alone, some shrimp fried rice, sesame chicken, and other delicious food that they were being served. She turned on the TV and saw something that horrified here: her fellow members of the black knights, her friends from the resistance cell and the holy 4 swords, all detained in a straight jacket. "Zero! I am Lord Gilbert G.P. Guilford, knight to her royal highness Cornelia Li Britannia. I am here to show you, your fellow members of the Black Knights, detained for the crimes against the Holy Britannian Empire: crimes that sentence them to death as ruled by the emperor himself. If you value the life of your comrades, you'll be here if you do have honor for a masked terrorist." Guilford said from the live new feeds.

Ashford Academy: Lelouch's room, 6:45 PM

Lelouch saw the news of his soldiers being shown through out the state, he begins to wonder on how he should save his comrades. 'How am I gonna save them? It'll probably be suicide if I do a full on attack, Guilford would probably have a sniper somewhere around the Chinese Consulate to take my pod out and killing me, so it would be best if I use my geass on him or her to follow my orders. But how to save them….' he continues to think of his upcoming fight or duel with Guilford but he remembers on thing from a year ago. He smiles as he begins to draw a diagram of how to deal with this little problem. Lelouch grabs the remote to change the channel but in reality it would change the hidden cameras around his room and give the people who are watching him incorrect live footage he did earlier, he pulls out a pistol he stole from the guy that was tailing him earlier in the day. 'Thank god the fool brought this in public. Hopefully I can use this to get rid of Rolo.' he thought, thinking on how to kill this impostor but as he continues to think, his vision began to go blurry as he received a vision, of him pulling a gun at his 'brother' but his 'brother' takes his gun due to his own geass, the 'Ward of Absolute Suspension' the ability to stop the sense of time. 'Great…. this impostor has a geass ability as well and a powerful one at that.' he thought as he put his pistol away in his secret suitcase he hide away successfully for the year he was put in the amnesia state due to his father's geass. As he puts the pistol away, he found a unusual outfit, the suit was all black and purple with the britannian empire logo on the suit and the cape (Julius Kinglsey's outfit from Akito the Exiled hint for the end) 'what the hell? Why do I have this?' he thought as he examined the outfit. 'Well at least it's in my favorite colors and not the shitty one I see from the officers in the palace years ago.

Camera Room,7:00 PM

Rolo was talking to the other secret service officers that monitor Lelouch 24/7 to see if he does have his true memories or if he had contacted C.C. 'How can he evade me a lot during the Babel tower incident and the fake mall bomb? Either he's incredibly lucky for a amnesia teen or he does have his true memories. But his behavior is still the same before when I was assigned to watch over him and pretend he's my brother.' Rolo continues to think on the situation as he listens to Villetta.

Chinese Consulate,7:05 PM

C.C. was having her pizza for dinner as usual while she looked at one of the couples in the Black Knights. She began to wonder about having a lover like the couple she sees in the corner. 'Must suck for the man to pay for everything on the woman now.' she thought of as she took a bite of her pizza. She begins if Lelouch would be a perfect lover for her since she was probably one of the closest girls besides Shirley, Kallen and Milly. She is the only one who decided to make a pact with him, which granted Lelouch his geass ability and the formation of the Black Knights. She began to thought of naughty images which caused her to blushed furiously and she leaves the room to the hanger to get over the naughty images and gets into the Vincent model and begins to test drive the prototype. 'What was I thinking!' she thought as she begins her so called 'patrol'. Kallen was on the roof, thinking if she chose the right path for her late-brother's dream of a gentle world her brother wanted, "Naoto, I hope your watching me. I miss having you around and so do the others. I hope your proud on what I'm doing even though its something to be a shame of, being a teen in a adult world of greed, corruption and the other sins of the world." she muttered to herself, even though no one is around her. She hears some wheels of the land spinners, she looks around to see the Vincent model they stole early in the week on a 'patrol. "What the hell?" she said as she gets off of the roof to go to the camera room that was installed. It took about 5-10 minutes to get there, she examined the footage to see C.C. Rushing to the model for some reason. She grabbed a near by radio and tries to find the right frequency for the model [C.C. come in.] she said to her but she was not getting anything from her. 'This is going to be a long night huh…' she sweat dropped, wondering what's going on in C.C.'s mind.

Elsewhere in the Holy Britannain Empire (The U.S)

Suzaku was currently in the homeland, exporing the states for the first time before he heads back Area 11 (Japan) in a couple weeks. He was with Cecile, alone together inside the cockpit, "Um...Sorry Miss Cecile, I didn't know that you were coming along for the ride." Suzaku apolitically said to her. "It's no problem Suzaku..." she said, blushing like crazy since she was a close friend to Suzaku other than the Lloyd and the other members of the Knights of the Round. Suzaku kept on thinking if Lelouch has gotten his true memories back and he returns as his greatest enemy in the world. 'Lelouch, if you truly have gotten your memories back, I swear I'll kill you.'

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