Rise In Love

The Beautiful Accident

So the story starts from here
Parth was driving to his home pune in his car n he was listening to the music in his car very loudly the song was:
Iss qadar pyaar hai...tumse ae humsafar...
Chaandani narm hai...raat k hoth pr....
Teri nadaaniyaan...meri gustaakhiyaan mili toh yun Jude...
K bheege raat bhar....
Iss qadar pyaar hai..tumse ae humsafar.....
Scene changes:
Niti was crossing the road n she has headphones in her ears so cannot to listen to any voice from outside n the thing is they both are listening to the same music
Iss qadar pyaar hai...tumse ae humsafar...
As she was crossing the road Parth’s car was coming Parth was honking continuously but she was unable to listen because of her headphones....
So takkar ho gayi but Parth successfully stopped the car at time so Niti bs giri or usko haath me bruises aaye bs
Now Parth came out of the car as he wanted to help her out but
Niti started shouting
Niti: What the hell kya samajhte ho khud ko BMW kya le li aeroplane bnane ki soch kr chlane lagte hai car...
Parth: listen u need a dressing
Niti: waah bhai waah pehle toh girao for doc k pas b le jao waah
N then Parth gave his hand to let her get up n she placed her hand on his hand n got up n flipped her hair
N Parth was just awestruck he was looking at her from head to toe
She was wearing a blue denim n a red crop top n a cap on her head watch in right hand slippers in foot she was looking like a doll....
N Parth he dressed up like a gentleman
He was wearing black Denim n a white T-shirt n Red blazer
N Niti was examining him
Tabhi he broke the silence n asked her to come with him
Parth: Chlo come with me i’ll take you to the doc n get you a dressing Chlo....
Niti: no thanks I will manage
Parth to himself: itna attitude kise dikha rahi hai yeh she doesn’t know I have more than this ;)
Parth: Chlo chup chaap varna pta nahi sabko kya kya bologi mere baare me
Niti: main kyun baat karne lagi tumhare baare me aaj Hi mile hain n
Parth: mera mtlb hai k apni frnz se milogi vo b stupid hongi tumhari tarah unse bologi ki aaj ek ladke ne accident kr dia or itna khadus that k doc k pas b nhi le gaya so Chlo
Niti: achcha g esa kuch b nahi h smjhe
Parth: toh tum aise nahi maanogi ??
Niti left without saying anything
Toh Parth b chla jata h
Parth to himself: agar yeh dobara mili naa toh I swear I will break her ego
Niti to herself: bhagwaan ji yeh ladka dobaar naa mile mujhe pta nahi itna attitude kise baat ka hai use....
Yeh dono chahe kitna bhi soche k nah mile ek dusre se but you never know what is written in your destiny so lets see what is in their destiny
So this is it for this part
Leave your views on this :)
Stay blessed everyone
Thanks for reading :)

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