Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 14

Two months later and the snow began to fall. Christmas had been dry the entire way through, once it hit February, snow and ice began to cover to the roads and it felt like Christmas once more.

A fire had been lit in the fireplace and the TV played in the corner. Annie sat on the sofa watching the television; the Doctor lay across the sofa with his head resting on her lap. Annie softly hummed Kookaburra to him as she gently stroked his hair. The Doctor looked at peace as he relaxed to her touch, listening to her humming, he felt content and safe.

The fire lit them both and warmed them up. The Doctor closed his eyes when they became heavy; Annie continued to stroke his hair as she watched him drift off. Fully aware that he was falling asleep she still decided to speak up, selfishly waking him once more. She didn't want him to sleep, she wanted to spend the entire day just watching him play, eat and be her son.

"What would you like to do angel?" she asked

The Doctor opened his eyes and yawned before looking up at her "I don't know mummy"

"Well why don't we do something?"

The Doctor jumped up on the sofa and sat on his knees, a grin from ear to ear "Can we play in the snow!" he exclaimed

Annie laughed at him and leaned her head to the side "Oh baby we can't" she said

The Doctor's face fell "Why not?"

"You know your father and I don't want you going outside" Annie placed a hand on his cheek "What if someone saw you? What if they took you away from us again? I can't go through with that again. Let's just stay inside and have some fun in here"

"Oh, okay" The Doctor spoke solemnly; he bowed his head, disappointed that he could not go outside. He had wanted to play in the snow for a while but he had waited until a good day to ask. He hadn't left the house since Christmas and he had promised his daddy that he wouldn't leave again, but he figured that if he got permission then maybe he would be allowed. Guess he was wrong.

Annie sighed at him "Oh Aidan, don't give me that look. You know all I want if for you to be safe, I hate it when you're not happy"

The Doctor had gotten upset and was almost crying and he tried his best to hold in the tears as he spoke "I just don't understand why I can't go outside" He whimpered "Did I do something wrong?"

Annie sat up straight and pulled him into her arms "No, don't you dare say that. You did nothing wrong Aidan. We just love you so so much. You remember what we told you? How you had been taken away from us, you were gone for so many years" Annie held the Doctor's face in her hands and pressed her forehead to his "We just never want that to happen again, so to keep you safe we keep you inside"

"But mummy, how come I can't remember anything? I don't remember being taken away. Where did I go? What happened?" he cried

Annie used her thumbs to wipe his tears away "None of that matters, what matters is that you are home. I'm not sure if you will ever remember growing up. The people who took you away did something to you and now you've forgotten. But I will tell you everything you need to know. I'll tell you all about the day you were born, your first words, learning how to ride your bike. How we would always play hide and seek in the house during rainy nights. We had fun baby, but we can have so much more fun now"

"Promise?" he asked

Annie smiled before kissing him softly on the head "Promise"

The Doctor smiled at her as she dried his face. She always knew how to make him happy. For a while the Doctor had been confused about why he couldn't remember his past. His mum and dad had told him that his medicine was to help him remember; just recently Frank had changed the dosage after telling him that it was compulsory, when actually it was so he didn't forget anything else. He had already forgotten everything Frank had deemed unnecessary, so all the Doctor can remember is waking up in the basement all those months ago.

The Doctor rested his head on Annie's shoulder and sighed deeply "Why don't you go up to your room and get a game to play" she suggested. The Doctor smiled and jumped up from the sofa, leaving Annie on her own to watch TV. The Doctor ran up the stairs passing pictures that hung on the wall, one including the Doctor, Frank and Annie on Christmas day. It had been taken as their first family photo together. The smile on the Doctor's face was genuine and true.

The Doctor entered him room and was greeted by Santa who had gotten accustomed to sleeping on the Doctor's bed. The Doctor dived on his bed and allowed Santa to climb over him and lick his face. The Doctor and the tiny white Jack Russell had become the best of friends. They accompanied each other at night along with Teddy.

Whilst Santa lay on the Doctor's stomach, the Doctor reached under his pillow for the collection of notes hidden beneath. Neither Annie nor Frank knew of these papers as the Doctor had decided to keep them a secret, he didn't know why, he just felt like it was the right thing to do. Most of the words on the pages confused him, he couldn't remember writing them. He wasn't even sure if they were about him or someone else, all he knew is that it stated that his current life was a lie and that the one on the pages wasn't. He laughed at it of course until he gotten to the bottom. Every time he read those words, it hurt his head. I AM THE DOCTOR. What does it mean?

He never knew. And he was probably never going to find out. He enjoyed looking at all the funny pictures, especially the ones with the blue box. He liked those best. It was just then he remembered that his mother was waiting for him down stairs. He placed the pages back under his pillow and got up off of the bed. He picked up the first game he saw which just so happened to be Pictureka, one of the multiple games he had gotten for Christmas, and then he picked up Santa and went back down stairs.

When he went back into the living room, Frank was there next to Annie. He had been out for most of the day; he had said that he had a job to take care of which the Doctor never really questioned.

Annie was smiling when the Doctor came back in. He placed the board game on the glass coffee table and knelt down in front of the fire, still holding Santa in his arms.

Frank also smiled at him "I see we're about to have a little game night then" The Doctor nodded "Good, I could do with a relaxing night"

"Frank, tell Aidan the good news" said Annie

The Doctor looked at them both with glee. He liked to hear good news, especially because it was good. Frank nodded at his wife before leaning forward towards the Doctor, resting his elbows on his lap. "I went to see a Doctor today and he told me that you don't have to take your medicine any more. You're all better"

The Doctor's face lit up. The joy of no longer having to take the excruciating medicine was overwhelming "Really!"

"Yup. Everything's fine. We can get back to the way things were. What do you think about that?" asked Frank

"I think it's brilliant!" The Doctor cried out, hugging Santa close to his chest. He smiled in pure delight. Unaware of how not so brilliant it was. The medicine had in fact done its job and the Doctor had forgotten his past. His family and friends. His home planet. The TARDIS and his adventures he had with her. His good times and his bad, he had even forgotten his true mother.

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