Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 16

The Doctor lay on his bed. The curtains were drawn closed and night had set in, only a lamp lit his room, casting a shadow on the walls.

It had been a month since Frank had put him back on his medicine and it hurt him more than ever before. He had to get use to it all over again. And now he can no longer remember why he had been put back on it.

The news report had triggered something in the back of his mind that he nor Annie or Frank could understand how. None of them knew of his superior biology. Not even the Doctor. Frank had returned from his 'Doctor' and injected him with the liquid. Still tied to the chair the Doctor couldn't curl in on himself when the pain attacked his mind.

All he did was scream as Annie held him. When it was over Frank let him out of the chair, but he was too weak to stand and had to be carried up to his room by Frank. His TV privileges had been taken from him and could only watch it if Annie or Frank was in the room.

That night the Doctor had cried himself to sleep, he couldn't get an explanation out of anyone, why was he back on the medicine? Why was he taking it in the first place? He would never find out.

Over the month, summer had set in and the weather grew hotter. There were still some rainy days which the Doctor would enjoy just looking out his window to watch the rain hit the ground to form puddles on the road. How he yearned to run out and splash in those puddles.

As he lay on his bed he listened to down stairs. Annie and Frank were arguing, it scared him to hear them fight, he just hoped they stay down stairs and leave him on his own.

Just then his bedroom door opened. The Doctor raised his head to see who it was and he smiled. Santa must have also been scared of the fighting and went to seek comfort with the Doctor. The tiny dog jumped on the bed and curled into the Doctor's side. Santa was still pretty small but had more or less grown to his full size.

The Doctor got up and closed his door before climbing back on his bed to join his friend. "I guess you don't like the shouting either" The Doctor gently scratched the dog's ear as he stared at the ceiling

"I hate it too. I hope they'll stop soon or else people won't be able to sleep" he commented

Santa barked at him and the Doctor smiled "No I guess you won't be able to sleep too, but you can stay with me. Maybe we could try to get to sleep together" The Doctor reached over to his desk and picked up his teddy bear "Me, you and Teddy"

Santa replied by reaching forward and nibbling on the bear's ear. The Doctor snatched the bear away and held him to his chest.

"No Santa, that's bad! You can't eat Teddy's ear"

So Santa just crawled forward and began to lick the Doctor's cheek instead. The Doctor laughed as he tried to get away from him, but the tiny dog just bounced around and licked where ever he could.

The Doctor giggled "Stop it Santa I just had a bath"

The dog continued until the Doctor resisted and begun to scratch his tummy to calm him down. When they were both relaxed they lay side by side and listened to down stairs. The arguing had subsided. But there was a loud bang.

The Doctor jumped up and looked out his window. Frank had walked out of the house and was now getting in his car before driving away. The Doctor watched him go before lying back down again.

He curled in on himself with Teddy tucked under his arms and Santa next to his head. The Doctor gently petted the dog as it drifted off the sleep.

"I had a dream last night Santa. It was weird. I was in a forest, but it wasn't like the forest behind our house, because the trees had no leaves and there was white smoke all over the ground, I couldn't see my feet. It was really dark. I got scared because the trees started to crack and fall down. Then I heard a lady's voice, she was talking to me. She said..."

Do not be afraid little one. I am your friend.

I am your guide, your companion, your home.

We are connected in mind and spirit, but your mind is troubled.

See these trees. See them crack and fall to the earth. Watch as they become dust and ash.

This forest represents your mind and these trees represent your memories.

Each fallen tree represents one of your fallen memories. When they hit the ground then that memory has faded.

There are only so many trees left in the forest little one, because you have only so many memories remaining.

But in fact, those memories are lies.

"Who are you?"

I can see through time and space

Everything that is or was or will be.

I am a powerful creation with a mind and heart.

I am the last of my sisters

Born on a planet lost to the stars and will never return

I am here to guide you, to acknowledge you, to give you strength

You are lost little one.

Taken for a purpose that has become your lie.

You will be found but not yet.


Listen to your hearts, they whisper, so listen closely

One day this forest will grow again.

The barks will be strong and the leaves will shine silver


A past memory

Not green but silver

They will grow again and this forest will rise high

The ground will appear and the fog will die.

You will think upon this moment as a dream

Remember this dream little one. It will keep you strong

Listen and you will understand

Be brave and you will overcome

Be patient and you will be found.

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