Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 2

Donna stopped for the third time noticing that they were lacking one a person. Jack took notice and also began to swivel on the spot to try and see where their friend had got too.

"God, where's he gone off too now?" moaned Donna

"Now I'm convinced that he's trying to escape" Jack sat down next to the shoe isle

Crossing her arms she asked "What you mean escape?" totally bewildered

"Well you did force him to come shopping with you, which we all know is his least favourite thing he likes to do."

"He said he was bored so I took him out of the house"

"To Primark"

"Oh shut up!"

The Doctor had in fact got himself caught up in a few things that had caught his eye. A stall, that was set just outside the store Donna and Jack were in. It held many little objects, including watches, wind up toys, teddies and even some snow globes. He had picked up one and shook it, holding it up to his line of sight he looked into the small globe that now showed Big Ben surrounded by fake balls of snow. Odd this to be selling in the middle of June, or was it May.

His attention was drew back when a far off voice was shouting out. They were shouting a name. The Doctor spun to try and find where it was coming from. It was behind him, a woman. Short in height about up to the Doctor's chest, her hair was a bob and she carried a bit of weight, covered by clothes which didn't seem to be something selling in the stores these days. She was running frantically past all the stores whilst calling the name, she was running towards the Doctor.

"Aidan! Aidan!"

She ran up to the Doctor and surprised him by engulfing him into a hug.

"Oh Aidan I thought I lost you. We've been looking everywhere for you"

The Doctor was shocked "Ah ma'am, I think you have me mistaken for somebody else"

She ignored him "Now now Aidan it's time to go home"

The woman took hold of the Doctor's wrist and began to pull him away. The Doctor pulled the other way as he tried to free his wrist from her grasp. But was stopped when an angry Donna appeared.

"Oi! Doctor, this is the third time I'm having to come look for you…what you doing?" Donna indicated to the strange woman.

"I'm taking my son home, If that's alright with you" she replied

"Ma'am I'm not your son I'm..

The Doctor was cut off by an elder man who was walking up to him and the woman. He was taller than the woman, grey hair and looked in his early to late fifties, and still capable of hard tasks. His hair was slicked back and his face was slightly wrinkled.

"Annie. Annie what are you doing to this man? And why did you run off?"

"Look Frank It's Aidan!"

The man sighed and slowly reached down to release the woman's grip on the Doctor.

"I'm sorry sir for the inconvenience, my wife is still having problems getting over our son's death"

"Oh I'm so sorry. How long has it been? If you mind me asking"

"Not at all, ah it's been..25 years now"

"25 years, that's awfully long did get over something" Jack butted in. To which The Doctor gave him a stern look.

"Yes well, he was our only child" The man answered

"Of course" The Doctor turned his head slowly back towards Jack and said through his teeth "And we do apologize"

"Oh no, I should be the one apologizing"

"No need, it was just a small mistake" The Doctor assured him

"Well then, thank you and have a nice day"

"You too"

The man walked away guiding his wife with him. When they were out of ear shot Annie turned to him.

"Frank, he looks like Aidan"

"Annie darling, Aidan was 10. That man must be in his thirties, if even"

"That's what age Aidan would be"

Frank turned to look at the man again who was now talking to the red haired woman and the man in the long world war 2 coat.

"I want him Frank. I want him. Can't I have him?"

Frank sighed still staring at the Doctor before turning back to face his wife again. "Fine. If it's him you want, then It's him you'll get"

"Jack where did you park the car?"

"Just down there, it wasn't far from the entrance" he replied

The Doctor, Jack and Donna had finished up their shopping. Or rather Donna had finished up her shopping. After deciding to head home a half an hour earlier, they had been held back on Donna not being able to decide on wither to buy the red jumper with the blue butterfly or the navy and white stripped one. The Doctor was about to go crazy and told her to just buy both. He never understood how people can walk about all day judging clothes and deciding wither to buy them or not.

After dumping Donna's bags in the boot of the jeep. The group jumped into the car and drove off back to the hub were Martha was waiting. Unfortunately. No one had realized that they were being followed by a mysterious blue car.

It was a fifteen minute drive from the shopping centre to the hub. Once they made it outside the tower. Jack parked and turned off the engine before swiftly jumping out of the jeep, closing the door behind him and making his way toward the entrance to the hub. The Doctor and Donna closed their doors also and looked to Jack. The doctor raised his arms in the air.

"What, is the captain to lazy to carry some bags!"

He was answered by a quick retreat from Donna as she jogged on to catch up with Jack"

"Oi! Don't leave me to carrying all these on my own!"

He heard her laugh but they pretended to ignore him. The Doctor sighed and opened the boot, lifting all the bags, 4 in each hand. After he closed the boot door and heard the car self lock turn on, he made his way towards the hub.

"God, after everything you do for people, they still leave you to do all the work"

The Doctor shifted the bags in his hands. The weight was different to what he thought they'd be and began to wonder what exactly Donna had bought. Then he heard a car drive up behind him. He turned his head slightly to see a large blue car had stopped a little off behind the TORCHWOOD jeep. The Doctor ignored it and carried on his way towards the tall building in front of him. Just then a sharp pain in the back of the head stopped him in his tracks, causing him to drop the bags and fall to his knees.

Two hands gripped his shoulders and hauled him up to his feet. The owner of the hands had obviously attempted to knock the Doctor out, but had only succeeded in confusing him. His vision became blurred and his head hurt. The same hands that had hit him had pulled him up and were now making their way to cover his mouth and wrap around his waist to drag him backwards.

The Doctor found this person to be quite strong and hoped there not to be an accomplice or else he'd be no match. But even though one remained one, the Doctor's sore head and confused daze made him unaware of where he was. So instead he tried to kick his way out. He'd managed to give the man a hard kick in the shin which only made him more forceful and tighter in grip.

The Doctor could now see the he was being dragged to the blue car that he had seen pull up. The back door had been opened and was waiting for him. He again tried to make a hasty get away by freeing his mouth enough to give the man's hand a hard bite. The man yelped in pain and loosened the Doctor's grip. The Doctor then tried to make a break for it, but was pulled back by the collar and received a hard knee to the gut. He doubled over before receiving a punch to the Jaw and fell to the ground, he was then pulled back up and into the back of the car.

He landed on the back seats with a hard thump and lay across leather like cushions. He looked up to see a familiar face. The woman from the shop he'd met earlier was now sitting in the front seat turned towards him. She smiled.

"Hello my little angel"

The man leaned into the car and over the Doctor. Before he could try and compromise what was happening, he was hit hard in the head with a metal object, knocking him unconscious. The man got back out of the car and pushed the Doctor's legs in before shutting the door. He then ran round the front seat and climbed in, started the engine and turned to his wife.

"Lets bring our baby home"

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