Is my name The Doctor

chapter 13

6am Christmas morning

Frank woke early to get everything ready for his wife who lay asleep beside him. He got a quick shower and got dressed before heading down stairs and into the kitchen. Whilst in there he poured a glass of water and headed down to the basement. Once down there he was greeted by the sight of the Doctor still bound to the low pipe. His head hung depressingly and one would mistake him to be dead if it weren't for his silent breathing.

Frank set the glass down next to him and untied his hands, the Doctor collapsed forward into Franks arms that caught him with ease. The Doctor struggled to open his eyes as Frank removed the gag from his mouth and put the glass of cold water to his lips.

The Doctor greedily accepted the water; it was like heaven in his mouth. The Doctor couldn't help but rest his head on the crook of Frank's arm; he was just so tired and cold. Frank had given him his medicine last night. It had hurt a lot and the Doctor worried if it had done the job, completed the task of erasing his memories, he could no longer remember his friends and the last moments he had with them. He couldn't even remember the day he was forced into a car by Frank and drove to his new home.

Frank allowed him to finish off the whole glass before he helped the man to his feet. Once they were both standing, the Doctor had to use the other for balance; the days spent on his knees did him no good, now he felt like he had no legs at all.

"Merry Christmas Aidan" Frank said to him, a stern look on his face, waiting for a reply

The Doctor got the picture "Merry Christmas daddy"

Frank smiled "We are going to have a very fun day today, but first let's get you cleaned up" Frank lead them both upstairs to the bathroom. He then told the Doctor to be quiet as Annie was still asleep, he then ordered him to take a shower. The Doctor thanked whatever God there was that Frank left him alone to shower in private. He may not have all his memories but he still wants to keep his dignity, even after what Frank has already done to him.

The Doctor showered and changed into the clothes that had been left for him. His arms still hurt from being tied so long but he managed. The Doctor gasped at the damage that had been done to his body as he looked in the mirror. Frank's belt had really cut deep in some areas and would take a while to heal. Unfortunately the Doctor couldn't remember his biology and didn't know that he would not scar.

Frank returned as the Doctor pulled on a striped polo shirt to match his navy shorts, new clothes for his first Christmas.

Frank then sat the Doctor down and pulled out a pair of scissors. The Doctor held his breath as Frank began to cut his hair, it had grown past his ears over the months and his brown roots were starting to show. When he had finished Frank then picked up a razor and shaving foam. It was clear that the Doctor had also forgotten what they were for by the confusion on his face. He stiffened when Frank began to spread the foam over his chin and mouth.

The Doctor tried to avoid any more by turning his head away but that only received him a harsh slap on the back of the head "Be still Aidan, you need a shave" Frank held the Doctor by the roots of his hair as he ran the blade along his cheeks and jaw, removing the Doctor's beard.

Soon enough the Doctor was clean, dressed, hair cut and dried and cleanly shaven. He still wore no shoes or socks but he had already gotten use to bare feet by now. Frank brought him back down stairs and into the living room, it was still fairly dark outside so Frank turned on a lamp and the Christmas tree. He then made the Doctor sit on the floor next to the tree and not move. Frank disappeared giving the Doctor a chance to look around, he had only been in the living room once during his time here and that was to help put the tree up.

He noticed that there were more presents under the tree, some with his name on it, well Aidan's name, which the Doctor had begun to answer to. Frank returned with a large box wrapped in paper with a bow on top. He placed the heavy present on the Doctor's lap and whispered something in his ear. He told him not to move before he went back upstairs to fetch Annie.

The Doctor sat in silence as he waited for him to return. It was obvious now that Frank trusted the Doctor not to run away again, he had beaten his apology and promise out of him already and he didn't want to go through with that again.

Frank led the newly awakened Annie down the stairs, with a cup of tea in her hand she smiled brightly to the feeling of Christmas morning, unaware of the surprise Frank had for her.

"What are you up to Frank?"

"Just go have a look and see what Santa brought you" he replied. Annie giggled before slowly opening the door to the living room. She gasped in surprise once she saw the Doctor by the tree, all clean and perfect and holding a giant present on his lap.

"Oh Aidan!"

"Happy Christmas mummy" The Doctor exclaimed

Annie ran forward and hugged him, pecking him on the cheek multiple times before stroking his hair "Look at you, you're so perfect and in your new clothes"

The Doctor showed her the present which she opened immediately. Both she and the Doctor were surprised when they spotted a tiny puppy inside the box. Annie picked it up and held it close to her chest. The Doctor reached forward and petted it gently on the head. He couldn't hold back the smile that crept on his face as the puppy licked him back.

"It's for you both"

"Oh thank you darling" Annie handed the puppy to the Doctor, which he gratefully accepted. Annie kissed Frank on the lips before turning back to the Doctor "What should we call him?"

The Doctor looked at the tiny white Jack Russell and thought of a name "Santa"

"That's a lovely name" Said Annie "Shall we see what else Santa has left for us?"

For the next hour the trio sat down and opened all the presents under the tree. The Doctor tried to put on his best smile as he received countless presents from Annie and Frank. Most of them were meant for kids, and he knew he wasn't a kid, at least he didn't feel like one. However, he loved his new companion. He played with Santa and enjoyed scratching his tiny brown ears. Now had some company.

"You better take care of that dog Aidan" Frank warned him. The Doctor nodded before resuming his play.

Later they had sat down to eat their Christmas dinner. Annie had cooked the whole thing and one could barely see the surface of the table due to the sheer amount of food, there was certainly going to be left overs. The Doctor didn't want to admit it, but he was actually having good time. He couldn't help it, it was the first time he was having a nice day in six months.

He even laughed out loud when Frank's fork flipped over and the potato on the fork flew into the air and hit frank smack on the face. At first The Doctor tried to hold it in but when Annie began to laugh, he let it all out. Frank eventually joined in so all three were having fun. The Doctor's smile soon faded when Annie placed her hand on his "It's so good to be a family again Aidan. Merry Christmas"

The Doctor blinked, he looked to Frank before looking back "Merry Christmas mummy. Merry Christmas daddy"

Donna stood in the conference room of the hub sipping her hot chocolate. She looked through the window to the hub below her, seeing Jack punching the computer screen. Jack had decided not to celebrate Christmas much as he was to busy finding the Doctor. They had lost track of him and now he felt useless.

Donna sighed as she hugged herself. Missing her friend on today of all days.

"Merry Christmas Doctor, Where ever you are"

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