Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 26

After leaving the TARDIS, Jack guided the Doctor down to the computers to sit him down and show him the gathered items. Donna stayed in the TARDIS to look for the sonic that was somewhere underneath the console unit. The Doctor clearly predicted that he might lose or break his sonic screwdriver and made extras just in case.

Whilst Donna searched for it, Jack placed the items in front of the Doctor and watched his reaction. The Doctor however, remained silent and stared at Jack in confusion.

Jack sighed before taking out a bag and emptying its contents. It was everything Jack had managed to take from the Doctor's bedroom. Beside the necklace, staff and diary he placed another book completely written in Gallifreyan, but this time had pictures. He set down the Doctor's jacket from his brown suit and then he took out a framed picture of the Doctor and Rose that was hidden among his drawers.

The Doctor hadn't taken too well to her leaving and was too upset to see anything that reminded him of her. By placing the picture in his drawers he couldn't see her face every time he ventured inside his bedroom. Jack found the picture and hoped it might help him remember but prayed it wouldn't hurt him also.

He watched the Doctor's reaction to the new items once more, this time there was a glint of something. Jack watched as the Doctor climbed off of the desk chair and onto the floor next to the items. He slowly reached out his arm and picked up his suit Jacket. Jack's hopes flared as he watched the Doctor hold the jacket and stare at it intently.

Jack spoke softly "Do you remember it?" he asked

The Doctor held the jacket tightly in his grip, taking in every little detail. He ran his thumb along the material and around the buttons.

"Aidan? Are you alright?" said Jack

The Doctor never looked up at Jack, or even acknowledged that he heard him, but he obviously had "I've seen this before"

Jack shifted himself closer to him "You remember it then?"

The Doctor shook his head, trying to get his head to co-operate with him as images began to fade into his mind, they were blurred and unclear. The only clear thing he could remember was finding the suit. "I found it, in the basement. I wasn't meant to find it, but it was there, in a box. When I told daddy he got mad and he…."

The Doctor stopped mid-sentence and went silent. He dropped the jacket, wrapped his arms around his legs and looked away. Jack reached forward and placed a hand on his arm "Hey it's alright. This is good, you're remembering"

The Doctor shook his head; his voice broke as he spoke "No i'm not. I hate him, I hate him so much! All he did was hurt me and mummy. He scared me and I hated it!"

Jack couldn't take much more before he pulled the Doctor into his grip and held him tightly. He rocked him back and forth and made quiet shushing sounds "Aidan I swear, that man is never going to hurt you ever again. I am going to protect you no matter what"

The Doctor pulled out of the hug and looked up at Jack with tears in his eyes "Promise?"

Jack smiled down at him and nodded his head "I promise" Jack stopped himself as he almost fell back after the Doctor jumped forward and hugged him again. Jack held him so close, imagining he had his Doctor back. They still had a long way to go but they were getting there.

Jack pulled away and picked up one of the books. The Doctor wiped his eyes and watched as Jack handed him a thick leather book with an odd symbol on the front. "Now then, do you remember this?"

The Doctor took the book from him and sat it on his lap. He wiped his face once more before opening it and looked inside. The pages were scattered with odd images and drawings of landscapes and funny looking creatures. The words on the page weren't in English, the Doctor could tell, but there was still one little problem.

Donna eventually managed to find the spare sonic screwdriver underneath one of the units, she almost jumped with joy when she saw it, but didn't as she remembered the console was above her and would have severely banged her head.

She skipped outside and froze when she saw the Doctor playing with staff from his home planet. He was running around swinging the staff from side to side whilst making strange noises with his mouth. From what Donna had gathered, he was pretending it was a lightsaber. Donna giggled as the Doctor pretended to kill his invisible enemies and was succeeding.

Just then the Doctor spun around, about to slice an enemy in half, when he noticed Donna staring at him. The Doctor loosened his grip on the staff and stared up at her, just then he started to laugh, caught out in his role playing. Donna joined in "Having fun" she laughed

The Doctor snickered back "I got a little bored" he said innocently

Donna shook her head and laughed "Well don't let me stop you sweetheart. You keep playing" She was about to leave when she remembered the Sonic "Oh here, I found this. Have a good look at it, it might help you remember"

"What is it?" he asked

"It's called a sonic screwdriver, it's very handy with doors" The Doctor made a face before walking off with the sonic. Donna left him to it and went off to find Jack. She later found him in the kitchen helping himself to some coffee, he was staring out of the large window at the view of the hub. He was wisely watching the Doctor as he sat down on the couch fiddling with the sonic.

Donna with a grin on her face "His imagination is wild" Jack smirked, barely raising a corner of his lips as he continued to watch the Timelord from above "I eventually found the sonic, gave it to him, hopefully it will help him a lot"

"Yeah" said Jack solemnly

Donna frowned at him "What's the matter?"

Jack raised his eyebrows, still staring out the window "Nothing" he sighed

Donna walked up to him and turned him around to face her "You can't lie to me Harkness, now what's wrong?" she demanded

Jack stared at her for a moment before setting down his coffee. "He hasn't just lost his memories Donna. He's forgotten how to read or write" he answered

Donna stepped back to take in it "What?"

"I showed him the book I found in his room. I knew it was in Gallifreyan but I thought I should still show him it, hoping he hadn't forgotten. But he has, he has forgotten to read, speak and write in his own language" jack stated. Donna didn't know what to say, then Jack continued "Then I gave him a book in English. He looked at it and still no luck. He doesn't know English or Gallifreyan, he's forgotten the lot"

Jack went quite, almost going off in a rant. Donna thought for a moment. Trying to take it all in was hard, but fought through and thought of something "Jack, don't beat yourself over this. It's good that we discover everything that has been done to him so that we can get it all back. He's not human Jack and if he can remember nine hundred years of memories, then he can remember how to read and write again, we just need to keep our faith and he'll get there"

Jack sighed before nodding, he lowered his head for a moment taking a deep breath. He raised his head and smiled at Donna before looking out of the window again, he frowned. Jack walked back over to the window to look down at the hub. He placed his hands on the glass as he look around.

"What's wrong?" Donna asked

"I can't see the Doctor"

Donna and Jack ran down the stairs and into the main floor of the hub. They searched high and low for him. Jack briefly checked the TARDIS before realising he wasn't there; he knew he wasn't allowed to go in without Donna of Jack, so where could he be?

Donna ran back up from the vaults "He's not there"

Jack sighed, running his hand through his air he thought long and hard of where he might be, then he noticed the cog. It was open. "You gave him the sonic?" Jack said to Donna

"Yeah, but he wouldn't have known how to use it"

"Unless he figured it out…or remembered" said Jack. There was a pause before the both of them sprinted from the hub, past the clog and outside through the tourist desk. The front door was wide opened and the Doctor wasn't in sight.

Jack and Donna wasted no time and ran out the door and out into the cool Cardiff air. It was night and there weren't much people out. Donna and jack ran all the way up to the plass water tower directly above Torchwood. Jack spun on the spot, his heart racing as he searched for his friend. Panic began to sit in as the minutes went by and they couldn't find him.

Jack called out but there was no answer, just then Donna noticed a figure in the distance. It was a person sitting on the railings. They were waving at them.

Jack noticed this as well "Aidan!" he called out. The figured waved again and so Donna and Jack ran forward. As they got closer they began to take in the persons features and realised who it was.

Donna ran forward and pulled the Doctor into a hug, she then dragged him backwards off of the railings and onto the cold hard ground. They both landed with an 'ouff' but Donna didn't care, she was just so happy to see him.

Jack sat them both up before turning to the Doctor "Why did you do that, you scared the death out of me, out of both of us!"

Shock dominated the Doctor's face, he was about to say something before Jack jumped in again "Don't you dare do that ever again, do you understand!" Jack shook the Doctor by the shoulders "Do you understand!"

"Yes!" he answered before he began to cry "I'm sorry, I just wanted to see the stars"

Jack went silent, his breathing evened out, still holding the Doctor in a grip he looked at him confused "You just wanted to see the stars?"

The Doctor nodded "Y-yes, I'm sorry"

Suddenly Jack shocked both the Doctor and Donna as he began to laugh "He just wanted to see the stars!" he yelled in pure joy. He pulled the Doctor into a hug and held him tightly "You just wanted to see the stars, how amazing is that?"

Donna got the picture and began to laugh too. However, the Doctor was utterly confused and just stared at them both. Donna and Jack continued to laugh until he finally managed to speak up "Am I still in trouble?"

"No sweety, you're not" said Donna

"But you are brilliant!" stated Jack as he kissed the Doctor on the top of the head "Absolutely brilliant"

The Doctor still didn't know what to do. Instead he just smiled awkwardly as his two friends laughed together. He smiled turned into laughter as they made him laugh. Jack eventually pulled the Doctor to his feet and they all began to walk away "Just don't do that to us again okay? If you want to go outside, you just have to ask" said Donna

"Really? Okay" Just then the Doctor stopped and stared ahead of him. Jack and Donna watched him, they both tried to see what he was looking at but could see nothing.

Until they saw a little dot coming towards them, the night sky wasn't helping as it got closer and closer. They watched as the Doctor walked forward, watching the little dot run towards them and then it came clear.

"What is that?" said Donna

A smile spread across the Doctor's face and he screamed in utter joy "SANTA!" the Timelord ran forward. Jack and Donna followed as he ran towards the little dog.

Eventually the two connected and the Doctor fell to the ground as the little dog jumped all over him, licking all over his face, it's little tail wagging rapidly. The Doctor giggled as the dog jumped from left to right. Jack and Donna watched in amusement.

The Doctor managed to stand up and pick the tiny dog up in his arms "Who's this then?" asked Jack

"This is my dog Santa, he's my best friend!"

"Santa" said Donna sarcastically

"He ran away, I thought I'd never see him again" Then the Doctor looked at Jack, his eyes pleading "Can I keep him?"

Donna was all for it as she looked to jack for an answer. It was his hub, so it was his decision. Jack scratched his head. His heart breaking as the Doctor stared at him with wide pleading eyes, even the little Jack Russell In his arms looked at him, begging.

Jack looked at Donna and finally back at the Doctor and sighed "Well, since he's your bestfriend, I guess we can't just leave him out into the streets"

The Doctor jumped up and down on the spot "YAY! Yay yay!" He then ran forward and hugged jack and Donna "Thank you!" The Doctor sat the little dog down and ran off "Santa!" Santa chased after him, running by his owner's side.

Jack and Donna watched in amazement "At least we know he wasn't alone all that time"


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