Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 20

"What do you mean you think you know where he is?" Donna replied down the phone, panic setting in within the matter of a sentence

"I'm not positive, but I just saw something the triggered my stupid memory" said Jack as he climbed back into the Jeep. "Did Gwen tell you where I was headed?"

"Yeah she said something about picking up more Retcon, whatever that is"

"It's a drug that causes the user to forget a controlled amount of memory depending on the dosage" using one hand Jack buckled up and drove off back to the hub "Anyway, do you remember the day the Doctor went missing?"

"How could I forget?" replied Donna

"Do you remember the odd couple who ran up to us when we were shopping?"

"Oh yeah, the looney woman and her husband, what about them?"

"I can't believe I didn't remember his face on the CCTV footage, but I think I just ran into the husband. His car matches the one in the footage also. Donna, I think he took the Doctor"

"We can't be sure"

"We have to be, when we get a chance we take it and I am not going to let this one slip away"

Frank drove off from his last stop at the hardware store. He had also managed to pick up a few more pots and plants for the approaching spring. He planned to plant new beds in the back garden and some hedges in the front.

Frank was happily listening to his radio as he was nearing his home when his old police radio turned on and a report came through. After leaving the force he still managed to keep hold of it and would find himself listening in on reports and calls.

Frank listened carefully as a woman's voice patched through to near-by police cars and the officer's response.

"393 and 456 Copy?"

"393 go ahead"

"393 we have a report of a 10-27. Proceed with full lights and sirens to 22 Oakwood lane possible hostage crises involving a kidnapped victim"

"393 Copy, en route"

Frank's hearts raced the second he heard his own home address called out on the radio. His rammed his foot on the pedal and sped off towards his house.

The Doctor sat on his bed looking at the notes from under his pillow. He smiled at the funny pictures of the pepper pots and weird green creatures with the big black eyes.

It had been a few hours since he left Annie down stairs, he could hear that she had begun to clean the house on request. The Doctor looked back down at the pages and squinted at the writing. He found it hard to read the words, not that they weren't in English but they he had just forgotten how. Strangely, the only thing he could read were the last words on the page, it must just be from memory.


Just then he heard the front door burst open and Frank enter.


"Frank what's wrong!"

"Pack a bag we have to go. Where's the boy?"

"In his room. What's the matter?"

"I'll explain later just do as you're told!"

Suddenly Frank burst his way into the Doctor's bedroom, he only had time to place the notes into the pocket of his cargo shorts before Frank roughly pulled him to his feet. "Come here!"

Frank trailed him out of his room just as Annie got to the top of the stairs. Frank pointed at her "Pack a bag!"

Annie didn't question him as he dragged the Doctor by the sleeve of his T-shirt. When they reached the bottom of the stairs, the Doctor shivered when the cold air hit his bare legs. Frank had left the door wide open when he had entered.

The Doctor was dragged into the living room only to be met by brave little Santa. Who bit into Frank's ankle once he saw what he was doing with his owner. Frank cried out and tried to shake the little dog off but he held tight. Still keeping a grip on the Doctor's shirt Frank managed to free his ankle from Santa's grip before he kicked the little dog in his side.

For the second time, Santa yelped in pain and ran off, right through the open door into the outside world. "No!" yelled the Doctor

Frank pulled the Doctor round to face him and gripped his shirt in both his fist and growled in his face "Fuck up you little shit. Now sit down and stay there!" Frank pushed the Doctor onto the sofa and left the room. The Doctor sniffed before he looked towards the front door, hoping his little friend would return… he didn't.

Frank rushed into the kitchen and ran the tap. He then sorted through the drawers and found his pocket knife. He then emptied the medicine cabinet and filled a bag with pills and tablets. He then grabbed a glass and filled it with water, with his free hand he slipped some powder into the drink and put it aside.

Just then Annie came in and dropped multiple bags filled with clothes onto the floor. "Frank please tell me what is going on!" she cried out

"Give this to Aidan" he handed he the glass of water

She took it and frowned "Why?"

"Just give him it!" he screamed. Annie jumped before running into the living room to find the Doctor holding his knees up to his chest and crying. Annie made her way towards him and held him in her arms.

"It's okay darling, everything's going to be fine" she assured him but he cried into her chest

"Santa ran away mummy! Daddy hurt him and now he's never going to come back"

Annie's eyebrows furrowed "It's okay, he'll come back, when he starts to miss his best friend" Annie said as he tapped his nose. The Doctor smiled before looking at the glass of water "Here, your father wants you to drink this. It'll help calm your nerves"

"Why is daddy so angry mummy?"

"I'm not sure angel, but drink up"

The Doctor took the glass from her and took a sip. Just then Frank came in and dropped a lot of bags in the centre of the room. He looked up to see the Doctor and Annie watching him. He then pointed towards the Doctor

"Drink it all or I'll throttle you!"

The Doctor did as he was told and drank the entire glass. Annie got up and whispered to Frank, it was too low for the Doctor to hear but it was obvious the Frank had just told her what was wrong as she stared at him in shock.

He then told her something else which really upset her, the Doctor didn't know what it was but she began to cry. Frank then ran out the front door whilst Annie ran back to the Doctor. He engulfed him in a hug and kissed him on the head.

"Mummy? What's wrong? My head feels funny" said the Doctor

Annie kissed him on the forehead once more "I love you so much" The Doctor grew confused and worried "And don't you ever forget that, okay? Don't you ever forget that we love you and we will be reunited again"

"Are we going somewhere?"

Annie didn't answer him and instead just stared at him and smiled. Just then the Doctor began to sway, he head went dizzy and his vision started to blur. Annie panicked as the Doctor started to collapse right in front of her.


Frank ran inside and grabbed the rest of the bags. "Frank what's wrong with him?"

"He's fine come on!" Frank ran back outside just as the police sirens became closer. Annie refused to move as the Doctor's eyes slowly close before he blacked out. Annie held him close to her. Shock began to take over. She held the prone figure in her arms and began to sing to him.

Just then several police officers burst through the doors with their guns before them. Annie didn't acknowledge them as they entered. Even as she was dragged away from him, she just stared down at his body.

She was so calm and collect as she spoke to officers as they handcuffed her "That's my son" she smiled "That's my son"

"He was never your son" Annie turned round to look at a woman who had just entered. Her long ginger hair allowed her to stand out from the crowd. "Not ever" said Donna

The police officer dragged Annie away as Donna made her way towards the Doctor who lay unconscious on the floor. One of the police officers checked his pulse "He's fine miss, his pulse is a bit fast though"

"That's alright" she said

"Still, I'll call in the paramedics"

Donna ignored him as Jack entered. "Is he here? Is it him? Is he alright?" Questioned Jack, he had the speed of a coffee maniac.

"He's fine Jack and he's alive" Jack sighed in relief before Donna hugged him. A short celebratory moment as they had just found their friend "I'll watch over him, I think you'll need to sort the police and medics out, I don't want him to end up in hospital"

"Yeah me too. Just one thing"


Jack's face fell "Frank got away; we got the wife but he left before we got here. They said they're on his tail but he got a good head start"

Donna wanted to punch a wall, how much she wanted to punch Frank when she got there was miles high, but for the Doctor's sake, she composed herself

A medic called to her "I think he's waking up"

Donna nodded "That was quick" and went back to tending the Doctor. Jack left to sort out the police.

When Donna got back to the Doctor, the medics had placed him on a board but had not strapped him in yet. Just as she was making her way towards him, his eyes slowly opened.

He heard footsteps and men talking. His head hurt, he felt like he was spinning. He was lying on something flat from his head to foot. He began to open his eyes. His vision was blurry until it came clear. A man and a woman were leaning over him. She was applying something to his head, a tissue or a wet cloth.

He frowned. He grew scared as he looked around the room. Police officers, paramedics, men in suits and carrying cameras surrounded him.

But he couldn't see her.

The paramedic noticed that he was awake and called for a woman. His memories began to flood back into his head, he can remember her frantically running about the room grabbing things and packing them, from time to time she would come over, give him hugs and kiss him on the head, tell him she loved him. She told him to stay quiet and to have a drink of water, and then it went black. Now she was gone, he couldn't see her, panic rose up inside him.

He wanted her to be with him. He was frightened. Another woman came over and knelt beside him on the floor. She smiled.

"It's ok Doctor. You're safe now"

The Doctor stiffened "Who are you?"

"Doctor it's me, it's Donna"

"Who? Why are you here? Why are you calling me Doctor?"

"It's your name" she replied

"I want my mummy" The Doctor stood. The paramedics beckoned him to stay down but he refused. He jumped up and began to slowly back up to the corner of the room.

"Where's my mummy?" The Doctor sounded like a child weeping for his mother for comfort and protection. He wept as he seeked shelter in the corner of the room, away from all the strangers.

Donna stepped forward "Doctor, she wasn't your mum"

"You liar! Where is she?"

Two polices officers moved forward. With no intent on hurting or harming the Doctor, they knew what he had been through and didn't want to frighten him. However, Donna beckoned them to stay back allowing her to move forward and gently place her arm over the Doctor's shoulder "It's alright, I'll take you to her" Donna lead him out of the room, into the hall and outside into the fresh air.

They were in a neighbourhood, surrounded by houses and trees. Neighbours were outside at their doors. Police jeeps stood outside the garden. A woman was being handcuffed and about to be placed in the back of the jeep. The Doctor saw her and ran over.


She smiled in the officer's grip. The Doctor ran up and gripped her into a hug.

In her disadvantage she could not hug back and instead leaned her head on his chest.

"What's happening mummy? Why are there people in our house?"

She drew back from the hug. "I have to go somewhere baby and I'm not going see you for a while okay"

Tears formed in the Doctor's eyes "What. Why?"

The officer stepped up and gave her a shove indicating that it was time to go. Another man placed a hand on the Doctor's shoulder and tried to pull him away.

"I have to go now"


"I love you sweetie. You will always be my baby boy!"

The door shut and the police jeep drove away. The Doctor was lead to another jeep but it was different. It was huge and black. The windows were tinted and letters were stuck to the bonnet 'TORCHWOOD'. A man opened the back door and beckoned for the Doctor to get in. Once the Doctor had sat down, the door slammed shut. The Doctor leaned close to the window, desperate to see what was going on outside.

"Hey Doc"

A soft American voice called out from behind him, making the Doctor jump and turn to face him. The man smiled, he sat in the front at the wheel, and he wore a long coat and a shirt with braces. His face was kind and his tone was soft.

"It's me Jack. I'm a friend; I'm taking you back to the hub okay"

The Doctor was too frightened to answer. The woman who called herself Donna opened the door next to the Doctor and sat beside him. The Doctor shuffled as far away from as he could and drew his knees up to his chest, wrapping his arms tightly around his legs.

"Doctor I'm not going hurt you, I promise"

The Doctor looked her up and down. "I want my mummy"

Donna simply stared, sighing as she put on her seatbelt and Jack turned on the engine. The Doctor hid his face in his legs not allowing them to see him cry. The jeep finally drove away from the house. The Doctor just didn't realise that after two years with his kidnappers, he was finally free.

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