Fallen Angel Part 1

Sarah's Play/Falling For You

Griffin sat in the living room and was watching some news report when he realized the phone was ringing. He looked up at the wall, and it read quarter to 12:00 AM. Griffin wondered who could be calling this late at night. Sarah was curled up in his arms as she fell asleep to Pocahontas. Griffin picked up the receiver and spoke very quietly into the phone.

“Hello?” Griffin asked in a low whisper. There was no answer, Griffin waited a few seconds then repeated his phrase.

“Hey, Roan….Buddy, I need a ride.” The strange voice sounded wobbly and drunk.

Christ! Griffin thought. It was one of Griffin’s brothers the youngest out of 3 children, who is a lousy drunk and could never stick out a job. Griffin is always the one to bail him out long after his family had turned their backs on his younger brother.

“Lenny…I’m sorry I can’t help you. I’m sort of busy for the night….” Griffin said getting angry at Lenny.

“What are you having sex with a hot woman or something?” Lenny asked as he stumbled on the curve knocking down a trash can, making a loud bang and crash.

“Ha Ha! Very funny no I got my daughter here, asleep in my arms.” Griffin said not sounding amused by his brother’s drunken tone. “Where are you, Lenny?”

“I’m …..I…am heading over to Luck’s for some time out for a wild night with hot looking ladies,” Lenny said as he stumbled over the words. Griffin knew Lenny is walking to every club in the city. He knew it would take him twenty minutes to get there.

“Stay there I’m coming to get you,” Griffin said and exhaled out a heave of bottled up anger. He glanced down at his sleeping daughter and didn’t want to leave Sarah alone. Griffin held the phone in his hand and started to dial the one number he knew he shouldn’t have dialed.

Monica was in a deep slumber when she heard her cell phone rang and vibrated her bedside table. Drossy feeling she glances at the clock, and blindly reaches for the cell. Still half asleep, she flips the phone up and answers it, “Hello, this is Monica.” The voice on the other end made her heart beat increase.

“Monica. Sorry to wake you up at this hour, but I need you to look after Sarah for me, while I deal with something.” Griffin sounded a bit desperate, and she was hoping he is not leaving his daughter to get some alcohol.

“No its okay, I’ll be there in 15 minutes,” Monica said and hung up the phone. Still feeling a bit drossy she manages to slip on a sweater over her tank top and moved in her jeans as she grabbed her long tan coat and car keys and purse. Monica quickly glances in the mirror, and combs her hair down, and heads out the hotel room. It took Monica about 15 minutes to reach Griffin’s house, as she puts the car in park, and made her way to the front door.

Griffin greeted her, and feeling antsy to get out, Monica stopped him just as he reaches the door. “Roan! Did you bring me here to look after your daughter so that you could go get drunk?” Monica asked in a stern and angry tone, as she studies Griffin.

“No. I have been sober for about 4 and a half years, and I made a promise to God that I would never get drunk again. It’s my brother Lenny who is drunk. All the time. I need to get to him as soon as possible so please look after Sarah I’ll be back shortly.” Griffin said in desperate pleads. He looked into Monica’s burning eyes, and right then and there, she believed him.

Monica closed her eyes for a brief moment then looked up at him, “Just come back in one piece for your daughter okay.” Griffin took that to be here before your daughter finds out. He gave Monica a tight squeeze of the hand saying I promise to her. And with that Griffin disappeared in the night. Monica looked out of the window and watched Griffin pulling away from the driveway. Then she looked up and said a quick prayer to him, as she strolls over to his sleeping daughter.

Monica looked at Sarah, and something in Monica’s heart just shattered. She realizes that she was not only falling romantically in love with Roan Griffin but also falling in love with his daughter. Monica had always wanted to be a mother to a child, but because of her angel identity, she can’t. Monica stroked Sarah’s hair and Sarah wiggled a bit then lay still as Monica carefully lifts Sarah up in her arms. Monica cradled the sleeping child as she carries her up to her bed. Sarah had unconsciously coiled her arms around Monica’s neck as her right cheek rested against Monica’s right shoulder. When Monica comes to Sarah’s room, she turns a small light on while she holds onto Sarah. Then carefully she gently sets Sarah down on the bed. And like any child would, sleepily curled into the warmness of the bed and snuggles down in it. Monica then turns off the light only to reveal Sarah’s nightlight of dancing ponies as the glowed throughout the night. Monica smiles and closes Sarah’s door, and briefly stood by her bedroom door, then with a deep breath came down the stairwell and into the living as she waits for Griffin to return home.

Griffin had been to every club in the small city and still no sign of his brother Lenny. He looks at the clock on his car radio, and it said a quarter to 1:00 am. There was one more club he hadn’t check, and hoping to God that his brother is not in there. The club was Griffin almost got shot, by tracking a murder and a rapist who had never been found. Roan and Roan’s long-term mentor tracked him down in this location, only to be gunned down. His mentor had been severely injured and died in Griffin’s arms that night. Griffin parked the car and put on his non-looking police coat as he strolls through the snow-covered parking lot.

Griffin whips the door open and finds his brother over to the left with a woman giving him a lap dance. Griffin’s face hounded on Lenny as he came up to him. Then

half-naked women came up to Griffin and started to flirt with him a bit. “Hey, handsome man do you want some company? My name is Candy if you know what I mean?” The blonde women giggled as she starts to grope Griffin’s arms.

Taking a step back Griffin moves out of her embrace, “Sorry lady I just came for him.” Griffin said as he pointed in the direction of his brother, who is now moving in the back rooms with a brunet woman too young for him.

“Oh well if you need anything.just, give me a call. I’ll be waiting for you….you know if you want to get it on sometime?” She places her calling card in Griffin’s breast pocket, and then the women left and moved onto a different customer.

Griffin dismisses the woman’s suggestive move on him, as he continues to move in the back, as he followed where his brother went. There were lots of noises back here, and he realizes that he just walked into the back area where drunken folks went to have sex with the strippers. Finally, Griffin came to a door where he knows that it was his brothers. He could hear his brother making moves on his so-called “date.” Griffin knocks on the door, with a girl’s giddy laughter answer through the closed door.

“Ahhhh….Who is it? Whoever it is we’re busy?” She sounded out of breath.

Griffin was growing impatient and wanted to get the hell out of this place and knocks harder on the door. This time it was a man that came barging up to the door. “Look! Buddy if you want her, wait till I’m done doing her, and then….” The voice stopped when he looked at Griffin.

Griffin stared down at Lenny in his boxers and saw that his brother is already sexually aroused. Lenny looked so shocked to see his big brother there that his senses were starting to come back. Griffin started down at his brother, and an angry tone came out when he spoke to his younger brother, “Get your clothes on! You’re going to the clinic.” Just then the woman came over, she was only wearing her lacey see-through pink bra, and pink see-through thong. Lenny paid the girl and took his clothes and put them on. As soon as Lenny stepped out of the small room, Griffin yanks his brother out of the bar.

“Hey, easy Roan….I was having some fun, and I wanted to bang someone tonight. What the hell is your problem?!” Lenny squealed once outside of the bar.

“What the Hell is my problem? You pulled me away from my daughter, to drag your sorry ass back to town, and now your fine? Lenny, you need to get some help..” Griffin sounded more and more angry at his brother.

“Griffin I’m not the one that needs help, you do too. Why don’t you come inside with me so that you could get some action, you don’t get any more since you and Crystal split…” Lenny sounded off, as his drunken mind was still intoxicated.

“I have a daughter. I don’t need to waste my night on some one night stand. Besides, I have responsibility. And leave my ex-wife out of this.” Griffin warned Lenny. “Lenny I’m taking you to the clinic. You are going to go to rehab because I can’t keep doing this.”

“Doing what having fun…,” Lenny said as he moved away from Griffin and started to walk into the street.

“Lenny! Damn it, Lenny! Why do you keep doing this?” Griffin pleaded, as he grabs Lenny’s arms and holds them firmly in his tight grip.

“I get drunk because I’m jealous of you! And because of my wife dead with my unborn child.” Lenny said all hurt. Twenty years ago Lenny had a good life until a drunk driver hits his wife as she goes out on a night jog. And since then Lenny could not have controlled his hurt and anger of his wife’s murder. And since then he had always been jealous of Griffin and his other brother Kurt.

“Lenny believe me, I know what it feels like, but think of what you are doing to mom, dad, Kurt, and I. We want to help you but you keep pushing us away. Go to the clinic.” Griffin tries to plead, but every time he does he feels like he is running into a brick wall of failure.

“Just get the hell out of my faceRoan I don’t need a lecture,” Lenny says as he pushes Griffin aside. But like always Griffin comes back. Lenny had it with his brother and his drunken rage took effect on him. Lenny spun around and punched Griffin in the face and kept hitting his older brother. But Griffin strong enough to fight back shoves Lenny off of him and fight off the urge to fight back.

“Fine if you don’t want my help….I’m through…I have tried to made peace with this for five years Lenny, and still, you refuse my help…So I’m going to do both of us a favor and walk away. ” Griffin said as blood pooled out of his lip and nose and cheek. Griffin slowly walks to his car and turns to his younger brother who is stepping back into the club again. Griffin climbs into the car, and without looking back turns onto the highway and heads home.

Monica waited anxiously for Sarah’s father to return home. She was looking at the photo on the mantle and studies it when she heard some moaning in the kitchen. Thinking in her mind, who the hell is in the house? Monica turned away from the fireplace and headed into the kitchen only to find Griffin leaning against the kitchen counter injured.

“Oh my God! Are you alright? What happened?” Monica came over to Griffin’s side. When Griffin heard her voice, he acted like it was just a sketch.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Griffin said as he dabs the blood out of his mouth and cheeks.

“Uh-ha? I’ll determine if your fine or not.” Monica said as she came closer to him. “Let me see.” She looks at him and notices the cut on his lip and cheek.

“Monica it’s really nothing. Had to fight off drunken people.” Griffin stated but knew that Monica didn’t buy his act.

“Griffin if you want my help you are going to have to be honest with me. Now go sit on the couch, and I’ll fix those bruises.” Griffin moved to the couch feeling sore and tender everywhere. He had to admit that Monica was no dummy; she was very bright and can see through the bullshit Griffin was trying to pass off. Monica left for a few minutes then reappeared with some antiseptic and some bandages.

“Now sit still. And try not to move so much.” Monica said as she places some antiseptic on a paper towel and moves over to Griffin’s strong lined face. He looked so dashing and handsome, probably the most handsome man Monica has ever met, and incredibly stubborn too. When Monica places the antiseptic on Griffin’s face, he jerked a bit to the pain. “Ouch! Damn It, that hurts!” Griffin yelped to the pain.

Monica smiles a little bit to his remark to the pain, then in a soft voice she spoke to him, “Here would this help?” Monica then gently tilts her head up at a slight angle and let out a cool breeze that flowed onto Griffin’s forehead. When she did that, Griffin looks into her eyes as Monica slowly moves away from him.She finishes fixing up Griffin’s bruised face and applies a Band-Aid where Lenny had cut him. Monica then looks at him, “Want to tell me how this happened?”

Griffin then tells Monica about his brother’s past, and about the event that happened a half hour ago. By the time he finishes telling his tale, it was nearing 2:00 am. Monica glances at the clock. “Well, Griffin….I got to go. Thanks for telling me the truth.” Monica was starting to get up when she felt Griffin’s fingers wrapping around her wrist.

When Griffin made contact with her wrist, it had caught both of them off guard. Then they both lock gazes and each one felt the heavy tension between one another. Then Griffin was the one to speak, “It’ 2 in the morning. I don’t want you to go out all alone this time at night.”

“Oh Griffin it no problem, besides I don’t want to intrude your home.” Monica protested, knowing she will lose this argument.

“Please stay…….for me,” Griffin begged. Knowing that he was making a mistake.

Monica exhaled the breath that she was holding in. Then she looked at him as she spoke, “Okay. On one condition, I don’t want to confuse your daughter thinking that we are a couple, so what I suggest is you sleep in your bedroom and me…”

“The guest bedroom.” Griffin interrupted.

“The what?” Monica slightly confused at what Griffin said.

“I have a spare room, you could sleep in there, for the night. And I agree with you, on not confusing Sarah. I don’t want to give her false hope that we are....” Griffin said in agreement.

Monica admires him for putting his daughter first before his personal needs. She gave a kind smile to him, as she helped Griffin to get up from the couch and helped him up the stairs. She knows he doesn’t want to admit that he needs her help. Griffin went into his room and grabbed old clothes for Monica to sleep in. Then he moved in the room that was across from his and set up Monica’s room for the night. While Griffin made Monica’s bed, Monica slipped into some of Griffin’s clothes and got ready for bed. She looked utterly ridiculous in his clothes, but all her things were in the motel. When she emerges from Griffin’s bathroom, and through his bedroom to the doorway, she saw Griffin just about finished with her room.

Griffin did not realize Monica was standing in the doorway almost ran into her. With an awkward moment, they both said goodnight to one another. Although Monica looked so small and petite in his clothes, she looked still damn sexy and beautiful.

“Goodnight Griffin…” Monica shyly said and walked to the left side of him.

“Goodnight Monica,” Griffin softly replies to her, as she turned at her door. Monica gave a half smile to him, and closes the door, with cheeks flaring from blushing so hard.

It was a small room that overlooked the river, which flowed down through the side yard. A porch wrapped around to the master bedroom, where Griffin slept. Monica still wanted Griffin near her, but she knows that it was against “the code.” Monica slipped in under the covers and pulled the blankets up to her cheeks. The sweatshirt that she borrowed from Griffin’s dresser contained his scent that had sooth Monica’s rushing mind, and for once made her sleep. The smell was a man’s cologne, and it made Monica feel strangely happy inside as she buried her head in Griffin’s sweater to soak up the scent.

Griffin had dreamt of Monica all night, and her burning image flowed through his mind. He wondered if she had ever been kissed before, or even experience sex. But what the information that she shared with him, he could tell that she hasn’t. He was just about to take her in his embrace as he holds her face with his strong hands. Then gradually their heads came nearer until his lips were just barely on hers, a few heartbeats more and they would be lip-locked for a long time. But his dream had shattered when Monica mummers something that Griffin couldn’t make it out…and then turns to black and red, as her image fades into the fire burning pit of evil monsters.

With a jerk, Griffin awoke from his pleasant dream, then to a nightmare. Suddenly he felt a body curled up against his chest. He peered over his shoulder to find Sarah next to him. Griffin stroked his daughter’s soft dirty blonde hair, as Sarah moved in closer to him. Griffin assumed that she had a nightmare as well and went to his room shortly after he fell asleep. He looked at the clock which read 5:49 AM. Sleepily he closed his eyes once more and fell back into a deep slumber until 6:30.

Monica sleepily woke up to the morning sunlight peering through the window. Her eyes flicker to the still dim lit room, as she glances at the clock. It read 6:45 AM, and she knows that she has to get back to the hotel before either Sarah or Griffin gets up. Monica laid back and gazed up at the ceiling for a few minutes to get her eyes to focus some, before changing into her clothes and out of Griffin’s sweats. She wondered if she should shower, but knowing that would probably wake both of them up, so Monica decides to wait until she reaches the motel to shower. Monica quickly got dress and made up the guest bed as she gathers her things and opens the door.

Monica creped to the stairwell trying not to cause so much noise as she carefully moves through the little hallway between Griffin’s bedroom and Sarah’s bedroom. Monica came down to the bottom of the stairs and was about to turn the corner to the closest to gather her coat and car keys when all of a sudden bumped into Griffin as he was carrying a mug of coffee, as it dumped half on her and half on him.

“Oh, I’m am so sorry, Griffin…,” Monica said in a soft voice as she helped to dry Griffin’s shirt.

“Its okay really this shirt is ancient,” Griffin said as he looks up at Monica. A smile formed on his face when he saw her look. She looked so cute and so innocent to what had just happened. Griffin looked into her eyes as something grew in his heart just then with her looking at him.

Monica then dropped her gaze as she stared at her clothes for a brief moment then looked back up at Griffin again. “I didn’t wake you….”

“No. I was up by 6:20 anyways. Didn’t sleep well.” Griffin said as he tried to wipe off the coffee stain.

“I should be going, and I have things to do. Thanks for the hospitality, I enjoy your home.” Monica said as she grabs hold of her belongings, and slipped on her winter coat.

“Your welcome, oh here…” Griffin said as he opened the door for her. Monica gave him a shy smile, which had made Griffin’s heart race. “Will you be coming to Sarah’s Thanksgiving play Monday?” Griffin asked from the porch as he stopped Monica by the porch steps.

Monica turned at a slight angle where the morning sun was peeking through the trees, which had highlighted Monica’s hair, making her look like an angel. “Yes. I’ll be there, 7:00 right?” Monica asked as she slips on her tan gloves.

“Yeah 7:00” Griffin replied, as he moved his arms on his forearms to keep from freezing.

“Okay, I guess I’ll see you Monday then. You should probably go inside before you freeze to death out here.” Monica stated as she bounds down the steps and walks at a brisk pace to her red Cadillac. Monica gets in the car and turns on the engine. Then she turns to look at Griffin through her window, and gives a smile to him, as she waves him goodbye.

Griffin stayed outside long enough to see the red Cadillac disappear behind the rows of pine trees. Then went inside to read the newspaper, and waits for his daughter to come down to watch her morning cartoons. All the while, as Griffin expects for his daughter to be awake he has an unanswered question that keeps circling in his mind.

The weekend came and went as Monday arrived. Tonight was Sarah’s final rehearsal for the school’s Thanksgiving play. She had felt giddy and nervous all at once. She wanted her father and Monica to sit next to one another so that sparks between them could flare up. For Sarah’s age she already is seeing the signs between them, and knowing that they already like one another, but neither one of them will admit it. Sarah had read all her lines and felt very confident with herself on her part. She was an Indian like Pocahontas to bring food to the pilgrims for the first Thanksgiving dinner. It was almost time for school to end, as Sarah puts her math homework in her bag, and made her way to the doors of the school to catch the bus.

Suddenly Sarah stopped short and noticed Monica waiting by her car. Sarah hated riding the bus and would avoid it anyway as possible. She decided to go over to where Monica was standing. “What are you doing here?” Sarah asked as she came a few yards in front of Monica.

“Your father called me, and he said that he is going to be working a little late tonight, but he will be at your play,” Monica said as she looked down on Sarah, and offer to take Sarah’s book bag off her shoulders. Monica put the book bag in the trunk of the car and came around to face Sarah again. “Plus I thought you and I could have our special girl time like we did when I starting to babysit you.” And with that Sarah’s face brighten up some.

“Is he going to be there?” Sarah asked Monica once they got in the car. “My father, is he going to be at the play that I have been rehearsing for months.”

“He told me that he is, he wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Monica said with a smile, as she started up the car.

“This is a nice car. Where did you get this?” Sarah asked as Monica pulled out of the drive of the school parking lot.

“It was my best friend Tess’s car; she gave it to me as a goodbye gift, as I was promoted in my job,” Monica said, as she remembered the day that she had to leave Tess to start a new adventure without her.

“Where is she your friend that gave you this car,” Sarah asked sensing Monica’s hurt of the absence from her best friend.

“Oh, somewhere out there in the world,” Monica explained as she watches the traffic clears before turning onto the main street to get onto the main road to lead to Griffin’s house.

“Do you ever see her?” Sarah asked wanting to know more about Monica.

“Sometimes I do, but only on rare occasions. See where I work I can’t cross paths of those people that are higher than me. And my friend Tess is one of those people.” Monica tried to explain about her angel identity but not giving away that she is an angel. “So, anything new happened in school today?” Monica asked as she changes the subject.

Sarah giggled a little bit as she replied, “No, nothing much but I have some homework tonight, and rehearsed my lines.” And for the rest of the ride, Sarah turned on the radio as she watches the bare trees go by on the highway. Sarah heard Monica humming to the tune that was on the radio, and turn to look at Monica.

Monica had a six sense felt Sarah staring at her, “I know this song. Use to sing it all the time to myself, whenever I had hard times.” The song Ain’t No Mountain High Enough came on the raido and with that Sarah chimed in, and they sang the last line together. “I haven’t heard that song in years,” Monica said as the radio went to a commercial, as she turned down the volume.

“You have a great voice. I use to drive my dad nuts with this song.” Sarah said as Monica turned onto the familiar streets of Sarah’s hometown. As soon as Sarah mentions her father, she notices Monica is blushing a bit.

And Sarah knew that Monica likes her father, a lot.

“Thanks. I am the one Irish born person who is not gifted with a singing voice.” Monica said as the light turned green and she flicks the turn single to head down the road to Griffin’s house.

“I don’t think you have a terrible voice, I mean it’s not awesome as famous singers or anything, but it’s not horrible. I like the song you sang to me when I fell asleep, and you sounded so pretty too.” Sarah said as she looked out over the upcoming front lawn. Sarah looked over at Monica, who was grinning at Sarah’s comment.

For the rest of their time, Monica helped Sarah out with her homework, which only was a little and helped to get Sarah ready for the play. Monica combed through Sarah’s hair and brayed the soft Sandy brown hair as the little girl requested. While Monica made small criss-cross patterns in Sarah’s hair, Sarah wanted to ask Monica a personal question. “Monica, can I ask you a question.”

Monica looked down at the child and as she repositions herself to look eye to eye with her, “Sure anything.”

“How come a woman like you, not having any kids? You seem like you would be a natural at being a mother.” Sarah asked as she puts her hands on Monica’s as any child would.

“I can’t answer that, but I would love to be a mother and a wife, but I could never be one,” Monica answers Sarah’s question. A bit of saddens came over her voice, as she so desires to be a mom to a child, and love a child with all of her heart.

“Why not?” Sarah asked curiously.

“Because of my job and loyalty which I could never abandon nor go against the rules. Now come on, I have to put on your costume. You don’t want to be late for the show.” Monica said as she helps Sarah into the costume. It was nearing the time that Sarah needed to be at the school for the play. Sarah told her that the drama director wanted everyone there at 6:45 sharp, and it is 6:25. “Come on; we have to go now. Your teacher wants you there at 6:45 sharp.”

Monica and Sarah quickly got into Monica’s car as she drove them to the school. Monica had never felt this way and was overwhelmed with joy as if Sarah was her daughter. Monica handed the fake, bread to Sarah as Sarah made her way to the doors that lead to the backstage of the auditorium. Just before Sarah disappeared through the doors, she looked up at Monica and went to her embrace. Monica bent down to her level, and they exchange a hug. Sarah then whispered in Monica’s ear, “even if you didn’t have any kids, I would love to have you as a mother.” Monica then looked into Sarah’s blue eyes, and smiled at her, and then embraces Sarah again and held her for a while longer. Then got up from the floor, and watched the child disappear through the doors.

Monica waited by the doors for Griffin, as time crept closer to the start of the play. At the last minute, she went inside hoping that he hasn’t forgotten his daughter’s play. Monica kept thinking of what Sarah had just said to her, and she overfilled with joy, of Sarah viewing Monica as her mother. Then the lights went dark, and the principle was up at the front of the stage. Monica was so busy focusing her attention to the front when she didn’t realize that Griffin had come in. She saw him in the aisle way and waved him over to her.

“Sorry I was late, traffic.” Griffin murmured to her.

“You’re not late. You’re right on time in fact.” Monica whispered back and smiled at him. And with that, the play had begun. It was a little awkward to have Griffin there beside her, but Monica tries to push her feelings for him out and focus in on the play.

Griffin was so pleased with his daughter and felt like a new man with having to be reconnected with social life again. Maybe having Griffin’s heartbroken was a good thing to him when he glanced down at Monica, his heart just stopped beating. She looked incredibly beautiful in that moment that Griffin wondered if a man has ever loved her. He loved Monica’s sweet schoolgirl like smile whenever she laughed at his comments and her soft brown eyes that sparkled with love and joy, and her soft lyrical Irish voice whenever she speaks to him. Griffin turns back his gaze to his daughter’s play. When he did, his hand touches Monica’s as they both place their hands on the same armrest in the chair. When that happened, Monica’s gaze immediately fell from the stage as she locks gazes with Griffin.

Griffin’s heart was racing, and he doesn’t know if it was the moment or his emotions, but at that moment he wanted to kiss her. But as soon as their little chemical romance began it quickly ended when Monica pulled away. When Griffin looked into her eyes, they were filled with fear and loneliness. He was about to ask when the house lights came on as a sign saying that the play was over. All the parents in the room cheered for their young ones, as they filled to the door. Monica was first to enter the aisle way as she makes her way to stage to congratulate Sarah on a good performance. She didn’t want to explain to Griffin what happened earlier, as she wants to avoid him altogether. Griffin spotted Monica and makes his way over to where Monica was standing by the stage as Sarah came out and embraced her. Suddenly Griffin stopped short of a middle-aged woman that Griffin dislikes.

“Hey, Sergeant Griff, haven’t seen you in like about two months. How are you?” the woman asks as she holds Griffin back.

“I’m okay Sandy. Just here in support to watch my daughter.” Griffin responded back but wanted to end this small talk to go to where Monica and his daughter. Sandy had always tried to make a move on Griffin shortly after his ex-wife left him. Her daughter and son have been not so kind to Sarah, and well Griffin tried to stay out of her way. Sandy was ten years younger than Griffin was, and was divorced from her husband as well

Sandy still was rambling on, “So Griff, have any plans for Thanksgiving, I’m cooking a lovely feast, and well I’m sure Sarah misses Jane and Wilbert, they always have the best of times, and I was wondering if you would like to come so we could catch up.” She looks up at him as her icy blue eyes glimmer in his. And when she was talking her fingers found his forearm and lightly stroke it, trying to lead him on. All Sandy wants from Griffin was just sex, and nothing more.

Monica looks at Sarah and tells her she was terrific in the play. “Sarah you were a pro in it, I never was so impressed with a talent that you gave. You were fantastic.” And with that Sarah hugged Monica.

“Well, I missed up on a few of my lines,” Sarah said as she felt embarrassed with it.

“I haven’t noticed from where I was sitting,” Monica said as she rises from eye level from Sarah’s view.

“Did my father come?” Sarah asked. Monica had nodded her head. Then Sarah asked, “Where is he?”

Monica looked around the auditorium and spotted him talking to a strange woman with blonde hair, and a petite body. Then she pointed in the direction of where Griffin was. Sarah told Monica she’ll be right back, as she dashes off toward the direction of her father. Monica felt slightly jealous of this woman making moves onto Griffin. Monica stood by the stage for a couple of minutes and then head out of the school because she doesn’t want to be in the same room with Griffin, to confront her feelings or what the hell was between them.

Griffin manages to get away from Sandy, as he and his daughter made their way towards the spot where Monica used to be. “That’s funny she was just here a moment ago,” Sarah explained.

“Maybe she’s out in the main lobby. Why do you want to find Monica?” Griffin asked as he took his daughter’s hands.

“I wanted her to come back for dinner. I like Monica.” Sarah exclaimed.

Griffin was beginning to like her too. In fact, he is really falling for her. “Well maybe another time sweetheart, after all, it is a school night. And I have to get up early tomorrow.”

Griffin looked at his daughter as she gave a sad sigh and walked through the doors that led to the main lobby of the school. Sarah had looked forward to this night of getting Monica and Griffin alone to have some “grown-up” romance time. But her plans fell apart when that woman Sandy came to talk to her father.

Griffin walked fast through the main lobby of the school and out in the cold winter weather. As he went to find his car to pull up to the main doors of the school, he spotted Monica next to her Cadillac. Griffin’s heartthrob a bit as he looked at her and didn’t want Monica to leave without a goodbye. Abandoning his car, he came to where she was.

“I guess you are a popular bachelor around here huh?” She said as she whipped around from the trunk of the car. She saw him approach her from a distance.

“I’m not really popular if that what you’re getting at,” Griffin said, “What made you guess that?”

“That woman, she seemed very into you,” Monica said as she looked right into his eyes. Griffin’s once ice-cold eyes suddenly had a warm glow to them, and it made Monica’s knees tremble.

“Oh, Sandy, she’s been hitting on me for years, I never bought into it,” Griffin said as he looked into Monica’s soft brown gaze, he loved her eyes.

“Ah, I see…well, Griffin….” Monica said as she is feeling uncomfortable with the closeness of his presences.

Griffin now studies Monica and had this strange urge to pull her towards him, and hold her, kiss the pink bud of her lips. Their gazes met one another’s, which made Griffin’s heart stopped beating as he looked deep into Monica’s eyes. Monica then steps back a few paces to leave an arm’s length gap between them. “I got to go, and it’s getting late. You and Sarah need some time together.”

“Monica I was wondering if you would like to come to Thanksgiving dinner, Thursday,” Griffin said, and he feels like an idiot. He quickly puts in, “Sarah would really love it and so would I. That is if you don’t have anything planned?” What am I doing?

Monica looks at him and then replies “I would love to come, I usually spend Thanksgiving with my friend, but she’s out of town. What time?” Monica asked as she gave a shy smile to him.

Griffin released his breath as he replied, “Dinner is at 4:00. And it is over at Chris’s house.”

“Oh…” Monica said with a shock, “I just assumed…”

“That it would be at my house, every other year we switch it up. Just be at my house around 3:20ish, and then I’ll drive you and Sarah over to Chris’s.” Griffin said, as his gaze fell to the ground. He looked at Monica and then to the school, and then back at her again. “I got to go get Sarah. See you Thursday then?”

“Yeah, have a good night,” Monica said as she hopped into her car. She didn’t start it up right away, as she saw Griffin get in his vehicle as he drove around and pulls in front of the school. Then bursting through the doors of the school was Sarah as she prances to the back seat of the car. Monica gave a smile to her as she put the car in drive and heads out of the school parking lot.

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