Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 19

The Doctor lay on his stomach watching TV. He was immersed in the screen as he watched Spongebob Squarepants, it became his ritual to watch it every morning after his breakfast. As he watched intently, little Santa made his way in after his own morning meal and skipped his way towards his friend. The little dog was within reach of and began to lick the Doctor on his face.

The Doctor recoiled in disgust "Ew Santa, your breath smells like doggy food!"

The dog continued to lick his owner even as he began to roll around on the floor to avoid the dog's mouth. The Doctor began to giggle as the dog climbed over him, jumping on his stomach just to play. The two played for a while until there was a loud bang from upstairs.

Both the Doctor and Santa jumped as they listened. Annie and Frank were arguing again, he didn't know what it was about but it must have been serious. The Doctor drew his knees up to his chest and picked up the little dog, holding him close so as he didn't get scared.

He could hear them moving about in their bedroom but when he heard their door open and slam shut again, he held his breath.

"Don't follow me woman!" yelled Frank

Annie chased after him and he charged down stairs "Frank wait! Where are you going?"


"Out? Out where? Frank please" she begged

Frank stopped at the bottom of the stairs and turned to her "I just need to go somewhere alright! Just stay here and don't leave the house" he instructed as he made his way to the door. The Doctor could now see the couple through the living room door and he watched intently.

"Why?" asked Annie

Frank snapped back at her "Just do as you're told!" Frank then looked into the living room and saw the Doctor looking back, immediately the Doctor looked away, knowing he would get into trouble for being nosey.

Frank glared at him before looking back at his wife "Give the boy his medicine, and clean this house it smells like fucking dog shit!"

"Yes dear" said Annie lowering her head. With that Frank left, slamming the door behind him. Annie remained in the hallway for a few moments, just staring at her feet. The Doctor watched her, not daring to speak.

Eventually Annie raised her head and looked into the living room. The Doctor frowned when he noticed tears running down her cheeks. She smiled at him and made her way towards him.

"Oh I'm sorry baby, did we scare you?" she asked

The Doctor merely nodded. Annie hunched down next to him and stroked his hair. "I'm sorry sweetie. Me and daddy were just having a little tiff that's all. Are you okay?"

Again the Doctor nodded whilst he stroked Santa's head. Then he lifted his hand and using his finger, he wiped away a single tear from Annie's cheek. He looked at it before looking up at her. Annie smiled down at him before she leaned forward and pulled him into a hug. "You always know how to make me happy"

The Doctor hugged her back, holding tight as she squeezed him. Annie pulled out of the hug "Come on, let's lay down and watch some TV" Annie took the Doctor's hand and guided him to the sofa. The Doctor let go of Santa and the dog ran off. Once there, Annie sat down at the end of the sofa and patted her lap.

The Doctor then lay down on the sofa and rested his head on Annie's lap. Annie sighed happily as her son looked up at her as she caressed his hair. She began to hum to him, a soft tune that she remembered from her childhood.

The Television played in the background, but no one was watching. The Doctor didn't speak as he watched his false mother stroke his hair and face. Gently petting him and playing with his fringe.

He watched as her eyes began to shut, and slowly but surely she drifted off into a gentle slumber. Allowing the Doctor the gently sit up and watch her sleep. Before long he got up from the sofa and switched off the TV before going up to his bedroom to play.

Frank made his way across the road and down the empty alley way, behind a rundown flat on the outskirts of town. Frank avoided the nasty puddles and rubbish piles that had built up over time. He made his way over to a rusty door covered in graffiti.

He knocked the door three times and waited. The door creaked open revealing a tall sturdy man who looked like he was in dire need of a shower and shave. He stepped aside to allow Frank to pass.

Frank made his way through the empty building that looked to be dominated by rats. Moss grew on the walls and stains littered the ceiling. The floors were numbered with holes that were so huge even the sturdy man at the door could fall through.

He entered a room and was met by a few men packing boxes and labeling them. One of them looked up and smiled at him "Ah my number one customer, how you doing Frank?"

Frank made his way over to the man and stopped at a table stocked with bags of white powders and drugs. "I need my usual Jimmy"

" I could have guessed that, it's been your usual for almost two years now" The stalky man made his way into another room before returning with four jars of the suspicious liquid and a pack of clean needles "So, are you going to tell me why you need this stuff yet or are you just going to be the enigma that you are and give me the money and walk away?" the man laughed

Frank glared at Jimmy before inspecting each jar. Jimmy rolled his eyes at him "Oh come on Frank, you act like you can't trust me"

"You know as well as I do that no one can trust you. It's just a precaution" replied Frank

"I know how to handle the stuff, beside you're my only customer for it. Everyone else is too afraid to try it. Those that do says it's fatal" Jimmy stated

Frank frowned at him as he placed the jars and needles in his pockets "Fatal?"

Jimmy sat down on a torn of arm-chair and lit a cigarette "Well yeah, people are saying this drug causes massive swelling in the brain after it practically turns it to mooch. Says the people who use it scream in pain and tear at their skull before they start to bleed through their ears and eyes until eventually, they go brain-dead"

"You didn't tell me this before" scowled Frank

"I was testing. Besides if you say it works, then I don't know what to say to everyone else. That's why I keep asking you who it's for. The guy must be one strong son of a bitch if he's still alive"

Frank said nothing as he thought it over. He reached into his pocket and threw the money for the drugs onto the table "Pleasure doing business with you Frank" said Jimmy as Frank left the room. Frank couldn't get it off his mind as to why the Doctor was the only one who was surviving this drug. Jimmy said it was an update of the older version when he first bought it. He didn't know where to get his answers but as long as the Doctor doesn't die then that's good enough for him. Frank exited the building and was walking down the alley when he bumped into another man.

Frank kept walking whilst the other man just stared at him in disgust. Frank made his way back to his car before driving off to his next stop. The man he bumped into watched him until he drove around the corner. He took out his phone and dialled a number.

"Donna, get up the CCTV footage of the Doctor's kidnapping for when I get back and run a number plate for me, I think I might know where the Doctor is?"

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