Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 24

A few days had passed since Jack had returned from his unexpected outing. The moment he arrived back in the hub he instructed Ianto to go out and buy new and updated equipment for the security system. He then checked that the lockdown system was still working perfectly and that no one could get in or out without his permission. He then demanded for the Doctor to wear a tracker bracelet to track his every move. However, the Doctor didn't fancy wearing a metal bracelet constantly on his wrist and instead tore it off and threw it against the wall.

Jack was about to tell him off when Donna jumped in. "Jack, don't you think you over thinking all of this?"

"Of course not, this is perfectly necessary in case of any future attacks. I just want to be sure that my hub is safe and secure"

"What, for the Doctor's sake?" she asked, putting her hands on her hips

"Of course for his sake!" Jack sighed "Look, I've been told that Frank isn't too happy with all of this. He knows that the Doctor is the only witness to his wife's trial and will send her to Jail, him too if he's caught. I'm just making sure he's not getting anywhere near him okay?"

Donna's eye widened at the realisation of the situation. She looked at the Doctor who was playing with his shoe laces, not paying anyone any attention. Donna nodded allowing Jack to continue with his work but decided to leave the tracker bracelet for another day. She would rather Jack update his security than not pay no attention to it at all. She didn't want any harm to come to her friend either and would do anything to ensure that he stay protected.

So as the days went on. Jack finished the Doctor's bedroom and bought some paints for him to paint the wall, which the Doctor was very excited about. Jack covered his bed, drawers and the floor with sheets allowing the Doctor to just go nuts with the paint and do whatever he felt like doing. Jack just wanted him to be happy and seeing that smile appear on his face when he handed him the paint brush, was a very shining moment.

Donna and Jack left the Doctor to it and decided to have a cup of tea and a chat. Jack set Donna's tea in front of her before sitting down himself.

"We really need to start the Doctor's recovery progress or else it's just going to be a really slow path until he does recover"

"The drug would be out of his system by now. Nothing else should be stopping his brain from remembering everything"

"Then why isn't he remembering?" asked Donna, clearly desperate

"He is Donna. The thing is, with the Recton drug is that it permanently rids the user of their memory. However, with the Doctor I believe that his Timelord brain can manipulate the drug and rid it from his system completely, allowing his brain to remember everything he's forgotten, the only thing is is that I don't know how long it will take"

"Not too long I hope" Said Donna

"Me too, but the thing is Donna, the Doctor has to try and remember nine hundred years of his life. It might in fact take a while"

Donna sighed and sipped her tea "Well then we just need to give him a little boost"

Jack nodded "Exactly" He then reached out and placed a hand on Donna's and smiled "We'll bring him back, I promise"

Donna squeezed his hand back "I know. I just wish it wouldn't take so long"

"It won't if we work hard. I promise to dedicate all of my time to him. I'm going to make sure that he is happy and has a whole lot of fun whilst trying to remember who he truly is" Said Jack

Donna smiled at him before finishing her tea and setting it in the sink. Suddenly Ianto came running in and looked at the both of them "Umm, you better come see this"

Donna and Jack shared a looked of panic before bolting from the room and followed Ianto down stairs to the Doctor's bedroom. Donna didn't know what she was going to find, but knowing her luck, it probably wasn't going to be good.

Ianto moved out of the way allowing Jack and Donna to enter the room first, but was they saw stunned them. The Doctor was standing on his bed happily painting his wall. But it's what he was painting that shocked all three of them.

Both of them slowly entered the room and looked around them. How could he have possibly done all of this in the amount of time it took to drink a cup of tea? He wasn't finished but my god it was amazing.

The walls were smothered in orange paint whereas the lower wall was gradually smoothed in a deep red. Trees lined the walls, supporting a dark bark and shining silver leaves. On the three walls he had so far painted, each one had a bright yellow sun shining down on the room. It looked to be down by Divinci himself, not a mentally damaged alien.

The Doctor still hadn't noticed that they had just walked in; he was using his bed to get to the top of the wall and finished a large tree that dominated the main wall. Donna looked down beside her and saw one of the Doctor's note pages that everyone knew he kept hidden and rather not want anyone looking at them. On the page was a drawing of everything that was now on the bedroom walls.

"Gallifrey" spoke Jack

Just then the Doctor spun round almost smudging the wall and dropping the paint brush in the process. He looked at Jack, Donna and Ianto with utter confusing on his face, obviously waiting for one of them to speak first.

"We didn't mean to scare you" Said Jack

The Doctor said nothing; instead he looked at Donna who was holding his sheet of notes. "Hey!"

Donna instantly dropped the page "Sorry, we just came to see how you were doing"

"And we are shocked" Commented Jack

The Doctor's shoulders fell and his face was a picture of disappointment "Y-you don't like it?"

Jack stepped forward "Now I didn't say that did I. What I meant to say was that I am very impressed, you sir are one heck of an artist"

The Doctor's face burst into a grin. The praise he was receiving was new to him and he certainly liked it. Donna stepped forward still gazing around her "Aidan, this is amazing! How did you do it in such short time?"

The Doctor shrugged his shoulder "I don't know" Truly speaking like a child, he was clearly dumbfounded himself that he was able to paint the walls so quickly, isn't it normal for anyone to be able to paint so fast? Unless everybody else is just so slow.

Jack then thought seriously "Have you seen this before Aidan?"

The Doctor shook his head and Jack frowned. The Doctor thought for a moment "Well, I had seen it in my head, so I drew a picture of it" He pointed to the note page. "I really like it so I wanted to paint in on my walls. Is that okay?" he asked quietly

Jack grinned at him "Of course it's okay. I'm really proud of what you've done here. Well done mate"

The Doctor couldn't help but grin from ear to hear. He had never received so much praise for something like this; even his mum and dad never praised him on this level.

"Why don't you finish up and we'll have some tea" said Donna

The Doctor nodded "Okay! I just need to finish one more wall" The Doctor jumped back on the bed and continued painting the tree. Donna and Jack watched him for a while longer before leaving him to it.

"What's Gallifrey?" asked Ianto, one Jack closed the door

"It's his home planet" Jack walked away before continuing "It was destroyed in a war"

"But I thought he'd forgotten everything?" asked Ianto

Donna shocked her head "No he hasn't, he's remembering" Donna smiled

"The Doctor jotted down a whole bunch of notes about his life before he forgot it all, that drawing of Gallifrey was one of them. They're defiantly helping him but he needs more" said Jack

"But what?" asked Donna

Jack thought, scratching his head until he got an idea "We need to take a trip into the TARDIS"

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