Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 22

Donna easily managed to balance three cups of steaming hot chocolate on a plate. One of which was stacked high with marshmallows and with an added straw, just for childish decoration. She made her way out of the kitchen and down the long set of stairs towards the ground floor of the hub.

Once there, her shoulders fell when she noticed that it was empty. She searched around until she noticed that one of the doors to the TARDIS was slightly ajar, and with a smile she made her ways towards the blue box and entered.

With its usual creek, the door opened allowing Donna to enter and shut it behind her. She was immediately greeted by the Doctor with his back to her. Donna froze, confused as to why the Timelord was motionless before her. Then she noticed Jack standing next to the console, his arms were folded across his chest and he held the biggest smirk on his face. Donna made her way round the Doctor to see his face and that's when she realised.

The Doctor had forgotten everything, including the TARDIS. Even though it was upsetting that he no longer had any memories, Donna couldn't help but grin once she saw the Doctor gawking up at his own ship.

Upon entering, the Doctor had frozen on the spot, if he were holding something it would have slipped from his fingers and fell to the ground due to shock.

"This is the TARDIS" Said Jack as he made his way up to the console "Do you like her?"

However, in the Doctor's state of mind, he grew a tad scared at the vast size of the bigger on the inside box and so began to slowly walk backwards towards the door.

Jack was about to stop him when he suddenly felt the TARDIS get there first. She hummed and sent a warm breeze of air towards the Doctor. The Doctor closed his eyes as the air hit him sending his hair blowing in the gust. When he opened them again, he had stopped moving back to the door and instead stood stalk still as he stared up at the magnificent machinery.

"Hello" he spoke softly

Jack frowned as he watched closely until he understood what was going on. He just couldn't hear it.

Hello my little one

The Doctor still refused to move any closer, but that didn't mean he wouldn't listen

Do you know who I am?

The Doctor shook his headed

Think back, to not so long ago. You had a dream, a strange dream of a falling forest. The leaves fell and the fog rose and you heard a voice.

This time the Doctor nodded, still staring up at the console. Just then Donna entered with the Hot chocolate, but he hadn't noticed as he was too busy with the strange voice in his head.

That was me, I am connected to you and you are connected to me. Our connection was starting to break and you were too far away for me to directly communicate with you. However, I was able to infiltrate your mind and create a dream allowing me to speak with you.

I promised you that you would be found and so you were

"But I wasn't lost" he said. Both Jack and Donna couldn't hear the other side of the conversation, but they could get a clear picture of what it was about.

Your mind is trouble little one. Memories are lost and must be restored. And I will help you. And so will your friends.

"I don't understand. I just want to go home"

You will, in time. Time is your companion; however patience is your enemy. You must learn to overcome impatience In order to gain understanding of your situation. Stay with me and you will remember what has been forgotten and recover from what has been a truly awful adventure


Hmm a favourite in your vocabulary. Before I tell you more, you must rest. Trust your friends little one and they will help. It will be a long while until you are fully recovered, but it will be worth it.

The Doctor's mind went silent and he listened for a while longer, but he heard nothing else. Just then Jack approached him.

"Hey buddy. How you feeling?" The Doctor acknowledged him before he looked back up to the console "She's pretty cool huh?" The Doctor nodded

"What should we do now?" asked Donna

"I'd like to go to the med-bay, use the TARDIS to run a full scan on him just to see what's going on inside his mind. See what's caused his memory loss" said Jack

Jack led the way towards the TARDIS med bay with the Doctor and Donna in tow. The Doctor was still looking around him, fascinated by his surroundings. Donna held his hand as she held her drink in the other. It helped when both the Doctor and Jack took their drinks from her and were drink them along the way.

Thankfully it didn't take long as the TARDIS moved the med bay closer to them; she also set up a bed, a scanner and opened multiple drawers and cupboards for Jack to take out necessary items.

"Why don't you climb up onto that bed Doct- ah I mean Aidan, and make yourself comfortable" Jack shook his head still not managing this new name business, but if it was what the Doctor would answer to then he was just going to have to get use to it.

However when Donna was leading The Doctor to the bed and Jack was making his way over to one of the opened drawers, the Doctor spoke up "Am I getting my medicine?"

Jack froze and spun round to face him "What?"

"My medicine, daddy said I was supposed to get it today, but mummy fell asleep so I went to play in my bedroom and-" the Doctor was interrupted by Jack who stormed over to him

"Woah woah woah, what did you say about some medicine? What medicine?"

"I don't k-know, it was just my medicine" Jack was already beginning to scare the Doctor and unfortunately he didn't notice, only Donna tried to but in, but jack ignored her.

"What was it for!" Said Jack

And immediately the Doctor started to tear up "T-to make m-me better"

"What!" yelled Jack

But it was Donna's turn "Jack stop it your scaring him!"

Jack froze once he heard Donna's remark, he looked at the Doctor and the moment he saw the tears falling down his face, his heart sunk. "Oh Aidan I'm sorry" Jack pulled the Doctor into a hug however the Doctor wanted to be as far away from him as possible and struggled out of Jack's grip.

Jack let go of him and watched as he retreated behind Donna. "It's alright sweetheart, we're just worried about you" Donna turned to him.

"I'm sorry Aidan, I didn't mean it" Said Jack

Donna looked to jack over her shoulder "Jack, why don't you fish everything we need from the cabinets?"

Jack nodded "Sure" He turned to get everything ready for the scan whilst Donna led the Doctor back to the bed. At first the Doctor was reluctant to move until he was gently coaxed to sit on the edge of the medical bed.

"Aidan" said Donna

The Doctor acknowledged her, dismissing the fact that Jack was behind him now.

"What was this medicine anyway? Just so that we know in case you need some more" said Donna. She held the Doctor's hand, gently proving she was trustworthy to the Timelord.

"It was to make me feel better" he replied. Jack listened in just in case

"Were you sick?" Donna asked

The Doctor shrugged his shoulders "I don't know. I didn't feel sick, but Daddy said that mummies and daddies know when their kid is sick and that I was too. So they gave me a medicine to make me feel better"

Donna frowned "Do you know what the medicine was called?"

The Doctor shook his head. Donna hung her head in dissppear

"I hated it"

Donna looked up at the Doctor who was now staring at the ground, fiddling with his fingers.

"How come sweetheart?"

The Doctor sniffed "It hurt a lot. When daddy put the pointy needle in me with the medicine, my head hurt every time, I hated it"

Suddenly a crash came from them as jack had just dropped a lot of equipment upon hearing the Doctor's words. He then made his way over to the bed, causing the Doctor to climb on the bed and lean towards Donna.

"He used a needle to give you the medicine?"

The Doctor looked at Donna who smiled at him; he turned back to jack and nodded.

"Aidan can you remember what your medicine looked like?" Said jack, keeping his temper under control

"I-I don't know, It l-looked like water" the Doctor answered

"Alright" Jack gave a stern look before going back to the equipment now sprawled out among the floor. Donna squeezed the Doctor's hand before picking up his hot chocolate which he had set down

"Why don't you finish off your drink and I'll just go have a word with Jack" The nodded before she left to speak with Jack. She knew he knew something.

"What's wrong?" she asked

Jack was picking up some strange device and set it down on the counter before turning to Donna "He said he was injected with a clear liquid that caused pain. I'm near sure that this strange liquid is the cause of his memory loss and I also think I know what it is"

"You do? What?"

"Recton X" he answered

"What's that?" said Donna, worry engulfing her

"It's a new type of drug that is a higher level to the normal Retcon that I like to use. Except it's dangerous. My Recton is taken via pill, but this is a liquid drug that makes the user forget a lot more than just the usual few hours"

Donna frowned "Who would want to forget a few hours of their life?"

"Sometimes it's not by choice. Except, this 'Retcon X' is illegal, if administered constantly then it attacks the brain and causes damage to the memories, making the user forget their entire lives, before they die"

"Excuse me, what do you mean die!" yelled Donna, causing the Doctor to jump on the other side of the room

"It's alright, I don't think it will kill him, his biology is too strong. But with humans, the pain the drug caused is too much and literally stops all brain function before they die. That's why it was made illegal. Obviously Frank was able to get a supplier and I think I know who it is"

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