Is my name The Doctor

chapter 12

The Doctor woke up feeling stiff. He could feel the cold floor beneath him. His head felt heavy as he struggled to hold it up. Eventually he managed to open his eyes,adjusting to his environment. His hearts sunk once he realised he was back in the basement once more.

His knees were killing him. His hands had been tied to a low pipe, left to the staircase. Since the pipe was low, his hands were above his head and he was forced to kneel on the hard floor. The cargo shorts he was wearing weren't helping him either.

He tried to think back to what had happened. The realisation hit him like a rock. He had tried to escape out the back. He had thought he had gotten far enough away, but was wrong. He was caught again and he didn't have to guess who by. He can already tell that Frank wasn't going to be to pleased with him. Which was the reason he wasn't back in his bedroom. Which is where he would rather be now.

A chill ran through him. The winter had shaken the temperatures, being in a basement in only shorts and a T-shirt wasn't doing him much good. The Doctor held his breath as the door to the basement opened and he watched a shadowy figure appear at the top. Frank began to walk down the steps towards the basement before finally reaching the bottom.

The Doctor's hearts raced. Frank was carrying a box with him, the contents of it was a mystery. But it couldn't be good.

"I met your mother when I was fifteen. We were at school and she became my only friend. When I was eighteen and she was sixteen. She became pregnant with Aidan. With you. Both our parents were shocked and your mother was thrown out of her house. So she lived with me. After you were born, we got married and got a house. Your mother became a trainee nurse and I joined the police force. We were happy"

Frank sat the box down and began to search through it, never acknowledging the Doctor

"Then when Aidan, you, turned five it was very troublesome. Running around, misbehaving, breaking things. Such a rude and terrible little boy. So I took care of you whilst your mother was hard at work. I taught you how to behave better. To do as you were told, to not speak unless spoken to"

Frank took out a piece of cloth from the box which the Doctor instantly recognised. He sauntered up to the tied up Timelord and gagged him. The Doctor tried to protest but was unable to get a word out before the cloth was stuffed in his mouth and tied behind his head. When he had finished Frank went back to the box in the middle of the room.

"Things were looking up until one day you tried to run away from home. So I punished you, unfortunately I got a bit carried away. You stopped breathing. I tried to bring you back but you wouldn't. Your mother was at work and never found out what had happened. I hid the body and told her you had been taken away by child services. She believed me and using my police skills I got away with it too.

Over the years she never gave up looking for you, became obsessed with it actually. I had to make her agree to move house a few times. Eventually she became too unstable to work. So I took care of her and have been for the last few years, until finally I realised what she needed. She needed her son back. But this time, he would be older, smarter and stronger. That way he would be easier to punish"

The Doctor watched as Frank lifted a long leather belt from the box. Holding it up in the air, the belt swung down to the ground with the buckle at the end. The Doctor's hearts raced and he tried to catch his breath as Frank stepped forward and held the belt before him. Without warning Frank swung the belt around and whipped the Doctor in the side. The buckle whipped round and dug into his ribs causing him to yelp in pain.

"You can't do as you are told, you don't listen to me or your mother. Aidan, you are being a very bad little boy" Frank whipped the belt again, catching the Doctor's upper arm. His skin tore on impact and he began to bleed. Fortunately, in the darkness of the basement, Frank was unable to see the off colour of his blood and continued to ransack the Doctor's defenceless body with blows from his leather belt and hard buckle.

By the end, Frank was out of breath and the Doctor struggled to hold himself up. The pain inflicted on to him was intense, all he wanted to do now was to curl up in a ball and wait for it to pass. Tears dominated his face, along with tiny cuts when the buckle had managed to nip him on his cheeks and forehead.

Next, Frank dropped the belt and went back to the box. Lifting out something that the Doctor couldn't see, it was so tiny in Frank's large hands. It only looked like he had bald up his fists. When he approached the Doctor, he knelt to eye level before opening up his hand. The Doctor looked down and saw a tiny salt shaker. Now in his frame of mind, the Doctor had long forgotten all of his past adventures and times when he had been captured and tortured for information or punishment. His high intelligence on science and the body had already diminished leaving his knowledge very limited to that of a ten-year olds.

So when Frank revealed the tiny salt shaker in his hand, he in fact had no clue about what he intended to do with it.

"Your mother almost had a heart attack the moment she found out that you had run away from home. Of course when I told her that I had brought you back, she was releaved that you hadn't been taken away from us again. Her damaged mind couldn't imagine the thought of you actually running away from her. I promised her that it would never happen again and I am always true to my word"

Annie sat in the kitchen preparing lunch. She had just finished having a shower and getting dressed. She had made her way down stairs just as she saw her husband carrying a box to the basement door.

"Frank, is my baby okay?" she asked

"He's fine my darling. I will be a while. Have some time to yourself"

Annie nodded, accepting a peck on the cheek from her husband before he went down to the basement to tend to their son. Annie smiled before heading into the kitchen and starting lunch. Once she was finished she headed up to Doctor's room and cleaned it. She changed the bed covers, opened the window to let some fresh air in and picked up his toys and drawings. She picked up teddy and placed him on the pillow. Thankfully, she hadn't noticed the secret notes under the Doctor's pillow.

When that was done, she sprayed the room with air freshener and went down stairs. Since she had the opportunity, she decided to wrap some last-minute presents that she had bought the day before. settling down on the living room floor, she placed all the presants, wrapping paper, tape and scissors before her. She had turned on her radio and began to listen to some classical music. Humming along to orchestra as she wrapped a T-shirt she had bought for Aidan.

She continued to wrap the presants, humming to the music, in her own perfect little world. Then she heard screaming come from below her. Annie flinched and stopped cutting the paper. Holding the scissors before her, she turned to look in the direction of the basement door. Her jaw tightened as the screaming got louder. She knew who it was and who was causing it. Opening and closing the scissors over and over again. She stared dead ahead.

Until eventually she relaxed, sighing loudly. She put the scissors down as if nothing had happened. Screams still continued from below. Annie turned the radio up louder and began to hum once more, continuing with her wrapping.

Frank shook the salt one more time over the Doctor's body. He had removed his T-shirt using a pocket knife, leaving the Doctor half-naked and vulnerable. Frank had stood above the Doctor and emptied the contents of the salt shaker. Not every grain had landed on it's intended had managed to land onto the Doctor's beaten body and work their way into his cuts, causing him to scream through his gag.

Frank had tried to ignore the screams but he enjoyed every minute of it, he even got annoyed when the salt ran out, he considered going up the stairs to get more but thought better once he remembered there was more in his box of tricks.

Frank dropped the salt shaker as the Doctor continued to cry in agony. When Frank bent down to pick out another punishment, he heard something behind him. The Doctor was trying to speak through his gag, beg even. Frank manged to make out what the man was trying to say and was stunned.

He walked up to the Doctor and pulled out his gag.

"What did you say?"

The Doctor choked out his words, tears flowing from his eyes. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry...daddy" Frank ears perked up at his words before he smiled "I'm sorry daddy, I won't run away again. Please, I'm sorry"

Frank knelt to face him, grasping his chin in his hand, Frank lifted the Doctor's head up to face him. "What's my name?" He asked

The Doctor sniffed before answering "Daddy"

"Yes I am" Frank was loving this moment, he hadn't been called dad for years and he liked it. "And you're not going to do that again are you?" he asked the Doctor, talking to him like a child.

The Doctor shook his head in Frank's hand "No"

"Good boy" Frank stood and walked over to his box. The Doctor's hearts raced but he soon relaxed as he watched Frank pick up his box and walk toward the stairs "You're going to stay down here for a little while longer, just to let that lesson sink in. I feel it won't be long until we are a family again"

Frank walked up the stairs and left the basement, leaving the Doctor on his own. Pain still surged through his body. He hung his head in defeat. He couldn't help it, he wasn't as strong as he use to be. His entire body hurt, his mind was scrambled. It wouldn't be long until his captors got their wish and their son back. He begged for his friends to find him, he couldn't remember their names, but he knew they existed.

Failure welcomed him as he sighed in shame. He sat alone in the basement for quite some time. Repeating his hidden note over and over in his mind.


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