Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 21

"Doctor, come on. Let's just go inside and we can talk"


Donna sighed as she tried to reach for the Doctor who sat on the opposite side of the Jeep, forcing himself as far away from her as possible. He had remained silent throughout the entire drive back to the hub. Both Jack and Donna had tried to get him to talk but it was useless, he was scared and confused and just wanted his 'mummy'. He wasn't going to trust some strangers, no matter how much they knew about him because he knew nothing about them.

"Come on sweetheart, it's starting to get dark" said Donna. However, the Doctor just curled in on himself even more "You can't sit in here all day can you?" she questioned him, but he stayed silent and Donna knew why.

She could see his eyes starting to tear up and his eyebrows furrow. Donna's heart ached for him and she desperately wanted to just pull him into her embrace, God knows what he had just gone through over the past two years. But if she wanted to gain his trust, she'd be best to take it slow with him.

Jack had already headed inside to get everything ready for him, they didn't want him to see anything that might scare him, they weren't positive as to why he was behaving like a child or why he couldn't remember them, but they couldn't take any risk and decided to remove anything from the hub that might scare, hurt or endanger him.

Donna looked over her shoulder to see Jack running towards her "Everything's ready, you can bring him in now"

"Don't you think I've tried?" Donna noted. Jack frowned before looking inside the jeep to see the Doctor glaring back at him from the other door.

"Ah" realised Jack who then tried to think of then next course of action. Before long Jack's face lit up and he took Donna's place "Hey in there, how are you doing?" Jack tone was gentle, as if he were actually talking to a child.

The Doctor however couldn't care less "I want to go home!"

Jack decided that the best way to do things at the moment was to get inside the Doctor's head, study his current behaviour and use it to their advantage. "I know that mate, I saw your home, it was very nice wasn't it Donna?"

Donna frowned before she eventually caught on to Jack's plan "Yes, yes it was. Very nice"

"And I bet you had a bedroom all to yourself, didn't you?" asked Jack

The Doctor lifted his head ever so slightly to listen to the strangers comments about his home. When the man asked him about his bedroom, he couldn't help but nod his head.

"And did you have lots of toys?"

The Doctor slowly nodded his head again; he did have lots of toys didn't he?

Jack had slowly managed to sit down on the car seat, he was only a short distance from the Doctor but luckily the Timelord hadn't cried out when Jack got closer, like he had the first time. "Yeah, I had lots of toys when I was young too. I also loved to eat lots of sweets and chocolate, how about you?"

A tiny crack of a smile rose at the corner of the Doctor's lips before he nodded "What's your favourite?" asked Jack

The Doctor thought for a moment before he spoke up "Chocolate" it was more like a whisper but loud enough for Jack to hear before he smiled at him.

"Yeah I love chocolate. I bet I have some chocolate inside if you would like some?" Jack reached out his hand for the Doctor to take but instead the Doctor recoiled away from him.

"You sound like a pedo" snapped Donna. Jack sighed at her comment before trying again. Just then he remembered something, something from a while back.

"Your name's Aidan right?" asked Jack.

The Doctor looked up at him, surprised the stranger knew his name "Yes, how did you know?"

Jack smiled "Magic!" The Doctor remained silent but he was still shocked that this man knew his name, unless someone told him. "And if you come inside Aidan, I can show you something really magical, what do you say?" Once more, Jack reached his hand out, hoping the Doctor would take it this time.

The Doctor blinked at him, his mind racing. He was still scared about this whole situation and all he wanted was his mummy, but he also wanted to see the magical surprise. And so the Doctor slowly reached his hand out and took hold of Jack's hand. Jack smiled at him before gently guiding him out of the jeep. Donna stepped back allowing both men some room.

The Doctor shivered as the cold air hit him. His cargo shorts and T-shirt weren't much of a blanket against the freezing cold and nor was not wearing any shoes or socks. "The quicker we get you inside the quicker we can get warmed up. How does a hot chocolate sound?"

The Doctor nodded as he was lead towards the hub.

Upon arriving the Doctor was looking left, right and centre, like any amazed child would. They reached the tourist information desk before Jack unlocked the secret entrance. The Doctor stared in amazement as the door opened up to reveal a long tunnel, which he had no interested going down.

As Jack took his hand once more and began to lead him down it, the Doctor dug his heels into the ground, urging Jack in the opposite direction. Jack tried his best to reassure the scared Gallifreyan to go down the tunnel, but it was just too dark and too long to venture down.

So Donna took out her phone and switched on the torch, it was bright enough to light up the walls and floor and bright enough to encourage the Doctor to walk down, but only if he could hold the phone. Once they reached the giant clog, the Doctor jumped back as it started to slide away, revealing the hub behind it.

The Doctor stared in disbelief at the sight before him. Jack smiled at him, realising that this must be how the Doctor feels when people see the TARDIS for the first time. The hub was something to be proud of and Jack was willing to share it with anyone he considered as close friends.

"Welcome to the hub, or as you might like to call it, my secret den" said jack.

The Doctor mouthed wow as he gazed around the hug underground Torchwood. From the computers, to the staircase, from the office upstairs to the tiny coffee and tea stand in the corner. He tilted his head back as he gawked up at the very tall structure in the centre of it all and that was when he noticed the flying creature in the air.

The Doctor pointed to it "There's a bird?"

Donna's eye widened at the thought of the Doctor getting freaked out at the thought of a giant pterodactyl swooping down and eating him. Jack got the message "Umm, yes let's say that, its a bird, let's just leave it alone and he'll leave us alone, okay Doc- ah Aidan?" Correcting himself.

The Doctor nodded, still staring above him.

"Would you still like that hot chocolate Aidan?" asked Donna. The Doctor looked at her "I can even put in some marshmallows" she teased, to which the Doctor grinned and vigorously nodded his head.

Donna left to make them some hot chocolate. Jack watched her leave until he realised the something had caught the Doctor's eye. Jack looked in the same direction and immediately knew what it was.

"Come see" he said and led the way. The Doctor hesitated at first before he followed Jack across the hub. When they arrived, the Doctor's hearts sped up as he eyed a giant blue box. Jack watched him closely as the Doctor moved closer to the TARDIS. The Doctor's mouth hung agape as he studied every detail of the wooden police box until his head hurt.

The Doctor was then about to reach a hand out until he stopped and stood back. Jack frowned "What's the matter?" The Doctor didn't answer but instead began to reach into his pocket and pulled out a handful of pages. He remembered putting them in there before Frank had dragged him out of his room.

The Doctor unfolded the pages to show notes and drawings. He then shifted through it all until he came to a certain page that caught his eye. On the page were numerous drawings of the exact same blue box.

Jack watched as the Doctor continuously looked from the page to the TARDIS. Clearly confused. Jack stepped forward just enough to see what was on the page, that's when he realised the Doctor must have drew it before he forgotten.

He looked up at him "She's called the TARDIS" The Doctor looked at Jack, total confusion was written all over his face. "Did you draw these?" Jack pointed to the drawings, but the Doctor shrugged. He didn't even know if he drew them or not, but it was clear to jack that he did.

"Can I see the rest" Jack reached out, but the Doctor had other ideas and snatched the pages away from him before folding them up and placing them back in his pocket.

Jack sighed "You can trust me…Aidan. We're not going to hurt you, we're your friends okay. We are just trying to take care of you and help you remember"

"You took me before" said the Doctor

Jack frowned "What?"

"That's what mummy told me. That you took me the first time, you made me forget. You took me away from my mummy and daddy and now you're going to do it again" the Doctor cried

Jack panicked "No no no, we would never steal you away, I promise. We're the good guys remember? Me and Donna are going to help you remember what happened okay?"

"What do you mean?"

"I'll explain everything later alright?" The Doctor nodded and Jack smiled before he looked at the TARDIS "Would you like to go inside?"

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