Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 27

Over the next two weeks both Donna and Jack noticed some significant changes with the Doctor. He was more confident around them, he wasn't afraid to speak out. He was more adventurous around the hub and even the TARDIS. He would laugh more around them and as each day went by his smile got brighter. At night it was still common for him to have nightmares and to wake up with either Jack or Donna by his side.

By the next morning he refused to talk about it which only reflected the Doctor's personality more and more. Jack would occasionally find him in the TARDIS console room without permission, but he didn't mind as all he was doing was having a civil conversation with his ship. It never bothered Jack that he could only hear one side of the conversation, it just made him realise how special the bond is between the Timelord and his TARDIS.

Donna had set up a little classroom to aid the Doctor with his reading and writing. It frustrated him when he couldn't manage to write out the letters of the alphabet, but once Donna would calm him down and get him to start again, he would get it just right. He could now recite the alphabet and spell out a number of words from the dictionary, due to his extraordinary mind, he was exceeding more than a regular uneducated child, once his memories returned he would be able to spell words that Donna didn't even know were in the dictionary, just like before.

He enjoyed reading the most however, seeing the words come to life on the page. Reading of adventures and journeys of travel, from pirates and superheroes, damsels in distress and trusty steeds, he loved them all. At first Donna would read for him and he would follow along with her. Then she allowed him to try for himself, it proved difficult at first but after some encouragement he was able to read aloud with only minor faults. Jack stated that he would be on a grade 10 reading level which was the equal to an 8 year old.

After two weeks of his lessons he was able to read on his own and even found himself reading at night. He progressed on his own and even started picking up thicker and longer books as the days went by. He still needed help when it came to writing but Donna was always there for him when need be.

One day, Jack sat alone at one of the computers. The day had gone by so slow, he had sent everyone home. He found himself flicking through computers files until he found the CCTV footage of the Doctor's kidnapping. He would sometimes watch it over and over, he would get the sense of anger and rage, seeing this stranger steal his best friend and hurt him. It wasn't until Jack remembered that the Doctor was back and was asleep in the next room that he would calm down and feels more relaxed than ever. Jack hit play and watched the scene play over for the thousandth time.

There was no sound but jack knew every word said, it was a distance away but he could still see their lips moving. Hearing the words play out in his mind. When he and Donna disappeared from view leaving the Doctor on his own, Jack would always kick himself internally for leaving him, he should never be on his own, not for one second.

Just then he heard a creek from behind him, Jack immediately stood, had his gun at the ready and turned round to see who it was. He relaxed the second he saw the Doctor staring at him with little Santa in his arms.

Jack sighed "What are you doing up?"

The Doctor bit his lip thinking he was in trouble "Santa couldn't sleep" he said

Jack smiled before flopping back down on the chair "Yeah, me neither" The Doctor walked forward allowing Jack to reach out and scratched Santa on the head "Maybe he had a nightmare" suggested Jack

The Doctor shrugged his shoulders "Maybe"

"And if he did, I wonder what it might have been about"

The Doctor looked down "Bad people maybe…hurting him"

Jack looked at the Doctor with sad eyes "Oh, well then Santa should know that no one can ever hurt him in his dreams and that if he ever felt alone, he has his best friend to comfort him" Jack meant every word for the Doctor, hopefully he understood him.

Silence fell until the Doctor looked up from the ground "He wasn't my dad was he?"

Jack knew exactly who the Doctor was talking about, he just didn't expect this until a little longer down the line. He sighed "No, no buddy he wasn't"

The Doctor said nothing. He didn't know what to say, should he be happy that the man he hated a feared the most wasn't his father after all? He looked at the computer screen, a complete blank expression on his face "I remember that"

Jack looked at the screen just as the recording played the moment the Doctor was attacked from behind, Jack didn't dare stop it as the Doctor was now revealing something important "It's still fuzzy but I can remember being pulled back. Da… I-I mean frank, pushed me into the car in then it all goes black. Then it came on the TV"

Jack frowned "You saw the news report?"

The Doctor nodded his head "He got mad at me because I remembered something important, but he didn't like it so he gave me my medicine again" The Doctor squeezed Santa in his arms when the memory of the day flooded into his mind, the little dog shifted himself so he could lick the Doctor on the chin.

"He gave you the medicine when you remembered something" Said Jack

The Doctor nodded and looked down "Does that mean you're gonna give me the medicine because I remembered something?" The Doctor shied away when Jack stood up

"Now why would you say that? You know the reason you're here is so that you can remember all of your lost memories. I would never give you that medicine do you understand?" The Doctor said nothing so Jack put a finger to his chin and lifted his head "Look at me Aidan. We want you to remember and we want you to be happy, you are never getting that horrible stuff ever again, understand?"

The Doctor nodded before he hugged Jack. Jack hugged him, wrapping his arms around him and hold him tight. The Doctor stared to laugh "Your squeezing Santa!"

Jack pulled away "Oh sorry Santa. But I do think it's time for bed"

Jack led the way back to the Doctor's bedroom. The Doctor scurried in behind him and set Santa down on the bed. Jack pulled the messy covers back allowing the Doctor to jump on the bed and climb underneath them.

Jack placed the blanket over the Doctor and watched as he curled into the blankets creating a little cocoon for himself. Little Santa then made his way up to the top of the bed and curled up next to his owner before falling asleep.

Jack leaned forward and kissed the Doctor on the top of the head. The Doctor watched as he stood back up and walked to the door.


Jack stopped and turned to him "Yes"

"What about my mummy?" he asked

Jack frowned and stepped closer into the room again "What about her?"

The Doctor paused for a second, not saying anything before he slithered down into the blankets "Nothing" The Doctor disappeared beneath the quilt, dismissing his question as he did not want to know the answer.

Jack didn't push him as he wouldn't want to disturb his slumber. Instead Jack left the room and shut the door behind him. Leaving the Timelord alone with his dreams.

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