Fallen Angel Part 1

Christmas/Monica's Confession

It had come, Christmas had finally spread its miracles throughout the little town of Gracie. Sarah awoke from her sleep from the excitement that she couldn’t contain it any longer. She raced down the stairs to look at the Christmas tree and underneath it were presents that were marked for her, and some were even marked for her father. Sarah looked outside, and the once little green yard was now covered in white fluffy snow. She looked up at the morning sky that was deep lavender pink. Sarah closed her eyes and prayed to God for blessing her with her life, as well for Monica. Without ever meeting Monica, her father wouldn’t be so happy and thanks to her, she changed her father into a better father. After she prayed, she looked at the tree and remembered all of the things in her life.

Sarah was unaware, but there was an angel in the room. This angel had foreseen this coming and knew that Monica had fallen in love with this family. The angel looks up to heaven and then back on the little girl waiting by the twinkly tree. Then like a blink of an eye, the angel disappears.

It was 7:30 in the morning at usually at eight o’clock, Griffin will get up to do Christmas with his daughter, then later go over to the Heart’s household to do Christmas with their family as well as some of Griffin’s family members.

Sarah waited for the clock to count down; as eight came, she heard the footsteps of her father. Sarah looked at her dad and smiled at him, “Merry Christmas Daddy.”

“Merry Christmas my little Sarah.” Griffin smiled tiredly at her.

“So can we start!” Sarah squealed.

“You know the rules. Stockings, eat something, then presents.” Griffin stated.

Sarah looked at her father and then bounded over to the mantel to pick up the stuffed stocking filled with little presents. As Griffin gave the nod for Sarah to start, Sarah tore into the small packages and ripped open the gifts. One by one the warped presents became ripped open as Sarah explores her Christmas gifts. She looked up at her father and then embraces him into a hug. “Thank you.”

The next hour Griffin and Sarah shared their usual Christmas morning, by laughing and carrying on with the Christmas joy. Sarah got a notebook to write her daily journals in, and her new iTunes gift cards for her endless music to her MP3 player, and a few more Disney movies. Sarah gave Griffin a new tie to go with his work clothes, and one expensive gift that she brought was Axe cologne so he can show off his manly scent. She brought that on purpose to get Monica more attractive to him.

Then the time came to a head over to Chris’s for a family Christmas. When they arrived Griffin and Sarah were both greeted by Griffin’s brother Kurt. “Uncle Kurt! I haven’t seen you in a while.” Sarah cried.

“Nice to see you too little squirt. How have you been?” Kurt squatted down to see Sarah eye to eye.

“I’m fine. I am turning 11 here in April!” Sarah exclaimed in excitement.

“I know…Are you getting taller or are my eyes going bad. Griffin why do you keep feeding her, did you know that if you stop giving her food, she will shrink.” Kurt winks at his niece.

Griffin chuckled at that, “You know I would, but that would be bad parenting.”

Suddenly there was a small knock on the door. Griffin looked puzzled to see who was at the front door. “Say, Kristin, who else did you invite?”

Kristin had this evil growing grin on her face, “Monica.” Seeing Griffin’s shocked look, she simply added, “Well she doesn’t have close friends around here, and I figure it would be nice to have her over.”

Kurt looked up from his bowl of oatmeal, “Who is Monica?”

Griffin tried to hide his face in embarrassment for what was coming. “Oh, she is a babysitter for Sarah sometimes.”

A moment later Griffin heard Monica’s sweet Irish voice as she made her way to the kitchen. As soon as he saw her, he felt all happy inside and Griffin couldn’t help but to smile when Monica came in. She was wearing a beautiful red sweater, which hugged her figure a bit, and nice fine jeans. Monica’s soft reddish brown hair curled up a bit at the tips, to frame her beautiful face. She scans the room, and her gaze meets Griffin’s and they both shared an awkward smile.

“Well Monica, you know Kerry, and this is Brian Kerry’s husband,” Kristin pointed out, as Monica shook hands with the man. “And this is my other ‘brother’ Kurt.”

Monica turns to Kurt, as he stood in front of her. He was maybe a few feet taller than Griffin, as he too had stunning blue eyes like Griffin’s. Monica gave a shy smile as she shook hands with him. He had brown hair with grays poking out here and there, and he was faired skin. “I take it that you are Griffin’s brother.”

“Yes madam I am. So tell me how do you like Gracie?” Kurt asked.

“It’s a wee bit small, but I love it. I love how this little town is very kind, and everyone in it seems to be very grateful.” Monica proudly stated.

“So do you have any men in your life, besides my little brother here.” Kurt points out, as he grilled Monica with his never-ending questions.

“No, I don’t….” Monica started to say.

“Oh Kurt give her a break, this is Christmas not “trying to get a date night.” Kerry butted in. “You have to excuse him, Monica, he is just settling back into small-town life, after being exposed to being in a big city.”

Monica gave a short laugh to Kerry’s remark. She had to admit Kerry tends to speak out her mind when it gets down to it. Monica then looks at Griffin, and her heart begins to race. She gave a shy smile to him, as he came to her. “I didn’t…um…expect you to be here.”

“Well, Kristin invited me, and I have no other place to go, besides here,” Monica said.

Griffin looked at her and felt the heat between them again the night they got the Christmas tree. “Well I’m glad you are here, and uh…Merry Christmas.”

Monica gave a big smile as a little laugh came out, “Merry Christmas to you too, Roan.” When she said his name instead of his last name in a tender way it made Griffin's face turn a slight red color. Monica and Griffin both shared a moment with their eye contact as they both found love in each other's gazes.

“Hey Roan, could you help set the table, Kerry your turn to get the kids,” Kristin said as she handed out orders.

Griffin took one last look into those rich brown eyes, and he turns on his heels and disappears behind the flipping door. Monica turned to look at Brain who was placing the cocktail dish together for later. He had light brown hair, with blue eyes, and tanned skin. And he was well built too for a man his age. Monica estimated that he was in his late 30s or his early 40s. Monica notice he wore Army tags, as well as a division medal pinned to his shirt. “So I guess that you are in the Army?” Monica asked out of curiously.

Brian looked up, “Yeah….I guess the way I dress gives it away huh.”

“That too, but I noticed your medal. What division are you from?” Monica asked as she helped Brian out with the dish.

“I am a Major in the 34th Division in Fort Lewis.” Brain stated. “I have been to Iraq 2 times for two complete tours.”

“You missed your family a lot while you were in Iraq?” Monica is still interested in hearing about life from different perspectives, especially ones that are involved in Military services.

“Every day, But that’s life in the Army. When you are a soldier, you do anything for your country, even if it means being apart from your loved ones and family. But it is my job to protect my nation.” Brain announced. Monica smiled at Brian’s action of patriotism. She can tell that he is devoted to his work as well to his family.

“So what about you? What region in Ireland are you from?” Brian asked. As he says that, Monica’s face turned into a shock, “I’ve been around the world Monica; I can detect an Irish accent anywhere.”

Monica sighed, “I’m from Northern Ireland. I was brought up in that culture through my Father.”

Brian smiled, “I’m sure we all did through our parents.” Brian didn’t catch the angel part that Monica had hinted. He assumed that she was human and not an angel. And Monica left it like that.

Kerry poked her head, “Honey, Monica, people are gathering around the table for Christmas breakfast. You two joining?”

“Yeah…just getting acquainted that’s all. Hope to hear from you later on Monica.” Brian said as he embraced his wife and kissed her cheek. Monica smiled at that and wondered what life could be if she found a man to love. Monica walks about a half pace behind Kerry and Brian as she walked into the dining room.

It was almost the same set up as the Thanksgiving dinner. However, there are a few more added guess for this gathering. Monica half wanted to sit next to Griffin again, and half didn’t. Thankfully Kristin seated her a few chairs down from him. She didn’t want her romantic feelings to get in the way with this crowd of people. Monica sat with Kerry and Brian as Chris was on her left followed by Kurt and then Griffin. Kristin was across from her.

Then everyone held hands just like Thanksgiving dinner, and then everyone dived into the meal. Monica felt so loved with being around all of these people. If she weren’t an angel, she would defiantly fit into this community. She even felt kind of sad not having a family, as she sort of felt jealousy with Griffin to have people who love him, and to be part of a family. After breakfast, all the kids rushed to the living room and gathered around the tree to be prepared to open up their gifts. Monica came into the living room to watch the over excitedly children. Even little sick Emmalin was around the tree. Emmalin turned to look at Monica as she came to her.

“You came!” Emmalin squealed. She held Monica as she made a motion across her lips symbolizing their little secret. Monica gave the nod and embraced her into a hug.

“Merry Christmas Emmalin,” Monica said in a sweet soft voice.

“Merry Christmas to you too.” Emmalin quietly replied. Her voice was frail and weak with all of the chemo that was in her. Monica looked at the rest of the children. Logan and Brenda were playing some video game, Molly is playing an Uno card game with Angelia, and of course, Sarah is hanging with her best friend, Julia.

Brian and Chris came in to sit on the couch as they engaged in some manly conversation. Monica sat down next to Emmalin, Molly and Angelia to play this so-called Uno card game. It took about ten minutes for the rest of the adults came, and the games were stopped as the kids waited impatiently for the gifts to start. Monica stood out of the way from the kids and stood beside a grandfather clock. As soon as Brian and Chris gave the okay, the kids all rushed to the pile of presents and dove into the wrapped gifts. Seeing the joys of pride come over the kids just melted Monica’s heart. Then the other gifts of grownups were shared around the room. Monica feeling left out from this event slowly slips out of the room unnoticed by anyone. She walks out onto the dimed lit indoor porch and starts off into the evening sky. As Monica watches the setting sun, she closes her eyes, to reconnect to the one world she loves most. Which is heaven, and her heavenly Father.

After ten minutes of Monica’s absence Griffin notice that she was no longer in the room. He felt bad for her not having some gift, so Griffin dug out a little black velvet box and stuck a red bow on it. Without the crowd to know where he was going, Griffin slowly disappears from the group and walks to the back of the house. Griffin stops by the indoor back porch as he sees Monica at the window. He smiled when they had some alone time. Griffin was about to come in when Monica turned and looked at him.

“I kind of figure you will find me eventually.” She sighed.

“You knew that I would find you?” Griffin asked.

“Yes,” Monica said as she looked at Griffin’s half cast shadowed face. “This room is so beautiful. It looks out over the small river as it faces the west side.”

“This used to be my favorite spot. Chris and I will spend hours in here discussing our guy talks.” Griffin joked.

Monica gave a little chuckle to Griffin’s comment. She gazes at him, as Griffin moves a little closer. “Well…. since its Christmas and all, and everyone should deserve some gifts, I decided to give you this.”

“Oh Griff…really…I don’t need any gifts.” Monica said trying to refuse the gift that Griffin was offering.

“Everyone should get some gift for Christmas, even a woman like you,” Griffin said with a charming smile. He offered the little black box to Monica. Monica looked at the object in Griffin’s hand, and then very carefully took it from him as she held it, she looked at Griffin then back at the black object.

Monica then opens up Griffin’s present he gave her, and then Monica’s eyes sparkled with joy and love as she stared at a beautiful necklace with the shape of Ireland in the gold bead as a bright diamond-like jewel flash in her eyes. Her eyes were glazed with tears as she stared into Griffin’s soft blue eyes. “Oh…Griffin…it’s beautiful but I can’t…”

“I want you to have it. This necklace belonged to my Grandmother who was born Irish, and well I figure it should be yours because you love your beloved country so much. And I have no sisters to carry on my Grandmother’s heritage, so you will be. My Grandmother called it the heart of Ireland.” Griffin said as he felt Monica’s warm touch on his forearm. Every touch the Monica gives him was like a million firecrackers shooting off in Griffin’s heart. “Let me put it on you.”

Very slowly Monica turned as Griffin pushes her soft reddish brown hair back. Monica closed her eyes to Griffin’s gentle touch on her back as he slid the circular silver chain around her beautiful neck. Monica’s heart felt heavy as Griffin rubbed her soft flesh. She had never felt this way before, not even 3,000 years of being an angel feeling so in love with a human being. Monica slowly turns to face him, as she places her hand on his mighty broad chest. She tilts her head up to look into his deep blue eyes. She felt the heavy tension coming between him and her and wanted so very much to admit her true feelings for him.

Griffin’s eyes twinkled as he sees Monica for the first time. The setting sun illumined her hair, making it turn a beautiful auburn color, as well as making this moment between the two of them romantic. “Wow, you do look incredibly beautiful with it on.” Monica looked at him now, and her heart just stopped beating. Then very slowly her eyes scanned his and she took a breath and thought this would be the time to tell him the truth.

“Griffin…” Monica tried to tell him who she really was, but as soon as she wanted to tell him, Griffin spoke first.

“We should get back before they all think that we are making out or something. Anyways Merry Christmas, Monica, and enjoy your gift.” Griffin smiled as he squeezed Monica’s small hands. Griffin slowly walks out of the room, leaving Monica feeling stunned and breathless. Monica reached up to her neck, and held the Ireland band and smiled at Griffin’s gift. Then five minutes later she follows Griffin to where the Christmas party is.

Monica then was in the living room with all of the kids, as well as Kristin and Kerry. She had a cup of her favorite coffee in her hands. Kristin and Kerry were both into a deep conversation to ever notice Monica was there. Monica then went over to where Sarah is, to personally give Sarah her Christmas gift.

Sarah was working out a picture in her new sketch pad when Monica came to sit next to her, “So are you enjoying your Christmas?” Monica asked as soon as she was seated beside Sarah.

Sarah looks up from her drawing, “Yeah…I love my gifts, but there is still one that I’m waiting to receive.” Sarah sighed.

“Oh, and what could this present be?” Monica asked.

“I can’t tell it’s a secret between God and me,” Sarah said.

“Oh..well in that case, I won’t interfere,” Monica said very proud that Sarah loves her heavenly Father. “Well….I have a present for you.”

Sarah looked up from her sketch pad. Monica handed her a white box with a red ribbon across it. Sarah had a confused and slightly surprised look on her face. Monica nodded for her to open it. Sarah unties the ribbon and lifts up the lid of the small white box. Inside, was a silver chain necklace with a cross and sparkling like diamonds on the edges of it. “Oh…wow…this is so pretty. Thank you.”

“My friend Tess gave it to me, just before I got promoted. And well, I just thought that maybe you should have it. So that you will always remember that you are loved in this world by the one who has made you….” Monica pauses, and then looks down upon the child, “And by me.”

Sarah looks at Monica and gives her a big hug. “I love you.”

Monica smiles and hugs her back also whispering to her, “I love you too, my dear Sarah.”

Griffin was sitting in the kitchen with his mug of coffee. Kurt walks to where his little brother was and sits down next to him. “So how are you Roan…?”

Griffin smiles at his brother when he replies, “I’m good.”

“That Monica woman is very gorgeous. You picked a nice woman there.” Kurt stated.

“She’s not my girlfriend, Kurt. We are just friends.” Griffin pointed out as he picked his mug up to get a drink.

“Bro I love ya…but that look that you have at breakfast wasn’t the “just friends” look. It was “I’m very instead in you” look. Don’t try to deny it, but you are falling in…” Kurt started to say, but Griffin would let him finish.

“Kurt I’m not…okay…Monica and I are not an item nor will we ever be.” Griffin said.

“Wow…Crystal had really shattered your heart didn’t she.” Kurt said.

Griffin was now getting a bit irritated by this discussion, “what’s that have to do with anything. Crystal is dead to me. She chose to leave.”

“Yeah, I can see that and she took your love as well as your heart too. Roan my little brother, you got to stop living in the past. Look who you got in front of you. You got a beautiful woman who loves you and your daughter. You’re scared of falling in love again. I understand that. Trust me I walked down that path myself.” Kurt said.

“Yeah, and your point,” Griffin said bitterly.

“My point is, you got to let yourself go. I know that it still hurts, but Roan….Monica really likes you. I can see the way she looks at you. Her eyes light up, and she has this smile that pokes through when she talks to you.” Kurt said.

Griffin didn’t say anything more. Kurt notices his little brothers shattered heart. “I know everyone keeps telling me to move on from Crystal. But part of me still loves her. No one knows how painful it still is. Having to think you are in love with someone and find the next minute she doesn’t want to be part of your life, and so she left without a goodbye. Do you realize how painful that was? On top of that having to tell your kid over and over that she was never coming back. It was excruciating to watch your child to stay up most of the night looking out the window expecting for her to return. That’s why I’m scared of falling because I don’t know if she will leave me like Crystal did.” Griffin finished.

Kurt just sat there saying nothing. Slowly he reaches out to touch his brother’s hand. “Roan…I know your heart will probably never heal from Crystal’s abandonment. But you have a daughter who adores you, and a woman in the other room who wants to love you. Take a chance on it.”

Griffin smiled at that…and then Kurt looks at his watch. “Oh Shit. I’m going to be late for my plane. Well, I got to make my rounds. And Roan…think about what I said.”

Griffin nodded and went with his brother to the living. He watched his big brother hugging his closes family members as he said his goodbyes. Kurt said goodbye to Kerry and Brian as well as their kids.

As soon as he came to Monica, he embraces her into a hug goodbye. Then very carefully he whispered something in her ear, “You look after my little brother okay. He needs you in his life.” He took a step back to look at Monica who had a confused look on her face.

“What are you talking about?” Monica asked.

Kurt smiled, “You already know.” As he looked at the necklace, Kurt smiled even more.

Kurt then went to his niece and hugged her goodbye too. “You will always be my special niece. Merry Christmas my beautiful Sarah.”

“Merry Christmas to you too, Uncle Kurt.” Sarah mummer.

Kurt stood up and went to his brother. He smiled at him, and Griffin embraces him in a hug. “You take care now. And don’t wait too long.”

Griffin smiled, “Goodbye Kurt. Merry Christmas bro.”

“Merry Christmas Griff. And Happy New Year.” Kurt walks to the door and disappears into the night.

“Okay, kids…It’s 9:00. Time for bed.” Kerry said.

“Aww…Mom, we’re not tired yet.” Molly said as she yawned.

“Uh huh sure you’re not…then what is that yawn then.” Kerry smiled.

“But I’m not tired. Honest.” Molly pressed on.

“Kids come on…even if it isn’t Christmas you will still need to be in bed at your normal time. Now say goodnight to everyone.” Kerry said on an authority note.

One by one of Kerry’s kids said their goodbyes as they marched up the steps to the guest bedrooms, Same with Emmalin and Julia and even Sarah. With the kids asleep, they grownups stayed up to play some poker. Monica, not one to gamble decided to call it a night.

“Well I’m not much for gambling, so I think I’m going to go.” Monica pointed out.

“Oh come on Monica, there’s room for you,” Chris said as he got the chips out.

“Look if she doesn’t want to play she doesn’t have to.” Griffin jumped in.

Monica gave a hug to Kerry and Brian, and said her goodbye, “Nice to meet you, Brian.”

“It was nice to meet you too, and hope to see more of you later on.” Brian smiled.

Monica then made her way to Kristin and thanked her for the invite. She waved at Chris, and then Monica’s feet found its way to Griffin’s side. Monica smiled at him, and mouth the word “thank you” as she touches the necklace that he gave her. Griffin smiled at that, and mouths the word “you’re welcome” to her. Monica was about to turn when she heard Kerry pointed something out to them.

“Hey, you two are standing under the mistletoe,” Kerry said as she pointed up.

Monica and Griffin both looked up at the same time. Then they both looked at each other. Monica was trying to avoid the mistletoe all night, but her luck ran out as soon as she was going to leave.

“Come on Roan….kiss her,” Chris encouraged.

“It’s Christmas.” Kristin pointed out.

Griffin looked down at Monica, who was a little shocked. Then with a shy smile, she looks back at him. He carefully and tenderly touches Monica’s forearm, which sent millions of shivers down her spine. Monica tilts her head to one side as she stares at Griffin.

Griffin came near Monica’s face, as he pulls a lock of hair from her face. Then he bent down and touched her lips with his own. Monica slowly closes her eyes, as she felt Griffin’s lips on hers. Unconsciously Monica grips Griffin’s forearm as he kisses her for the first time. Their kiss lasted maybe about a good few seconds, and then she felt him pulling away from her. Monica opens her eyes, as she stares at him. Tears started to form in her brown depths as she looks at him. Even though it was a quick kiss, it still left her feeling terrified to have these feelings for her assignment. But something in Monica’s heart made her feet stayed paralyze to the floor. Griffin looked at her and saw her cheeks were red with their mistletoe kiss, he then in a soft tender way said goodnight to her. Monica smiles at the crowd and said goodnight as she left the house.

As soon as Monica was out of the house, and was in her car, she broke down and sobbed in the red Cadillac. “Why Father, Why are you doing this to me? I’m an angel. Angels can never have feelings for humans. So Why me? Why did you assign me to him? Why did you allow me to love him so much!!?” Monica cries out loud in her car. “I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m in love with Roan Griffin, and I don’t know how I fell in love, but all I want is him and Sarah.

Monica cries even harder in the car at the words she just said. Then the sound of the cooing of a bird made her stop the sobs. Monica slowly looks out the windshield and sees the white dove sitting on the hood of her car. Monica closes her eyes, to feel God’s presence. She knows that he will always love her and will welcome her back home, even though she is in love. But Monica’s work is still not done. Then the bird calls out again and then flies away. Monica still has tears in her eyes, whips them away as she starts the car, and drives to her small apartment.

Griffin spent most of the night lying awake thinking of Monica. The poker game lasted until 1:30 in the morning and Griffin’s heart was still racing from his kiss with Monica. Even, though it was a short kiss, it still left him feeling like he had wings. As Griffin lay on the couch of Chris’s house, he again was replaying the instant. The way she had gripped his shirt on the forearm when her lips touched his, and the way her lips had sunk into his. Kurt was right, she was very much into him, but again Griffin still terrified to be in another woman’s arms. Strangely Griffin had felt no fear from Monica and felt completely safe in her arms. She is not like any other woman he had been with. But Monica did have one thing; she was a damn good kisser, which left Griffin feeling helpless.

At 8:30 Griffin woke up, and got dress, and wrote out a thank you letter to Kristin and Chris, for the Christmas gifts. He would have stayed until 5:00 later that day, but he needs to be at a friend’s party. Griffin went to Julia’s room to say goodbye to his daughter. He walked in to find the two girls fast asleep. Julia was in her bed, and Sarah right next to her. The almost looked like they could be sisters. Griffin slowly walks over to where his daughter was sleeping. Griffin gently strokes her little head with his finger. Slowly with a stir, Sarah opens her eyes to peek.

“Daddy?....” Sarah said drowsily.

“Shh…” Griffin softly whispers trying not to disturb Julia. “I’m going to go. I got a party to go to at 1:00 this afternoon. So you are going to be here for a while, and Chris will take you back.”

“Let me guess its Jose’s party, that you go every year,” Sarah said.

“Yes, he moved it this year, because of his sister’s wedding date.” Griffin calmly stated. “you go back to sleep okay pumpkin.”

“Okay…have fun..oh..take Monica with you. She will love it.” Sarah smiled.

Griffin looked at his daughter then asks, “Are you trying to get me to date her?” Griffin asked suspiciously.

“That has been my plan all along, silly. And Dad, face it, you like her. Everyone knows that.” Sarah stated.

“And what about her, does she like me back?” Griffin asked.

“It’s so obvious that she does, daddy,” Sarah said.

Griffin looked at his daughter and smiled, “I will give it a thought. I got to go. See you later tonight sweetie.” Griffin bent down and kissed his daughter goodbye. As soon as her dad left, Sarah crosses her fingers over her heart hoping that this night will be the night.

Griffin got ready at 12:30 and suddenly he heard a knock at the door. He came to answer it in his somewhat decent clothes and was surprised when he opened it. Monica was standing beside the door. She was caught short when she looked at Griffin.

“You are going somewhere?” Monica asked.

“Yeah to a friend’s Mexican party. I do it every year.” Griffin answered now feeling a little bit happy.

“Oh…well I just came by to uh…give you a gift since you gave me one. But if you got some place to be, I will give it to you later….” Monica said as she turned to head for her car and thinking, what is wrong with me.

Without thinking, Griffin followed her a few seconds later. “Wait! I know this may sound crazy and all, but would you like to come with me?” Griffin asked hoping she will say yes.

Monica gave a little nervous laugh, “Ah…I don’t think it’s wise for me to go.”

“I want you to…please,” Griffin said. What the hell am I doing?

Monica stared at him, long and hard. Sensing that he was trying to do something that all the other men that had asked her out, or try to attempt to, in her pasted. But something about Roan Griffin was different than all the previous guys, “Griff….I…” Monica tried to say the words, but nothing will flow out of her mouth. She was stuck in her emotional world, and paralyze to Griffin’s blue-eyed stare. Finally, after a minute or two, Monica agreed, “okay but only for a short while.”

“You want some coffee? It’s quite cold out here.” Griffin offered.

“You know me pretty well, huh,” Monica stated, as she gave her giddy smile. She followed Griffin back in his house and sat down at the bar where they did the first night that they connected.

Griffin made her a cup of her favorite coffee and sat down beside her. He still felt weird being with her, because he was now starting to let go of Crystal. He looks at Monica, and her smile melts away Griffin’s frozen heart.

“So how long is this so-called party going to?” Monica asked.

“Jose’s party usually goes until 3 in the morning, but I usually stay until 9:30,” Griffin stated.

Monica smiled at that, “You’re not going to make me stay the whole time are you.”

“No….his party usually gets quite sexual, after 9:30, which is why I leave,” Griffin said. “I don’t get into the sex things, but some of his buddies do, and him. I did it once back in college, and that was something I’m not going to do again.”

“Ah…you learned your lesson. Why are you still friends with this man?” Monica asked, taking a sip of her coffee.

“Because he and I bonded during my senior year in high school. He too had lost his mom when he was around my age when I lost mine. But not to Cancer, but from AIDS. So every year, I’ve been going to his parties and being with him. I don’t respect some of the choices he makes, but he is still my friend.” Griffin stated.

“Ah, …friendships can last a lifetime..believe me, I know.” Monica smiled.

“You do…okay, miss Monica, who is your friend.” Griffin flirted a little.

Monica exhaled a laugh at that, “Her name is Tess. She has been with me since I don’t know how long.” Monica pauses, “She feels more like my mother than anything. We have gone through so much. But there had come a time where we had to part because of my job.”

Griffin looked at her, as she smiled, but this time the smile that Monica had given him wasn’t the cheerful smile but a sad one. “You miss her, don’t you.”

“More than anything. Tess was my best friend Griffin, and I was so depended on her through most of my life. And now, because of my promotion in my job, I rarely see her.” Monica said, hoping that on some note Griffin will understand her past.

“Then quit your job, then you can see her.” Griffin pointed out.

“It’s not that simple, Griffin. You won’t understand.” Monica tried to contain her knowledge of being an angel.

“I know that life can be rough, but you can still be able to see your best friend,” Griffin stated. He reached over and put a hand on hers. Monica closed her eyes for a moment, then looked at him. Griffin still feeling unsure to make his move now and continue their kiss from last night or wait for another time. He waited too long because Monica pulled her hand away.

“What time does your friend’s party start?” Monica asked switching the subject.

“Ah ……1 o’clock,” Griffin said.

“Well, we are a wee bit behind schedule,” Monica said. This time her girly smile came back.

“Ah…so we are a little late like I said his party goes til 3 in the morning,” Griffin said. “Ah,..you’re going to be wearing that there?” Griffin asked.

“Yeah…why?” Monica asked.

Griffin gave a little laugh, “Um…this is a Mexican party, not a business meeting,” as Griffin looked at Monica’s outfit. Monica was nice black slacks and a black and white shirt, and on top of that, she wore Griffin’s gift around her neck.

“Okay, Um…I could go back to my apartment and see what else to get…” Monica offered.

“No…I have a better idea. Come on.” Griffin said, as he put on his black winter coat, and took Monica’s hand in his.

Monica still confused about all of this, asked Griffin, “Where are we going?”

Griffin glanced at her, “You’ll see.” Griffin said as he walked her to the car.

Ten minutes later, they arrive at a dress shop. Monica looked at him and then at the store. “Wait! Are you giving me a makeover?”

“No…this is your Christmas gift from Kristin. She wanted to give you nice outfits to wear. She gave me money last night to give to you.” Griffin smiled. “She likes you a lot. You are becoming one of her friends.”

Monica gave a big smile, and she started to laugh, which made Griffin laugh too. “All right Griff…” And together they walked in the store.

The store was big, it had everything from dresses, to bathing suits, and even fashion designers clothes. Griffin whispered to her, “You choose whatever you want.” Monica looked at him and looked up into his eyes. Then she pulled him into a hug, and she whispered thank you to him. Griffin leans into her and whispers back, Merry Christmas.

“Well, Well, if it isn’t my good friend Segerant Griffin.” A blonde lady came up to both Monica and Griffin.

“Hey Ellie,” Griffin said.

“Well…Griff…its fine to see you are out dating again…who is this?” Ellie said with glee in her voice.

“Oh, we’re not a couple,” Monica said. “I’m Monica, Griffin’s friend.”

“Oh sorry, my mistake,” Ellie said.

“Hey El, could you fix Monica up with some of your best styles of cloths. Kristin sent me to do this.” Griffin said.

“Sure, I’d love to..Monica come this way…” Ellie said as she walks Monica to the back. Griffin watches the two woman discuss things as they walked away from him. Before leaving Monica glances back at him, and he did the same.

It was about 3 o’clock when Ellie was finished with Monica. Ellie came to Griffin and was smiling very big. “Wow, Griff…..I got to say. You fell for the right girl. Just you wait.”

Griffin smiles and stare out the window and waited for Monica to come back. Monica shyly came up to Griffin and tapped his shoulder. When Griffin turns to face her, his eyes just about to fell out. Monica was even more beautiful, and Griffin was speechless at the sight of seeing her. Monica was wearing a stunning black dress, with small maroon flowers on the bottom side of her right leg. At the top of her breast line, were sparkling jewels that sprinkle same as on the straps of the dress. And tucked beside Monica’s right ear was a red rose that brought out her rich, sexy brown eyes.

“How do I look?” Monica asked spinning in a small slow circle.

Griffin smiled at her, “You look, just….beautiful.” Was all Griffin could say. Monica looked at him, and a new smile came upon her face, it almost seems like she was in love look. Griffin shared the same look back at her too, at that moment.

Ellie came to up to Griffin as she interrupts their look, “Doesn’t she look stunning. Wow, my amazing talents just floor me. Now Griffin….here are the other items, and this is the total.” Griffin walks over to where the checkout line was.

Monica stood by the mirror and gazes at the stranger looking in it. A tear almost came out, when she feels so happy of being loved by him, and by his friends. It’s almost as if she was born to be human. Within five minutes she walks away from the mirror and goes up by Griffin. She knows where her heart belongs, and it wasn’t in heaven or on earth. It was right next to Griffin. Monica took hold of the packages, to help Griffin out, as he made his way to the doors. Just before Monica left with him, she gave her thanks to Ellie. When Monica turn and leave the store, Ellie tugged onto her arm to say something to her.

“You enjoy your night….Monica. With him.” Ellie smiled.

“What?” Monica asked.

“I know that look….you are in love with Roan Griffin. He’s a good man to be in love with. He deserves to be in love with a woman like you.” Ellie smiled as she disappears to go to her next clients.

Monica felt stunned by Ellie’s comment. Was I really that transparent? Then she turned towards the doors and headed in the direction where Griffin was. Two minutes later she was sitting nervously in the front seat with him. Griffin drove on out of the little town of Gracie and on the highway. It took about 10 minutes to get to a little suburb place where a semi-big house came into view. There were cars all lined up probably about 20 or so cars there. The house was light up in Latin colors, and some Mexican style music was being heard.

“Well, this is Jose’s house,” Griffin said.

“It’s a lovely home.” Monica smiled.

“Well, …we didn’t come all this way just to look at it,” Griffin said as he opened up his door and climbed out. He came to Monica’s door and opened it up for her.

“You know you don’t have to be a gentleman at everything.” Monica joked.

“I know, but today I want to.” Griffin smiled and extended his hand to hers. Monica shyly smiled and slowly placed her small hand on his. And they walked side by side not touching. Griffin knocked on the door and was greeted by Jose’s brother.

“Ah…Comó estás Hermono!” The man embraces him into a hug.

“Ah….Muy Bien…..Y Tú?” Griffin asked back speaking in Spanish. They exchange a few sentences here and there in Spanish, as Monica and Griffin stepped inside. Then the man switched from Spanish speaking and was now talking in English.

“So who is this gorgeous woman you have with you?” The man asked looking at Monica.

“I’m Monica.” Monica softly said.

“Wow,…you have a very sexy accent. What region are you from?” The man asked.

Monica gave a little giggle, “I’m Irish. And you are?”

“Sorry excuse me…my name is Miguel. I’m Jose’s brother.” Miguel reached for Monica’s hand and shook it.

“Well, the party is back behind the house. My brother has an indoor patio with a pool. That’s where most of the party is at. And some people well Griffin knows are fooling around upstairs. I’m not one of those people. I’m happily married to a beautiful wife with four kids of my own.” Miguel stated as he leads Monica and Griffin to the patio. “You married Monica?”

“No,” Monica said.

“You will someday…I have faith that you will.” Miguel gave a wink to Griffin.

“Nice to see you, Monica… I’m going to go dance with my wife,” Miguel said as he disappeared into the crowd and went to a tan woman and kissed her.

“I like Miguel….he seems like a nice man, and he seems very in love with his wife.” Monica giggled.

“Yeah, I played college basketball with him. I taught him some moves in defense.” Griffin said.

“What did Miguel mean by people are fooling around?” Monica asked.

“Some couples, go upstairs and have sex. That’s why I leave at around 9 to 9:30 because of that reason. It gets way to sexual, and there is a lot of drinking involved. And you know I can’t touch alcohol.” Griffin said.

“Yeah, I remember. Okay, so how about some ginger ale. It’s my favorite non-alcoholic drink. And I’m not that type of woman who likes alcohol.” Monica said as she grabs a seat at an empty table.

“Really? You know Mon, you are a woman full of surprises.” Griffin smirked.

Monica gave a little shy laugh, “You just called me Mon..”

“What is that a bad thing?” Griffin asked.

“No, just never had that nickname before.” Monica smiled.

Griffin laughed with her, and for once he felt his heart being lifted up by hope. Being with Monica, made him feel like a whole new man, and he likes his new self. There is something about her that captures Griffin’s heart, and he wanted more of this. “So how about two ginger ales…I’ll be back.” As that Griffin walks off to the miniature bar that was just located off by the dance floor.

As Griffin order his drinks, Jose stopped by him. “Hey, Griff…didn’t think you were going to show.”

“Yeah sorry about that I got a little sidetracked,” Griffin said still smiling.

“You’ve changed, what happened to my other Griffin…wait don’t tell me. You got a new lady friend, haven’t you? Are you banging her?” Jose asked.

“What!? No! I’m not involved with anyone, and I’m defiantly not sleeping around if that’s what you are getting at. I’m just finding myself again….” Griffin said as he looked at where Monica was.

Jose followed his gaze and came upon Monica. Jose’s eyes lit up as he looked at Monica, “Wow….Griff….dude that is one Hot smoking Babe! Are you sure you’re not banging that woman?” Jose pointed at Monica.

“No! Why do you think everything has to deal with sex? And no Monica is just a friend I brought with me tonight. And keep your paws off her tonight. And same goes for your buddies. I don’t want to scare her off.” Griffin said.

“Why?” Jose asked.

"Because she means something to me," Griffin replied back. The words just flowed out of his mouth without Griffin even realized he said it as he said that to his old college friend. He tries to deny that he has romantic feelings toward Monica, and tries so hard to hide it from himself.

Griffin then took his two drinks and went over to where Monica was. Jose just stood there feeling confused and a little bit jealous that his friend Griffin found love. When Jose looked at him and this woman, he saw true love between them, and he felt a little hurt. All of his life he wanted to find that but never could. So Jose turned to sex instead of finding love.

fifteen minutes later in the party, Monica scans the dance floor and sees couples slow dancing to a Mexican wedding song. She looks down at her drink. Griffin caught her drift and smiled. “Would you like to dance?”

“Oh no, I’m not good at dancing Latin melodies,” Monica said.

“It’s just slow dancing, I’ve done it a few times,” Griffin said with a giggle.

“No I mean I have two left feet when dancing….I can’t.” Monica begged him not to take her out on the dance floor to make a fool out of herself.

“You can’t be that bad, come on I’ll teach you,” Griffin said as he took hold of Monica’s hand.

They both arrive on the dance floor, and Griffin places one hand on her shoulder, and another on her waist. They both looked at each other just then. Griffin looked at Monica and sees her face turning red as she stares at him. He is starting to see that his brother was right that Monica likes him. And Griffin was started to really like her too. Griffin very slowly led her to move to the music. Monica had no idea on how to act, but she followed Griffin’s steps as they flowed to the rhythm of the music. And soon Monica found herself dancing to a new style. She smiled at Griffin, as her heart begins to pound to his own heart. And for once in Monica’s 3,000 years of being an angel, left her, and she just enjoyed her night dancing away all of her angel rules and just living here and now with Roan Griffin.

Miguel watched from where he was sitting and smiled at Griffin, as he said to himself, Dude you are a goner. You are so in love with her. Just then Miguel’s business partner came to him.

“What are you smiling at Miguel?” This man said.

“Look for yourself. My good friend Roan Griffin..” Miguel pointed to Griffin and Monica on the dance floor. Miguel smiled at that but when he turned to look at his partner his smile faded a little. “Rafael, what is it?”

“What is that woman’s name?” Rafael asked looking concern.

“Monica why? Do you know her?” Miguel asked.

“Yeah….we worked on cases at that before. What is she doing here?” Rafael asked.

“She came with Griffin. They claim that they are not a couple, but I can see right through them. They had this look, which my wife, Rosario and I had when we first met. They are both in love with each other and they both try to play it off that they are not.” Miguel said proudly.

But Rafael wasn’t too happy about it. He knows that once an angel falls, they are scared for life. Rafael went down that path once himself. Rafael also fell in love once with a human, but choose to live life as an angel. Now he feels that Monica had walked down his path too. “I know…,” Rafael said. And he adds to himself. Angels can’t fall in love. Monica, what are you doing?

As soon as the song ended the beat started to kick up a step and everyone around them began to dance the same rhythm. Monica looked around to find an exit. She grabs Griffin’s hand leads him off the dance floor. “I can’t dance to that….” Monica said once they were off.

“You never danced the Salsa before?” Griffin asked. And looking into Monica’s eyes, he could tell that she hasn’t. “Okay, I’ll show you.”

“Take my hand. Like this.” Griffin said as he takes hold of Monica’s small hand and laced her fingers to his. Griffin then put the other hand on Monica’s forearm and told her to put her other hand on his forearm.“Now it’s like we are walking back and forth. Take two steps back.” Griffin instructed.

Monica did and thought this was easy until she steps on Griffin’s feet. Monica bit back her lip. “Oh…gosh…I’m so sorry Griff….I told you…I have two left feet.”

“No …it’s fine..you were doing great. Come on try it again. I’ll lead. Count in 2’s. It’s much easier.” Griffin instructed.

“How come you’re so good at this?” Monica asked as she looked into Griffin’s eyes, as her finger’s stroked his forearm in a tender loving way.

“Because I had Jose and Miguel teach me. Miguel told me learning the Salsa, and the Tango wins a woman’s heart.” Griffin smiled.

“You were really desperate in high school were you?” Monica joked.

“No, not exactly…but once college hit I was.” Griffin joked back and chuckled. “See you’re doing it Monica….You are in line with me. Ooch..” Griffin stepped back.

“We should stop before I end up hurting you,” Monica said as she pulls away from him, but Griffin held her closer.

“No, it is fine. Come on, I’ll teach you an easier dance.” Griffin said. Monica glanced at the dance floor how everyone is in line. “Oh…that’s way too advance….even for me. The key thing is to not look down. Look at me.” Griffin instructed as he gestured to look in his eyes as he leads her to dance. "I'm a good leader at dancing Monica, you can trust me. Part of dancing is learning to trust your dance partner." Monica took her gaze off from the floor as she looks directly into Griffin's eyes. As soon as Monica took her eyes off from the floor and look at Griffin she was flowing in sync to his dance steps, and not stepping on his feet.

So for the next three minutes, Griffin taught a more comfortable dance that Monica was able to learn. She still had her awkward moments, but for the most part, they were in sync with line movements. Monica laughed with Griffin and felt so free in his arms. She loved his smile, and his blue eyes gleamed right into hers. Monica had to admit this was the best night of her life. They dance the Salsa for the next five minutes. And for the first time, Monica had let herself go. She allowed Griffin to hold her as they continued to dance. They were both smiling by the time the music stopped playing, and another beat picked up. Monica looked at Griffin, and he looked at her. There was a moment that both of them wanted to kiss each other. However, Monica still feeling torn between her new human life with Griffin and her heavenly self with God. Monica pulled herself away from Griffin’s embrace, and notice that the crowd was getting more sexual. Griffin was right.

“I guess it’s the cue to leave….Griff..” Monica said as she scans the crowd. Griffin looked at her and then caught her eye to the crowd. He nodded and together they left Jose’s house. Monica walks hand and hand with Griffin out of Jose’s house and to Griffin’s car. Still feeling giddy from learning the Salsa and having to dance in Griffin’s arms, Monica smiled the whole time. She didn’t feel so much like an angel, but more like a human that is in love. Griffin drove back home as they discuss some things in the car.

“How did you learn how to dance like that? Most men I meet never learned how to dance. It’s always the woman that teaches the men.” Monica said as Griffin turned into the familiar town of Gracie.

“As I said before, Miguel and Jose and their Mexican family taught me. I was sort of adopted into their family. Believe it took me four years to learn it Chris just looked at me and thought I was nuts at first. But later he turned to me to teach him the basics of learning the Salsa. He wanted to impress Kristin at the time….so I taught him…he still doesn’t how it down beat for beat, but at least he can move to the music.” Griffin smiled as he explained.

“I am terrible at it…” Monica admitted.

“No, you’re not…you just need some practice. If it makes you feel better, you caught on quick and way better than Chris did.” Griffin stated.

“Really?” Monica asked in shocked.

“Yeah….well I suppose you need to get back to where you need to be. Sarah will be asleep.” Griffin said as looked at Monica. “I had a nice time….with you…thank you.”

“I had a nice time too….probably the best night in my life.” Monica smiled. For a moment she thought that they were going to kiss in his car. Monica half wanted it to happen, but at the time didn’t because she will be betraying God and every angel in heaven. Instead, Griffin climbs out of the car, and Monica did the same. “Well…goodnight Griff…and thanks for the new clothes.”

“Don’t thank me…thank Kristin. You can when you come to the New Year’s Eve party. If you want to?” Griffin stated.

“Are you asking me to go?” Monica asked.

“No…you were already invited by Kristin.” Griffin smiled. “Goodnight Monica.”

Monica stood beside him, and smiled, “Goodnight Griffin, I had fun dancing with you.” Monica came close to kissing him just then, but Griffin senses the vibe and backs away. Monica slowly walks away but still had high hopes of kissing him. She looks back at him and gave a flirting smile to him. Monica only gave that kind of flirting smile to one other man in her past. And now she just gave it to Griffin. Then Monica climbs in her car and drives off.

Monica arrives at her apartment and she smiled once she closes the door behind her. Monica had fallen in love, and she wanted to be with Griffin forever. Monica knew that she had to tell Griffin about her angel identity. She is going to break the news about him New Year’s Eve, and it was not going to be easy. Monica goes to her bedroom to put the newly bought clothes in her bedroom. Monica then walks joyfully to the kitchen to clam her heart down as she brews some lovely hot caramel tea. For the rest of the night, Monica smiled the whole night. She slept more peacefully and she dreamt of Griffin all night long.

Rafael came to Andrew on personal business. He knows he didn’t want to do this, but with Monica’s behavior, he had too. “Andrew….I need you to keep an eye out for Monica.”

Andrew looks at him oddly, “why? Monica is good at her work.”

“Yeah she is…too good sometimes, but I think she is going rogue on us,” Rafael admitted.

Andrew was now looking very concern, “Why do you say that?”

Rafael didn’t want to do this, but he knew he had too, “Because I believe she is falling for her assignment. I know that look…I’ve been there too with Rachel. I saw that same look in Monica’s eyes when she was with him, and her body language with her assignment defiantly gave it all away.”

Andrew couldn’t believe what Rafael just said. Monica doesn’t go around and just falls in love. Her heart is stronger than that. After eight years of working with her, she keeps her distance from humans and doesn’t get involved with them romantically. Rafael told Andrew everything he had witnessed while he was on his case and Jose’s house. After that Andrew agreed to spy on Monica. He goes to Gracie on New Year’s Eve to see if Rafael was right.

Monica got ready for New Year’s Eve party. The party starts at 8 o’clock, and it’s 6:50 now. Monica picked out a stunning red dress that Ellie had picked out for her and said she looked so beautiful in it, it had almost brought tears to her eyes. Monica took a deep breath and slipped it on. She went to her little mirror and applied some makeup to her face. It took her about a half an hour to get the right mixtures of makeup on her face. Then Monica combs through her soft reddish brown hair and halfway down to her ears she braids it and puts a small red rose in the back to tie the two strains together. She looks into the mirror one last time and thought to herself. I look really sexy. Then she looks at the time, and it read 7:45. Then she looks back at her small house and walks out the door.

Once at the Christmas party, there was Kristin, and Chris holds one another on the dance floor and other members of Griffin’s work squad. Monica felt completely embarrassed to be in this dress and just wanted to leave. But her heart made her stay where she was because the one person she wants is Griffin.

All the single men looked over at her, and every man in the bar was stunned by her beauty. Monica was about to leave when Kristin spotted her and came up to her.

“Wow…Monica, you look breath taken” Kristin stated as she was stunned herself.

Monica gave a shy smile and said, “Thank you, you don’t look bad yourself.” Monica commented back, as Kristin pulled Monica to a table. Chris slips away from his wife to find Griffin out in the cold night.

“Griff…why are you out here in the cold?” Chris said as he shivered.

“Just needed to get some air. Too much temptation in there, if catch my drift.” Griffin said taking a sip of his ginger ale. Monica turned him onto a new flavor…and he loves it.

“Ah huh….Well, guess who came to the party?” Chris joked.

“Who?” Griffin asked.

Chris smiled a wicked kind of smile, “You’ll see.” And with that, he walks back into the bar.

Griffin’s heart just skipped a beat at thinking of one person. Griffin abandon’s the night air and walks into the bar. Surely enough he finds Monica sitting with Chris’s wife. His heart fell to the ground when he saw how beautiful and sexy she looked. Griffin felt like he can’t breathe, and he felt like he was 16 all over again. Griffin smiled, and he went over to where Monica was. Just as Griffin was about halfway across the room, some young couple had requested Feels Like Home.

Kristin left to dance with her husband while Monica patiently waited for her love to come. Suddenly a very charming guy came to her.

“Excuse me miss….but I got a feeling that you need someone to dance with…I couldn’t help to notice that you look lovely tonight.” This man asked.

Monica smiled, “Thanks but I’m not up for dancing.”

“Just one dance with me,” Then man pressed on.

Monica was going to say no for the third time when she saw Griffin. She looked at the man that was trying to get her to dance, “Thanks for the offer, but my husband is over there. Maybe next time.” As soon as she made that comment, the young man’s face drops in disappointment, and he slumps away. Monica got up from her seat and goes to Griffin with heart soaring with gladness. Once Monica and Griffin were face to face, they stood there were looking into each other’s eyes.

For a moment Griffin was too stunned and speechless to say something. He admired her beauty and her presence. “Would you like to dance?” She was wearing a stunning red dress and a Griffin’s Christmas gift that he gave to her. Griffin smiled at her present and looked into her soft brown eyes. As he stared into them, he found love in them. She was the gorgeous woman Griffin had ever seen, and now he can’t hide his true feelings back any longer. He is in love with her.

“This isn’t, Salsa, but I think I could handle this,” Monica jokingly and playfully teases him as she places her hand with his, and swayed to the music. Griffin smiles at her comment and took her hands in his.

Something in your eyes. Makes me want to lose myself. Makes me want to lose myself. In your arms, There’s something in your voice. Makes my heart beat fast. Hope this feeling lasts The rest of my life
If you knew how lonely my life has been. And how long I’ve felt so low. If you knew how I wanted someone to come along. And change my life the way you’ve done.

Monica blocked out the noise around her, as her mind focused in on Griffin’s slow breathing. In the mist of the song, Monica clasped her arms around Griffin’s neck, and barrows her face into his mighty chest. His scent of Axe just soothed her mind, and she moves in closer to him.

Griffin smelt Monica’s hair as she came next to him and buried her face in his chest. Griffin hadn’t held a woman in his arms since Crystal, and he finally lets Monica in his heart. She was everything to him, and he wanted to let her know that. Griffin memorized every feature of her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with Monica.

If you knew how much this moment means to me. And how long I’ve waited for your touch. If you knew how happy you are making me. I’ve never thought I’d love anyone so much.

Monica felt Griffin’s touch of his hand on her bare back, as she lifts her head to gaze into his deep blue eyes. Then acting on her human instinct, Monica reaches up and planted a long tender kiss on Griffin’s lips. Monica wanted to do this since that night when Griffin came to her for her comfort. To her surprise, Griffin kissed Monica back, as he sunk into her kiss as they kiss each other very passionately for the first time. Monica pulls Griffin towards her as she tugs the end of his suit collar to make the kiss more profound and meaningful. Monica surrenders her love for him and opens her mouth a bit to let Griffin collide his tongue with hers. When the song ended, Monica slowly pulls back from Griffin’s embrace, as fear and heartache stung her eyes, realizing she just broke the rules of being an angel, and proclaim her love for Roan Griffin.

From the dark corner of the room, Andrew sat at the bar when he saw Monica dancing with her assignment. He had been watching her almost a day to observe her behavior with her assignment. Trying to convince himself, that Rafael was wrong. Just as Rafael had feared, Monica had just fallen from grace, and was in love with a human. When he saw Monica kissing him, his heart went into jealousy rage and wishing that she was kissing him. Andrew’s hurt feelings were rushing through his mind by thinking how could she had betrayed him and his fellow angels. Andrew had no choice but to turn Monica in. He left the bar and disappears in the night, as he searched for the highest of angels.

Monica knows she has to tell Griffin she is an angel and can sense angels watching her on her actions what she just did. She decides to tell him who she really is. Still feeling breathless from kissing Griffin, Monica whispers something in Griffin’s ear, “Griffin….I need to tell you something……but I can’t tell you here.” Monica stares up at Griffin, and then said, “Can we go for a walk?”

“Sure…” Griffin said a bit out of it from her kiss. For Monica never being romantically involved with someone she sure was a damn good kisser, by leaving Griffin feeling helpless and weak. Monica led him through the park on a New Year’s Eve clear sky with the moon brightly lit. He wondered if she was going to kiss him again, but instead, he found her a bit distant.

Once they were alone in the park, Monica stopped Griffin by a snow-covered tree. Monica is sensing the presence of the angels coming and knowing that she has only a matter of minutes to tell Griffin how she honestly feels about him.

“So what is this about that you have to be so isolated from?” Griffin said as he stood beside her. He looked more closely, and he saw that she was tearing up. “Monica what’s wrong you’re scaring me?” Griffin said as he took Monica in his arms.

Monica took a moment and then looked up into his eyes. “Do you remember you asked me why I never had a relationship before?” Monica asked.

“Yeah…..but how…” Griffin started to protest.

“I didn’t want to tell you because I know it will break your heart. But I need to tell you about who I am, and how I feel about you, right now.” Monica said in a sad tone. She had tears coming out of her eyes as she looked into Griffin’s concerned eyes.

“What would, Monica what the hell is going on?” Griffin said as he stroked her face and pulled her reddish brown hair back behind her ears.

Monica hesitated on the words that she wanted to say to him for the past two months, “I’m an angel, Griffin.”

“Yeah I know, you look like one,” Griffin said, as he made a step forward to try and kiss Monica again, but Monica backs up.

“Roan,” Monica said, using his first name. This time there was no joking in her eyes or voice as she looks at him.

“You’re serious?” Griffin said.

Monica looked away for a moment as she shed her tears she has been holding back. Then she looks Griffin in the eyes to tell him the truth, “I’m an angel that God has sent me to help people and for them to hear his words. I was supposed to answer a prayer for your daughter, but instead, I fell in love with you. And angels aren’t supposed to fall in love. I didn’t want this to happen, because I knew it would break your heart as well as Sarah’s.” Monica cried as she confessed her love for him. Monica now looks over at Griffin, who was pacing back in forth. “Griffin don’t be upset, please.”

“I’m not upset Monica, I’m just confused, and now I’m a little angry. I kept myself at a distant so I wouldn’t get involved with another woman, and then you come into my life, and I fell for you. But now it turns out that the woman I fell in love with is an angel?” Griffin said as his tears came out.

Monica now a little hurt at his words shot back, “Griffin you think it’s easy for me to pretend that these past few months that I had devolved some sort of romantic feelings for you. I have tried to keep myself from you, but you made me feel like a woman, which had made me fallen deeper in love with you. I had lost all my angel senses and was completely human tonight with you holding me. And now I only have a short amount of time before “they” find out what I have done.”

“They?” Griffin asked and came to realize that Monica is hurting.

“The higher angels. They can clip my wings, and I can never come back to earth…..See angels and humans can never be together. We can never mingle in with the human race because you are God’s gift. And…..I ….I can’t bear to see my life without you in it. I’m in love with you Roan. So in love, to the point that it is making my heart to ache.” Monica said as more tears came out of her sad brown eyes.

Griffin had then touched Monica’s face with his hand and looks into her eyes. His face came near hers, and his nose touched hers. As more tears slid down her cheeks, Then Griffin kissed Monica this time. Griffin pulls her towards him so that her body was pressed up against his. Monica reached up to Griffin’s face and lightly stroking it in a sweet tender way. Griffin’s hands went into Monica’s hair, and then slowly slid down to her waist. After a brief moment of kissing one another, Monica was the one to break the kiss. She looked into his eyes, as she feels the love in it. Panting she said, “Roan I got a few short seconds left..”

Griffin reached out and held Monica in his arms, ” No, don’t, no don’t leave me…….I need you. Sarah needs you…. please don’t go ….I love you,” Griffin cried out now in tears as he kisses Monica’s beautiful neck, as he confesses his love for her.

Monica bites down on her lower lip, as the lump in her throat increased. “I have to….they're calling for me.” More tears then came out of her eyes. Monica had a golden light surrounding her. The light felt warm and filled with an unconditional love. A love which Griffin has never felt before. Monica looks into his sadden blue eyes as she reaches up to Griffin and tenderly caresses his cheek. When she does that Griffin closes his eyes to feel her tender loving touch and Monica then moves in and kisses him deeply and tenderly one last time. As Monica whisperer against Griffin’s lips, she utters her last words to him, “I love you, I love you so much Roan… and I’m so blessed to do so.”

Griffin stared into her soft loving brown eyes. Tears begin to flow out of them as he caressed her face with his hand. Her tears washed onto his hands as he looks deeply into her eyes. Fireworks light up the night sky welcoming the new year as Monica’s image slowly begins to fade into the night. Monica never took her gaze off of Griffin’s as she stares into his eyes, holding onto the memory of his face not wanting to ever let go of the love she feels for him and his daughter. A few more moments pass and soon, Monica vanishes in with the night. Only thing remains is her last tears she shed for him, which had already melted into Griffin’s hands.

Griffin crashed to the snow, as where Monica once stood. Griffin begins to cry for the woman who he risked his heart for just left him, again Griffin felt empty and heartbroken….Griffin cried out into the night. “Monica…..why….why did I fell for you….I love you so damn much it hurts me.”

Now Monica a world apart from him drops to the floor of the hot desert, and sobs out her heart. Knowing that she had just lost the love of her life, and can never go back to him. Monica felt her world had just ended and felt heartbroken.

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