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Fallen Angel Part 1

By Stephanie Kwiatkowski

Romance / Drama

Meeting Sarah Griffin

Standing in the snow and watching each snowflakes falling onto her gloves as it quickly disappeared into the soft velvet fabric of the warm toasty gloves upon her skin. The young girl sat on the fallen log beside the pond where her mother used to take her ice skating. The young girl looked up at the night sky as little stars were peaking through. In her hands held a letter she had wrote to God many years ago after her mother abandoned her and her father. Sarah had come to this spot shortly after her 6th birthday wishing and praying for God to bring her mother back to her. Now the only thing that Sarah wants is a mother to help her through her mixed up teenage years, and for someone to love her father. She hasn’t seen her father date anyone else after her mother left, leaving just her and him to face a lonely road together. Sarah’s dad was a police detective and taking part time work to help raise her up. Now Sarah is 10 almost turning 11, and the one wish she wants is for her father to fall in love again.

  Sarah stares up at the sky as she spots the big dipper to the right and a little north of it is the North Star. Sarah closed her eyes and prayed a little prayer for her one birthday wish she has been waiting a lifetime for. “God….I know you are up there…and I don’t ask much but would you help me to send an angel to help my father to fall in love again. I’m almost 11 and would like to have a mother around to share some girl moments with. So please help me.”  Like always there was no reply back, but Sarah knows that God is always listening. A gust of icy cold wind rushed at Sarah’s face as the winter wind kicked in. Sarah knows that she should be heading back to her home know that her father would be worried to find her not home when he is. One more glance up at the night sky, and Sarah walked back to her home, leaving the letter she had written many years before in her secret stash under the rotten log.

Just a few blocks down from Sarah’s favorite spot, Monica was finishing up on one of her assignments. This was Monica’s 29th assignment of being a supervisor, after taken up on her best friend/mentor’s job. Monica still feeling heartbroken of leaving her one closes friend behind her, but life has to move on. She still misses Tess’s guidance and wisdom on her new appointed job, of training a new angel. Which also reminded her when she was first starting out after “Search and Rescue,” but Monica knows that Tess is always watching her, and loving her no matter where she is in the world.  Although this new angel that Monica is training is perkier than Gloria was. Monica still has connections to Andrew and Gloria and sees them on a regular bases, but the one person that she really wants to see is Tess.

On Monica’s last assignment for the day took a young child to the Father. The worst part of being an angel is to watch the pain and suffering of humans around her. And especially taking a young child away just shatters Monica’s heart into pieces. Monica doesn’t like to be the angel of death, that’s Andrew’s department, but for this one she had to be. After taking the little boy home to be with God, Monica decides to stop at a café and clear her mind before heading in the next direction. It was a cold wintery night and having a hot cup of mocha latté Monica’s favorite would perk her up into a nice mood.

The snow crunched under Monica’s feet as she past the beautiful shops scattered up and down this lovely town, all getting ready for Thanksgiving and the holiday seasons. Monica stops by the shop that was selling jewelry and other things. She kind of chuckled at the sight of an “angel” purse which will look really cute on Jenny which is the newest angel that Monica has been training. But Monica kept on walking to the café. Monica came slowly up to the doors and grabs hold of the icy cold handle and pulls it gently towards her. As Monica steps inside the café she spotted a few people there all enjoying each other’s company. There was a grandfather and a young girl playing checkers at a booth, and a few policemen at the bar enjoying the cups of coffee and eating an early dinner. And a woman reading a book while eating up her half eaten sandwich. Monica came to an empty booth as she sat down and waits patiently for service to come to her. Monica takes off her tan long coat, and let it slide off her shoulders as she places it next to the wall of the booth. She then took off her white scarf and a black winter hat as reddish brown hair fell out of it and dangles around her shoulders.

“What can I get you this evening madam?” A young waitress asks as she takes a menu out from underneath her arms.

“A mocha latte would be nice if you have any?” Monica said in a sweet voice.

“Sorry we don’t have anything fancy like that here…but you could always travel down root 94 to get….” The waitress try to explain, but Monica was too tired to travel on farther.

“Coffee would be just fine..thanks.” Was all Monica could say.

“Okay…be back as soon as I can.” And with that the young brunet waitress left.

  Monica stared out the window as she waited for her cup of coffee to drink up. She notice that there was a couple walking dogs and holding hands. Monica knows that she could never experience a romantic relationship with anyone, but she often wonders what it would be like to be loved by someone and to love them back, and to know what a first kiss feels like. However seeing the young man and women holding each other, turned the wonders and what ifs on in Monica’s mind.  Just then the young waitress brought Monica’s coffee over to her and gave Monica the bill. Monica murmurs her thanks to the waitress and took a sip of her hot steamy liquid that is laid in front of her.

 Monica then scanned the café and looked at everyone, until a certain individual caught her eye. A police detective sitting at the bar reading files of paper work that was laid out in front of him. He had dark brown hair that parted a little to one side, with little gray hairs poking out of it in little patches. He looked to be in his mid 40s or so and looked a bit tired. Just then the man looked up from his reading as if to sense that Monica was looking at him. When he looked up she saw a glimpse of his stunning blue eyes as they looked like a deep of ocean view. Monica had to look down at her coffee as she starts to sense those eyes glaring at her. Then Monica realized those eyes were not looking at her but a little girl about the age of 10 standing at the doorway. The little girl walked over to the man and gave him a hug.

“Sarah….what are you doing here? You are supposed to stay at home with Mrs. Wilson. I can’t have you hanging around me when I am on duty.” The man stated as he settled the girl on a stool beside him as he closed the file folder up so she wouldn’t see it.

“I know dad, but Mrs. Wilson is sick with the flu and I have my homework done and that, I wanted to take a walk and I found you here all by yourself so I wanted to come in…oh please don’t be mad daddy.” Sarah stated as she was longing for her father to come home at a descent hour of the day. Lately he has been coming home sometime around nine or ten or even midnight. Sarah wishes that things will be back to normal to have her father sing to her and read her a bedtime story like before. But her father has to work double time to give her and him a nice place to live and to place food on the table.

“Oh…Griff let her stay I can keep watch of her. She can be a big help out around closing time, since I’m a little short staff here.” Mrs. Parker stated as she sort of eavesdrop on their conversation.

“I don’t want her to cause trouble.” Griffin started to protested but Mrs. Parker cut him off.

“She won’t….is that right little munchkin?” Mrs. Parker lightly tapped Sarah’s shoulder.

“I won’t daddy I promise.” Sarah said as she took some of her father’s French fries.

“Oh alright…go ask Sandy if you could help out around here.” Griffin said as he gave his daughter a wink, Sarah giggled and gave her father a hug. At that site, Monica smiled and took another sip of her coffee.

“Thanks Kathy…I wish there is time to look for a babysitter but I don’t have the time to look for one.”

“Not a problem I watched little Sarah since she was an infant, as if she was my own daughter. I know things have been rough for you and her since Crystal left, but you are doing a fine job raising her.” Mrs. Parker stated. And she looked Griffin in the eyes and feeling his hurt and pain from his ex-wife betrayal.

“I got to go….the case closes at 8:30 and I need to get back at the station anyways, thanks for the lovely dinner and for all the help. I’ll sung by and pick Sarah up after my shift is over okay.” Griffin stated as he finished his last drop of coffee.

“Will do..I’ll keep her busy for you, and you are always welcome.” Mrs. Parker said as she washed down the counters of the bar and watches Griffin put on his blue oversize trench coat and walk out of the café and into the icy cold streets. Monica watched this man leave as he walked right past her window. Now Monica got a better look of this man, and he looked really handsome from this point of view then half way across the room.

“More coffee madam?” The young brunet waitress came by a few minutes later asking Monica for another cup of coffee. Monica nodded and the waitress poured more coffee into her cup. It was getting near closing time when Monica was about ready to leave and go off. Until suddenly she was stopped by a little girl.

“Oh…sorry lady…I didn’t realized you were there.” The little girl said, sounding a bit apologetic .

“It’s alright. It was just an ancient.” Monica said as she help the little girl pick up the broken pieces of the plate that the girl dropped as she bumped into Monica.

“You not from around here are you?” Sarah asked.

“How can you tell?” Monica asked as she placed the broken pieces of glass on the tray.

“Because you have an English or Scottish accent, and most people around here have American eastern accents.” Sarah stated as she wiped up the spilt coffee.

Monica giggled at that, “I’m Irish actually. I was brought up in Ireland. But very good at guessing the country.”  Monica stated and with that the little girl wince in pain and then red liquid pooled around the forefinger and ring finger of the little girl’s hand. “Oh.. sweetie your bleeding.” Monica then took some napkins and help pressure to the girl’s hand.

“Ouch…that stings…its just a little blood it won’t affected me. I’m Sarah by the way. What’s yours?”

“Monica. Do you always get along with strangers?” Monica asked as she places a small band-aid on the girl’s finger.

“When you grow up in a small town like this one, it’s hard not to be friendly to people that are not from around here.” Sarah said as she walks the broken plate over to the counter of the bar. “Monica that’s a pretty name, so do you have any kids of your own?”

“No…but I love to work with them and share moments with them.” Monica said as she puts on her coat and scarf.

“Why don’t you have any kids?” Sarah asked.

“Just…I can’t have any.” Monica started to say cause angels can’t have children but she can’t really tell her that. “But I’m up to babysitting.” That seems to light up Sarah’s sparkling blue eyes. Just then Griffin walked in and Sarah ran out of Monica’s arms and ran to her father. Monica had no idea but she is wondering that this family is her next assignment. She lingered there for a little bit and surprisingly the little girl came back with her father in hand. Now Monica is standing face to face with the man she had seen earlier this evening. His blue eyes were very blue and it kind of made Monica’s heartbeat a little faster.

  “Hello, I’m Roan Griffin, Sarah’s father.” Griffin said as he looked into this woman’s eyes. He had never seen a woman to stare at him that way before. It kind of made Griffin to even speak or say anything at all. But she smiled at the way he said hello.

  “Nice to meet you Roan, I’m Monica..” Monica started to say, but Griffin cut in just a bit.

  “Please just Griffin.” Griffin stated, as he looked into her eyes. She had a lovely voice and a kind smile but Griffin knows there is no point in pursuing in a relationship after what his ex-wife did to him and his daughter. Griffin try to date but no one seemed to satisfy him after his broken heart, so Griffin gave up on dating and looked after Sarah. Monica stood there awkwardly next to him, as the shared an awkward silence, until Griffin was the one to break the silence.

“So Monica….did Sarah gave you troubles at all, and if she did, I’m so sorry about that…I’m trying to find a good sitter for her but no one is available to watch her.” Griffin start but Monica shook her head as she explained.

“No there was no troubles….you have a very lovely daughter Griffin. And don’t worry about it I love kids.” Monica said as she looked at Griffin and at his daughter then back to him. “In fact you said that you need a babysitter, well I am one, for the most part.”

“So I was told…When are you available to babysit?” Griffin said as he eyed his daughter, as he knows that she is listening in on them.

“Tomorrow if that is alright with you.” Monica said, and looked up to try and catch his gaze, as soon as she did she had to look away from him.

“No tomorrow is fine…you came right then and there when I need a sitter. Thank you. Tomorrow at 4:30PM that’s when I need to leave.” Griffin gave a half smile and looked right at Monica. She seemed sexy and beautiful for a middle age woman, close to Griffin’s age at least. But after what his ex-wife did to him, Griffin was closed off from love and tried not to get involve again with another women.  He didn’t want to sacrifice his heart just to end up having it be wounded a scared up again.  “So Tomorrow at 4ish will be aright with you?”

“Yes..I will be available for it.” Monica said as she looked at Griffin. His icy blue eyes looked empty and cold, as if they looked at things that were in black and white. But for some strange reason Monica felt completely flattered by his stare as he looked insanely good looking. The moment only last a minute or two, until Griffin turned to his daughter and motion her to leave.

“Okay…Come Sarah we got to go…” Griffin stated as he but on his oversized black trench coat and waited for his daughter to follow.

“Okay…Bye Monica, I’ll see you tomorrow after school.” Sarah waved at her and thinking she was a beautiful woman that Sarah has seen in her life. Sarah wondered if Monica would be a perfect match for her father. She was thinking that maybe God had answered her prayer after 5 and a half years ago. Sarah paused at the door to the café as her father put on her scarf and hat as they embrace the cold wintery weather outside.

Monica saw Griffin and Sarah leave as she then went out to her red Cadillac, which Tess had given to her as a goodbye gift, although originally it was Tess’s baby. But Tess loved Monica more.  Monica didn’t know what God had in mind for her, but what she did know was that this little needed her. Before Monica got into the Cadillac she was then startled by a movement from the review mirror. Monica looked closely and saw that it was Andrew. Monica closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she reemerged from the car.

“Andrew what are you doing here? I thought you be off some place near Colorado for an assignment.” Monica sounded a bit surprise.

“That was weeks ago…besides I just took Mr. Bradford home, and I should be asking the same question. You were only supposed to be here for that little boy; don’t you have another assignment some place away from New York?” Andrew said in a very clam but rational tone.

“No…but I think I just meant my next assignment. I was just in for a cup of coffee when this little girl came up and started asking a bunch of questions. And now I am going to babysit her tomorrow.” Monica said sound a bit perky when she explain her new assignment to Andrew.

“What is the girl’s name?” Andrew asked sounding a bit curious to the news.

“Sarah Griffin, and her father seemed a bit cold to me for the moment he saw me.” Monica said as she looked back at those cold eyes stare.

“Griffin….that name sounds familiar…is he an old grandfather?” Andrew asked.

Monica half gave a chuckle at that, and smiled as she replied, “No….he is about mid 40s to close to 50. Roughly around my age if I were a human.”

“Really?!” Andrew said, “Well I was just passing through, let me know about this assignment. I’m running late for my next appointment.”

“Okay, I have to go and find a place to stay. I’ll see you sometime.” Monica said as she opened the door to the red Cadillac and hoped inside of it. It was nice and warm inside after taking about 10 minutes talking to Andrew. Monica waved goodbye to Andrew as she watch him disappear behind a cluster of snow flurries and off into the night. Monica then started up the car as she drove to a motel on the wintery weather road. It looked so beautiful out and each tree was covered in a blanket of white, which twinkled in the lights of the streets. Monica had no idea what was in plans for her, but she will find out soon enough.

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