Fallen Angel Part 1

Understanding One Another

Monica arrives at her hotel room and tries to get settled down, but her mind keeps on racing of what had happened just about thirty minutes ago. The strange feelings in Monica’s heart were flaring up whenever Griffin was around her. She has never felt this way, since the last encounter of love she had felt back on one of her assignments. George had made her feel like a woman, Monica was also elderly too at the time to get close to his heart. Until the heartbreaking moment, where Monica had to reveal to him that she is an angel and not a human, which had broke George’s heart. She doesn’t want to come across that mistake again twice, and she will not let the past get to her too. Monica still trying to shake the feeling off, pulled back the covers to the comfy soft bed, and laid herself on the bed and tries to close her eyes. As soon as Monica closed her eyes, she gets a sense she was not alone. Monica reopened her eyes and quickly turned on the light. There in the corner of the room stood Jenny.

Monica sat up right where she had turned on the light. Jenny stood there looking a bit shocked and confused. “Jenny, what is it? Did you do something that you weren’t supposed to?” Monica stated with her face started to get a little angry.

“No, I just need some “wordy Monica advice” on one of my assignment. I know that it is your week off and that from training me but I don’t know what to do, I’m so confused.” Jenny whined as she spoke, but she wouldn’t let Monica answer her. “I feel so incredibly stupid. My angel wings should be clipped on the mistake that I just made. I mean what kind of angel would do that? ” Jenny finally clasped on the pillows next to Monica.

Monica sighed thinking that she is not going to get the rest in her human form for the night. Whatever feelings that were developing between Griffin and her, had flutter out of the window.

“Jenny, tell me what had happened.” Monica calmly suggested.

Jenny looked up at Monica, through her teary up eyes. A little sniffle came out as Jenny explained her scenario to Monica, “Okay I had Gloria with me because she told me, that you were on a special case on another assignment that I wasn’t supposed to be with you until you complete your assignment here. Anyways, I was supposed to help out a troubled teenage boy out of terrible things, like drugs and his rebellious teenage ways. Until I accidentally acted like one too. He started to shoot something in his arm and told me it was a way to relieve stress from his parents and teachers.”

“Oh, Jenny you didn’t……” Monica said starting to get worried about her newly appointed angel that she had gotten high with her assignment, kind of like what Gloria had done.

“What?” Jenny asked in confusion on what Monica was concern about.

“Did you take any drugs to get wasted on with him?” Monica asked and had a very concerning look on her face.

“No! That is not the stupid thing I did, the stupid thing that I did I let him do it. I didn’t know if that was his medication for something. And with that now he is in the hospital because he had overdosed himself with the substance.” Jenny explained as more tears stained Jenny’s face, and Monica’s look didn’t help the situation either. “See how horrible of an angel I am?”

Now Monica’s face had softened and realized that Jenny is new to this life on earth and doesn’t understand the stupid decisions that humans choose to make. “Jenny, Jenny look at me.”

Jenny looked at Monica but not looking into her eyes, because of how much ashamed she felt. She waited for Monica to strike her with a lecture but to her surprise, Monica was not angry, “Jenny you are not a horrible angel. The Father doesn’t think of you like that at all. Granted that you just made a mistake, but that is part of learning. You are still an angel in training, and I’m sorry that I am not there for you on this assignment. You have to use your skills and use your heart, and ask God for some guidance and forgiveness of what you had done. Believe me; even I had made some pretty dumb mistakes too when I was first starting out as an angel myself and learning how humans act.”

That information surprise Jenny, she always believes Monica was so well put together that it was impossible for her ever to make a mistake. “Really?! What did you do?” Jenny asked.

“Well I asked God to forgive me in my margin of error, and then I asked him what he wants me to do. Then I go back to my assignment and try to fix my mistake as my inner angel strength shines through.” Monica said and that had perk Jenny up. “Now go back and have Gloria help you to fix your mistake. I have my assignment to work on.”

“Thank you. Bye or I should say goodnight.” Jenny said and walked out of the room.

Monica smiled and looked at the clock which read 10:30 PM. Monica had never felt so exhausted in her life, and this was one of those times when Monica felt so tired that she feels like she could sleep for a thousand years. Monica finally rested her head on the pillows and the sound of the ocean from outside sooth Monica into a deep slumber. As she slept, she dreamt of the one thing she was trying to avoid. All night she had imagined Griffin and his blue-eyed depths that seemed to have wrapped Monica up in the cooling pool of his eyes. And his killer smile which had made Monica’s knees lock in place and her heartthrob like a melting candlestick that burned your skin whenever you get dangerously near it. She hasn’t felt this way with any of the men that had tried to hit on her in the pasted, but Monica turned each one of them down because of her angel identity. As Monica’s dream increased, it became more powerful. She also dreamt of a romantic setting of just the two of them. Monica had never felt her heart beat so fast as Griffin’s strong hands touched her very own. His gaze locked on hers and her gaze was fixed on his, as their heads came closer together so did their bodies. Right before her dreamlike character of her and him kissed, Monica was suddenly awakened by the sound of buzzing in her ear. Monica looked at the alarm clock that was flashing red and hit it with her palm as her head buries under the pillows. Her reddish brown hair was in her face as she peeked through the cracks of the pillows to look at the time. It read 7:45 AM and Monica flung the pillows around her face and turned her gaze to the ceiling. Thinking about her dream she had and what did it mean.

It was a beautiful Saturday late afternoon with chilly autumn weather and the sun shining bright lighting up the green earth with the golden rays. Griffin and Sarah had enjoyed an afternoon with the two of them playing in the park and making snow angels in the first layer of snow. Sarah was laughing and enjoyed herself as a kid. Griffin’s heart melted when he saw his daughter being happy and cheerful. Roan wishes he could feel the same way as she did about himself. He sat on the bench of the park and watched his daughter play with some of her classmates and her best friend, Julia. As Griffin sat on the park bench, one person came to his mind. He doesn’t even know how or when, but all Griffin could think about is the Irish accented woman named Monica.

Monica was taking a walk to clear her mind of the dream she had last night. It had felt so real to her that she doesn’t think she could face him. But Monica knows she has too because Sarah is her assignment or maybe it is Griffin. Monica gazes up at the sky as she enters the park. She knows that the golden rule of being an angel is that you can’t fall in love with a human. Monica knows she can’t get her heart too close to Sarah or Roan Griffin because then she will lose focus and would start to fall in love, which Monica is trying to avoid doing so. Monica walks along the path through the park and came into a clearing where a dozen kids are playing on the jungle gym. Monica had no idea that she is about to walk right in the direction where Griffin was sitting.

Just then Griffin spotted her from a distance. Her short reddish brown hair glowed in the sunlight making her look more beautiful and sexy, and also making her look more like an angel. Griffin didn’t think he would ever be attractive to Monica, but he was. She was single and around his age unlike many other women around the community seemed to be interested in him, are a bit too young for his taste. However, Griffin still feels like all women that he would meet would betray him or leave him. Griffin heard a high pitch squeal coming from his daughter, he turns his head, and she was laughing with her best friend, Julia. Griffin hoped that Sarah wouldn’t see Monica, but that idea was too late. The next thing Griffin knew is that Sarah was running across the snow banks and bounded up to her, with Julia trailing behind her.

“Monica!!!!! I miss having you for dinners. Could you come over again and make that stew again? Oh, this is my best friend, Julia Heart. Julia this is Monica, she is my sitter whenever daddy has to work late.” Sarah smiled and whispered something in Julia’s ear as they both giggled.

Monica shook Julia’s hand, and a curious smile came over her face when Sarah whispered something in her friend’s ear. “Nice to meet you too, Julia. And Sarah it’s not up to me it’s up to you dad if he wants me over to cook.”

“Oh, he wouldn’t mind…“Sarah said and looked over at Julia.

One of Griffin’s best friend came over to him, “Who is that gorgeous woman that my daughter and your daughter is talking to?” Chris Heart said. Chris is Griffin’s partner in the police department as well as the second brother to him. They have been together ever since high school, and Chris has been there through Griffin’s marriage had failed.

“Oh that is Monica, she babysits Sarah whenever we have a double shift or something,” Griffin said looking down at the snow before looking up in Monica’s direction.

“Shit, if I weren’t married to my wife and were single, like you, I would defiantly hit on her. She is really attractive and beautiful.” Chris said to Griffin to give him a hint to take up the offer.

“Huh, coming from a guy like you there would be no surprises there.” Griffin said sarcastically, “No I am not going to make a move on her.”

“Why not? Come on Griff, she is one hot looking babe, and that offer doesn’t stick around for too long.” Chris said, pointing out the obvious to him, “Tell me you are not attracted to a woman like that.”

Griffin chuckled at his best friend, “Because I have to think about what Sarah wants and put her needs before mine, and I don’t want her to get attached to the women that I date and it will end up breaking her heart just like what Crystal did.” Griffin said looking at his best friend.

“Roan I love ya, you know I do. But you got to stop living in the past, and move on. I know you loved Crystal, and she was your college sweetheart, but she was a bitch for leaving you and Sarah. Now I love your daughter as much as my other two kids, but trust me you need to move on from your past and look at what God has given to you.” Chris said bluntly and stated the truth, as he looked across the playground at Monica, hinting to Griffin to go ask her out.

Although Chris did had a point, it has been a long time since Crystal left him and his daughter, but that betrayal still aches in Griffin’s heart. “I don’t know Chris, what is the point of meeting someone and falling in love, to end up with a shattered heart.”

“I don’t know maybe it is what they call it a leap of faith my friend and taking a risk. Look why don’t I take the girls to my place so that you two could have some alone time.” Chris suggested.

“No Chris, I plan to stay in and spend time with Sarah. I know it sounds lame but this is a light week, and well I want to make the time I have with her.” Griffin said

“Okay…” Chris said. He knows talking won’t get his best friend motivated, so Chris is the one to force Griffin out of his comfort zone a bit, as Chris gets up and walked in the direction to where Monica is talking to the two young girls. Damn you, Chris! Griffin thought and walked behind him. He hated that Chris is so outgoing at times.

Monica looked up from the two smiling children, and her heartthrob a bit when her eyes lay on Griffin. Monica was trying to find a way to avoid Griffin’s stare and the feelings that spark the other night between her and him. As Griffin and another man in front of him came closer, her heart pulse kept increasing, until they both stood a foot away from the two girls.

“Hello I don’t think we have met, I’m Chris Heart Julia’s father, and best friend to Griff..here.” Chris elbowed Griffin playfully.

“No I don’t think so, I’m Monica,” Monica said looking into Chris’s hazelnut eyes. After a moment of awkward silence, Monica suggested, “Well I have to get back it was nice to meet all of you, and enjoy your afternoon.” Monica said as she turns to leave, but was caught short when Chris said something.

“Well, girls how about I take you guys out for pizza and give Griffin a break from child sitting, how does that sound,” Chris said to the kids, and giving Griffin a wink. Chris always knows a way to break the awkwardness with his jokes and suggestions. Monica looked at Chris then to Griffin and then back to Chris again, as the kids shouted for joy. When Chris made that suggestion for pizza, Chris and the two girls went with him to get pizza, leaving Griffin and Monica alone.

After a moment or two had passed with an annoying silence between them it was Griffin who broke the silence forcing him to be bold and talk to Monica, “Sorry about that. My best friend Chris is a jokester at times and likes to set me up with other women around here. It was a thing we did back in college.” Griffin was feeling a little embarrassed about the whole incident that Chris did.

Monica giggled at that comment as she looks up at him. There was a bit of flirting going on in her eyes as her gaze fell into Roan’s blue depths. Monica wanted to know a little bit more about Roan Griffin as he seems so mysterious to her, and she was drawn a bit to him a bit. “So how far back is this so-called best ‘friend’ of yours history goes with you?” Monica asked and accidentally came out to be of a slight flirt with him.

“Ummm, Chris and I have been best friends ever since high school, and a little before that. We both came together over football, as we both bonded over that, and then grew into a deep brotherly friendship. I have been there through Chris’s darkest hour, and he has been there when I had my time of darkness.”

Monica looked at him, “Through your ex-wife leaving you.”

Griffin nodded, “That and everything else in between. Do you want to take a walk, the park is beautiful in November.” Griffin suggested. Monica nodded in agreement as he and Monica went to some of his favorite places in the park, where Griffin likes to go to ease his mind. And to enjoy some alone time with her, and Chris did had a point about one thing, Monica is a very gorgeous woman, and he was surprised she had no romantic relationship. He would have thought many men had fallen head over heels in love with her, how she looked, and the way she spoke, it was like a sing-song poet in her voice.

Monica and Griffin walked through the park and smiled at one another, as they shared some stories from their past. They walked up the path that leads to a bridge which overlooked a small river, which flowed through the dense forest of the trees. There was just enough sunlight to light up Monica’s hair as she looked more beautiful and angelic. Griffin leads Monica to the railing as they both gazed out to watch the water flow down the canon and to crash up onto the slippery rocks.

“Oh, this place is so beautiful, I never found a spot like this that connects me so close to nature.” Monica gasped at the beauty around her.

“It’s more beautiful in the springtime. Do you see where the trees are alined on both sides?” Griffin pointed, and Monica nods to that.

“Well, it is filled with pink, purple, blue, and white flowers as it covers the bushes and vines of the ivories wrap around the trunks of trees as well as the rail of this bridge. And deep purple flowers bloom on the ivories. It looks so beautiful that I feel so relax to it and the sight help me through when Crystal left me. I had taken Sarah here a few times as well.” Griffin said as he looked into Monica’s deep brown eyes.

“Wow…..I would like to see that.” Monica said as she too gazed up at him. They both stared at one another as tension grew on both Monica and Griffin until Monica had to pull away from his gaze.

Monica then steps over to the bench that overlooked the scenery that surrounded Monica and Griffin. Griffin followed after her and leaned his back against the railing of the bridge, as Monica sat on the bench. Griffin wanted to keep a safe distance between them so that she would feel uncomfortable with the feeling of him next to her.

“You come here a lot I’m guessing,” Monica said as they both settled to their spots.

“Whenever I have a bad case or needed to get out of the house when Sarah is at school or something,” Griffin responded back to her. Monica gave a half smile to that, and her gaze seemed to scan out over the railing. “So I’m guessing that you are from Ireland?”

“I was born there if that’s what you mean,” Monica said and this time gave a teasing smile to him which made him chuckle a little.

“Yeah, I could tell by your Irish accent. My grandfather was Irish too until he died in a car bomb there when I was just 2.” Griffin looked down at Monica, and she looked somewhat shaken up to that. Feeling quite like an idiot, Griffin came near her and sat down. In a soft tone, Griffin asked what he did to offend her, “Monica, I’m sorry about that I didn’t mean to..”

“No its not you. It’s the violence and wars of my beloved Ireland that hurts me so much. I have waited a long time for there to be peace there and there isn’t any because of all the hatred there, and the brokenness, I hate it!” Monica said as she felt the sting of tears well up in her eyes, but refuses to let them out.

Griffin stared at her assuming that she had lost someone that she loved over there, during the Irish war times. “You can’t fix war. Shit like that happens, and there is nothing in the world that can help it. As much as we can hope for peace, there will never be, because of all the shit in the world, and evil, that some people want war.”

Monica gave a half smile and looked into Griffin soft blue eyes. She felt some warmth in that profoundly blue gaze that made Monica’s knees quake. Monica’s cheeks blushed a bit as Monica stared into his blue eyes. Something about him captivated her heart, and in some strange way, she felt entirely drawn to him. And having Griffin’s body a few feet away, Monica can feel his body heat radiating off his and soaking right into hers. She wondered if any woman had ever truly loved this man. Monica hadn’t noticed that their hands were touching one another and she quickly retrieve her hand to another spot.

“So why did your friend wanted us to be alone together?” Monica asked but already had answered that for herself.

“Oh because he wanted me to start dating again, and he thought you were a beautiful, and an attractive woman,” Griffin said and slightly blushing at that, and Monica caught onto his reaction when he said that.

Monica chuckled at that, but the question that she wanted him to answer was did he find her attractive. “Well, I do tend to get a few offers here and there of men trying to ask me out on a date. But I could never have dated anyone even if I could. I travel a lot to many different places, and I could never have a stable relationship to stick. I’ll end up having my heart broken or theirs. So I just made it easy for them and myself, not to date anyone, so I won’t get attached.”

Griffin had to smile at that. Monica is bright, and he was beginning to like her. It had only been a day ago when his daughter had first sought her out. Now with having to spend time with Monica, he has been feeling a new man coming alive in himself.

“Come on the sun is about to set soon and we still need to find our way back before we both get lost in the dark,” Griffin stated and hopped up from the bench. He went over to Monica and put his hand out so she could pull herself up. He pulled her up and held her steady with the strength of his arms. There were an unmistakable heat and tension between them, but neither of them admitted to themselves or one another. Griffin then leads Monica back down the trail to the park. With 10 minutes had passed, the sky above them had turned a navy blue and quickly faded into a dark blue. Monica and Griffin walked arm’s length away from one another as he stopped by a coffee shop.

“You look like you could use some coffee,” Griffin said noticing Monica trembling with the sudden change in temperature.

“Why do you say that?” Monica asked shaking the snow off her winter coat.

“Because you are shaking like a leaf……here,” Griffin chuckled a bit and took his coat off and draped it on Monica’s shoulders, to get her a little bit warmer. When he did that, Monica’s face was close to his, and she felt her heart beating a bit faster when he looked right into her eyes. The smell of his aftershave made her blush a little and comforted her some. She had never felt this way with any human before and especially to a handsome man like Roan Griffin.

Monica feeling very uncomfortable with the situation suggested, “Ummm……coffee sounds great.” Monica said as she changes the subject and to avoid looking directly into his dashing blue gaze. Monica stepped to one side and moved past Griffin to the coffee shop doors. Griffin then opens the doors for her as she went in and Griffin follows in after her.

Griffin had purchased two cups of coffee and handed one to Monica. However Monica didn’t glance up at him, she didn’t want to encounter another uncomfortable moment. The place was crowded, and many people were at tables talking and engage in conversations. Griffin glances over at the clock, and it read 6:15. Griffin needed to get back to his daughter, and came over to the condiments where Monica was adding some cream and sugar in with her coffee.

“Well there isn’t any place to sit, so do you mind if we walk back to the house. I have to get home anyways because of Sarah.” Griffin said, and looks down at Monica only to be greeted by her soft brown eyes. Her eyes in some weird way started to make Griffin’s heart beat faster. There is something about her that Griffin feels so warm and welcome in her lovely brown eyes that held no judgment, only love.

“Sure. Do you know when your friend is going to bring her back home?” Monica asked just thinking that she and Griffin had spent almost two hours alone on this so-called little date of theirs.

“I’m guessing so, or they could be over at Chris’s watching late movies. Mostly Disney because of the young ages.” Griffin responded back as Monica stirred her coffee as she mixes the sugar and cream just like she did a night ago at his house that night. Then she looked up at him, and her piercing gaze just about made Griffin’s breath caught short. She looked even more beautiful to him than the first day he saw her.

Monica motion to the door for Griffin to follow her and once again they embraced themselves for the cold November weather in the small town just outside of New York City. They walked up the sidewalk that light up like carnival rides as the lighting of the shops lit the night. The night looked so beautiful, and in the mist of the wonders of beauty, neither one of them wanted to admit it, but they were slowly falling in love with each other.

“The town here is so beautiful; this would be a nice place to live in and away from the city life,” Monica stated as she continues to enjoy the beauty around her. She never had in her years of being an angel had landed her assignment in a small town quite like this one. It was always some big city and many rude people, but here in this town, everyone knows one another and always seemed to be so kind to one another. “Do you have a car or something?”

“I do, but today I just walked to the park with Sarah, I live only a few blocks from the main part of town.” Griffin suggested, “And there is no point for me to drive to the park when I could get some exercise.”

“Good point there, I decided to go for a walk to clear my mind.” Monica pointed out. She didn’t tell him the main reason why she went out for a walk. They walked together for another ten minutes until they reach the porch of Griffin’s home. There was a porch swing located on the right side of the house just big enough for two people to sit on. Griffin unlocks the door to the house and tries to find a switch to flick on a light. He found a switch and the room light up like a golden sun.

“Would you like anything to eat?” Griffin asked, as Monica took off her coat and Griffin took it from her hands to hang it up like before.

“Depends on what you got?” Monica joked and gave a smile as Griffin turned to look at her. They stay like that for a heartbeat or two until Griffin leads Monica to the kitchen.

“What sounds good to you,” Griffin opens up the fridge and list out the food items that Mrs. Wilson brought over. He was a bit nervous because he hadn’t eaten a meal with a woman in many years. And most of the time after work he will be at the bar drinking his life away much like his little brother Lenny. That was before Griffin shaped up and quit drinking. Monica smiled and pointed to the chicken soufflé and sat down over at the table where she and Sarah bonded.

It took Griffin about five minutes to set up the meal that was already precooked by Mrs. Wilson. Monica and Griffin ate together and all throughout the meal; she kept thinking he is charming and dashing and each moment she spends with him, the more she got to know him and grew more attached to him. They both were enjoying each other’s company, as the night went on.

“So…ah….Monica went kind of job do you do in town? Besides looking out for my daughter.” Griffin asked as he set his fork down and took a sip of his glass of water, as he stared across the table looking at her. Monica looked down at her plate of food, and then her gaze rose slowly to meet his.

“I….well I…I’m a social worker, I go and help out people who are in need of help, and I give them good support with it too. Like now with you and Sarah.” Monica dropped her gaze and realized she told a half-truth, half lie. She didn’t give him the real reason why she was here, because she didn’t want to frighten him with her real identity.

“Now can I ask you a question,” Monica said as she studied Griffin.

“Anything,” Griffin said as he leaned forward just a bit to look at her. He is beginning to feel some sexual tension between them, and he was slightly interested in this new feeling.

Monica hesitated for a moment, or two then looked up into his blue-eyed gaze. “Is your so-called friend is trying to get you and I to date one another?” With that Griffin chuckled at her comment.

“He thought that you would be a nice match for me to date, and he also pointed out that you were….” Griffin paused and looked at Monica’s smiling face.

“That I was what?” Monica giggled, but then her smiling face dropped when Griffin got all serious.

“That….he said that he also found you a very attractive person to me.” Griffin finished.

Monica looked away at that and then looked back at him again. “Do you find me attractive too?” Monica asked in her sweet Irish accent and looked into his eyes trying to read him.

Griffin wanted to say yes and hoping she would go out with him if he were the guy to be able to move on from his pain, but his heart is still broken from his ex-wife leaving him. Griffin took a deep breath, as he looked into Monica’s soft brown eyes, “You are a very beautiful woman Monica, but finding you to be attractive will consider on being looking for an opportunity to date you, and I just can’t be involved with someone right now.”

Monica gave a half smile to that, “I’m not looking to date anyone Roan, I was just wondering with the way your friend was trying to do, it sounded like you were interested in his plan.”

“I only agree to it, to get Chris off my back. Chris is always trying to set me up with someone, and I keep refusing to take his offer.” Griffin said as he finished up his food. He never intended to sound so bitter about love.

“There’s nothing wrong with falling in love again. You have to take a risk,” Monica said, and it was her turn to lean in.

“But what is the point of falling in love, just to have your heart to be ripped out and then have to go and explain to your kid that she is just gone,” Griffin said as he expresses his anger and hurt about his previous marriage. And Monica knew that. Monica placed her fork down and caught onto his pain. She can tell, his ex-wife hurt him pretty badly when she left him and his daughter. There was nothing she could say or do to heal Griffin’s, broken heart. All Monica did was reached across the table and put her hand on his forearm and lightly stroke it, and tries to help ease his pain.

“Roan, I know there are no words to heal your pain, but if you need to express your hurt about it or something, I’ll be there for you and listen.” Monica softly said as Griffin gazed locked onto hers.

“You say that you are a social worker right?” Griffin asked as Monica nodded and a soft smile came over her face. “Are you some sort of counselor too?”

Monica gave a kind smiled and then nodded again. Monica then pulled her hand back, as she looked at the time. She knew she had to get back and that Sarah should be getting home here soon. Monica smiled and then whispered, “I have to go. Thanks for dinner it was excellent.” Monica smiled.

Griffin smiled back at her as he stood up to put his plate and glass in the sink. Monica did the same, and Griffin then went to grab is black coat and grabbed Monica’s out of the closet. The smell of her lilac scent filled his nose, and it melted apart a piece of his ice-cold heart.

Monica came around the corner and into the hallway to the door outside of the house. She smiled when Griffin held out her coat and hat. “Thank you,” Monica said as she slipped on her winter coat.

“Do you need a lift to the hotel?” Griffin asked as the snow fell more rapidly in the dark abyss that lies in front of them.

“That would be lovely thank you,” Monica stated as Griffin walked out to the garage and started up his black Lincoln car. Monica waited at the front door to the house as she saw the tail lights of the vehicle to back out of the garage and the hood of the car was visible. She then saw Griffin wave his hand to her, as she bounded down the porch steps and walked over to the passenger side of the car. Monica slid in and settled herself in the seat.

The drive from Griffin’s home to the hotel usually takes about fifteen minutes, however, because of the weather it had taken about thirty minutes as the snow fell from the heavens and crashed down on the windshield in front of them. Monica then turned to Griffin and noticed something new came over in his eyes that night. Each moment she spends with him, she is beginning to fall in love with him slightly. Griffin soon pulls up to the driveway of the hotel as he puts the car in park to let Monica out.

“Goodnight Griffin, and thanks for the lovely sightseeing and dinner.” Monica smiled and then tapped his hand and then turns to the car door and pulled the lever to get out. Monica stepped out of the warm car, and the snowflakes hit her face and hair as she made her way to the doors of the hotel. Before Monica had reached the doors, she then heard Griffin hollering her name, as he ran up to her.

“What?” Monica asked as soon as Griffin was 2 feet away from her.

“I forgot to mention this to you, but Sarah wanted to invite you to her Thanksgiving play this Monday. I might come in late that time, but she wants you there, would you come?” Griffin asked with pleading eyes. Monica nodded, and Griffin bowed his head then looked up into her eyes and murmured, “Thank you. It starts at 7:00.”

Monica smiled and then without thinking brushed the snow off his shoulders and looks up into him. At the moment she thought he was going to kiss her, but instead just looked into her eyes and gazed into hers. They stay like that for a few moments until Griffin slowly pulls back. Monica then pulls back too and heads inside of the building. Monica watches Griffin get into the black car and pulls away from the parking lot.

Monica then retrieves to her room and turns the light on in her room to write in her private assignment diary of all her assignments that she had ever done in the pasted. Monica had written two and a half hours when she realized the time had read 8:40 and noticed that her human form was getting tired. She re-reads what she had just written, and for four whole paragraphs, she had written about Griffin. Then Monica sets the book in her lap and stares across the room over to the tv in front of her. Her mouth dropped when she realized what she had written. Monica was explaining in her diary about the feelings she was feeling in the four paragraphs about him. And her conclusion she came up with was she was falling in love with Griffin.

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