Code Geass R2 rewritten

Turn 4

Hey Guys, Happy late New Years (14 days ago) and hope everyone had a good holidays. Today I managed to finished turn 4 and doing turn 5 sometome this week. If you guys want some parts of the anime changed within the story, just send me through tmy Pm box and I'll try to see how this will effect the story. Please review the story as I want to hear the feedback on you guys, Later.

Code Geass R2: Rewritten
Turn 4: Reformation of the Black Knights

September 2nd, 8:00 AM, Ashford Academy
Lelouch's room

Lelouch was in his room as he plans to free his fellow core members of the Black Knights from Guilford this evening. 'Since they are in front of the Chinese Consulate, I can use the same plans during the 'final battle' a year ago. But the key is where do I find the workers….' he thought as he heard a knock on his door, opening it to see his 'brother' Rolo.

"Big Brother, it's almost time for the school." Rolo said politely to him. "I know I know. I was just spacing off for some reason." he faked smiled and lied to him, Rolo thought it was true as he smiled and left the room to gather his backpack. "I still have to deal with this fake…" he muttered, thinking of how he has to save his real little sister from his father. He takes off his contact, "Hey Rolo, I need to ask you something." he said, with Rolo turing around, Lelouch activated his Geass and he now controls his 'Little Brother' smiling that he is one step closer to drawing out the Order. 'I suspect that Rolo has his Geass to a point where he can just stop a persons sense of time based on the footage I found.' he thought as he told Rolo to act like before.

Chinese Consulate, 8:30 AM

Kallen and C.C. were having a discussion earlier in the morning as the plan to rescue the other members of the Black Knights. "So how are we going to get Ohgi and the others C.C.?" Kallen asks the immortal witch.

"I honestly don't have a clue but your precious Lulu might have a plan."C.C. smirked as Kallen cheeks began to turn red.

"My Precious Lulu'?!" Kallen shouted in their room, blushing from either she's embarrassed by the remark or just furious with the immortal witch. "Damnit C.C. quit with the dumb Lulu remarks! Just focus at the task at hand!" Kallen yelled at the immortal witch as C.C. smirked at Kallen and leaves to do her task, leaving the Ace of the Black Knights alone, blushing, and furious at her 'rival' quoted by C.C. She heads towards to the conference office to talk to Urabe about their plans.

Ashford Academy: rooftop 9:20 AM

As usual, Lelouch is currently in the rooftop as he skipped homeroom and 1st period class and is on his laptop with a scrambler that he had for awhile so the Secret Service officers including Villetta Nu as he looks on his previous plan from last year.

'Let's see…if Guilford puts himself here….then the fall should happen within a couple seconds of my 'duel'' Lelouch thought as he smirked as he can see his victory and drinking his water on the railing. 'I still got to deal with the impostor, how am I gonna with this fake?' he continues to think on how to deal with Rolo but he would have to wait as he would have to play the fake student as he heard a twist on the doorknob, revealing it to be Shirley and Milly. "Hey girl, what are you doing here?" he asks them, confuse as ever. Shirley was about to say something but Milly covered her mouth so she can say something,

"Well…Shirley wanted to know if you would do a threesome?!" she said quickly and smiled at the fact that both Lelouch and Shirley were blushing but Lelouch did a spit take from the unpredicted president,

"Wait WHAT!" Lelouch yelled and coughed "Threesome?! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" he continue and cough at the same time again.

"Just kidding Lelouch, you thought I was serious?" she smiled at her unpredicted joke worked to perfection, "The reason why were here is because the principle asked me to get you for something, Shirley didn't have class yet so I asked her to come with me." she explained to him as he became more clam about it.

"For what? I haven't done anything bad since the 'Babel Tower Incident'." Lelouch said after recovering from the massive coughing he did.

"I don't know, he wouldn't tell me so I came to get you." she said, nonchalantly. Lelouch shrugged it off and he started to walk towards the principles office. Leaving the 2 girls alone, both were thinking of Lelouch, Shirley was probably the most worried as she is in love with him since around freshmen or sophomore year but Milly began to think if she too was falling for the fallen prince as she was the only one to know Lelouch since Middle Schooland she was a family friend when Lelouch and Rolo were abandoned by their family. She wonders if they would grow their now blooming relationship and she closed her eyes as she would later get her first kiss from him yesterday.

Shirley began to think if her future with Lelouch would be for sure as she was the only one that truly loved him besides his looks and charms, she always wondered who Lelouch really was, the 'ice prince' of Ashford academy or he loving big brother of Rolo or does he have another mask that he wore that nobody knows. She knows that she wouldn't give up as she felt a sense of tension, not in a bad way, with Milly as she could sense her as a rival now.

Ashford Academy Hallways: 9:25 Am

Lelouch was walking towards the principles office as he was summoned by him from Milly. As he walked, with most of the students in their classes, Lelouch took the opportunity to take his cell phone and put on the device on so the secret service doesn't catch him and he texts Kallen

Kallen, Tell C.C. to go to phase 2, she would know the details. Later after we rescue our comrades, Meet me in the office XingKe arranged for us, as a man of my word, I'll tell you everything about me and go on a date with you as promised and I promise to rescue the Ohgi and the others.


Lelouch sent his text message and took off the device and he hurried to the principles office.

Chinese Consulate: 9:32 AM

Kallen took out her cell and read the message she received from Lelouch. She started to blush as Lelouch texted 'date' by the end of the message. "I…I…I guess he does fully wants to make a good relationship." Kallen began to mutter to herself and started to started to walk and find C.C. few minutes later, Kallen found C.C. outside by the court area. "C.C. time for Phase 2. Lelouch said." Kallen said to her.

"Already? Guess he wants to hurry this up." C.C. said as she sees a couple people coming to her.

"It's been awhile, C.C." said a feminine voice with blonde long hair probably around 17 years old, she was also with a blue haired young man around 17 as well.

Ashford Academy: 10:45 AM

Lelouch smirked as he had full control of the camera room including the people that were suppose to look after him but as he Geassed the other 'supervisors' of the school after meeting the principle. 'With Guilford already in front of the Chinese Consulate, all I have to do is wait for the moment to happen, just like the black rebellion. Villetta will be giving false reports to the empire from the bribe I did earlier. with school being a half day due to some repairs to the pipes, Lelouch walked towards his private car that he received earlier in the week and decided to take the secret passage way.

While Lelouch was driving, he received a blurry vision of battle, where Lelouch's plan is successful, Guilford's defeat through the same plan from one year ago. The visions both him and the girls have proven useful as he can counter-measure his original plans and make sure everything goes smoothly. He continues to think about his relationship with the girls, he knows that he does have feeling for Shirley, the girl who has a huge crush on him, dating back to last year as he remembers he was responsible for killing her father, whipping her memories so they would act as strangers. Kallen, who wears mask like he does: pretending to be a ill teenage daughter of the Stadtfeld's house and a 'pure' Japanese teenager of the resistance cell that would be one of the core members of his group; The Black Knights. C.C.: the immortal witch of Britannia that lived for centuries dating back to the medieval times and the woman that gave him his geass and they would have a close relationship as the year went by. Milly: a childhood friend that he made during back to middle school where her family adopted them from being a family friend of Lelouch's mother.

As Lelouch was driving, he sees a large group protestors at the gate of the Chinese Consulate where most of the beg the temporary Viceroy to spare Tohdoh the miracle worker as he was the 'last' hope of Japan, after the 'death' of Zero.

'Looks everything is going according as plan but need to take care of the sniper back their.' Lelouch thought as he brought out a military uniform and parked his car in a hidden alley.

The Gate of the Chinese Consulate: 12:45 PM

Guildford was waiting patiently for Zero to come out and accept his fate but he decided that times up and decided to commence the execution, "Men, get ready!" Guildford ordered as his men started to prepare to aim. The civilians began to yell to no avail but a Sutherland began to move towards the gate, the hatch open revealing the mask terrorist, Zero.

The crowd sigh in relief as their masked savior appears to rescue the Black Knights. Kallen looks at the TV, relieved as well as her leader kept his promise just like he said via text message. Urabe was glad that Lelouch is gonna save his friends as well.

"Guildford, do you realize that you'll be executing the proud soldiers of the United States of Japn right?" Zero said calmly.

"Thats hard to believe that your group are the official soldiers of the US of J, Zero. But in honor of my princess, I challenge you to a duel." Guildford announce as he drew his sword in his Knightmare frame.

"That's fine. Let's make this a 1 on 1, no one interferes." Zero said as he goes back into the hatch of his Knightmare.

"Fine. You heard him guys. And to make this a fair fight, we'll each use 1 weapon. I'll choose my trusted sword." Guildford said as he unattached his lances from his hatch.

"Fine. I'll take the riot shield from that police Knightmare." Zero pointed out the Knightmare, causing some confusing between Guildford and police officer.

'What could Zero be doing? Using a riot shield for a 1v1…' Guildford thought as prepares for the duel.

1 hour later

Kallen was still watching her leader, Zero, fight with the temporary Viceroy of Area 11. She wonders if Lelouch's plan will work, the false stage and the addition to the new members Lelouch brought.

Unknown building, control center, 1:45 PM

2 people in the control room watched as he Viceroy was dueling against the most wanted terrorist. "How much you want to bet Guilford's gonna win this?" said a man about in his mid 30's.

"Bet 5-" the other man was still talking as he was shot including the other man next to him. The geassed soldier came in walking as he dropped his gun and sat next to the dead men around him. "It's time, Master Zero." the soldier said as he continues to type in codes into the computer and he see's a time for 30 seconds until the collapse. He then points his gun on his neck and kills himself.

Lelouch continues to defend himself as his plan was about to start '5…4…3…2…1…' he thoughts as the floor began to collapse, he then slides down towards the front gate of the Chinese consulate "Black Knights! These intruders here defy the US of J, show them No Mercy!" Zero ordered as the Knightmare Frames spread out to get rid of them as they were in their territory. Some unfamiliar Knightmares came out of the smoke, the Knightmare has a human based look as they were the most flexible in any Knightmare making history.

'impressive, the guys at the EU sure know make Zero happy. With the EU war with Britannia over, they were desperate in need of help. Luckily since they owe me for sending them intel from last year that I got leaked out, They said they'll send some of the best pilots if they failed. Who would have thought that they would give me the W-0, the guys I defeated under the alias Julius Kingsley that the emperor gave me through his geass that manipulated my memories and use me to win the war basically. Glad C.C. explained last night and made that call. I can use the Alexanders as part of my personal squad under Kallen and Tohdoh.' Lelouch continues to think as he looks on his screen.

Guildford tries effortlessly as he tries to defend himself from getting killed. He knows that Britannia's truce with the Chinese Federation will cease to exist. "All Troops, stop and retreat. We can afford to break this treaty!" Guildford ordered as he saw his troops get destroyed, he saw Bart and Alfred's death.

The Britannian Army fled the Consulate as the Black Knights achieved victory.

Couples Hours later. (Will feature the beginning of Episode 5 in the next chapter)

Kallen was waiting for Lelouch by his office, as the time was about 12:45 AM, most of the members decided to turn it in earlier as they threw a party about a hour after they were rescued. Kallen was wearing a red dress about a inch close to her knees, a dress shirt that showed little of her breast (I randomly pick a dress from google, check Nina Dobrev red dress Argo as this is her dress), she put on her real mother's perfume when she secretly put on for her step-mother's wedding, she felt nervous as this is first real date and it has to be with her leader, Lelouch, as he promise to tell her everything to gain her trust.

Lelouch put on an all black suit with a purple tie that go with his perfectly. C.C. was knocked out due to the endless pizza and some booze she had earlier during the party. Since the secret service won't follow them as he blackmailed Villetta earlier in the week. He sneakily got out of his office, so he can see Kallen for the date. Once he saw Kallen, he was absolutely was stun on how beautiful Kallen was, the dress showed her curves and he blushed red as a tomato.

"W-w-w-w-wow….you look beautiful Kallen." he said stuttering as he looked at Kallen.

"Th-th-thanks…." She said, blushing as well.

"Well, shall we go?" he said as he managed to compose himself, opening his hand as he wanted to act like a gentlemen, which Kallen accepted.

Couple of minutes, 15-20 minutes later

Lelouch parked the car in a secluded area that won't confiscate his car, He opened Kallen's door. They walked towards the door, he had reserved for 2 in one of the restaurants in Area 11. They had a bar area for those who want just a beer and some good chat. Kallen wondered how he managed to get a table for 2 for their date. "Lelouch, how did you get a table for us? This place is for people that are 21 and over." she questioned, he chucked a bit.

"Kallen, you do remember that I gamble right?" he asks her, which she nodded. "Because I gamble a lot, the Britannians either pay more to shut me up or they'll do something to shut me up. I called one of the restaurant owners and he said its fine with him as he owe me. So I can bring a date so she can enjoy herself and I can tell her somethings she wanted to know." he explained, as the waiter showed them their seats, as eyes were on them. Women in their 20's and up were wondering how this handsome young man got a table for him and his date. They wondered if this was a friendly date so that they can ask him out.

"You said you'll tell me everything about you, a promise you said during the 'Babel Tower Incident'. Do you fully want to tell me or will you only tell me half." She asked him, as she sipped some of her water.

"Yes Kallen. I'll tell you what you want to know and I'll tell you everything." he assured her, Kallen began to think about her questions she wanted to know.

"I can tell your last name isn't your true name, your geass power wonders me also. Why did you take the name Zero and what is your purpose for joining us and wage war against Britannia?" She asked all kinds of questions that seem only common to Lelouch.

"Your right, my true last name is Vi Britannia. The 17th in line for the throne. The exiled prince of Britannia, my mother was a commoner by birth and the royal family held their content against her and my sister. My geass is the power of Absolute Obedience, all I have to do is look at a person give them a command and they do it. The power has it restrictions as it only works one time, I need direct eye contact and must be about with in a couple feet away from a person. The reason why I chose the name Zero is because it could be nothing or a new beginning as in the number line excluding the A.T.B where it went from BC to ATB. My Father, the Britannian Emperor, didn't investigate my mother's death and I questioned him about it. He felt it was meant to be. I felt that it wasn't right that she was killed and I gave up my right as a prince and my sister and myself were exiled to Japan as a political hostage. MY purpose was to make this world a gentler place for Nunnally as I took the name Zero and waged war against my homeland." He explained to Kallen as it took a couple of minutes to register within Kallen.

"Who would have thought that my leader Zero, would be a ex-prince of Britannia and swore vengeance against his father?!" she said quietly and was shocked that he would tell her, his biggest secret. "Why would you tell me all of this?" she asks him as the waiter walked by and they ordered their food.

"Because I want to gain your trust and get to know you as if your a friend or later if were close and all, a lover. You wanted to know me so I shall tell you as I promised." He explained, which still left Kallen a bit shocked. They waited for their food and they talked for a bit, 30 minutes later, their food has arrived, Kallen ordered a simple salad with blue cheese dressing while Lelouch ordered shrimp parmesan spaghetti with some garlic bread. They ate quietly but Lelouch thought of something, "Here, try some of my food." he said randomly which caught Kallen's attention.

"Huh?" she raised her left eyebrow, confuse on why he wants her to try her food.

"You were just blankly staring at my food Kallen, so I figure that you might want to try a piece." he chuckled a bit.

"Sure…" she said as she took a bite of his spaghetti. "Who would have thought that you have good taste." she joked at Lelouch.

"Your words hurt me Q1." He pretend that his heart was broken as Kallen began to laugh and she starts to see Lelouch's worth, 'he's not bad of a person when you get to start to get to know him.' she thought as their date got more fun.

After their date

Lelouch took Kallen back to the Chinese Consulate as he opened her door and walked with her. "I'm glad you told me everything Lelouch." Kallen said, smiling.

"No prob Kallen, I always try to keep my promises." he smiled back as he starts to sense that he might have some developing feeling towards his Ace, his Q1.

"Thanks for the date." She said as she gave Lelouch a peek on the cheek, causing Lelouch to blush, "See ya." she waved him goodbye as she entered the consulate, leaving a cherry red Lelouch alone as he touched his cheek.

End of Turn 4.

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