Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 28

It was mid-May and the Doctor's progress had been very thrilling. He had now completely re-learnt how to read and write in English and had already started to read over his notes. Jack still wasn't aware if the Doctor knew that he was the one that wrote them or not, but the amount of information on them was surely helpful. The Doctor claimed to have flashes of strange images continuously, they were un controlled and appeared when ever they liked, they scared the Doctor from time to time but he was comforted by his friends and told that his medicine was wearing off and the images were merely his memories.

Donna knew that some of these images may terrify the Doctor, considering what he has encountered in his past. She grew confident in him every day and saw his progress shine. When she would find the Doctor on the TARDIS however, she worried for his safety, she knew the TARDIS would never hurt him but the guilt would ruin her if he ever did hurt himself or get lost. However, after the hundredth time Jack and Donna had found the Doctor talking to the TARDIS, it wasn't until then that they noticed something. He was reading from the diary they had found in the attic.


The Doctor stopped reading from the book and turned to look at them "Yeah?"

"Can you read that?" asked Donna

The Doctor shrugged his shoulders from where he was sitting on the floor "A little, why?"

"Well it's not in English mate" said Jack "Is the TARDIS translating for you?"

The Doctor frowned "Trans…what?"

Donna tilted her head to the side "Translating sweetheart. Is she letting you read your book in English?"

"Oh no. She's teaching me how to read it. It called Gal…Galli…"


"Yeah, she said that it's important I learn it. It's really fun, it's just lots of circles, so easy" he stated

Jack smirked under his breath "That's what you think"

Donna nudged Jack before whispering to him "He's remembering, that's why it's so easy for him to learn Gallifreyan, more easy than English in fact"

"Would you like to learn?" asked the Doctor, holding the book aloft

"That's okay sweetheart, in fact I think it might be too hard for us" said Donna.

The Doctor lowered the book "Oh"

Donna walked over to him and took his hand in hers "How about some hot chocolate, we need to have a word with you anyway"

The Doctor set down the book and followed them out. They all sat in the kitchen to have a short discussion. It turns out; Jack had an idea for him and Donna to go out for the night. Just a little break; a nice quick dinner and then back to the hub. The Doctor didn't like the idea at first until he was told that Ianto would be minding him. The two had grown close over the past two months and they enjoyed each other's company.

Later that night, Jack and Donna left for their dinner, leaving Ianto and The Doctor on their own with the whole hub to themselves. Before Jack and Donna had even left, they had already started a game of chase and Ianto was it. Donna left with a smile on her face but the further they got from the hub the more it faded.

"Jack, we shouldn't have lied" she said

"It's okay, they'll be fine"

"I still think we should have told them, even Ianto"

"What, that instead of going on our dinner date, we're actually going on the hunt for Frank"

Donna looked at him "…well yeah"

Jack laughed "Stop worrying, once we find the bastard, we won't need to worry any longer"

A half an hour had gone by after Jack and Donna had left. Ianto and the Doctor were still at their games until eventually Ianto plopped down on the couch to catch his breath. The Doctor ran up to him with a huge smile on his face "Oh come on, let's play hide and seek!"

"How on earth are you not out of breath?" gasped Ianto

The Doctor jumped high into the air multiple times chanting "I'm superman!"

Ianto laughed "Well then superman, why don't we have a quick nibble to eat and then we can play hide and go seek, how's that sound?"

The Doctor stopped jumping and thought for a moment "Can I have banana pancakes?"

After their quick pit stop for food and a drink. Ianto started on the dishes giving the Doctor plenty of time to hide. Ianto had warned the Doctor not to go anywhere near the TARDIS, not for his safety but because it was basically cheating. The Doctor ran around the hub desperately looking for a hiding spot until he saw little Santa come out from his bedroom, clearly awakened from his nap. The Doctor ran over to him and picked him up "Come on Santa, you can help me hide"

The Doctor and Santa ran throughout the hub searching for the perfect spot until he finally found Jack's office. Underneath the desk was perfect. Now all they had to do was wait. A few minutes had past and still Ianto and not found them. It was a good thing the Doctor had some patience, but even that wouldn't last long. Just then the door to Jack's office slowly creeped open.

The Doctor held his breath, trying to contain himself from laughing out loud. He could hear him getting closer to the desk. The Doctor knew he would get caught, he just readied himself to try and jump out and scare him. With little Santa doing his job and sitting quietly in his arms, the Doctor listened as Ianto got closer. Fingers appeared at the top as Ianto was probably now leaning down to looking underneath. The Doctor could barely contain his laughter as he was about to get caught. He couldn't wait to be it; he was good at finding things. Any second now and he was done for. Suddenly the fingers turned into a whole body as it jumped from the other side of the desk. The Doctor didn't laugh however, as it wasn't Ianto who stood before him.

"Found you boy"

"Wait Jack slow down, I can't understand you!" yelled Donna as she tried desperately to catch up with Jack.

"Ianto just text me saying there was a break in. That's it, he didn't say who or what it is. We need to get back to the hub now!" said Jack as he ran across the plass.

Donna ran frantically behind him, she was falling behind but that didn't stop her. They had been looking for Frank for only a hour or two. They had gone back to the house where they had kept the Doctor, just to see if they could find anything. Nothing. They then went back to the drug dealer to see if he had seen or heard anything from Frank, he hadn't. Without knowing anywhere else Frank might be, their hopes fell short. That's when Jack received the text and ran back to the SUV.

They had made it back to the hub but were blocked by traffic and so Jack decided to run the rest of the way, once they made it to the tourist desk, he opened the door and ran down the passage, Donna was just behind him.

Upon entering the hub, they stopped to listen. None of the alarms or security alerts were going off. The hub hadn't been sealed, so what was going on? That's when Donna noticed Ianto lying unconscious on the floor. She ran to him and checked to see if he was alright. He had been hit hard by a blunt object on the back on the head and he was going to have one hell of a headache when he woke up.

Jack spun to see if he could see anything out of order, or course he was more frantic to find out where the Doctor was, and then he saw him. Utterly terrified, as a gun was pointed to his head and a hand over his mouth so as he couldn't plead to Jack for help. Donna gasped once she saw him too.

The Doctor was in the hands of Frank and he was utterly helpless.

"Jack Harkness I presume, the man who ruined my life"

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