Fallen Angel Part 1

Melting Griffin's Cold Heart

It has been a few weeks after Thanksgiving as more snow fell upon Gracie, New York. Monica looked out the window of the apartment she was renting an apartment for the remainder of her assignment. Watching the snowfall as Monica was sipping her coffee and kept on daydreaming about Griffin, and the way he looked at her Thanksgiving night. She wouldn’t let her emotions and feelings get in the way, but the more Monica kept on trying to submerge her feelings the more it hurt her to express them to Griffin. Monica wanted to throw in the towel and admits that she is in love with him, but she knows she can’t. Monica closes her eyes and wishes that Tess were here. She really needed her guidance now more than ever. Monica suddenly opens her eyes to a knock on the door. She looks over at the small clock in her room, and it stated 4:30 PM. Monica knows that it isn’t Griffin because he usually calls her if he needs her to babysit Sarah. Curiously she walks over to the front door and opens it a little to see who it was. To her surprise, it was Griffin with Sarah at his side.

“Griffin?!” Monica said in a surprised voice, “What….uh….what are you doing here?”

“Long story short, I need you to watch her for a few hours, I just got a call from work, and I need to run into the city. I know it’s short notice but, I need someone I could trust.” Griffin said. He looks up into her eyes, and she looked so damn beautiful that it made Griffin’s heart stopped beating.

“Um……just so use to you calling me,” Monica said still shocked, “But sure I can watch her.”

“Well it would have been you are Mrs. Wilson, but Sarah likes you better,” Griffin said as he watches his daughter taking off her coat and heads into the small living room of Monica’s small little apartment, which she moved into shortly after Thanksgiving.

“Oh, well that’s sweet of her,” Monica said with a smile. Monica then felt awkward around Griffin that it made it impossible for her to be anywhere near him. “How long are you going to be….out on duty?”

“At least about four hours. I’ll try my best to be here sometime around midnight. Thank you so much for doing this.” Griffin said with a glimmer in his eye.

“No problem,” Monica stated with a grille smile.

“Say can I use your restroom before I head out, It’s about a 45-minute drive?” Griffin said.

Monica gave a short chuckle to that, “Sure, its past the spare room on the left.” And with that Griffin dashes past Monica, and goes in the direction of the bathroom. Monica then goes to the kitchen and pours herself some coffee. She looks over the bar window and found that Sarah is watching some movie on her portable DVD player. A few minutes past and Griffin reemerges from the restroom. She gave him and his daughter a little private time, before coming back into the living room. In the meantime, she still overheard their conversation.

“Sarah sweetie, I got to run, now I know you really wanted to get the Christmas tree today, but we’ll do it, tomorrow okay,” Griffin said.

“Okay, just really miss our little time together,” Sarah said as she looked eye to eye with her father.

“I know I do too. But this is the only way to…..” Griffin started to say, but Sarah finishes it.

“To keep shelter over my head and food on the table I know dad I know,” Sarah said getting annoyed with the whole talk about why Griffin’s job is essential.

“Sorry about that baby, if your mother wouldn’t have left I would be free most of the time. I love you kid.” Griffin said as he looked into his daughter’s eyes.

“I love you too.” Sarah then went to her father and embraced him.

Monica felt utterly moved by the scene in front of her, and it hurt her a bit. She wanted to be part of a loving family and having one of her own. Sometimes she wishes that she wasn’t an angel so that she could be part of life and experience the life of a human.

“Okay honey, I’m really running late, Sarah listen to Monica okay, and obey her rules,” Griffin said.

“Okay, hey dad, if it’s not too much trouble, can Monica join us tomorrow on getting a Christmas tree?” Sarah asked through her pleading blue eyes.

Griffin looked at his daughter, and then half glances in the direction where Monica was. “We’ll see….it’s not up to me it’s up to her.”

Griffin then hugs his daughter goodbye and heads into the kitchen. Monica was mixing some Kool-Aid up for Sarah when she glances up at him. “Let me guess you heard our conversation.”

Monica smiled and stated, “If you want me to pretend I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t, but yes I heard. Coffee on the go?”

Griffin’s cheeks went red for a moment, “Sorry about that, had to…..”

“I know,” Monica said not letting Griffin finish because she got the hint.

“Coffee would be great thanks.” Griffin then looks at Monica’s small back as she pours Griffin his mug of coffee. Monica seemed to be very small, but very sexy too. She was wearing a slim black sweater that drapes off her shoulders a bit to reveal her soft pale skin. Also showing off her shoulder blades some, as well as her collarbone as she turns to face him.

“Griffin, just for the record you could be honest with me, and ask me if I want to join. And to answer your question yes I would love to join you and Sarah.” Monica then hands him his coffee and turns to back to the cupboards to get a glass for Sarah.

“Okay, next time I will ask you directly then. Oh thanks for the coffee and for watching her.” Griffin said as he nodded his head for thanks.

“Oh, you’re welcome. This is my special coffee so hope you enjoy.” Monica said as she looked up into Griffin’s eyes. They were both flirting a bit as they shared glances. Griffin then looked at the time and realized he is ten minutes behind schedule.

“Okay, I’m really late now. Bye Monica, I’ll be back sometime around midnight.” Griffin said as he put on his oversized trench coat. “Bye Sarah…be good.”

“Bye daddy,” Sarah said as she watches her father disappear behind Monica’s front door.

Griffin sat on the passenger’s side of his partner’s car, as they raced through town to get to their destination. Griffin was daydreaming about Monica, and still can’t shake her image and smile out of his mind. Everything about her, her looks, her personality, even her sexy Irish voice got Griffin in a trance, and he felt like there is no escaping his feelings. Griffin was falling in love with Monica, and there isn’t anything he can do to stop it. Suddenly Griffin heard his name being called when Chris had shouted his name to get his attention to answer the radio.

“55 Charlie, where the hell are you?” The voice of the intercom shouted.

“This is 55 Charlie we are coming in on the Lincoln tunnel and heading to the destination. No sign of the suspected yet….over.” Griffin answered.

“You okay Griff….you seem a bit out of it. Something bothering you?” Chris asked as he kept his eye on the New York City traffic.

“No nothing is I’m fine,” Griffin said as he watches the city dance it’s magical lights around them. Griffin then took out Monica’s coffee and started to take a sip of his hot drink. It has a different smell to it, and it almost made Griffin feeling like he is back at his mother’s house before she passed away from breast cancer. And the taste of Monica’s coffee was sweet and very creamy….she can make excellent coffee. Griffin looked back up at his best friend. “What?”

“Nothing, ever since you dropped Sarah off at Monica’s you’ve been feeling a bit out of it. Is someone starting to fall for a certain Irish woman, and forgot to tell me?” Chris chuckled.

“Chris just shut up and just drive,” Griffin said as he scans the nightlife for the suspect that the New York Police Department is after.

“Oh so are you finally coming to your senses that you are falling in love with her?” Chris stated.

Griffin just chuckled, “I’m not admitting to anything.”

“Okay…..when you are ready to come out of the shell let me know,” Chris said as he laughed at his joke. Suddenly there was a car coming out from behind them with four or five police cars chasing it. The car rams into the back to Chris’s police curser as Chris shouts, “Son of a Bitch!” Then Griffin looks at his partner and then glances behind the back window….

Griffin sees something fall out of the van as it speeds away from Chris’s cruiser. Chris started to moves the police car about a good yard or two when Griffin shouted to his partner, “Chris pull over, pull over Now!”

“Why what for?” Chris barks from where he was.

“Just do it damn it!” Griffin order.

Chris pulls off, and Griffin jumps out and goes back three or four yards away. Griffin runs into the street to cross over to where the car was. Griffin then notices a little girl who is dressed in rags and her bones were as thin as a toothpick curled under a parked car, and barely moving. Griffin pulled out his walkie and started barking in orders for an ambulance to come. Griffin knew that this little girl was the victim of the serial rapist that the New York squad was after. Griffin bends down to the little girl.

“It’s okay. I’m a cop. You’re safe.” Griffin said as he tried to extend his arm to her. The little child looks up at him, shrinks and moves further back. Griffin then reaches for his badge and places it gently on the ground. “You’re alright. I’m not going to harm you. I’m here to help you and get you back to your parents. That is my badge.”

The little girl then took hold of Griffin’s badge and held it in her hand. Then she looks at him with pale eyes as she made an attempt to grab his arm but fell to the ground once more. Griffin then reaches out and pulls her out, so she is safe in his arms.

“Help……me………please……..my baby……sister………is still…..with……him.” The child grasped.

“Help is on the way. We are getting the man that did this to you. Do you have a name?” Griffin said as he held the child.

“Anna.” The girl whispered. “My sister….is Olivia.”

Just then Chris comes up to Griffin. “Griff what the hel….oh God…….”

“I’ll stay with her. You go with the others. Her sister Olivia is still with the man that had raped and tutored her and her sister for 12 days. As well as other small kids. Chris go…go now.” Griffin said, pleading with him that he can’t do this job because it hurt so damn much inside Griffin’s own heart.

“Okay, you stay here with her…..Gary, I need a lift.” Chris said to the nearby officer.

Griffin watches the lights of the police curser took off in search of the man that did this to a child. He then looked down at the child as she clutches Griffin’s pants leg trying to stop the pain of her battle scars. “Do you want to hear a song, while the ambulance comes?” The child nods. And Griffin thought of one song that came to his mind. ”The Lord moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform, he plants his footsteps on the sea and rides on every storm.” He thought of Monica’s sweet voice as he sang to the hurt child, as she clutches Griffin’s paints harder.

Monica settled down on the couch, as she caught a glimpse of what Sarah was watching. “What is that?” Monica asked so sweetly.

Sarah looked up, “Oh it’s my favorite tv program, it’s called Bones. I love how all the crime stuff and the dead bodies in it. You probably will not get into it.”

Monica looked up at Sarah and very curiously tilted the screen to see the program better. What Monica saw was a dead gross looking body of bones, as a cop and a woman examines it. “What is this so-called tv show about?”

Sarah surprise by Monica being so interested in the show explains, “Well that cop there he is an FBI agent, who solves murders and stuff like that, kind of like my dad, his name in the show is Seeley Booth. And the woman you see there is Temperance Brennan. She is an anthropologist, which is a person who studies human remains, hence Bones. And her partner is the FBI agent, who helps solve murders with him.”

Monica is so intrigued with Sarah’s explanation about the show that it made her want to watch it even if it looked a bit disgusting. “So who are all these people?”

“Umm…that is Angelia Montenegro. She is the artist who redesigns all the face structures of the murder victims. And Jack Hodgins examines bugs and specializes in spores and minerals. And Camille Saroyan is the boss of the team. And Sweets is a shrink.” Sarah says. “My favorite episode is this one…Two Bodies in The Lab.”

“Ah…do you mind if I watch it with you?” Monica asked.

“No….I don’t mind. But let’s sit on the couch it’s a lot comfortable than the floor.” Sarah suggested.

So for the next few hours, Monica and Sarah continue to watch the new show Bones. Monica had on a few Christmas lights, and it shined through the dimed room. Sarah then looked up to Monica and settled in her embrace. This moment had broken Monica’s heart. Rather Monica admits it or not; she was becoming Sarah’s mother. Monica then stroked her soft light brown hair as Sarah snuggled deeper into Monica.

“When is my dad coming back?” Sarah asked as she places her left hand with Monica’s.

“Around midnight.” Monica answers. She smiled when Sarah traces her little finger on Monica’s hand. “Why?”

“Because just wondering. Do I still have to go to bed at 9:30?” Sarah asked.

“If that is what your father said, then yes. Even if it means in my home.” Monica said. “How about some supper?”

“What do you have?” Sarah asked while sitting up so that Monica could get out.

“Um…I don’t have anything fancy like before, but I do have some kid food in here.” Monica said as she looked into the cupboards.

Sarah came around the corner as she watched Monica scrambling around, to find some dinner for the two of them. Sarah was giggling, as Monica had to get a stool to reach the top. “Are you having issues with not being able to reach things.”

“I’m just a wee bit short to reach the top, but I can manage with a stool,” Monica said as she too giggled at her height. “How about some homemade bread, and some soup?”

“What kind of soup?” Sarah asked as she fished out some plates and silverware.

“You have a choice of Chicken Noodle, Tomato, vegetable or beef?” Monica said as she looked at her selection.

“Defiantly chicken noodle,” Sarah said as Monica handed the can to Sarah. Then Monica got a can of vegetable for her self.

Sarah opened the can of soup and poured about half in the blue bowl and went over to the microwave to heat it up. She punched in the time she wanted to cook, and then waited for it. Monica walked over to the fridge and took out some Kool-Aid for Sarah, and made some hot tea for herself.

“So how long are you going to live in this small place?” Sarah asked.

“Not sure, just as long as I am needed here,” Monica stated, as she put the teapot on the stove and cranks it to medium.

“Can I ask you a question?” Sarah asked.

“Sure,” Monica said as she faces the small child.

“Do you ever wanted to be a mother, or have kids?” Sarah asked as she leaned against the doorpost to the small kitchen.

Monica closed her eyes for a brief moment, and then looked over at the child. “Yes. I have always wondered what life was like to have a child of my own, but never could, because of the constant moving around in my life.”

“Do you still want to, have kids?” Sarah asked as she stepped closer to Monica.

“All the time.” Monica smiled. Then Monica picks up the subtlety on what Sarah was asking. “Do you miss your mother, Sarah?”

Sarah looked down, and sort of backs up. Monica then bent down to Sarah’s level and looked into her sadden blue eyes. “Sarah you can tell me what has been bothering you.”

“I don’t understand, how my mother just left. Did she even love me? Or did I do something wrong that made her run away without a goodbye?” Sarah cried as tears stung her eyes.

Monica had no words to give to Sarah about her mother leaving her. “I don’t know Sarah. But I do know that you are very special, and you are very easy to love.” Monica said in a sweet and soft tone. She brushed the hair strains behind Sarah’s ears and looked into her eyes.

Sarah looked into Monica’s eyes and went into her arms. “I love you, Monica.” Sarah murmured into Monica’s chest.

Monica embraced the child and held her, and without even thinking about it, the words flowed out of Monica’s mouth, “I love you too, Sarah.” Monica then kisses Sarah’s small head. After a brief mother and daughter bonding moment, Sarah pulls out of Monica’s embrace.

“Let’s eat before we get all mushy again, and before the food gets cold.” Sarah walks over the microwave and pulls out the soup. Monica smiles and gets up to help out Sarah.

Monica and Sarah shared a new bond that night. A relationship was so strong that not even the angels in heaven could break it. But Monica knows that sooner or later she has to tell Sarah that she is an angel. Monica knows that it will crush her own heart, but it will be worse for Sarah. She has already lost one mother, and Monica knows that Sarah is looking to her for a mother figure in her life. This assignment was the hardest one that Monica has ever faced. Monica knows that she was becoming part of a family.

Griffin road in the ambulance with Anna, and held her small hand. Once they arrive at the hospital, she was taken away by the nurses and doctors. Griffin stood there in the waiting room as he watches the little girl disappears behind the ER doors. Seeing little Anna in the ER, reminded of his little girl, so Griffin strolls over to the payphones where it was nice and quiet, and pulled out his cell phone, and dialed Monica’s cell phone number and waited to hear her or his daughter’s voice.

It was about 8:30 PM when Monica heard her cell phone rang. She got up from the couch, as Sarah continues to watch a Disney movie which had started about 30 minutes ago. Monica looked at the receiving number, and her heart just started to beat faster. She flipped open her cell phone and smiled as she said hello into it.

It was about the third ringing tone when he heard Monica’s sweet Irish voice came through on the call. Griffin’s heart skipped a beat when he heard her voice.

“Hello,” Monica said.

“Hey, how is Sarah doing?” Griffin asked as he leaned his back against the wall of the hospital waiting room.

“She’s great, she is just watching Tarzan but other than that she is fine. She is asking about you though. Do you want to speak to her?” Monica asked.

“That would be great. Thank you again for watching her.” Griffin stated as he took a seat on a chair.

“Okay, I’ll put her on for you. Hold on.” Monica said as she pauses for a brief moment.

Griffin heard her and his daughter through the cell phone. He had smiled at his daughter’s excitement. There was a shuffle of muffling then Sarah’s sweet innocent voice came on. “Hey daddy, how is your work going?”

Griffin smiled at that, “it’s fine sweetie, how are you?”

“I’m good. How long are you going to be at work?” Sarah asked.

“Honestly I don’t know, sweetie I do not know how long. I may be all night, so you might be spending the night at Monica’s tonight. I hate to do this to you, Sarah, I really do.” Griffin said as he rubs his forehead.

“I know I hate it too, but at least you are a hero to someone. I love you. You know that.” Sarah said.

Griffin smiled, “I know that I love you too. You go back to watch Tarzan, okay.”

“All right, would you like to talk to Monica?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah, thanks sweet pea, Goodnight. I love you.” Griffin said.

“I love you too daddy. Yes, I know the same rules still apply if I’m at home, go to bed a 9:30.” Sarah said. “Okay here’s Monica.”

“I’m guessing it’s going to be a long night for you?” Monica asked.

“Yeah, there is a little girl right now that needs my help. And there is another girl out there, that we are trying to find and save her. The rat bastard that has abused these two children, as well as many others is still out there.” Griffin explained.

“Okay….you just be there for her, I have Sarah…she’s in good hands, I promise. Just do me a favor Griffin,” Monica said.

Griffin leaned the phone closer to him as he whispered, “Anything.”

“Just don’t get into any dangerous situations that could get you killed,” Monica said.

“I won’t,” Griffin said very tenderly, his little flirting moments with Monica was amusing. But their short time was interrupted when his boss came through the doors. “Listen Monica I got to go…take good care of Sarah for me. I got to go. Bye.” Griffin said and had just enough time to hear Monica say bye when he flipped the cell phone shut.

A few seconds later his boss appeared at the door. “Sergeant Griffin.” His boss was a big guy as he stood 6′ 1” and his gray hair spread out all over his head. He did not look happy with the news that is being reported to him. “Griffin, where is the victim of the suspected?”

“She’s in the ER, and doing a rape kit. Sir, she was severally damaged, and she was bleeding very badly. I’m working on getting information on her parents.” Griffin ordered.

“Well, that’s good. Private Randy will keep you posted. Did you find any information on the suspect’s hideouts or where he keeps his victims?” The major commanded.

“Nothing so far sir, but I will question the victim,” Griffin said.

“Okay, Griffin…” The major pauses as he heard some commotion through his walkie. “What?! Damn it! Send back up to the Martian hotel.” Then the major dashes out the door with two other detectives following close behind him.

Two hours later, Griffin was still waiting for some news about his victim. About twenty minutes later the nurse came out of the ER. “Sergeant!” the nurse called out.

Griffin walks over to a blonde hair woman who is covered in human blood. “Sergeant, the girl you brought in suffered server internal injuries. We don’t think she is going to make it through the night. I’m sorry detective.”

“Is she still able to talk?” Griffin asked.

“Not really no. Did you contacted her parents?”

“Yes, they are on the train here. About another half hour or so, why?” Griffin said, hoping that the girl would live.

“She doesn’t have much time. Maybe ten minutes at the most. She needs stability, Sergeant.” The nurse said.

Griffin’s face felt so frail and weak. This part of comforting his victim in her last moments, just about to break his own heart and the one thing Griffin hated about being a cop. Knowing that little Anna was going to die, and Griffin was going to be the one to let her go in peace. Griffin walked down the long hallway to her bedside, which felt like a billion miles away. As soon as he was at Anna’s side, Anna’s frail eyes peered up at him. “Daddy?”

“Yes sweetheart, I’m here,” Griffin said as he pulled a chair to sit next to the bedside, and he had tears in his eyes, as little Anna struggled to say her last words.

“Where’s mommy?” Anna said in a whispering voice.

“She’s with you sister in ICU. Just so glad you are here; your mother and I have been praying this for months now.” Griffin said.

“I’m sorry daddy. For everything. I should have listened to you and not walk the park at dusk.” Anna cried.

“It’s not your fault; the important thing is that you are safe now. And same as your sister.” Griffin cried.

“Daddy….there’s an angel here. I’m going to be in good hands. I love you. Please don’t cry.” Little Anna spoke out. She takes hold of Griffin’s hand, and squeezed it, as she stared into the blank abyss that seemed invisible. Then with one last beat of her heart, little Anna was gone. Griffin looked at the blonde hair nurse as she turned off the machines that once monitored her heart rate. Griffin looked at the child and put his hand over her eyes, and closed them. When he did that he whispered to her lifeless body, “I love you too.”

“You did well Sergeant Griffin.” The nurse said.

“Hate that part,” Griffin said as he wipes the tears from his eyes.

“I know. I’ll tell Major Rogers that you did your job. Go home to your daughter. I’ll inform the parents.” The nurse said as she squeezes Griffin’s hand.

“Thanks, Julie,” Griffin said to the nurse.

“Your welcome, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for her sister,” Julie said as she called in some other nurses to wheel the dead child out of the OR. Griffin walked out of the OR and glanced up at the clock. It read 10:30 PM. His heart felt so broken, and he just needed comfort right now, and the only one person he felt that would ease his pain was Monica.

Monica looked over at Sarah, who was sound asleep on the other end of the sofa. She smiled at the sight of her, and picked up little Sarah in her arms and carries her to the spare room, and lays her gently down on the bed. Monica then covers her up with a blanket and turns on a small night light that gives just enough lighting to see. Sarah warped her tiny arms around a stuffed bear she had on the bed. Monica bent over and kissed Sarah’s cheek, and softly whispers to her, “I love you, Sarah Griffin.” And then Monica carefully pulls the door shut behind her.

Ten minutes later, Monica heard a knock on her door. She walks over to it and opens it up to find Griffin at her door. Monica smiled at him, but her smile quickly fell when she saw Griffin in tears. “Griffin?”

“I…..I…..need someone…..to talk to….I’m….losing it, Monica…..” Griffin cried as more sobs came out. Monica closes her eyes, as she stepped aside to let Griffin in, and closes the door behind him. Griffin walked over to the couch and was about to burst into more tears.

Monica comes over and sits very close to him. “What happened?”

Griffin came forward as his mighty hands fell to his face. “My victim died about a half hour ago...I lost it…I watch her die in my arms, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. That little shithead had killed fifteen small children, and he has more, and my squad can’t find him and the other kids. And my victim’s sister is still out there, on the brink of dying like her sister. I just can’t do this case Monica I just can’t.” Griffin said as he felt Monica’s soft touch on his hand.

“You did all that you could, Griffin. You can’t save everyone. The important thing is you save one victim. You can’t let this guy win. You are a strong man, and a hero to your daughter. Believe in that.” Monica said as she stroked Griffin’s hand.

Griffin looked into her eyes and really looked into them. Seeing into Monica’s eyes that night made him feel like a wounded warrior. It felt like she looked right into his soul. Griffin now sees her true colors and wanted her in his arms. Griffin then started to cry, and it wouldn’t stop. Monica took Griffin, and pulled him into her arms, as he sobbed in her chest. Monica stroked Griffin’s shoulders to help ease his pain, as she held him for the first time.

After about five minutes of breaking down in front of Monica, Griffin slowly raises his gaze to her soft brown eyes, which were glowing with fear and love all at once. For a moment he thought that she would kiss him right there, but Monica slowly backs away from him and settles herself on the edge of the couch. “I….um….I should probably head to bed, you and Sarah can spend the night here.” Monica said, trying to change the subject of what could of almost happen.

“No really it’s fine, I can go get Sarah and be on my way,” Griffin said wanting to move but couldn’t he felt so exhausted and weak.

Monica gave a faint smile and then looked his way, “Griffin, you and I know that that would not be a smart idea. You’re tired, and you need rest. You can crash on the couch here. I don’t mind, at all. Really.” It took a bit before Griffin admitted his tiredness. Monica smiled and stood up and went to the closet. A moment later and she was back with a blanket and some pillows for Griffin to have something comfy to sleep. She notices Griffin is already half asleep on the couch.

Monica then took the blanket and draped it on Griffin’s mighty chest. His manly scent filled Monica’s nostrils, and she almost wanted to curl up in his mighty chest and have his strong arms to wrap around her fragile body and hold her forever. Monica then took a step forward and bent down to where Griffin’s face was. She reaches up and lightly strokes his face, as she traces his jawline. Then her fingers made a way to his hair, as she gently parted it to one side. Monica then gets up and softly whispers, “Goodnight Roan.” She uses his real name, instead of Griffin, this time, as she turns to leave to go to her bed.

Monica closes the bedroom door behind her as she stands there with her back up against it. She closes her eyes with her head resting on the back of the bedroom door in her dark bedroom as she said in her mind over and over, I can’t be in love with him. I can’t be in love in with Roan Griffin. Why do I want him so bad? Why does he make me feel this way when I am alone with him. Why does my heart yearn for his touch? I can’t be in love with him. Angels cannot fall in love with humans.

Monica hesitates by the door a little while longer, questioning herself on rather having Griffin here is a good idea. Or with the thought that she should not be the angel working on this assignment, because of whatever feelings she has for Roan Griffin and his daughter. Monica pauses as her hand rest on the door handle. She closes her eyes and slowly retreats from the door as she felt too exhausted with this battle with herself of self-doubt and curls up in her bed.

As soon as Monica climbs into the cold, empty sheets, she felt like an angel who had fallen from Grace. She loves God with all her heart and soul, but she still couldn’t help her feelings whenever she is alone with Griffin. A little after 1 AM Monica drifted off to sleep until she then woke up from a shudder on her bed.

Monica looks down to find Sarah half shaking and crying. “Sarah sweetie what is it?”

“I had a nightmare…..of a man trying to kill my daddy and me. It felt real, and I had to leave my room,” Sarah whimpered.

“Honey it was a nightmare, a bad dream, which is not going to happen, you and your daddy are safe,” Monica said as she sat up on the pillows.

“Could I stay with you, I can’t sleep alone in case it comes back,” Sarah said as she barrows into the pillows.

“Your dad is on the couch. You could go lay with him.” Monica suggested hoping that Sarah would run to her father and not her, but Monica knows that Sarah is not going to budge.

“I want you here to take my nightmare away, please,” Sarah begged.

Monica then admits in defeat “All right just this one time.”

Sarah then murmurs thank you and then snuggles up into Monica’s neck. Her soft Irish scent calmed Sarah’s troubles and then quickly she falls asleep to Monica’s slow breathing. Monica then looks at the sleeping child, as her heart breaks for her. She knows that Sarah is growing attached to her, and there will be a time that Sarah has to know the truth about her. Monica then falls back into a deep slumber with Sarah asleep in her arms.

Griffin awoke to sunlight peering through the shades of Monica’s apartment. Still a bit drowsy he glances at his watch, and realize that it was Saturday. The time read 9:25 AM and was surprised that his daughter isn’t up watching cartoons. Still trying to wake up he pulls his legs around the couch and plants the souls of his feet on the squishy carpet.

A few minutes later he walks to the spare room where Monica had stated that his daughter was sleeping in. He gracefully opens the door to find the room empty with no Sarah. Puzzled Griffin shuts the door, and found the bathroom; maybe she is up and is doing her morning routine. But the bathroom door was open. He then zeroed in on Monica’s bedroom door and opened it a little to see if his daughter was in there. As he opened up the door, he found Monica peacefully asleep, with her arms around his daughter. Sarah’s back was pressed up against Monica’s chest, and Sarah uses one of Monica’s pillows for a stuffed animal. Seeing his daughter and Monica asleep like that had made Griffin’s heartache. At that moment Griffin felt utterly moved of seeing his daughter in Monica’s arms. Griffin slowly sees Monica more than a friend, and more like someone, he could truly love. Griffin still is terrified of letting his guard down and be vulnerable again with another woman.

Griffin had no idea how he got to Monica’s side of the bed, but he was so tranced by her beauty. She looked so incredibility beauty that he was drawn to her, like a moth to a light. A small smile crept across his face as Monica burrows her hands under her small chin. Griffin then backs out of Monica’s room and heads into the kitchen to make some breakfast and some coffee.

Monica must have sensed his presence, because as soon as he had left, Monica woke up. She glances down at the still sleeping child and very carefully pulls her half sleeping arm out from underneath Sarah’s head. When Sarah still hadn’t stirred, Monica moves into her closet, and pulls on a pale pink robe and wraps it around herself, so Griffin will not see her pj’s. She walks over to the small room mirror, and combs her short hair, and then opens the door to the smell of freshly made coffee.

Monica stood in the small doorway of the kitchen and smiled when she heard Griffin humming some tune as he made breakfast. Her heart made her stand there for a moment to take in the scene before her as she smiles at Griffin humming while making breakfast. Why does he make my heart flutter so much? There is no more in trying to deny it anymore Monica is in love with her assignment, Roan Griffin. Monica in a sweet voice calls out to him, “Good morning.” She wanted to add in my love but held back those words as she looks at him.

Griffin looks up and to see Monica standing in the doorway looking very sexy in her pale pink robe. Why is he feeling this way? “Morning,” Griffin answers back.

“Why are you making breakfast?” Monica asked as she comes closer to the kitchen.

“Just something to return the favor for your hospitality,” Griffin said, “and for Sarah whenever she wakes up.”

Monica giggles at the comment and reaches the cupboards for a mug, to pour some coffee into it. “Thank you,” Monica said flirting with him a bit.

“For what?” Griffin asked as his gaze met hers.

“For breakfast, and for the coffee,” Monica said still flirting as she gazes into his blue eyes, and send out an unconscious signal to him just then to kiss her.

There was some form of electricity that sparked something in both of their hearts, which made them look at one another and letting go of whatever fear that held them back from facing the truth. At that moment both of them were slightly getting closer to one another and closing the small gap between them. Time seemed to have frozen in place as Monica stared into Griffin’s glowing blue eyes, and his blue gaze was staring right back into hers. Monica felt Griffin’s soft touch on her forearm and lightly stroking it. She closes her eyes for a brief moment and felt Griffin’s coffee breath on her face. Monica’s heart was beating too quickly for her, and her breathing was caught short, as she felt him pulling her close to him. She knows that any moment their lips will meet, and she will be kissing him until the sun goes down.

Sarah was awake after she felt the coldness seep into her. The warmth of Monica’s body felt so lovely and comforting that Sarah felt cold and empty without her there. She got out of Monica’s medium size bed and walked out into the kitchen. When Sarah turns the corner, her father was in a tight moment with Monica. They both were looking into one another’s eyes, and Sarah’s heart begins to race and hoping that they would kiss each other. A few more heartbeat moments and they will be kissing. But Sarah’s hope dies when there was a knock on the door, which had destroyed whatever moment her father and Monica were having. Damn it! Sarah curses under her breath and then walks back into Monica’s room.

Whatever romance that had begun to spark up between Griffin and Monica just then died as soon as the knock on the door sounded. Which and startled both of them a bit. Monica quickly draws back away from Griffin’s small embrace, as her cheeks flared up from their small romance encounter. She tries not to look into his eyes, as she drops her gaze to the floor for a split moment.

“I….I will get it,” Griffin said as he slowly backs away from their little romance encounter.

Monica still hadn’t looked into his dashing blue eyes that made her knees tremble every time she looks into them. Monica pours a cup of coffee, as Griffin answers the door. Monica heard some guy talking, and was about to see, but didn’t have to, because the voice on the other side of the door, was Chris. Quietly she sat herself down at the table and waited for Griffin to come back.

Griffin answered the door and to find Chris at the door, “Chris….what ah….What are you doing here?”

“We found Olivia and other kids from the son of a bitch that killed those fifteen kids. And we caught the Son of a Bitch too. We have him in our interview rooms right now and having him to be charged with his crime. His name is Charles Norman. He has been killing and raping kids, in twelve other states, with different alias names.” Chris burst out.

Griffin smiled, and stated, “How are you going to hold him? Can any of the kids give a statement or pick him out of the lineup?”

Chris looked at his best friend, “There is one little girl who gave Gregg a description of this guy. Griff don’t worry about it. This is your day off, use it. And spend it with your daughter …” Chris paused then looked to where Monica was, “and also spend your time with Monica. Come back to work on Monday okay.”

Griffin looked at his partner and then nodded. “Keep me posted okay.”

“I will,” Chris said, and he walks off to the door that leads out to the bliss cold weather of mid-December.

Griffin closes the door and turns to go back to the kitchen. Monica finished making the eggs that Griffin started and made some bacon. She smiled at him, and then her smile dropped, “What happened?”

“Well, they caught the guy and rescued the victims of serial killer Charles Norman. But there have been eight kids that were slaughtered and killed. Monica why are there people out there that hurt and kill innocent children?” Griffin asked, but the look in Monica’s eyes, she didn’t even have an answer for that.

“I don’t know Griffin, but the important thing is you got that guy off the streets so he can’t hurt anyone else. You are a good cop Griff, really,” Monica said and then she puts her hand on his forearm to assure him that.

“Thank you,” Griffin said, and then looked into eye sparkling brown eyes, and a small smile came on his face. Being with Monica made all of Griffin’s troubles go at ease, and he just was memorized by her voice and beauty. No other woman Griffin had ever met in his life, light up his dark, lonely world the way Monica did. Sadly not even Crystal, Griffin’s first love, had measure up to Monica. Monica then slipped away from Griffin to set up the table.

Sarah then came into the small room of the kitchen. “Morning you two.”

Monica looked up and shared a quick glance at Griffin and then back down to Sarah. “Morning, to you too.”

Griffin strolled over to his daughter, “Well guess what little munchkin, I got the day off today, and the whole weekend, so how about if I make up the time of getting our Christmas tree today.”

Sarah’s eyes beamed, and then embraced her father and almost knocked him down. “Yeah, that would be so great. Thank you!”

Monica smiled at the father and daughter moment. She loved the way Griffin loved his daughter no matter if the world crashed down around him. He indeed was a loving father to his child, and it shatters her heart to pieces knowing that he would never be the father to her kids if she ever could get any. And it pierces her heart, even more, to think that he could be a loving husband to whatever woman he chooses to be his wife.

“Can Monica come with us?” Sarah asked.

Griffin looked at his daughter then his blue eyes looked right into Monica’s. “I don’t know, it’s up to her not me, but I would love to have her to come,” Griffin said with his eyes sparkling into Monica’s eyes.

Monica looked at Griffin and then gracefully set down the plates and kneeled down to where Griffin was, and looked at Sarah, “I would love to join you two.” Then her eyes gazed into Griffin’s and gave him a hidden signal that is saying I’m in love with you. Sarah then went to Monica and hugged her, as Griffin got up to finish setting the table.

Later that afternoon Griffin drove back to his house as Monica follows him in her car. Then Monica and Sarah all got into Griffin’s car and drove to the tree farm to pick out a Christmas tree for Griffin’s home. Monica kept fidgeting with her scarf the whole ride there. She felt completely nervous to be in the front seat with Griffin. Monica had never had this feeling with any human before, and the way that Griffin looked at her this morning she felt some attraction from his end, besides her own. But as soon as Griffin pulled into the medium size parking lot of the Heart’s Christmas tree farm, this felt at ease.

This was Monica’s first time to ever been to a Christmas tree farm. And being with Griffin and Sarah, she felt wholly welcomed and loved. “So what kind of tree do you usually get?” Monica asked out of curiosity.

“Uh…Douglas Fir, they have the best branches and not a lot of needles drops off of it.” Griffin explained. Griffin glances a side smile at her. “So do you want a horse-drawn sleigh or a tractor?”

Monica giggled then her eyes beamed into Griffin’s “defiantly horse.”

“Okay, Sarah lets go.” Griffin hollered at his daughter to pull her away from the ponies and rabbits. “She always has to go see the animals when we get the Christmas tree.” Griffin picked up a handheld saw to cut the tree down. Sarah soon came up to both Monica and Griffin a few seconds later.

The horse-drawn sleigh was white with red ribbons around it to symbolize Christmas, and the horses were brown with white mains. The scenery looked so beautiful that it felt like a dream. Griffin helped his daughter to get onto the sleigh. Then Griffin looked into Monica’s soft brown eyes, and he smiled at her. Monica felt her knees get weak, and her cheeks blushed a bit. Then Monica offered her hand to his, as Griffin helped Monica onto the sleigh. Sarah sat on next to a young boy and another family, followed by Monica, and the Griffin.

Sarah did that purposely to get Monica and her father together. Griffin’s hand rested beside Monica’s as he keeps his distance from her. The driver of the horses slowed the sleigh to a stop, and hollered, “Anyone for Douglas Firs?”

A few people raised their hand or saw in the air, Griffin included. Then one by one those people filed out of the sleigh exits. Griffin hopped down first and then held his arm out so Monica can hold onto it. Monica took a step and fell into Griffin’s firm chest. Both of them were taken by surprise when it happened, and Griffin’s eyes just danced into her eyes. Their eyes locked gazes for a moment more, and then he slowly pulls her down to the ground until Monica’s small feet hit the snow. Sarah hopped down off the sleigh a few heartbeats later.

“You two okay?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah just slipped a little that’s all. I’m fine.” Monica explains, trying to hide her emotion of feeling so giddy like a school girl.

“Okay, let’s go and hunt for a tree,” Sarah said as she dashes into the snow banks.

Griffin shakes his head at his daughter and then looks at Monica, and walks side by side with her. Her red coat made Monica’s eyes stand out, and she looks really sexy in it. Almost had Griffin hypnotized by her beauty. Griffin stopped and looked at one tree and turns to Monica for her opinion. “What do you think?”

“You’re asking for my opinion,” Monica paused and waited for Griffin to reply.

“Yeah too bushy?” Griffin asked as he stares at the bottom of the tree.

“No…it’s not too bushy, but it has a hole in the middle to the left, I wouldn’t recommend it.” Monica thought. She beamed at Griffin, and a smile broke loose on her face.

“You’re a big help.” Griffin joked.

“Well you wanted my input, I gave you one.” Monica teased, as she fell in line with Griffin as they looked at more trees.

“I was only sarcastic over there, in case you hadn’t pick that up. I saw the hole which I was only testing you.” Griffin explained.

Monica giggled at that remark, “I know, I was playing along.” Monica inhaled the winter weather and then carried on. Monica pauses briefly by one tree and then moved on because the trunk was cracked.

She came over to where Griffin found one and was eyeing it. “That one looks nice. I like how it is shaped.” Monica looked at Griffin.

“Yeah me too. You know you have a beautiful smile.” Griffin said, and studies Monica’s face. There was a slight blushing in his face when Monica smiled at him.

Monica dropped her gaze just a bit and then gazes into his bright blue stare. They stay like that for a moment and then a spat was heard on Griffin’s back. Griffin wiped around and found Sarah giggling. At first Monica thought Griffin would be angry, but instead, he surprised her with a snowball in his hand and threw it at Sarah. Sarah yelped and slid in the snow. Monica giggled and laughed at the two then, Griffin switch tic tics and threw one at her. Monica with a shocked look on her face and a bit of playfulness in her eyes.

“Oh, Monica….I’m so sorry for that…..I just….was going to hit the tree…I didn’t mean it.” Griffin said as he stood up and came close to her. “Here let me help you with that.”

But Monica had a snowball in her hand and was ready to strike him with it. “No, let me help you!” And with one swift motion, Monica manages to put snow down Griffin’s back and then smiled at him for her move.

Griffin smiled at her and then shakes the snow out from under his winter jacket. “You are very sneaky.”

“I can be when grown men act so much like little boys.” Monica teased. And then Monica brushes the snow from Griffin’s face. Monica stares long and hard into his deep blue eyes, and then she allowed Griffin to remove the snow from her hair, and nose. Their hearts collide into one another’s that moment, and they both knew that there was some heat between them that was ready to explode into a dangerous ball of fire of romance. Griffin stepped to the side and grabbed his saw as Sarah came around the tree.

“Okay Sarah, grab that other end.” Griffin hollered from underneath the tree.

“Okay. Burr the snow is cold.” Sarah shrieked as soon as the snow touches her knees. Monica stood back watching the two of them cutting down the tree. Monica grabs hold of the top as it gentle tumbles to the ground on the left. Griffin then pops up from the ground, and Monica goes over to help Sarah.

Sarah smiles up at her father, “it’s a pretty tree daddy.”

Griffin smiled back, and then raises his eyes to Monica’s sexy brown eyes, “yes it is pretty.” Griffin was looking at Monica when he said that, and Monica knew he was talking to her. Monica gave a shy smile to that and then dropped her gaze to Sarah.

“So which one of you is going to carry this thing?” Monica asked.

“You two are,” Sarah said. But seeing the look on both of their faces, Sarah had to giggle at that, “just joking, all of us are.”

Griffin cracked a chuckle to his daughter, and he picks up the top of the tree, and lefts in about an inch or so off the ground. Monica grabs the trunk of the tree, and Sarah held onto the middle. They walked to the end of the little road that the horse-drawn sleigh glided on. All three of them waited for about five minutes until the sleigh came. As soon as the sleigh came to a stop, the passengers stormed off the sleigh to hunt for their tree. Monica held Sarah, as the crowd moved away from the sleigh. Griffin put the tree on the attached wagon and then strolls over to the two women are. Monica helped Sarah up onto the sleigh as she waited for Griffin to come. There was no one else on the sleigh but them.

“You folks all set?” The driver asked.

“Yes, Sir I believe we are,” Griffin replied.

“Nice to see you out in about Roan….” The man applied.

“Thanks, Mac,” Griffin said sarcastically.

“You know him?” Monica asked.

“Everyone knows each other in this small town. I get around.” Griffin said as he watched his daughter playing with the jingles on the sleigh.

Monica smiled at that, as she watches little Sarah playing with the jingles. Griffin had scooted a little closer to her, to feel her warmth, and to smell her lavender scent with a mix of Irish Sea. Whenever he smells her scent, he was entirely captivated by her lovely scents. The ride to the front seemed too short, as they arrived. As soon as the ride stopped, the driver got out to help Griffin as Monica and Sarah stood by the pre-cut trees.

“Daddy, can I go and see the animals again? Please….” Sarah asked.

“Honey, you just did?” Griffin exclaimed.

“I know, but I want to say my goodbyes.” Sarah gracefully stated.

Griffin took a deep breath and was about to say no until Monica spoke out. “I can go with her, Griffin, there’s no harm in that.”

Griffin looked into Monica’s eyes, and then he nodded, “okay just real quick.”

And with that Monica and Sarah, both walked away hand in hand. Griffin then turned his attention to Mac who was grinning very broadly. “Man you got it bad for her, Roan…” Mac chuckled.

“What do you mean by that?” Griffin asked taking hold of the tree.

“I’ve known you for years, you and Chris, you never looked at a woman like that, the way you looked at her. Not even throughout high school.” Mac continued. “Are you two dating?” Mac was one of Griffin’s neighbors when Griffin was growing up. After the death of his mother, Griffin had shut down completely, until Mac helped him to put him back on his feet again. He even was at Griffin’s wedding when he married his college sweetheart, and has been with him since then. Until recently that Mac was suffering from a cancerous disease. Mac was about 84 years old, and he still is holding steady after his 17th year of battling cancer.

“It’s not what you think, Mac. My daughter wanted her with us.” Griffin said as he tries to deny that he has feelings for Monica.

Although when Griffin gazes to where Monica was at, his emotions got the best of him, and Mac knew it. “uh ha…..and that look says everything. So what is this suppose woman’s name?” Mac asked, and very curious about Griffin’s new love interest.

Griffin chuckled at Mac’s comment, “her name is Monica.”

“Ahh, Monica such a pretty name for a nice Irish woman. She is really fine too. If you catch my drift. She’s a little flat chested, but hey all you need is a handful. I know, my wife was, but for some reason, she still turns me on.” Mac stated.

“I really don’t want to hear about it.” Griffin exclaimed, “and I know what you’re getting at, you don’t need to explain it.” Mac looked up at Griffin and shook his head as he shook out the Christmas tree and dragged it over to the binding.

“Just for the recorded Roan, she seems very into you. If you hadn’t been picking up the signals that she has been giving you over the past 5 minutes.” Mac stated as a fact and then moves to hook the tree on Griffin’s car.

“Why does everyone in this damn town, believe that I should fall in love? What’s the point?” Griffin exclaimed in frustration and tired of hearing that he should hook up with so and so.

“I don’t know, maybe because they see something in her that you don’t see.” Mac pointed out. When Mac turned to Griffin he had on a puzzled face, he continued. “I’m saying is that you’ll eventually find someone, and we are all so very curious that you have with you a woman who is not from around here, and defiantly has a foreign accent too. And besides, I find you and this Irish lady, umm…..Monica a better fitting match, then some other people I won’t mention.”

“Like Crystal,” Griffin utters the bitter tasting words, which still left a hurt scar in his heart.

“I didn’t say that.” Mac said, “I feel more chemistry and fire with Monica that’s all. I’m not trying to put down your ex-wife, believe me, I’m not, if you hadn’t meant my niece, I wouldn’t have the most precious thing in the world, my grandniece. I just hated the fact that she abandoned you and your daughter.”

Griffin gave a small, sad smile to his good friend neighbor, “thanks, Mac.”

“Your welcome Roan…if my wife and I ever did have kids, I always wanted a son like you and your brothers.” Mac gave a short smile and embraced Griffin into a hug. “Now I got other customers, so you have a nice day, and keep her close. It’s hard to find a woman who adores your child and loves you.” Mac gave a wink to Griffin and then goes to the snack booth to eat something before his next shift.

Griffin looked over at Monica and his daughter as they looked at the animals. He decided to give Monica something as he knows her a little bit. Griffin purchased two coffees and one hot chocolate for his daughter. Then Griffin very gingerly walks up to Monica. “You look like you could use some coffee?” Griffin said in a very charming way.

Monica turns to face Griffin and then smiles as she stated, “ah…coffee after me own heart huh?” After she said that phrase, they both giggled at that. “Thank you.”

Sarah then looks up at her father, and asked, “Are those all coffee’s or is there one that is not?”

“No…I even got hot cocoa for you, my little angel.” Griffin hands Sarah the hot chocolate, and all three of them started to make their way to the vehicle, Sarah was at least a few paces ahead of the two of them. Then very carefully Griffin placed his hand with Monica’s and held onto her soft flesh. Her skin was so smooth in fact that it had felt unreal. Griffin then wondered if she had ever allowed a man to ever really love her, or even touched her. Monica quickly senses Griffin’s touch, and she soon entwines her small fingers with Griffin’s.

A half-hour later Griffin drove back to the house, and Monica helped him carried the tree in the house. Sarah rushed to the basement to get the tree stand to set the tree in, and leaving Monica and Griffin alone with each other. Monica looked at the tree and then at Griffin, and a smile crept on her face when he looked her way. She has a feeling that he is very into her, and she wondered what life would be like to love this man. Monica went to the right side of Griffin as she tries to study the tree.

“Sarah, you about ready with the tree stand?” Griffin hollered.

Sarah came back with the tree stand a minute later. “Had to hunt for it, but I found it. Here you go, daddy.” Griffin took the tree stand from his daughter’s hands and then placed it 2 feet back from the window.

“Okay, uh Sarah could you…”

“Yeah I know go down and see if you are putting the tree in the right spot. I know the drill.” Sarah said as she sank to the ground and went on all fours to see where her father is putting the spike in. Monica stood back by the couch to watch the team of father and daughter. She smiled up at Griffin’s frustrations as a little giggle came out of her. It took Griffin a few minutes, but they got the tree in on the spike.

“There, now all we have to do is cut the bindings, and then decorate it.” Sarah squealed in excitement. “Monica do you want to help us?”

Monica looked at Sarah and then to Griffin, “um…is it kind of like a family thing?”

“It is, but you could join us, can’t she daddy?” Sarah looked at her father when she asked.

Griffin looked down for a moment, and then he looked at Monica, “If you want to be part of the Griffin’s Christmas tradition?”

Monica smiled and nodded, “I would love to.”

“Yeah…Dad could you go, and get..” Sarah started to say, but Griffin was one step ahead of his daughter. Five minutes later Griffin came back up with a box of Christmas ornaments, lights and some decorations. Griffin handed Monica a strain of lights, as she walked over to the tree. Sarah took the other decorations and placed them around the house.

“I uh…never have been part of a Christmas tradition before,” Monica admitted.

“You haven’t? Didn’t your family ever did this when you were young?” Griffin asked out of curiously.

Monica looked slightly away from him, “We did, but it’s not like this.”

“Okay, what kind of traditions do you have?” Griffin asked as he plugs the lights in the wall, as soon as Monica finished putting the last bit of lights around the bottom portion of the tree.

“Well, there was one where I helped a troublesome family get through Christmas. And another who shares the background of Irish. We Irish folks put a candle in the window for the Wiseman. At least that’s what the tradition is.” Monica pauses for a moment and then looked into Griffin’s blue eye stare. Monica’s heart was beating so hard inside her she felt like it was a thousand drums pounding in her ear.

“See now that is something I haven’t heard of,” Griffin stated. “Well, my family used to be happy around this time of year. I remember my mom always made sugar cookies for Santa the night we put our tree up. We usually do it, Christmas Eve. And I always would sneak some from the tray and eat it.” Griffin smiled at that, which made Monica smile. Griffin looked at her and felt this strange feeling inside him.

“I’m sure all kids do that.” Monica joked.

Griffin chuckled at that, “yeah well I was eight at that time. Lenny would always put the icicles in his mouth, and Kurt would boss me around and fight with me about putting the angel on top. Those were happy times in my family.”

“What happened?” Monica asked sensing a downside to Griffin’s past.

“A year later my mother found out that she was diagnosed with breast cancer,” Griffin said.

“Oh….I’m sorry…” Monica started to say, but Griffin interrupted.

“It’s okay, I’m over the grief from her death, but I still miss her sometimes. She died when I was 15. That’s when my family began to lose the joy in Christmas.” Griffin looked at Monica, and her eyes glowed with the light of the tree. “So that’s when I decided to carry on the tradition with my daughter.”

“What about your father, and your brothers. Do they still do too?” Monica asked.

“As far as I know, my dad is in a nursing home, and loving it there. My brother Kurt is a businessman out in Los Angeles. He never got married, never found the right woman I guess. But he spoils Sarah, and he usually comes here for Christmas. And Lenny well he’s suffering from his wife’s death and is constantly drunk. I tried for five years to get him to be sober and to go to rehab and AA meetings, but he wouldn’t go. I will not let him see Sarah when he is drunk. If he wants to see his niece he needs to be sober. And he hasn’t.” Griffin stated as he explained his family.

“Well, Griffin you can’t force someone to get help. It has to be their choice.” Monica gently pointed out.

“I know, it’s just damn hard to watch someone that you love destroy their life. And I want to help him, I do but how could I compete with the booze.” Griffin pointed out.

“I don’t know how to answer that. All I know is that you love your brother and in some way, he loves you too.” Monica said as Griffin finished putting the garland around the tree. Griffin then looked at Monica, and she gave a shy smile to him.

“You know something. I haven’t shared that story in a long time,” Griffin said as he came close to Monica. Griffin looked into Monica’s soft brown eyes, and he felt the sexual tension coming between them, as their heads started to come together. But Monica pulled away from him, as she too felt the tension. A few minutes later Sarah came back with an empty box, as she looked at her father for putting ornaments on the tree.

Monica went into the kitchen to make some coffee for her and Griffin, and some hot chocolate for Sarah. When Monica walked back into the room, Sarah and Griffin were laughing and cheerfully putting the ornaments on the tree. Sarah looked at Monica and slowly walks over to Monica. Sarah took Monica’s soft hand in her tiny little hands and led her to the tree. “You can help decorate too. Here.”

Sarah hands Monica a red ornament and Monica took it and hung it on a branch. As soon as she hung the ornament, she peered through the branches of the tree to find Griffin’s eyes. Monica smiled at him, and he smiled back. For the next hour and a half, Monica shared the family time with Griffin and Sarah. As soon as the tree was filled, Monica took a step back to be amazed at the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Griffin stood next to her, and he looked at her with glowing love in his eyes. Sarah looked up at the tree and was in awe of the magic of Christmas, which was only one day away. “So Daddy, can we watch our movie now?”

Griffin looked down at his daughter and gave her a nod. Monica a little bit confused, looked at Griffin as Sarah goes to the movie cabinet. “What movie?”

Griffin smiled, “A family tradition that my mom started, It’s a Wonderful Life.”

“I watch every time we get a tree. It has become a tradition.” Sarah exclaimed when she came back with the DVD. “You’ll love this one, Monica.”

“Oh okay.” Monica gave a shy reply.

Griffin made a blazing fire, as Sarah fishes out the DVD and puts it into the player. Together they all curled up on Griffin’s family sofa with Monica on one end, Sarah in the middle and Griffin on the opposite side of Monica. Monica had to admit this was one of the best Christmases she ever had. With having Sarah and Griffin made her feel part of their family. Monica smiles at Sarah as she quoted, Every time you hear a bell ring, an angel gets its wings. Monica knows that is not true, but she had to admit that when Sarah said that, it was the most adorable thing.

The movie got over, and Sarah was asleep in Monica’s lap. Monica looked over at Griffin, and he smiled at his sleeping daughter. “She never looks so peaceful like she is right now.”

Monica looked at Griffin’s daughter and then smiles back at him, “Yeah I see that. Do you want to take her to her room or shall I?”

“I think you should, since you know she is like completely camped out in your lap.” Griffin suppresses a smile. Monica smiled and then very carefully cradles little Sarah in her arms. Griffin got up and leads Monica up the stairs to Sarah’s bed, and ever so gently Monica lays Sarah down on her soft bed. She backs a little bit away so that Griffin would kiss his daughter goodnight, and tuck her in. Then without words both Monica and Griffin left Sarah’s room.

“Well thank you for the invite Griffin, but I need to head back to my place,” Monica said once they were down the stairs.

“Yeah, and thanks for coming, you really made Sarah’s day, and well….” Griffin said with a slight pause. But he was caught short when Monica’s eyes stared at him.

Monica closed her eyes for a brief moment, and then looked at Griffin, “well thanks for today. I really loved it.” Monica turns to head out the door, and then looks back at him, and a smile broke out on both their faces. Then Monica turns to head for the beautiful red Cadillac that Tess gave her. She waves goodbye to Griffin and then heads for her temporary apartment.

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