Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 30

"What the fuck!" was Frank's first reaction upon first entering the interior of the TARDIS. He had stopped just at the ramp to allow his brain to understand what was happening; this also allowed the Doctor a quick getaway into the depths of his ship.

Frank held the gun aloft as he stared up at the large central console. He could hear the strange hum that vibrated around the room, but it didn't sound like normal machinery. Frank knew he was dealing with something else, something alien. After being attacked by an extinct bird he thought it must have been a trick, some kind of robot or hologram, he would believe that but not this. This is too fucked up.

Frank suddenly remembered the drawings the Doctor did when he was locked in his bedroom. He would constantly draw the blue police box, commenting on how pretty she was. Whatever that meant.

Frank shook himself, bringing himself back to reality. He needed to find the Doctor before he got away. He knew he ran down the corridor to his right, so he couldn't have gotten far.

Donna slapped Jack across the face multiple times, hoping it would bring him back. She knew he was dead, she'd known for a while. After two years of searching for the Doctor, her and Jack had gotten pretty close, the discussed personal business and private matters, only between themselves. That was when Jack revealed to Donna about his immortality. His inability to die came as a shock to her; of course she didn't believe him until he had been killed on an outing to find some weevils. Donna insisted on helping, just for some fresh air and to get the Doctor out of her head.

Jack had died before her eyes, leaving her stunned when he finally came back. Then she believed him. However, at this very moment Donna was angry as he was taking his god damn time coming back. The bullet hole in his head had already healed, now all he had to do was wake up.

"Jack come on! The Doctor's in trouble!" she slapped him again but got no response.

"Wake up you lazy…" Donna was interrupted by Jack gasping for air; life filled his lungs as he gratefully welcomed it. "Took your time" Donna scolded him.

Jack immediately bounced to his feet "Where's the Doctor? Where's Frank!"

"The Doctor ran into the TARDIS and Frank followed him. I heard Frank get a little freaked which may have bought the Doctor some time to hide" Said Donna.

"What have you been doing hanging over me for?" he rudely asked

Donna slapped him once more on the arm "Sorry for checking if you were okay!"

"Thanks, but we've got bigger problems. Let's go" Jack led the way inside the TARDIS who then saw no sign of the Doctor nor Frank. Fear began to rise as they now knew that Frank was on the hunt for their friend inside possibly the biggest ship in the universe. However, with said ship being alive and hopefully aware that her pilot was in need of her help, she might switch around a few of her corridors and lead Frank in the opposite direction.

The Doctor's hearts raced as he ran down multiple corridors, past doorways and even crossed a bridge over what looked like the sun. He didn't stop until he was positive he wasn't being followed. He turned a corner and slammed his back against a wall, resting his head against the wall attempting to catch his breath. He couldn't help but collapse to the ground and completely break down in tears.

He knew he would be in a world of trouble if he were to get caught by Frank. Even after being taken from his home and brought here to the hub, his fear of the violent man never dispersed. It was always there and will probably remain there for the rest of his life, unless something was done. But he doubted anything could be done, not at this moment anyway.

The Doctor took a chance to look down the corridor he had come from just to check that he was still safe. He then continued to cry into his arms, drawing his knees up to his chest.

Little one, don't cry

The Doctor raised his head and cried out to his ship "He's going to kill me!"

Nothing's going to harm you, not while I'm around. I will guide you through my corridors and lead you to a safe place

"I'm scared; he's going to find me. It's all my fault" he cried

Suddenly all of the lights in the corridor flickered as the TARDIS tried to get his attention

Don't think like that. None of this is your fault. I promised I would take care of you and that's what I'm doing. I need you to do as I say and listen to where I tell you to go understand?

The Doctor sniffed before wiping the tears from his eyes and nodded. He then stood from the floor and fixed himself before slowly looking behind him once more.

He is far from you little one but when I focus on guiding you along he will get closer, so you must move now

"Can't you just stop him, make him go away?" he asked

It is against my creation to harm any living thing. I cannot stop him in that way, but I can give you time. Now go

The Doctor set off down the corridor, the lights flickered and corridors were sent into darkness whilst others stayed lit, the Doctor took the hint that this was how she was showing him the way. He followed the lights for quite some time before finally; he reached rather odd looking doors. Its makings were a fine smooth wood in a deep maroon colour. Odd symbols that he recognised from a distance memory were carved onto the doors.

The lights all around him started to go out, signalling him to enter. The Doctor jumped forward and opened the doors immediately spinning round to close them once more. That little rush made his heart race and he stopped to catch his breath. His hands were still closed tightly over the door knobs and when he looked past them and saw the ground beneath his bare feet, he gasped.

Deep red grass cascaded the room he now stood in. The grass tickled but also warmed his feet as he stepped further inside. Larges trees towered over him and their silver leaves provided him shade from the three suns that shone in the orange sky.

He stood in a large field that stretched far beyond the horizon. Mountains touched the sky with their snowy tips even as the triple suns bore down on them, the snow would never melt.

"My dream. It's real!"

This is the safest place I could take you

"But how, I dreamt this, I painted it on my bedroom walls. I don't understand how… Agh!" Suddenly the Doctor doubled over in pain. Holding his hands to his head he yelled in agony as jolts of pain waves corrupted his mind. Images appeared before his eyes of what looked to be more of the room he was in, except it was bigger. Until it all went dark and the beautiful images in his mind began to burn, strange robots filled the skies, cries echoed throughout his mind of people shouting in fear and pain.

The Doctor fell to his knees as the images became too much, his head hurt and it wouldn't stop. He wanted to run, he wanted to hide. He didn't like what he was seeing. When he closed his eyes from the pain he would see the terrible images but once he opened them again he was back in the TARDIS. Forcing himself to his feet he staggered backwards and out of the room.

No little one you must stay hidden!

"My head, it hurts, make it stop please!"

Once the Doctor was out of the room he ran down several corridors, he ignored the TARDIS' pleas to go back, but he felt it was the room to blame for his splitting head ache. He collapsed to the ground once more and crawled into a corner of the walls. His head ache had died down a bit but his body shook from the shock of it all. He remained silent listening to the humming of the walls. He held his legs tightly whilst hiding his head from sight. He waited for the pain to pass before he could try to come to terms of what had just happened.

Those images he saw, horrible things that flew through the air, destroying and killing the beautiful place that he had dreamt of. Exterminating everything in their paths. People were running, screaming, dying. It scared him. Why did they appear in his head? Had he been drugged again, did Frank somehow manage to give him his medicine without him noticing? No, the pain would have come sooner. He just couldn't understand. Where were his friends? Where was he?

The Doctor raised his head as something tingled in the back of his head. Another presence? He stood and looked around before finally turning around to see his worst nightmare.

"Don't. Fucking. Move" He demanded. The Doctor stayed silent as Frank glared at him with pure rage in his eyes "I don't know what to say about this place, but as soon as I am done with you, I'm getting the hell outta here and getting my life back"

"Frank" The Doctor choked out

"What!" Frank hissed "What did you say? What do you call me!"

The Doctor stepped back as Frank moved forward, his body was shaking but his mind and hearts were ready "NO! I know. I know the truth. You're not my dad, you are a bad person, you took me away from my friends and you hurt me. You lied to me and kept me as your prisoner. You made me your fantasy, not just mummy but you too! You hurt me and her! You never wanted me to be your son, you just wanted me for you entertainment, for when you got bored, to be your personal punching bag!"

Frank was stunned as the Doctor stood up to him

"I remember every day that you drugged me, made my head hurt and my memories disappear. I know that now, it's because of you that I can't remember who I am. Who I was and what I did. You never cared for anybody but yourself for almost two years, two years I had to put up with you, with the fear of you! I may be scared of you Frank; in fact I scared right now. But after today I won't ever let you hurt me or my friends ever again. Right now you are standing on the TARDIS, My TARDIS, the best ship in the universe and she is my best friend. She is going to take care of me because she promised, and I am going to take care of her because I can, because I want to. This is my home, not Oakwood, this is my family not you! I am giving you a choice Frank, leave and you won't go to jail, leave and never come back, because that's who I am, no second chances. I am The Doctor! And you are never going to hurt me again!"

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