Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 15

It was mid-June. The sun beamed down onto the earth, heating the atmosphere and creating a warm summer's day.

A whole year since the Doctor had been taken and both Annie and Frank had gotten away with it. No one had suspected a thing, not even the neighbours. They had no clue that there was in fact another person living inside the house with the couple.

The Doctor, or should I say 'Aidan', was happy to be trapped inside the house. He couldn't remember living any other life and didn't know what he was missing. He thought it was perfectly normal; at least that's what he has been told.

Frank was in the front garden, tending to some weeds. He found it rather relaxing gardening; it was his favourite hobby during the summer. He would even plant new flowers and seeds to help his garden look perfect and flawless. Annie had popped out to the shops to do some shopping; Frank expected that she would be awhile as it was very common for her to get distracted.

Frank pulled up the last of the weeds before standing and stretching his back, he wasn't as young as he used to be. A thirst for water built up inside him, so he set down his tools and went inside. When passing the living room he just about managed to see the Doctor kneeling in front of the Television, watching very intently.

Frank was almost at the kitchen when he realised what he had just saw. He ran back to the living room and looked at the TV screen. On it was a news report; a young woman with short black hair was reading a story.

"We are all so desperate to find our loved ones, especially those who have disappeared. A man in his mid-thirties has been missing for a full year now and his friends who have searched for him all this time are pleading that he is brought home.

It is suspected that the man was kidnapped a year ago from the centre of Cardiff in Wales. He had just been out on a shopping trip with his friends when he was jumped from behind and forced into a car. This CCTV footage that had been captured on the night shows exactly what happened"

Frank watched as a clip played on the screen. It wasn't clear but one could make out two figures and a car to the far left of the screen. The scene carried out exactly how he remembered it.

"The friends and family of the victim ask to whoever knows the whereabouts of this man to speak now" Just then an image of the Doctor appeared and took up the screen. The image was zoomed up on the Doctor's face; he was smiling, wearing his brown suit and trench coat. His hair was its natural colour and he looked so joyful and happy.

The image remained on the screen until the weather appeared, that's when Frank decided to turn off the TV and capture the Doctor's attention.

He looked confused and muddled. It was clear he had recognised the image on the screen as himself and the clogs in his head began to turn.

"I didn't give you permission to watch TV" stated Frank

"Mummy let me watch it before she left" he said

"Well that's enough TV for today, upstairs into your room"

The Doctor slowly turned his head and stared at the blank television screen. He could still see the image of himself dominate the screen. He replayed the CCTV footage in his head. Images appeared along with it. Things he didn't comprehend he'd think about, they just appeared.

"Now Aidan!" yelled Frank. Frank bent forward and grabbed the Doctor's upper arm in a fierce grip. He then pulled him up to his feet and began to drag him out of the living room.

However, the Doctor was too in the moment to do as he was told. Seeing that image sent a rush of adrenaline through him. "No!" The Doctor pulled his arm free and stepped back from Frank.

"What did you just say?" demanded Frank, his teeth glaring and face red.

"My name's not Aidan" The Doctor spoke quietly. The realisation hitting him like a bus "My name is not Aidan"

"Of course it is boy. Now do as you're told or else you'll be going back down to the basement for a punishment" Frank threatened. He tried to grab the Doctor once more but he retreated

"That was me, on the TV. They were talking about me. Why were they saying that I had been kidnapped!" he questioned

"Aidan you were told this already. You had been taken from us and we only got you back a year ago. Those people who have put that report on the news are the ones who took you. They're lying just to get you back"

The Doctor shook his head, questions rushing through his mind "No, the woman on the screen said they were my friends"

"She was lying!"

"No, you're lying! You took me. You and mummy! The video on the TV that was you, that was when you took me! You're the liar not them!"

Just then Frank jumped forward and backhanded the Doctor on the face. "You lower you tone before I lower it for you. Get down to the basement now"

Annie made her way around the corner, five shopping bags in her hands. She hummed to herself as her house came into view. She smiled at the thought of seeing Aidan again. She couldn't wait to show him the surprise she got him.

When she reached the garden the first thing she noticed was the garden. Frank had done a great job with the weeds. It was really starting to look like summer.

Just then she heard a yell come from inside. Annie ran inside and dropped her bags as soon as she got into the hall. She shut the door and ran further into the house.

"Frank! Aidan!"

Annie jumped as she heard her husband's voice reply "Annie, come down to the basement!" Multiple scenarios were running through her mind as she made her way down to the basement. When she reached the bottom she gasped at what she saw.

The Doctor had been taped down to a chair in the centre of the room. Their was also tape over his mouth and Frank was finishing with his legs. Annie ran forward "Frank what are you doing!"

Frank was breathing heavily as if he had just been through a tough struggle "Darling I need to go out for a bit. I won't be long"

"What happened?" she asked in a state of shock

Frank turned back and spoke quietly to her "He's remembering" Annie's eyes widened "I had to tie him down because he was beginning to get violent. Just keep him tied up whilst I get some more of his medicine"

"But you said he didn't need it anymore"

"I know sweety but he remembered something. I don't know how, he wasn't suppose to remember anything but I think something triggered it. Just keep him down here until I get back"

Annie turned to look at her son who was struggling in the chair. He was crying to be let loose. Frank left leaving Annie alone with him. Annie removed the tape from his mouth and he immediately broke down in front of her.

"Mummy!" he cried out

Annie wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the head "Ssh it's okay baby it's okay."

"Please mummy, I don't like being tied up" he said

"I Know Aidan but I can't untie you until your father gets back with your medicine?" she pulled away from him

"No mummy I don't want the medicine again!" he burst, tears flowing down his cheeks

Annie held the Doctor face in her hands as he cried "Oh it's ok sweety. It's going to make you all better. I know we said that it had stopped but we might have to start again, just incase" Annie kissed him a few more times "Aidan what happened when I was gone?"

The Doctor sniffed "I don't know. But I was on the TV mummy. The TV said I'm missing"

Annie wasn't sure what he meant what he said but she still did her best do comfort him "No sweetheart, you were missing but then we got you back remember"

"I'm not sure what I remember mummy"

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