Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 18

"What's going on mummy?" the Doctor asked as Annie blindfolded him

"You'll see my darling" she replied

The Doctor stood in the middle of his bedroom. He had just been down stairs opening all of his presents from Santa Claus. He loved christmas and he could tell that this year was so much better than last. After opening his gifts he had run up stairs to play with them. Annie had also shouted up to him to get dressed in his brand new clothes.

When he did, Annie appeared at his door to have a look at him. "Don't you look precious my little angel"

"Help" the Doctor squeaked as he tried to manoeuvre his head and arms through his new red jumper. The Jumper came with a hood and pockets, he also wore light brown trousers and a white T-shirt underneath his jumper. Annie helped him dress before picking up his shoes and helping him put them on.

The Doctor plopped down on his bed and pulled on his first shoe. However, when Annie came forward to tie it for him he went into a stare. Gazing down at his brand new black converse, images began to appear in his head.

He always wore converse, didn't he?

"Aidan, what's the matter Darling?...Aidan"

The Doctor blinked out of his stare and looked at her "Are you okay sweetie?"

The Doctor nodded and proceeded to pull on his other shoe. Annie then pulled him up and placed the blindfold on him "We've got a surprise for you" she announced

"What is it?" asked the Doctor as Annie began to put a woolly hat and scarf on him.

"You'll just have to come downstairs and see"

Annie guided the Doctor out of his room and down the stairs. The Doctor waved his arms around, making sure he wouldn't bump into anything along the way. Annie guided the Doctor into the kitchen where it suddenly got very cold.

Annie removed the blindfold and stood back "Surprise!"

The Doctor blinked. Before him stood Frank and Annie, but something else that confused him. It was the backdoor, it was open. That's why it was so cold.

The Doctor was confused and looked to Annie and Frank for some answers. "Since you've been such a good boy, we've decided that you should be able to go outside the back garden and play in the snow"

The Doctor's face lit up "Really!"

"Yup, and you can take santa with you" said Annie. The Doctor instantly ran towards the open door, fresh air already attack his lungs. Until he was stopped by Frank's arm. The Doctor looked up at Frank in fear.

"You stay where we can see you, understand?" he instructed

The Doctor nodded "It's alright Frank, it's only the back garden. Plus, it's only for today. Understand angel, it's only for today"

Again the Doctor nodded, upset he only had one day of freedom, but seconds later he didn't care. Once he saw the untouched white blanket outside, he rushed towards it and dived down into the cold snow.

Santa followed in pursuit and hopped around the snow, for he aswell as the Doctor had never been outside of the house since he had been brought home. For santa, this was his first adventure.

The Doctor laughed as he picked up handfuls of the frozen rain and tossed it into the air, letting it fall back onto his face. He would walk around so slow just to hear the crunch of his feet crushing the snow. He even made a snow angel and chased Santa around the garden.

At one point he just stood in the center of it all and breathed it in. His first breath of fresh air since last christmas. Just to be able to see the sky made a smile appear on his rosy cheeks.

Frank watched him from the kitchen window, never taking his eyes from him. If he were to make a break for it, he would be ready. But he was positive he wouldn't, he fixed that problem last year.

Jack stood on the roof looking out into the city lights. In the midst of it all, fireworks danced in the sky as the world celebrated the new year. He had watched the count down with the others but when everything calmed down, he decided to get some air.

From the roof he could see buildings and houses, public parks and the sea. In amongst it all was his best friend. Stolen away from them and still hadn't been found.

Jack blamed himself for what had happened, he had left the Doctor on his own. In that short time he was snatched away, and he should've stopped it. Eighteen months have now passed and he still hadn't found him. What kind of friend does that make him?

Jack had practically dropped all of his work at Torchwood just to dedicate his hours to finding the Doctor. He was determined to bring him home. He would often find himself stuck or at a dead-end. When he took a break it was either on the roof or in the TARDIS. He could feel her pain and sorrow. He could swear that he could hear her cry, missing her owner. Her lights had dimmed because of it and that worried Jack. He would keep her company, but there was only one thing that would truly cheer her up, and he is lost in the world.

"Hot chocolate?"

Jack turned round to see Donna offering him the hot beverage. She too carried a cup whilst sporting a thick blanket to cover her cold body. The temperature had definitely dropped once midnight had hit.

"Thanks babe" he joked, making Donna smile

"Thought I'd find you up here" she breathe in the cold air "It's not a bad view"

Jack didn't answer her, only stared out to the city before him

"We'll find him Jack, I know we will" she said

"Well why haven't we. He's depending on us, and has been for the past year and a half, and we still have no idea where he might be"

"We know he's on Earth and in the UK remember, we constantly check all CCTV footage of airports and boat docks, and if we didn't see him then he's still here. I believed you when you said that you know what you are doing. We both agreed that whoever took him was human, we just don't know their intentions that's all"

"That's what worries me" Said Jack before taking a sip of his hot chocolate.

"He's still alive and we've got the TARDIS to prove it"

Jack sighed "I know, I just feel useless"

Donna pulled Jack down to sit on the Roof's ledge "Your not useless Jack, if it weren't for you all of us would have given up by now"

"I'm desperate Donna, I can't even find my best friend, even with all the technology we have. I even succumbed to calling the police and making the news report, that didn't do any good either"

"You never know Jack, besides it's better than nothing. Now the world knows he missing, maybe they're still keeping an eye out for him" she said as she finished her hot chocolate "I mean it Jack, we're gonna find him and we're gonna bring him home"

"Thanks Donna. Happy new year" smiled Jack

Donna smiled back at him "Happy new year Jack"

Jack finished his drink before looking out to the city view once more "Happy new year Doctor"

"Love Kookaburra love, kookaburra oh how life must be"

Annie kissed the sleeping Doctor on his head before tucking him in for the night. "Goodnight my little angel, sleep tight" Annie joined her husband at the door before turning off the bedroom light "Happy new year Aidan"

Annie left leaving Frank to shut the door. But first he stared at the sleeping figure of his fake son, thinking. Then he shut the door and headed for bed.

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