Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 17

October 28th 2014

The Doctor and Frank sat in the living room whilst Annie was in the kitchen making tonight's dinner. The Doctor knelt next to the coffee table drawing with his new crayons. Frank was busy watching a documentary on flowers.

The Doctor stood from the table and sat next to Frank, placing his drawing on his lap. It took him second to remove his line of sight from the TV before looking down at the drawing.

The picture was clearly of the Doctor, Frank and Annie all dressed up for Halloween.

"Nice picture son" he commented before returning back to the documentary

The Doctor blinked before picking up the picture. He then turned it back round to point to Frank. "I-It's you and me and mummy dressed up"

"I can see that" he said engaged to the TV

The Doctor's shoulders fell as he tried to get Frank's attention but failed. All he wanted to do was to make him smile, that's all, but he was too engrossed to the TV to notice.

"Boy's dinner is ready!" called Annie

The Doctor immediately jumped up from the sofa and ran into the kitchen. Maybe mummy will like my picture He thought

Frank followed behind as Annie placed their roast dinner on the dinning table. The Doctor took his seat and so did Frank. Annie came up from behind the Doctor and kissed him on the forehead whilst placing down a boat of gravy. She then retrieved the cutlery before sitting down herself.

Before he tucked in, the Doctor lifted his picture up to show Annie "Look mummy" Frank sighed

"Oh well isn't that lovely" she smiled making the Doctor smile too

"Aidan put your picture away while we are eating" The Doctor's face fell as he placed the picture on his lap

"Yes daddy" The Doctor said as he finally tucked in to his dinner. There was a moment of silence before Annie started making conversation.

"Frank dear, don't you think it's time we put up the decorations?"

"After dinner" he stated

"Good, because I think we've left it rather late this year" she laughed to the Doctor who smiled back at her as he tucked in to his chicken

"I'll have to get them down from the attic first" said Frank, never raising his head from his food

"Oh well then Aidan could help you" she suggested

"No, I'm fine on my own" The Doctor's face fell once more, he would do anything to make Frank proud of him, even if it was just helping him with the decorations.

"Oh, alright then" said Annie, and another silence commenced

It was a longer silence than before until the Doctor built the courage to speak up "Can we dress up this year mummy?"

Suddenly the Doctor felt a very sharp kick to his leg. Frank had kicked him from under the table before giving him a very hard glare. The Doctor couldn't hold in the yelp of pain and so Annie knew too.

He had forgotten not to speak unless spoken to, earning him a swift kick to his shin which will probably bruise later.

Annie didn't question her husband's action and ignored it all together "Well of course we can dear, we can have a lot of fun on Halloween"

"Can we go out trick or treating?" the Doctor asked cheerfully but was answered with the dropping of cutlery

Frank dropped his knife and fork onto his half-finished plate. His hands on either side of the plate, he opened and closed his fingers, fiddling with them as he tried to control his temper. The glare he was giving the Doctor was so chilling even Annie had to stop eating her food.

The Doctor immediately knew he was in trouble and lowered his head. Frank leaned forward never blinking, nostrils flaring. He swallowed the rest of his food which felt like it was taking forever. The Doctor held his breath as his fear for this man was taking control.

He finally spoke, so low and cold. Pronouncing every word slowly and with such precision "What have I told you about asking questions like that?"

The Doctor tried to reply but no one heard him, it was so quiet one would only see his lips move to form a heart breaking 'sorry'

"Time and time again your mother and i have warned you about asking such questions" In a sudden outburst he screamed "Don't you ever listen!" Both Annie and the Doctor jumped in their seats, but whilst the Doctor's lower lip began to quiver, Annie went back to her food and blocked out the entire argument, even as her 'son' began to cry.

"Stop asking stupid questions like that when you already know the bloody answers to them!"

The Doctor hiccupped as tears began to flow, but Frank still continued to shout and Annie still continued to ignore it.

Frank raised his hand and started to point his finger in the Doctor's face "I will fucking beat you black and blue the next time you asking something so stupid and remotely pointless do you understand!"

The Doctor nodded profoundly, trying his hardest to contain his weeping "yes"

"Yes What!"

"Yes Daddy, yes yes daddy y-yes" he stammered still staring down at his food, but out of the corner of his eye he managed to see Frank lower his hand and pick up his knife and fork, remaining silent as he went back to his food

The Doctor was stock still as he cried in his seat, the uncontrollable tears falling from his cheeks as fear dominated him. He whimpered and hiccupped unable to finish his meal. Suddenly Frank stood from his seat and leaned over before smacking the Doctor on the back of the head "Stop Fucking Crying!" He grabbed his hair and pulled at his roots "Stop it now!"

Frank only let go of him when the Doctor managed to hold back his tears, however how hard it was due to the pain and fear and still managed it. Frank sat back down in his seat and continued with his meal as did the Doctor.

Just then Santa entered the room and approached the Doctor. The Doctor knew to ignore him in case Frank got angry again. Santa had not yet been fed and must have been quite hungry. Not seconds after Santa had came in, Frank lifted a piece of chicken from his plate which then fell off of his fork and landed on the floor. It all happened so quick.

Santa bolted for the chicken and managed to get to it before Frank did. "You greedy mutt!"

In rage Frank smacked the tiny dog in the face, sending him sprawling on the floor and cry out in pain. The Doctor, having such an affection for the poor thing, stood from his seat "Santa!"

Angrier than before, Frank stood also before backhanding the Doctor on the face. The Doctor also fell back onto the floor, holding his cheek he watched as Frank towered over him but before he could do anything. Santa sprinted forward and took a mouth full of Franks trousers and began to tug on them. The tiny dog was not causing any harm, he was just trying to protect his owner but received a swift kick in the ribs. Santa yelped in pain as he skidded across the room and banged into one of the kitchen cupboards. He managed to get back on his feet and run from the room.

The Doctor looked up at Frank from the ground who was now glaring down at him "Get out of my sight" he demanded

The Doctor didn't wait a second more as he climbed back to his feet and ran upstairs. Once in his bedroom he shut the door and collapsed to the ground. He cried in silence as he drew his knees up to his chest. Just then he heard a soft scuttle next to him, he looked up to see Santa standing next to his bed. The tiny dog had seeked refuge under his bed to hid from the same person the Doctor wished to hide from.

The Doctor called over the little pup and picked him up, inspecting him. He didn't know what he was looking for but he seemed alright. Alright enough to hug him close to his chest. "Thanks for sticking up for me boy" he whispered before softly kissing him on the top of his head

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