Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 10

November 1st.

The morning after Halloween, the Doctor hadn't slept. All night he watched children from his window. Dressed up, trick-or-treating for sweets and candy. He watched them from above, locked up in his prison. Children walked by, unaware of his troubles. Adults walked by also, some with their children. The Doctor wasted no time and began to bang on the window. They hadn't heard him but someone did. Frank ran upstairs and unlocked the door. Belt in hand he beat the Doctor to the ground, lashing him over and over until he apologized.

Frank tied the Doctor's hand to the bottom of the desk and left him there. Locking the door he went back down stairs to give out sweets to the kids. The Doctor recovered as he sat alone once more, listening to the fireworks sore up into the sky. He imagined each one burst high in the air, colours spreading through the sky, until they danced to the ground.

The Doctor was left tied up until Frank and Annie went to bed. Frank had untied him and ordered his to go to sleep. The Doctor climbed into bed and pretended to fall asleep. But once his captor had gone, he sat up and watched the fireworks all night long.

The next morning, The Doctor sat on his bed, leaning against the wall. His mind was losing a battle that he didn't know how to fight. The drugs he had been given for the last six weeks were beginning to affect his mind. Memories of his childhood had already begun to disappear. He may be nine hundred years old, but he still had a great memory.

Now however, he couldn't remember the times he played with Koschei, before he went insane. He couldn't remember his favourite hiding places and secret dens back on Gallifrey. He was beginning to forget his own mother. His real mother, the one who raised him and loved him. Forgetting her made him upset. He didn't want to forget his life only to be replaced by another, a fake life.

He had already guessed Frank's plan, to make him forget his life and once he couldn't remember anything from his past, Frank and Annie would fill it all in with lies and stories. Cover up the gaps with their own memories of their son. If it were to ever come true, he would be living in a fairy tale world, except not everything would be a perfect fantasy.

That's when he had thought of a plan. By using the paper and crayons he had been rewarded with, the Doctor began to write his memories. Draw pictures of things he had seen, people he knew, places he'd been. Little things that might help him remember, to try to fight off the drug, it was his only hope for now. He wrote down names, stories and adventures he had. His companions and the TARDIS. At the end, he put a reminder for himself.

Just then, his door unlocked and Frank came in. He carried a chair and the Doctor's 'Medicine'. The Doctor sighed as he watched the man before him locked the door once more and set his chair down. The chair intimated him. Every time he was injected with the painful drug, Frank would just watch. Sat himself down and look down at the screaming figure before him. Like he got some joy out of it.

The Doctor hid his memories under his pillow, away from Frank's sight. Frank coughed as he locked the door, waiting for his welcome.

"Hi daddy" said the Doctor

Frank turned round and smiled "Good morning Aidan. Did you have a nice sleep?"

The Doctor nodded, lying. He then watched as Frank produced a needle before filling it up with the suspicious drug.

"Your mother wants you to get cleaned up today. A nice shower, a shave and some new clothes for you to get changed in" said Frank

The Doctor could have jumped for joy, if it weren't for the phsyco in front of him. A shower and a shave, not to mention some new clothes. Yes, he loved his suit, but from what was left of it. He couldn't bare the smell any longer. He considered himself a clean freak. Wearing the same clothes for the past five months was driving him crazy, as long as the clothes were proper, then he was so far having a good day.

Until Frank came forward with his medicine. On instinct, the Doctor tried to back away. Even tried to use his pillow as a shield, until he remembered the secret beneath them, he decided better and gave in to the drug. Frank pushed his head to the side and injected the substance into his neck. It took an instant effect.

The Doctor writhed and squirmed on his bed and the drug burn his mind. His hands instantly came up to his head, griping his jet black hair. Beads of sweat covered his forehead. It wasn't long until he began to scream.

Frank jumped as it was probably the loudest he had ever heard the man scream since they began the medicine. Not wanting to cause a riot with the neighbours, Frank jumped forward and covered the Doctor's mouth. It was hard as the Doctor could not sit still. Frank managed to quiet down his cries of pain until it finished.

The Doctor lay weak and still on his bed, trying to catch his breath. Not noticing Frank hovering over him, but not caring also. Frank moved away from the bed and collected his chair. Taking the bed room key out from his pocket he unlocked the door. But before he managed to open it, he heard a voice croak behind him.

"What…happened?" breathed the Doctor, struggling to sit up on his bed

"Excuse me?" asked Frank, not pleased to hear the Doctor's voice out of command

"What happened…to Aidan?" the Doctor asked

Frank let go of the door knob and turned round to fully face the Doctor "You will not speak unless spoken to boy"

"I need to know! What happened to him?"

"Quiet Aidan or you will be punished" he threatened, but that didn't stop the Doctor

"25 years ago your son died. How? What happened?" The Doctor knew he would be punished for this but he didn't care, he needed to know who he was dealing with

Frank was silent. He put down his chair and slowly walked towards the bed. The Doctor braced himself as Frank leaned on the bed and used his free hand the grab the Doctor's jaw. Bringing him as close as he could to his lips Frank whispered.

"He stopped breathing"

With that, Frank let go, grabbed his chair and left. Leaving the Doctor in utter shock. He didn't know what to think. Who was this man. Did he kill his own son? Did he get away with? His answered with go unanswered unless he did something about it.

The Doctor left it for now and decided to flick through his memories. His hearts stopped. He couldn't remember what his mother looked like. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn't get an image of her face, her smell the sound of her voice. She was gone. All that he knew what that he had a mother and it wasn't Annie.

The Doctor tried not to cry as he lifted his pillow to show his hidden drawings. At the back his read his reminder to himself. Over and over until it was stuck in his mind


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