Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 29

"Let him go Frank" Demanded Jack as he held his hands in the air, surrendering himself as did Donna.

Frank thought for a second before turning his head to look at the Doctor currently whimpering in his grasp. Frank then jerked the hand he held over the Doctor's mouth causing the Doctor to flinch. "Don't tell me what to do Mr Harkness" He ordered before looking around him "Nice place you got here, I could do with a secret hide away like this, especially since the police are after me for no God damn reason"

"You know too well why the police are after you" Said Jack

Frank shrugged "Is it wrong to try to bring your family back together?"

"Not if it involves kidnapping, torture and drug abuse" Stated Donna "You really think you can turn him into your son?"

"I already did, Isn't that right boy?" Frank dug his nails into the Doctor's check receiving a cry of pain in return.

"We know what you did to him. What you used to make him forget everything he knows and loves just to be replaced by yours and your wifes crazed fantasy" Jack Slowly took one step forward "But you and I both know that after 3 months, those memories are starting to return. In fact they already have. He knows the truth, he knows who you are and what you aren't, you're not his father. You never were and never again"

Frank clenched his Jaw "You think i came here for that, you think i spent all this time trying to find you lot just to get him back. Oh no Mr Harkness no no. This little shit" indicating to the Doctor "Is the only witness to what all went down and if I'm caught and he is not around, what can they charge me with?"

"A lot actually" Said Donna "We have the footage of the kidnapping with your face on it. Your wife confessed to all charges and admitted to you doing most of the work. The police also done a heavy search of your house and just so happened to find the body of the missing police man"

Jack jumped in "So even if you did manage you get rid of him, your still going to Jail, unless I get to you first"

"Is that a threat?" Questioned Frank

"Maybe, but I'm am going to be the bigger man here Frank, and i'm going to give you a choice. Either you let him go and I will let you walk out of here, or I will lock you in my own cells and do that exact same thing to you that you did to my friend, understand?" Said Jack

There was a moment of silence, no one moved nor spoke as Frank thought over Jack's offer. But just when Jack thought the Doctor would be free, Frank cocked his gun and pressed it harder into the Doctor's head. The Doctor almost screamed as the gun was forced against his skull.

Suddenly no one had time to react as a large blur swooped down and crashed right in between the Doctor and Frank. Donna Squealed at the unexpected arrival.

Jack's eyes widened "Myfanwy!"

The pterodactyl had watched the scene play out from below her and once she saw that she was needed she swooped down and separated Frank from the Doctor, Frank fell back, the gun dropping from his hand. The Doctor fell forward and turned round just in time to see Myfanwy lean over him.

When he had saw her the first time Jack and Donna and brought him into the hub, he thought she was a bird, but he was completely wrong. Jack couldn't get to either Frank nor the Doctor, he didn't know how Myfanwy would react, the Doctor looked as if he were about to have a panic attack as she got closer to him.

"Myfanwy Shoo! Go on! Back up to you nest!"

She didn't listen "Don't move Doctor!" Yelled Donna, She didn't care that she had just called him by his real name, he was in trouble and it didn't really matter.

The Doctor was frozen to the spot, he couldn't stand as Myfanwy was practically on top of him, however, what she did next was extraordinary. Myfanwy lowered her wings and bowed her head. The Doctor didn't know what to think, neither did Jack or Donna.

The Doctor took it on cue and slowly raised his hand, Myfanwy sat still as he placed his hand on her large beak and caressed her. The Doctor smiled, breathing a sigh of relief at his rescuer.

For those few seconds he had forgotten everything until he heard the gun shot ring out. Frank had gotten back on his feet and retrieved the gun. Shock dominated him at the sight of the pterodactyl. On instinct he raised his gun at her and fired.

Fortunately he just missed her, however, she did turn round and squeal at him before flying off back to her nest at the top of the hub. The Doctor came into Frank's view and made his way towards him.

"Stay away from him!" Demanded Jack who pounced forward only to have a bullet lodged in his head.

"Jack!" Screamed Donna who ran to his side. The Doctor's hearts were pounded, he didn't know what to do. The man he feared the most just killed one of his only two friends. Only one thought came to mind. Run.

The Doctor climbed to his feet and ran towards the TARDIS. When Frank realised this he gave chase and ran after him inside the blue box.

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