Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 3

It was dark in Oakwood and not many cars were about. Everyone had went in for the night. The kids stuck their pyjamas on, snuggled into bed and dozed of into dream land. The adults used their free time to sit in front of a fire, watch TV, maybe have a drink. Outside the street lights were on to guide those along the way.

A car pulled up round the corner and drove slowly with no headlights. The tires made no sound against the tarmac, not wanting to make the neighbours aware of its arrival. The blue car made its way down the street, passing a few houses along the way. Until it came to a particularly nice house at the end of the road. The car drove up the kerb and went silent.

No one got out until they believed that the coast was clear. Annie made the first move and stepped out of the car. With the keys in hand she turned towards her home. She past the gate and walked up to the font door. Placing the keys in and giving it a sharp twist, the door creaked open and she stepped out of the way. Frank got out and closed his door before opening the back one. The prone figure that greeted him, still lay unconscious.

Frank was strong. He may not look it but he was. People would take him as a man who needed help if he was seen carrying a heavy-looking box. No one could see his muscles and built chest under the long droopy jackets that he liked to wear. Yet still, no one could look at him now and be amazed to see him lift a fully grown man out of the back seat of a car and swing him over his shoulders. Then carry him up the garden and into the waiting house without a moment's hesitation.

The Doctor was waking up but it was hard. As if his eyes were glued shut and he could never keep them open long enough to see his surroundings. It was like just being out of surgery. The anaesthetic was wearing off but you would still find it difficult to wake and in result, fall back into a heavy slumber.

He could hear muffled sounds. He was floating, no wait. He was upside down. He was being carried. Something touched him. His breathing was slow. He tried to remember what was going on but his head hurt too much. He was descending, one thump after another.

The voices got louder and more clear. One was deep, it felt so close. The other was quiet and immense. A woman. She was in front of him. He tried to look up, he saw her looking down at him. His vision was fuzzy but he could just about make out a smile that had crept on her face. He shuddered as he felt something cold and hard press against him.

The Doctor was set down in the corner of the room. The entire basement was stone. It held no windows and only one exit. The flat smooth floor was hard on the Doctor's shoulder. He wanted to move but he was too weak. He lay in the fetal position, two figures hovering over him. His eyes opened ever so slightly. The smaller figure bent down and ran her slender fingers through his hair.

He wanted to recoil but his body refused. The larger figure also bent down and began to slither his hands in and out of the Doctor's many pockets. The Doctor could tell he had taken a few things without noticing the vast size of his inside pockets. He looked to the woman as she began to speak.

"Hi baby. Welcome home"

Only the sound of the Doctor's breathing replied to her. She bent back to were his feet lay and lifted something into the air before slowly placing it over the Doctor resting it just above his shoulder.

"Here's a blanket to keep you warm, I don't want you catching a cold"

The Doctor swallowed and opened his mouth to speak. His words were silent. A beg in this situation. Like a whisper, it was all he could manage.


She continued to play with his fringe "Hush now. It's past your bed time."

She leaned forward and gently slid the Doctor's eyes shut. Like a person paying respect to a dead body who had died before shutting their eyes. The Doctor was still too weak, he was slowly regaining full consciousness. He couldn't understand why he was finding it so hard to stay awake, to find his strength, to speak. A shadow past his eyes and a set of lips touch his forehead.

"Good night my little angel. I love you."

Suddenly he understood as a small prick pierced his arm. The woman stood up and watched her husband bind the Doctor's arms behind his back using cable ties. Once he was finished he stood and joined his wife. Their arms hooked and they began their ascent back up the stairs. When they reached the top both looked back down at the sleeping figure. The woman disappeared from sight as the man reached over and turned off the light, making everything go dark.

"Good night son"

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