Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 23

Donna watched the Doctor as he watched Jack empty storage from a small room. Jack had decided that this was going to be a long-term stay and that the Doctor was going to need a bedroom. Donna could sleep in her bedroom on the TARDIS but the Doctor couldn't as it was too dangerous for him, even if it were his own ship, no one could tell what he might get up to in his state of mind.

When you're dealing with a child everyone knows to keep an eye on them as they can get bored, which would lead to them getting very investigative. That would describe the Doctor in his normal mind state, but at the moment it could get worse.

The Doctor jumped every time Jack threw an object from the room and it crashed onto the floor. According to Jack, the room had been used for storage, but time had passed and now the storage was unneeded and useless. So after some spring-cleaning, he could put in a bed, a desk, a TV and vuala! Temporary bedroom.

It had already been a day since they brought the Doctor back. He had slept on the couch even though Jack offered him his bed, once the Doctor saw that he had to climb down into a hole just to get to the bed, he ran away. Donna found him hiding behind the TARDIS, whilst Jack put a pillow and a blanket on the couch for him.

Both Jack and Donna didn't deny it when they both heard the Doctor crying in the middle of the night, this was clearly more harder for him than it was for them. They had practically dragged him from the only people he could remember, even though they were fake and could have treated his wrongly, he didn't know any different, and that's what made it even more sad.

The next day Jack had watched as Donna produced the Doctor's brown pinstriped suit to him, asking if he wanted to wear it. The Doctor merly shook his head and opted to wear his clothes from the day before. At least she managed to convince him to wear some shoes and socks, seeing him in his converse brought a little light to perspective.

Donna laughed into herself as she watched the Doctor kick his legs back and forth as he sat on the table intently watching Jack heave a large safe from the room. She made her way over to him and sat down next to him.

"I bet we could get Jack to buy some paints and let you paint your room whatever way you want" she said

The Doctor looked at her and frowned "Wouldn't you like it white?"

"It's a little boring don't you think?" she asked him

The Doctor looked back to Jack "My bedroom was white" referring back to his bedroom back in Oakwood

"Did you like it?"

The Doctor shrugged "I asked daddy if he could paint it blue, but he said no" Donna gently rubbed the Doctor's shoulder

"Is blue your favourite colour?" she asked. He nodded before he looked down. He looked so sad, Donna moved closer to him "Hey, what's wrong?"

The Doctor sniffed his voice cracking as he spoke "I miss my mummy, I just want to go home" The Doctor broke down in front of Donna who immediately pulled him into her embrace.

"Ssh, it's alright sweetheart, we'll sort everything out, I promise" Donna began to rock back and forth as the Doctor clung to her, soaking her shirt with his tears.

Just then, Jack came out from the room. His braces were off and sleeves rolled up. He looked exhausted from all the work, as soon as he lay his eyes on the Doctor and Donna, his energy came back.

Jack picked up his coat and headed for the exit "I'll be back in a few hours"

Donna looked up at him "Where are you going?"

Jack continued to walk without looking back at her "On a job"

Jack made his way back down the alleyway he had found himself on just yesterday. He walked up to the rusty door and banged on it. The sturdy man from before answered it and nodded his head at Jack

"Alright there Harkness, what has you back again?"

"I need to see Jimmy"

The man allowed Jack to enter and closed the door behind him. Jack knew the way and so stormed ahead of the man who didn't think of it anything serious and went off into another room.

When Jack arrived at the door, he took out his gun and kicked it open. When he entered and man scrambled to his feet as did Jimmy who had been lounging on his armchair. Another man remained in his seat as he was too high off his head to move.

"Harkness, what the fuck!"

"Frank! Frank Grant, do you know him?" Jack leveled his gun and strode towards Jimmy

Jimmy started to panic "F-frank, yeah, he's a customer"

"What does he buy?" Jimmy struggled to answer with a gun pointed to his face "What does he buy!"

Just then the other dealer who stood on the other side of the room, made a grab for his gun, however Jack could see him out of the corner of his eye and smoothly spun his gun around and shot the man in the leg, without taking his eye off of Jimmy.

Jimmy jumped, holding his hands in the air, he may be a drug dealer, but he didn't have the balls of one. "A drug, j-just one drug every time"

"Recton X?" asked Jack

Jimmy nodded "Yeah, yeah that's it"

"Why did you sell him it?" asked Jack sternly

Jimmy looked to his friend now lying on the floor in agony. Jack was losing his patience and stormed forward, using his forearm he push jimmy back against the wall and forcing his arm underneath his chin.


"It's all he wanted! I stopped selling it after I found out it was fatal, but Frank insisted on it. Said he'd pay more than my usual price"

"How long have you been selling it to him?"

"I don't know, maybe a year and half now. He told me it worked for him, nothing bad happened except a sore migraine"

"You didn't know who he was using it on" Said Jack

"At first I thought he was going to use it on himself, some sort of suicide attempt, but when he came back two weeks later looking for more, I figured there was something else going on"

Jack sneered "Do you know where he is?"

"Ah, not right now" Said Jimmy sarcastically. Jack placed the gun to Jimmy's temple which really got his knees shaking "No wait I swear! I don't know where he is now, but he can't be far. He came back last night and stole most of my money and some stock. Waving a gun around like you are now. It wasn't till later I found out his wife had been arrested and he was wanted for kidnapping"

Jack thought for a moment "Did he say anything to you?"

"Nothing in particular, he was in a pretty fucked up state of rage though. Kept ranting about the police and his wife. kept calling her a stupid bitch and someone else a 'little bastard', I didn't know who it was but he was pretty pissed"

"Is that it?" said Jack. Jimmy paused before remembering something

"He said something else before he left. I didn't know what he meant until I figured it had something to do with whoever he was given the drugs to"


Jimmy swallowed, finding it hard with Jack's arm in the way. Jack pushed his gun deeper into his temple until he answered "He said 'He is not going to remember, not on my watch"

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