Fallen Angel Part 1

Thanksgiving Night

It was Thursday morning as the big Macy’s Thanksgiving parade was on NBC, and the morning of Thanksgiving began. Sarah always gets up early to watch the parade. She loves the big floats and all the movie stars who attend the parade. Sarah likes this holiday because she always feels so thankful, and loves her father bonding time at night, that and Christmas. And when she heard that Monica would be joining more excitement came into her. Sarah wondered if maybe she could get Monica and Griffin to kiss one another under the mistletoe when the Christmas season comes around. At the night of her play, she saw them getting close to one another in the parking lot, and was hoping for a kiss, but never happened.

Just before her dad gots up, Sarah dashes outside to watch the morning sunrise over the treetops. Sarah clutches a piece of paper in her hands, as she made a prayer to God. Then with a gust of icy chilled wind, she lets go of the little article and sends it up to heaven. Sarah watches the paper sail through the sky, as it disappeared into the sapphire abyss. The Thanksgiving morning sun looked so beautiful that it felt like God was singing to her. Sarah then turns to go back to watching the parade.

Monica had applied her makeup on, as she went to the small closet of the hotel to decide on what to wear. It had taken her a long time to decide on the outfit. Finally, Monica settled for lovely evening pants and a white sweater. She went to the mirror and looked at her image. Monica can’t believe that she is going over for dinner; she must be out of her mind. After doing finishing touches on her hair she looks at the time, and it read 2:45. Griffin said to be there around 3:20.

Monica then applied some perfume to add to her scent. And with one last glance in the mirror Monica then dashes out of the door, and made her way to Griffin’s house.

Monica hesitated to come out of the car. She didn’t want to admit to Griffin about her true feelings and the fact that she is an angel, at least not now. Monica had counted to ten to come out of the car and was walking across the dusted snow-covered ground and made her way to the front steps of the porch. Sarah must have watched Monica pulled in because when Monica had placed her right foot on the actual porch, Sarah was there with a big grin on her face, as well with the door wide open.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Monica!” Sarah squealed as she ran for Monica for a hug.

“Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I bought some pies for dessert. Is your father ready?” Monica asked after pulling Sarah out of her embrace.

“Just about, he’s upstairs getting ready. I could tell him that you are here?” Sarah said after closing the door.

“No, no that’s fine. I’m sure your father will know that I’m here.” Monica said as she sat her purse and car keys on the table bar. And then notice the coffee machine was running as she smelt the lovely senses of coffee aroma in the air. She waited for a good five minutes when Griffin arrives at the door.

“Morning, happy Thanksgiving, Coffee?” Griffin asked as he knows Monica’s sweet spot.

“Happy Thanksgiving to you too, and yes love some,” Monica said as she took her hat off to let her hair flowed down. Her reddish-brown hair shines in the afternoon sun making her look really stunning to Griffin’s eye.

“Take it you are a coffee lover.” Griffin joked as he handed her a mug of coffee. Monica laughed at that and gave him a half flirting half-friend smile.

“Yes, I am. And I admit that I am addicted to coffee. For some reason, it just melts my heart and makes me feel warm and happy inside.” Monica explained and then to a few sips out of her cup. Monica then looks up at Griffin as she noticed that he was smiling at her. “What?”

“Nothing, you look adorable with the whole coffee thing. I never met a woman that was so into coffee as much as you are.” Griffin said, as his smiled increased.

Monica laughed at that, and then looked into his eyes, and felt some happiness in her heart. The way she had open up to him, and the way he made her feel more like a woman just melted her heart. There was this spark in his eyes which made Monica a little frightened of feeling Roan’s love in return. She didn’t want to give him singles that she is starting to develop romantic feelings toward him, but Monica guesses that she was, because he was doing the same.

Griffin broke their little moment when he realized the time. “We got to go. Sarah you ready?”

“Yeah, I been ready I was just waiting for you two,” Sarah explained when she shut off the TV and gathered her things.

Griffin looked at Monica, and Monica looked back at him, as Griffin motions for his daughter and her to the door. Sarah dashed out of the door like a prancing pony, and Monica came up behind her. She paused at the door and looked up at Griffin. Their eyes met one another’s, and it made Monica’s heart soar with pride.

Griffin locks the house and bounded down the porch steps, and walked beside Monica as they walk to the car. It was a little awkward drive to Chris’s house, but Griffin kept his distance from Monica. Every time he looked her way, she somehow senses his stare, and then Griffin turned his attention on the road. But for some reason, he kept one eye gaze on her. Monica wasn’t like any woman on the streets. She was stunning and quite sexy for her age. And her smile had just melted Griffin’s heart, as Monica had broken his barriers and made love and life come back into his heart again.

Griffin pulled up to Chris’s driveway and puts the car in park. Sarah had already flung from her safety belt, and dashes out of the car doors to see Julia and her younger sister. Griffin smiled at his daughter’s friendship.

“What’s so funny?” Monica asked as she pulls the desserts out of the trunk of his car.

“I never expected that my little girl and my best friend’s little girl would have such a great bond…look.” Griffin pointed as Monica came and stood beside him. Monica saw Sarah playing with Julia and another little girl who has a bandana on her head, and looks very pale compare to both the other girls.

Monica grinned and lighted up when she saw the three girls play in the snow. Monica looked up to Griffin and asked him a question, “What’s wrong with Julia’s sister?”

Without taking his gaze on the three children, he said, “Her name is Emmalin, she is about five now, and she has rare cancer in her liver. She has been going through chemo for the past two years.” Then Griffin looked at Monica and saw something in her eyes that he hadn’t seen before. It is as if she felt connected with him and the children. “Chris’s family is like my family, and Julia and Emmalin have been sisters to Sarah.”

“I see….I guess those two are inseparable.” Monica said to cheer up the mood.

“Yeah, a little bit,” Griffin said, and then looked at Monica, and something in his eyes twinkled as he looked at her. Then Griffin dashed after the kids.

Monica looked at Griffin and laughter came out of her, when she saw him and the kids rolling in the snow. All three girls tackled him, and like any grown-up would do, pretend to get knockdown by the kid’s force. And at that moment, she felt entirely in love with the scene in front of her. And part of it hurt a bit. She had never seen this side of Griffin before. He was a truly devoted father, and she wondered what it would be like to be loved by that man.

Just then a dark brown haired woman came out of the house, “Roan Griffin! What are you crazy, it is nearly 25 degrees out here. Come on girls let’s get inside.”

The girls all looked up at the woman, and so did Griffin. All four of them jumped up and ran to the door of the house. Griffin strolled over to Monica and started to brush some of the snow off him. He looked at her smiling face, and that had melted his heart. He loved her Irish accented voice and her lovely smile, whatever Monica was doing it was making Griffin fall in love with her more.

There was a brief paused, and Monica looked at Griffin and gave a sight chuckle at the sight of him. “They killed ya huh?”

“Yeah…..Sarah is a bit weak, but the one that got me was Emmalin. She is strong for her age.” Griffin said as a joke, as Monica laugh at his comment.

“I’m sure she was,” Monica mocked, and then looked up at Griffin’s blue eyes. They were now twinkling with happiness.

“Come on, and it’s a lot warmer indoors than out here,” Griffin said as he led Monica to Chris’s house.

The house was like any family home. Kids were laughing in the living room, and noises from the kitchen of the lovely Thanksgiving holiday. Griffin offers to take Monica’s coat off and hung them inside the closet. When she pulled her jacket off her reddish brown hair fell out onto her shoulders. Monica turned to look at Griffin through her soft, creamy chocolate eyes. She seemed a bit nervous, but with Griffin and Sarah there, she felt a little more at ease.

“I could bring the pies to Kristin. She and Chris’s mother are always the ones that are in charge of holiday feasts.” Griffin said in a kind voice as Monica handed him the pies. “Go make yourself comfortable in the living room with the kids. I usually help out with the meals.”

“Okay, ummm which way is the living room?” Monica asked.

“Just follow the noises of kid’s laughter, and you’ll find it,” Griffin said as he gave her a friendly smile and then disappeared through the doors that led to the kitchen.

Monica walked toward the noise of kids laughing and found a living room with Sarah and Julia playing some card game and little Emmalin was curled up on the couch watching a Disney cartoon, Mickey and his pales. And a few other kids that Monica hadn’t recognized. The other four children in the room was a mix of ages. Monica assumed one was about Sarah and Julia’s age, and another close to Emmalin’s. But one child a boy was about 14 or 15 years old. Monica walked over to where Emmalin was sitting on the couch. “May sit with you?”

The little girl looked her way and nodded. As Monica watched the Disney animated feature, the little girl came over to her and rested her head on Monica’s lap. She looked up and smiled at her. Monica glanced down and looked at Emmalin’s pale brown eyes. Then Emmalin got up to whisper in Monica’s left ear, “I know who you are. Your an angel aren’t you.”

Monica with a sharp and shock look stared at the girl. Monica asked her, “And why do you think that I’m an angel?”

Emmalin paused for a moment, “Because…..you look heavenly beautiful, and you are too nice to be human. I won’t tell anyone. Are you going to take me home?” Emmalin asked when she pointed to the ceiling to repent heaven.

“No….I’m here to be on an assignment, and to spend time with you,” Monica said. As she said her last phrase, she bent down to touch the child’s nose with her own. The little girl giggled and then turn her attention back to the tv. Monica looked down at the child and wondered how could Emmalin, have known about her identity.

Griffin walked into the kitchen and was immediately greeted by Chris and Chris’s sister. Griffin hugged both of his so-called siblings and embraced his best friend. “Hey, Chris…hows Emmalin doing?”

“She’s doing fine, in Chemotherapy for the next eight weeks but fine. I heard she trampled you outside in the snow.” Chris laughed with a bit of sarcasm in his voice.

“Yeah….she is very tough for a girl her size. I bet she could take on a RAW wrestler don’t ya think?” Griffin added in.

“Yeah, she can whip all of their asses,” Chris said with a laugh.

“Oh don’t say that about my sick niece like that. She’s only 5, Chris. She can probably whip your ass if she wants to.” The burnet haired women said.

“Kerry, we’re just joking around, you understand,” Chris said as he hugged his sister.

“So Griffin who is that lovely reddish brown haired woman I saw outside. Are you dating now?” Kristin said from the side of the counter. She was making up the stuffing, and the pumpkin pie.

Griffin looked a little shocked at first and then shook his head. “No…she’s just a friend I’ve met, and she’s helping me with Sarah. She’s looking after her, while I’m away on calls.”

“Oh, Roan, she is a gorgeous looking woman. You two would be such a great couple.” Kristin said as she handed her husband the pie dish.

“That’s what I was saying the other day. And I still didn’t get him to ask her out.” Chris said from the stove.

“So what’s her name?” Kerry asked being very intrigued with her other brother’s love interest.

“Do we have to discuss my love relationships?” Griffin asked trying desperately to get out of the hot seat.

“Well yeah…..Roan, I haven’t seen you in a serious relationship since you married my former my best friend. And when I went to check up on the kids, I saw a glimmer in your eye when you were talking to her outside about 15 minutes ago. So yes we are all very interested in hearing about her.” Kerry said as she waits for Griffin to answer. Kerry was Chris’s older sister and has been a sister to Griffin. Although at one time Kerry did a thing for Roan back in her early years of college, later looked at him as a brother. She has been with Griffin ever since Kerry’s best friend Crystal left him and Sarah.

Griffin sighs, “Her name is Monica, and she is just a friend who is helping me with Sarah. Okay.”

“Is she married?” Kerry pressed on.

“No, she is single. Already looked into that sis.” Chris piped up from where he was.

“How do you know that Chris?” Kristin said, with a suspicious look.

“I thought I would help my buddy out and finding information before he makes a stupid mistake. And for the record, she is a pretty good match for Griff.” Chris said with a wink. “Oh and she’s Irish too. She has this sexy Irish accent by the way.” And when he made that remark, Kristin punched him in the arm, and then Chris added a comment to his wife which caused her perk up a bit.

“You should bring her in here Griffin; I would love to meet this so-called Irish woman,” Kerry said as she whipped the gravy.

“No its too hectic with all of these people in here,” Chris said, and his sister gave him a dirty look. “What! I’m not dicing you; I’m just making a statement.”

“Chris’s right. This kitchen gets too crowded when a bunch of people crams into one particular space. And besides Thanksgiving Dinner is almost done. Babe could you go and set up the tables.” Kristin ordered her husband.

“So Kerry where’s Brian at?” Griffin asked as his two best friends went to set up the tables.

“Over somewhere in NATO for an assignment.” Kerry said, “He wanted to wish you a Thanksgiving even though his stay is over the holiday. We are celebrating Thanksgiving next weekend when he comes home.” Kerry sounded a bit sad. Her husband is an Army Major in the Fort Lewis 34th Division.

“Sorry to hear that, but at least his coming back next week,” Griffin said, but he knows it’s still not the same as being around as family on a holiday.

“Thanks, Roan….hey how is that niece of mine. My other niece.” Kerry said as she looked up into Griffin’s eyes.

“If you mean Sarah, yeah she’s good, and a lot perkier since Crystal left,” Griffin said.

“Does she approve of this so-called Monica woman?” Kerry asked.

“Yeah, actually I’m beginning to think that she is growing attached to her. ” Griffin explained.

“Well, kids tend to that. But if it is getting serious between you two, be honest with Sarah.” Kerry said in a concerned tone.

“Well, that is just that, I’m beginning to believe that Sarah wants me and her to fall for one another,” Griffin explained.

“And what do you think?” Kerry asked as she studies her best friend’s eyes.

“I don’t know. I don’t want to go through of falling in love, and then end up with a shattered heart again. I don’t want to go back to that place again. That’s how I became a drunk for about a year in a half. Because I couldn’t find the way out of my hell hole that I was in.” Griffin said. Looking down at the turkey and think about cutting it into tiny pieces.

“You can’t help on who you fall for Griffin. It happens, we don’t choose to fall in love we just do. And the way that you are explaining to me, I think you are falling for her, even if you do not admit it to yourself. I never dreamed of becoming an Army wife. But now I feel happy with the one person I loved my whole life, and want to spend eternal life with him.” Kerry happily explained.

“I know Kerry, I know. Right now I got to think about what’s best for Sarah.” Griffin stated as he and Kerry shared a brother and sister bond, like understanding what they were each feeling.

As short as their bond of siblingship started, it ended when Chris barged in, “Ah….sis, Griff…..it’s time for dinner,” as Chris disappeared behind the swinging doors. Without saying the words, they both said thank you with their stare.

Monica was stroking Emmalin’s back when a dark brown haired woman came into the room. “Time for dinner kids, wash your hands before you come to the table.” The kids all rushed to the bathroom but excepted Emmalin. The woman strolled over to the child and Monica.

“Let me guess your Monica aren’t you?” The woman asked her.

“I’m guessing Griffin told you huh,” Monica said as she looked into the women’s brown eyes.

“Yup, and same as my husband which you met, I’m Kristin, and my husband is Chris,” Kristin said. “I have to take Emmalin to the other bathroom.”

“Okay….she is a lovely girl. You’re lucky to have a special girl like that Kristin.” Monica said as she lifts up Emmalin and hands her to her mother.

“Thanks, come on sweet pea, we got to get you washed up for turkey dinner,” Kristin said as she kissed her daughter’s cheeks. Just before Kristin left the room, she gave Monica directions to the dining room. “Just go through those doors to the left, and there should be swinging doors to enter the dining room.”

“Thank you,” Monica said and with that Kristin left with Emmalin in her arms. Emmalin waved goodbye to Monica and disappeared with her mother.

Monica then followed Kristin’s directions and found the swinging doors. She opened the doors and saw Chris and Griffin sitting next to each other, and another woman that Monica has never met before. As soon as Monica walked in Chris makes no hesitant approach, and strolls over to where Monica is at.

“Nice to see you again Monica,” Chris shook her hand.

Monica gave a faint smile to that and greeted him the same way, “And you too, Chris.” Her gaze went to look at Chris, and then slowly it rested on Griffin’s. And then Griffin came over to her, as she beckoned him over from her eyes. And then finally this burnet woman came.

“Of course you know Griff….and this is my baby sister, Kerry.” Chris pointed out.

“Nice to meet you Monica, welcome to the Heart’s family tradition of Thanksgiving,” Kerry said with a warm smile.

“Thank you, and you have a lovely home. Well I mean Chris.” Monica said and had a shy smile to her compliment.

“Why thank you. Hey, where’s my wife at.” Chris said.

“With your daughter Emmalin,” Monica said.

“Oh well, I might as well go watch the other kids then, be back in a few,” Chris said as he disappeared behind the swinging doors. Kerry went to get the other foods from the kitchen, leaving just Monica and Griffin alone for a brief moment in time.

“So did the kids ran you out of the house yet?” Griffin slightly joked.

“No, actually they were all quite calm. Especially Emmalin.” Monica said. “Who are the other four children. I know Sarah is yours, Julia and Emmalin are Chris’s, but the who are the other four childern that were in the room watching the cartoons with Emmalin and me.”

“Oh, those are Kerry’s. She is my so-called sister. Her husband is over in NATO doing Army business or else you would’ve met him too. The oldest is Logan, and he is 15 now, and followed by Brenda, who is 11 in half, and then Angelia who is 7, and lastly Molly who is Emmalin’s age.” Griffin smiled as he looked at her. “I’m glad I only have one. I wanted two at the most, but it only worked out to have one.”

“Quite of a big family, you have there Griffin,” Monica said as she grinned from one side to another. Monica and Griffin had this moment of bonding until it was interrupted when the sound of cheerful kids pulled through followed by Chris.

“Okay, kids, gather around the small table over there. My wife should be coming in soon, Kerry…..” Chris was shouting out orders.

“She left to go into the kitchen, Chris…..” Griffin said as he took a step away from Monica. He was sensing a vibe from her, and it was leading him into the temptation of falling in love. Griffin was still afraid to fall in love blocks the sensation out of his mind and just thinks of Monica as a friend.

“I’m coming with the stuffing and such, uh Monica could you help me out with the potatoes and the squash. It’s over on the counter.” Kerry said as she delivered the stuffing to the table. Monica gracefully smiled and moved into the kitchen followed by Kerry. A few moments later Monica and Kerry arrived with the rest of the food and placed it on the main table.

Kristin came back with Emmalin and told her to sit at the kid’s table. Just before Emmalin sat down, she pauses and stop to look up at Monica, and gave her shy smile, as she places a finger to her mouth stating I am still holding onto your secret and will not tell anyone about your true self. Monica gave a smile back as if to acknowledge that.

“Okay, Kerry you are going to side there,” Kristin said as she pointed out a seat near the kid’s table. “Chris honey you sit there, Griffin I’m sure you want to sit next to your best friend. And as for you Monica, you can sit next to Griffin and me.” Kristin finished.

Monica’s face went red for a brief moment, and she wanted to avoid sitting next to Griffin because of the flaring feelings she is feeling romantically towards him. But Monica did as she was told, and found a spot next to Kristin and Griffin. Kristin told Julia to settle the kids down so that they all could say grace. “Okay everyone, now as a Heart’s family tradition we usually say grace and go around and the tables to say one thing we are thankful for. So everyone grabs each other’s hands and let’s say grace.”

Everyone around the table grabbed their hands and bowed their heads. When Griffin touched Monica’s hand, Monica felt a warm feeling in her heart and felt a little giddy. When the prayer ended, their hands were still linked together. And slowly they both looked at one another and know the truth, that they were both falling in love with each other. Griffin was first to pull his hand away from Monica’s as he tried not to gaze at her and focus his gaze on Kerry.

“Okay….kids why don’t you start on what you are thankful for. Logan, you go first, sweetie.” Kerry said.

“Okay….I’m thankful for my dad….coming home next weekend from Iraq,” Logan said in a mature voice.

“I’m thankful for my friends and family,” Brenda cried as she took a sip of her water.

“I’m thankful for my pajamas and barbies.” Molly squeaked.

“I’m thankful for my parents. And for daddy fighting off the bad guys.” Angelia said as she looked at her mom.

Next was Julia, “I’m thankful for my sister, and for Sarah.”

“You said that last year.” Emmalin pointed out.

“I know, but it still is true. You say yours.” Julia squeezes her sister’s hand.

“Okay. I’m thankful for my family, and a new friend,” Emmalin said as she looked in Monica’s direction.

And finally it was Sarah’s turn, “I’m thankful for my dad, and for Monica, who has helped out a lot these past few weeks and made my dad and me come together just like before.” After when Sarah had finished, Monica was so speechless for her words.

Next, it was Kerry, “I’m thankful for my marriage and all of my kids, which God had bless me with.”

“I’m thankful for my best friend Griffin, and his daughter, and of course my lovely wife and my children,” Chris said as he looked at his wife with a glimmer in his eyes.

When it came to Griffin’s turn, Monica held her breath, as he looked into her eyes. “I’m thankful for, my gifted daughter, and for this family.” And without speaking the words, he stared into Monica’s eyes for a brief moment to say, and for you.

Finally, it was Monica’s turn, she took a moment to gather her thoughts, “I’m thankful for the opportunity to meet and enjoy everyone here, and especially get to know certain individuals and spending quality time. And thank God for this opportunity.” Monica scans the room until her gaze rested on Griffin’s. Her gaze fell from his as she turns to look at Kristin who is next to speak.

“I’m thankful for my two lovely daughters, and my adoring husband, and thankful for our marriage,” Kristin said as she gazes into her husband’s eyes. “Okay everyone dig in.”

After about ten minutes in with the Thanksgiving feast, Kerry began to ask Monica questions. “So Monica, how do you like the town of Gracie. There is not much to do in here, but it’s a good town.” Kerry said with a smile.

“It’s a lovely town, and the people are so friendly,” Monica said, as she glances down at her half eaten plate of Thanksgiving food. “By the way, the food is very delicious.”

“Why thank you, I home cook food,” Kristin said on Monica’s left side. “So, your Irish aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Monica said as she took a sip of her water.

“What kind of Irish traditions do you do, since you are from that region?” Kristin asks out of curiosity.

“Um…well in the Irish cultural at Christmas we light a candle in the window, and play some old Irish Christmas melodies, but we don’t have American Thanksgiving like we are having now.” Monica briefly explained.

“Maybe you could show us once Christmas comes around. I love people from different parts of the world.” Kristin giggled as she took more mashed potatoes.

“Are you romantically involved with someone?” Kerry asked.

Monica gave a short chuckle, “No.”

“Well then, you know there is always someone out there for you just waiting,” Kerry said as she got up from the table and went over to the kitchen to put her dish away.

“Daddy can we be excused from dinner,” Julia said, as she held up her plate.

“Yes, go follow Aunt Kerry to the kitchen.” Chris gently said. “Well, thanks for the lovely dinner darling but the kids are now ready for entertainment.”

Kristin giggled and started to clean up the Thanksgiving feast. Monica started to help, but Kristin protested and said, “No you’re our guess, plus I usually make the men clean up. You can go to the living room with the kids.”

Monica nodded and walked to the restroom to clean up a bit. Just before she got there, she bumped into Griffin. “Oh, sorry Griffin, I uh, just going to the restroom…”

“Its okay, so Kristin kick you out of the kitchen did she.” Griffin said with a grin as Monica looked up at him, “She tends to do that a lot with guests in her home, plus every year she makes us men to clean up.”

Monica giggled to that, “Smart woman, Um, where is the um….”

“Bathroom, down the hall to the left.” Griffin smiled and let Monica past him. Her reddish-brown hair grew dark brown in the shadows. After she left, Griffin went into the kitchen.

Griffin then walks into the kitchen and was greeted by Kristin, “She’s a nice woman Griff, you did well.”

“I’m not dating her if that’s what you’re getting at,” Griffin said.

“Why not Griffin, she’s perfect for you, and she is very attractive. You should go out on a date. Chris and I could watch Sarah for you.” Kristin calmly suggested.

“Thanks for the offer, but I’m not interested in dating her. Now, what can I do to help.” Griffin said trying to avoid the conversation about his love life.

“Well first off you can put the food away in those containers, and then Chris can do the dishes. And you know where the food goes right?” Kristin asked.

“Yes, I remembered the previous year,” Griffin said.

“Okay, and after when you gentleman gare finish cleaning up, bring out the desserts,” Kristin said, as she went out the kitchen to fetch her husband.

Monica looked up at her image in the mirror, she was trying so hard not to show her true feelings toward Griffin, but she is failing miserably at it. Whenever his blue-eyed stare would look at her, Monica would feel all giddy inside and her she will feel weak in the knees if she doesn’t look away. She took a few moments to gather herself together, and then gracefully walks out the door.

Monica then went into the living room to find all the kids in the room playing a video game or cards. Monica found Emmalin, by the piano. For a little girl who has cancer, she was playing well. Sarah was right along with her. They were playing the theme tune to the Peanuts cartoon. Monica giggled to that and strolled over to where the girls were playing.

“You didn’t tell me you could play?” Monica asked Sarah.

“I just know some songs I could play,” Sarah asked. “My dad taught me when I was Emmalin’s age, and I guess I forgot.”

“Monica, can you play me something?” Emmalin asked.

“Oh, I haven’t played the piano for years,” Monica said as she sat down beside Sarah and Emmalin.

“Come on it’s not so hard to play,” Sarah said.

“Play this one.” Emmalin gave Monica a Disney songbook, and the song she chooses was from The Lion King. “It’s my favorite.”

Sarah got up so that Monica could be in the middle. “okay, this one.” And Emmalin nodded and smiled brightly. Monica read the title of the song, and it read Can You Feel the Love Tonight by Elton John. Monica placed her fingers on the keys to the piano board and started to read the notes of the song. Monica plays the first few notes, and already she hears both girls humming the melody. Monica gets to the first song lyric, and Sarah starts to sing to it.

Griffin was in the dining room, and he begins to hear music being played in the living room. He smiles to the melody the most romantic love songs from Disney. Griffin then ventures into the living room only to find his daughter singing the notes, but Monica playing the piano. He was trance by Monica and his daughter’s bonding moment. Griffin is starting to see Monica being his wife as well as a mother for Sarah. He doesn’t want to think of that, but at that moment he saw a future with her. Griffin lingers there for a few more moments then left to go to the dining room area.

Once Griffin got back, Chris came out of the kitchen with the desserts. “Hey, Griffin is that Sarah playing the piano? Because that sounds way too good for Emmalin to play.”

“Umm No, that is not Sarah. It’s Monica.” Griffin said as he placed some plates on the table, then looks up at Chris

“What?!” Chris abandons the desserts and goes to the living room.

“Chris wait, Damn it,” Griffin said being edgy.

Seconds later Griffin followed Chris and stood next to him as Griffin watched Monica and the two girls singing to the classic Disney song. Chris looked at Griffin and saw Griffin’s face lit up when Monica had smiled. Chris knew his best friend is falling in love with Monica when he glanced at him just then. Chris then walks back into the dining room, and Griffin follows a moment later. The desserts were all laid out, and Kristin comes in as well as some kids.

“Is it time for dessert Uncle Chris?” Brenda asked.

Chris looks up at Kristin, and said, “it’s time for dessert.”

Kristin then goes into the living room and announced that dessert is ready. Griffin then abandons the kitchen and made his way to the living room.

As soon as Monica finishes then the song, Kristin comes in an announce that desserts are ready. Sarah leaps up from her spot and was about to dash into the kitchen, then stops. “Are you going to have some desserts, Monica?”

Monica looks at Sarah and then at Emmalin, “No I think I’m going to stay here. Plus Emmalin is not looking good.” She looks down at the once cheerful child, now a paled and sick child. “You go on ahead. I’ll stay here with Emmalin.”

Sarah then smiles and turns to go in. Monica then carries the child over to the couch and sets her down gently. Emmalin perks up and whispers to Monica in a weak voice, “Could you read me this story?” Emmalin hands Monica a book. It was Clifford and his surprised birthday party Monica smiled at that.

“You want me to read this one?” Monica asked. And Emmalin nodded, as she coughed.

“Okay….” Monica begins to read to her. As soon as she got to the fourth page of the book, Griffin walks in. Monica stared up from the book and gazed up at Griffin as he makes his way to the chair beside the couch. Monica continued to go on, and as soon as she finishes Emmalin was curled up on Monica’s lap fast asleep.

“Wow, you really are good with kids. It took three or five books for me to read to get kids to go to sleep.” Griffin said in amazement at Monica’s method and her beauty.

Monica smiled at that and calmly places the sleeping child beside her. “It’s not hard when kids are not feeling well.”

“Yeah….Emmalin’s medicine takes a total on her. I remember I had to stay up all night with her because of the chemo, and she was vomiting every fourty-five minutes. I took shifts with Kristin, on helping Emmalin through her chemo. Chris was on a double duty shift at the time.” Griffin said as he stroke little Emmalin’s brown hair like her mother’s.

“She seems very strong for her age,” Monica said as she looked at the girl.

“Yeah, she is,” Griffin said, and then looked into Monica’s soft brown eyes, as they sparkled in the glow of the fireplace.

For a moment Monica was lost in his eyes, and couldn’t find words to say to him. Just then the kids arrive in the room leaving some distance between Griffin and her. Griffin stayed over at Chris’s house about an hour more, and then told Sarah it was time to go. “Okay, Sarah it’s time to go home.”

Sarah hated leaving her best friend but knew she had to go. “Okay, but daddy can we stay to break the wishbone. You promised.”

Griffin gave a smile, and nodded, “Okay, but hurry up.”

Monica came with a slightly curious look on her face, “What’s a wishbone?”

“Its where my daughter and Chris’s daughter do a wishbone break off, whoever gets the biggest half gets to have their wish come true,” Griffin explains the scenario.

Sarah and Julia stood facing one another. Sarah quietly says her wish in her head, I want for my dad to fall in love with Monica, and hope for them to get married. Julia said her wish, and I wish for my baby sister to get better. Then on the count of three, both girls pulled the bone towards them to break it. There was a snap of the bone, and Sarah was the one that had the bigger half.

“You got the bigger half Sarah, what did you wish for?” Molly asked.

“She can’t tell you, or else it won’t come true,” Kerry said. “Bye girl nice to see you again.”

“You too Aunt Kerry,” Sarah said as she hugged her aunt.

Sarah said goodbye to everyone, and her best friend and follows Griffin and Monica out the door.

It was about 11 pm when Sarah clasped in the back seat of the car coming home on the way back from the Heart’s residents. “Griffin, I think your daughter is out for the night,” Monica said as she glances at the back seat.

“Your right. I guess this means I don’t get to have a Disney movie marathon with Sarah.” Griffin said as he watched for traffic. “I usually spent half the night watching Disney films with her, on Thanksgiving and Christmas.” Monica grinned at that, as she watches the lights of the streets dance around her.

Soon Griffin pulled up to the house and took out the food, Kristin sent him and his daughter to eat. Monica came around the other side to carry Sarah inside. Griffin turned on the lights so that Monica could see, as she held his daughter. Griffin watches Sarah clasped her arms around Monica’s neck, as she carried Sarah to her room. He placed the bag of food in the fridge and went upstairs to where Monica was. Griffin watched Monica from the doorway, as she tucked his little girl in bed and laid Sarah’s shoes by the closet. Then very gentle Monica closed the door, and turn to see Griffin.

“You know if you could ever have children, you would be a great mother.” Griffin smiled to that, “I mean it, you are a natural when it comes to children.”

“Thanks, for that, but I can’t have any kids, because I move around too often,” Monica said as she climbed down the stairs to the front door of the house.

“Don’t you ever stay in one place?” Griffin asked as he studies her.

“Sometimes I do like I am now, but I go when I feel that I am needed someplace else.” Monica said, “Well thank you for the lovely dinner, and for having me there. It meant a lot to me.” Monica stared up at Griffin. For a moment she thought he was going to kiss her, but instead, he just gave her a real smile, as his eyes sparkled in the night.

“Goodnight Monica,” Griffin said.

“You too,” and with that Monica briskly walks to her car, and starts it up, and drives to her temperately home.

Griffin stood out in the cold weather as he watched the woman who makes his heart soar with pride and happiness. He wanted in so much to take Monica in his arms, and hold her tight. But as always his mind keeps going back to the pain and suffering he felt with Crystal. Griffin felt the cold wind hitting his face and then went inside. When he was about to go to bed, he notices a small black material of some clothing on the back of a chair. At first, Griffin thought it was Sarah’s, but when he picked it up, the woman’s scent went straight up to Griffin’s nose. The scarf was defiantly was not Sarah’s. It was Monica’s. Her sweet lavender lingers around Griffin, and for some strange reason, Griffin wanted to go after her. He decided to leave it on the chair and retreat to his bed. He lay awake for hours, and then finally he fell asleep with Monica’s beautiful Irish scent in his mind.

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