Is my name The Doctor

chapter 25

The next day, Donna, Jack and the Doctor all piled into a lift and waited for the doors to close and ascend.

"I didn't know the TARDIS had an attic" said Donna, dumbfounded when she was first told by Jack not five minutes ago

"Well she's big enough. Besides, the attic can't be the weirdest room this ship has in store" Jack replied

Donna shrugged "True, I just can't get over the fact that the TARDIS has an attic, and a lift!" she commented "What are you hoping to find?"

"When I use to travel with the Doctor and Rose, he told me about the attic, said he uses it to keep storage of items from his past. The TARDIS looked after it all so it wouldn't get damaged. Most of the stuff he keeps up there are from past travels and adventures, things he's collected. Other things are from Gallifrey, his childhood"

Donna looked at the Doctor who was intently watching the dial at the top of lift rise. She smiled at him "It'll help him remember?"

"It's got to, we need to start somewhere don't we?" said Jack

Donna nodded just as the lift dinged and the doors slid open. Jack stepped out first followed by Donna, however the Doctor needed some coaxing before he managed to step out into the vast room.

The attic was about the size of three arenas. From where they stood it looked to be a giant warehouse stocked high with mountains of collectables and unwanted junk. Wooden crates were piled high around the edges of the room, if one could see the edges. From one end to the other, thirty tiered shelves lined the room carrying multiple objects, items and bits and bobs here and there. The shelves reached to at least seventy feet into the air. One would need and crane to get to the top.

"Those wooden crates are filled mostly with spare TARDIS parts, in case of any damage or repairs" Said Jack "Everything is catalogued and placed in certain areas of the attic"

"I always did question whether the Doctor might have OCD, this could be my proof" laughed Donna. She turned to look at the Doctor who remained stock still just outside the lift. He was staring agape at the vast room before him, his mouth hung open and his head tilted back.

Donna approached him and took his hand. The Doctor blinked from his stare and looked at her "Where are we?"

Donna thought for a moment before finally coming up with a good explanation "It's a special room, filled with almost anything you could ever think of" she said

The Doctor blinked "Toys?" he questioned

Donna smirked "Probably yeah. Would you like to have a look around?" The Doctor nodded and held her hand tightly "Why don't we try and look for stuff that'll hopefully jog your memory huh?"

The Doctor didn't reply. Instead he continued to look around him and at the enormous interior of the TARDIS attic. Jack led the way as they walked down an aisle between to gigantic shelves. Alien artefacts lined the shelves, most of them strange, others wonderful and some were just strangely wonderful.

Donna tilted her head back to get a glimpse at the top of the shelves. "Jack, how do we know what we are looking for?"

Jack turned to her and walked backwards as he spoke "Like I said, everything in this room has been catalogued and is on the pad" He held out a thin black pad, highlighted on the screen were names and pictures of all the items now in this room. "We simply search for whatever we want and it will point us in the right direction, it even has a GPS"

"But we don't know exactly what we want to look for" Said Donna

"No, we just have to guess" he said

Donna scoffed "Well isn't that just brilliant" Donna looked above her once more "And how on earth are we supposed to get up there if one of the things we are looking for is on top?"

"There are anti-graves that will brings us up to collect whatever we want, there are a number of them all over this place"

"Ah" she replied. Just then she realised that she was no longer holding the Doctor's hand. She spun round and saw him at the end of the aisle standing next to a solid pillar "Aidan"

He ignored her and instead leaned forward to press a panel attach to the pillar. "Aidan, don't touch that!" Donna and Jack ran towards him but they weren't quick enough before the Doctor pressed a button on the panel and it came to life.

The Doctor immediately jumped back and Donna and Jack came to a halt not far beside him and watched as the panel awakened and a light shot out from it. A hologram appeared from the panel and took the shape of the Doctor.

He stood before them clear as day, only it was his past self, a recording. He looked himself, in his normal suit and converse. Hair all spiked up and brown and not half brown half black like it was now. Donna and Jack gazed in amazement as it started to talk.

"Guidance simulation programme activated" He sounded so real, like he was standing right before them. The real Doctor was taking cautious steps backwards. Afraid for his life as his imposter spoke before him "I am the TARDIS interface here to guide you along your path"

"You're the TARDIS?" asked Donna

The Hologram looked at her "Correct"

"You can take shape?" questioned Jack

"My type forty interior is my true form. I am merely a hologram controlled by my mind and programmed to take shape of any image in my memory banks. I have chosen this image as one you most associate with"

Donna frowned "So you chose the Doctor" The real Doctor made a noise of fear before he back up into one of the shelves "Yeah that's probably not the best idea. You're kinda scaring him"

The hologram looked at the Doctor, it's face emotionless "Understandable, I apologize" Suddenly a light enveloped the hologram Doctor and Donna, Jack and the real Doctor watched on as it took shape of Jack.

"Well hello handsome" Jack commented

"No, it's bad enough having one of them around never mind two" said Donna. Jack laughed as the hologram changed again to show a copy of Donna. "Oh dear god no, definitely not"

The hologram TARDIS paused for a moment before it turned its head to look at the Doctor who had calmed down once the image of himself disappeared. The TARDIS gazed at him for a second, reading him before the light engulfed the hologram once more.

All three watched in silence as the light dispersed revealing a humanoid woman. No features on her body or face were visible as it had all been replaced by a bright golden light. The golden light covered the hologram from head to toe. One could make out her eyes, nose, mouth, fingers and toes but that was it, just gold light covering her every inch.

"That's a little better, wow and simple at the same time" said Donna

The TARDIS looked at the Doctor who stood next to Jack "Is this better?" she asked kindly. The Doctor came out from behind Jack and stepped towards the TARDIS. The hologram watched him intently.

"Do you remember me?" she asked

The Doctor frowned, studyign teh hologram as he did "Are you the blue lady?"

"Yes, I am. I'm here to help you, Just as I promised" The TARDIS then turned around and headed down the aisle. The others were hesitant but eventually followed her. However, the Doctor was eager to catch up and ran up to be by her side.

"You're the blue box?" he asked

The TARDIS continued to walk majestically past all of the shelves "I am"

"How did you do that?"


"Turn into a box, then into a lady" he said

The TARDIS giggled before stopping and turning to face him. The Doctor also stopped to look at her. Jack and Donna on the other hand decided to give them some privacy and turned down another aisle.

"My interface allows me project myself as a hologram to interact with others. What you are seeing now is nothing but an image I took from your mind"

"M-my mind?" he questioned

The TARDIS nodded "I looked into your mind and saw an image, a picture of what you though I looked like, and so to ease your fear, I took that image and copied it. It is not much but as long as you are happy, then I am too"

The Doctor placed his hands over his ears and shook his head "But I don't understand. How is all of this happening? How is it so big in here? How can a box talk and get inside my head? I'm so scared, I don't understand!"

The TARDIS raised her hand and hovered it over the Doctor's forehead "You will little one, in time"

"So if I search for anything 'Gallifreyan' it will show me everything catalogued as a Gallifreyan artefact" Jack typed it into the pad and a lot of numbers appeared.

"What does that mean?" asked Donna

"The numbers represent which Aisle, shelve, tier and bay the items are on. The closest one to us is a 500 year old diary or a dimension cannon" Jack looked at Donna for her to decided

"Do we really want him to see a 'dimension cannon'?"

Jack made a face at her "Diary it is"

Soon they arrived at the large shelve and found the bay the diary was on. However, it was on the twelve tier and required the anti-grave for them to get it. Jack retrieved the diary in no time and touched back down to the ground.

Jack opened the diary and frowned. It was completely in Gallifreyan circular language. "Not sure how useful this will be"

"None sense all he has to do is read it and it will help jog his memory. A diary is the best thing to have for memory loss. Now come on what's next?" Donna took the pad from Jack and walked on. Not fully understanding what Jack meant. Jack however, was still worried about the outcome of all of this.

A while later Jack and Donna had managed to retrieve necklace the Doctor had been given as a gift from the Triathmids after saving one of their small villages. A staff which was apparently used by a past president of Gallifrey and a photo album put together by one of his companions whilst in his seventh regeneration.

Once they had collected a descent amount of items they decided to head back to the Doctor and the TARDIS, but they couldn't find them anywhere. "Well this is just great" said Donna

"It's alright. At least he's not on his own"

"With a hologram" stated Donna

Jack replied "A hologram of the TARDIS, she'll look after him until we find them"

Jack and Donna past multiple aisles and shelves, wooden boxes and huge pieces of machinery that were too large to be placed anywhere except on the ground.

Suddenly a sound could be heard not far from where they stood. Jack and Donna listened as they could hear soft music and the sound of laughter. They followed the noise until they reached another shelve containing what looked to be old-fashioned toys found on several different planets, including Earth.

Jack and Donna sighed in relief once they saw the Doctor sat cross-legged on the ground in front of what looked to be a makeshift tiny puppet show. The Doctor sat on the floor and watched the two little puppets controlled by strings had an argument. Both of them couldn't help but smirk as the Timelord laughed at the tiny puppets give off to each other.

"Who's controlling it?" asked Donna, not loud enough to disturb the Doctor and his show.

"I am" Donna and Jack jumped from their skin as the TARDIS appeared in between them from out of nowhere. Donna shrieked and held a hand to her heart, the Doctor twisted his body round to see what was going on, once he realised what and who it was he simply turned back around and continued to watch his private show.

"I apologize, I did not mean to scare you" stated the TARDIS

"Well you failed miserably" said Donna

Jack pointed towards the Doctor "What's going on here then?"

The TARDIS hologram turned to look at her pilot "Ah yes, my Timelord became quite upset earlier and so I brought him here to this part of the attic to try a cheer him up"

All three turned to look at the Doctor who laughed as one of the puppets took out a tiny bat and hit the other on the head. Jack and Donna also laughed before looking back to the TARDIS "You're the one controlling it?" asked Donna

The TARDIS bowed her head "I am"

"Okay, well as long as he's happy. We've retrieved a few things that we think might help the Doctor. We can go to his bedroom to collect a few more items and then that should do us for a while" said Jack, juggling the items in between his arms. Obviously Donna preferred to go hands free.

"Agreed, also, there is a spare sonic device underneath my console unit, use it as another memory trigger. It should help" Just then the light enveloped the TARDIS and the hologram was gone in an instant. Donna and Jack looked at one another before making their way towards the Doctor.

The puppet show continued to play for the Doctor, so he hardly noticed the two approach him from behind. Donna watched for a while until Jack signalled 'time to go'. Donna nodded and placed her arms under the Doctor's arm pits and picked him up.

"Come on you, time to get going"

The Doctor continued to stare at the show, even as he was picked up and guided towards the exit. The last thing he saw before disappearing behind a shelve was the little puppets watching him leave and waving him goodbye.

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