Rise In Love

The Call

Precap: Parth n Niti went to their own way....
Ab aage:
Parth reached home tabhi he got a call from Vikku
( Vikku: Our very own Vikas Gupta)
Parth: Helloww....
Vikas: Hey Parth kaisa h??
Parth: all gud you say ...
Vikas: yrr main ek youth based show bana raha hun n I need u to play the lead....
Parth: okay I want to hear the story but...
Vikas: yeah sure abhi jitni ready h sun lio...
Parth: okay cool...
Vikas: okay so done.... Tomorrow morning 10:00 am...
Parth: okay done...
Hung up.
N then he called Niti
Niti: hello...
Vikas: hey Niti I am trying to start a show youth based n I want you to play the lead.....
Niti: story ???
Vikas: yeah tomorrow everyone is coming so you also come @ 10:00 am morning
Niti: okay.....
Hung up...
N then he called entire team
So next morning
It’s 9:00 am n Parth is still sleeping.. Alarm baj raha h but he is not worried coz he forgot k use Jana tha aaj....
Suddenly his phn rang
He picked up n
Parth: hello.... In a sleepy voice
Charlie: Parth where are you mahn kaha h tu ???
(She said it bcz she knew him k vo late Hi aayega hmesha ki trh so let him call first)
Parth: yrr tu kahan bula rahi h
Charlie: show ki story sun ne Jana h naa
Parth: tu b h kya ??
Charlie: pehle uth tu varna main PaNi leke aati hun
Parth: achcha maate uth raha hun
Charlie: yeah come n pick me up
Parth: okay will be there in 15
Charlie: naha k aaio :p
Parth: ohh hello main hmesha nahata hun
Charlie: haan haan theek h
After 20-30 min Parth went to Charlie’s place to pick her up
Charlie was waiting n she was angry like hell
Charlie: bola tha naa time pe aaio fir b
Parth: arrey yrr vo baith naa
N then they were besties so she forgive him
N they drove to studio
Everyone was there n these two were late
Ayaz: hey Parth wassup
Parth: tu b
Ayaz: yo bro
Parth: wow yrr maza aayega :)
N then Vikas came
N Niti was in washroom with veebha
Thn she also came
N jaise hi Niti saw Parth
Niti to veebha
Niti: Maine batay tha naa yeh vahi h:(
Veebha: ohh yeh toh lag b serious type raha h
Niti: :(
Vikas: attention everyone
So here are the characters
Manik Malhotra Will be played by Parth Samthaan
Nandini Moorthy Will be played by Niti Taylor
Thn a Band
Multi Vardhan will be played by Charlie Chauhan
Cabir Dhawan will be played by Ayaz Ahmed
Dhruv Vedant will be played by Utkarsh Gupta
Alya Saxena will be played by Krissann Barretto

N Nandini ki best friend hogi
Navya Naveli will be played by Veebha Anand
N Harshad Saxena the villain will be played by Abhishek Malik
Pulkit be Shahid
Kishwer be Nyonika Manik’s Mom
He told story to everyone
N in the end he said
Vikas: Niti n Parth you guyzz need to understand each other before doing this
So tomorrow there will be a get together where we all will get to know each other
Parth: but Vikas Hume bs screen share krni h sath me naa ki life
Coz he was angry with her as she n him got into an argument yesterday
Niti: yeah even I m not interested
N everyone was like yeh dono ese q behave kr rhe hain
Niti stares at Parth n Parth stares at Niti<3
Gusse se Hi sahi pr dekha toh :p
Kya inn dono ko kabhi pyar hoga ????
Kya likha h inki destiny mein...
Just keep imagining till I upload next part :p
Thanks for reading :)

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