Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 31

"Come on old girl take us to him" Jack begged

And she was, she twisted and turned her corridors to lead both Jack and Donna directly to the Doctor. They had already heard the Doctor's voice, he was yelling and they knew exactly who to.

They were so far into the depths of the TARDIS by now and they couldn't tell how long they had been running for. They just hoped they would find him before- a gun shot rang out- before that happened.

Jack and Donna froze on the spot as the shot echoed through the corridors.

"Jack?" said Donna. Hearing the gun shot temporarily stunned her. She instantly felt useless and didn't know what to do. Jack however, was immediately back on track with Donna hot on his heels, they turned a few corners before they eventually found both Frank and the Doctor, but the sight that greeted them wasn't exactly that of a happy reunion. Jack drew his gun.

Frank lifted his gun and pointed it at Donna and Jack the moment he saw them arrive. He now stood over the Doctor's body which was bleeding dangerously from his stomach. Donna gasped at the amount of blood that stained his clothes and surrounded his body. Frank stood at his head like he owned him.

"You bastard!" Growled Jack

"Language Mr Harkness, we don't want the young ones to hear" Said Frank as if tilted his gun to indicate the Doctor who was trying desperately to move away from him. His hands clung to his stomach as more and more blood poured out. He was becoming weaker by the second.

"You didn't have to shoot him!" Yelled Donna

"Why do you think I came here?" he replied and hint of insult in his voice

"He wouldn't have said anything and he's certainly not going to say anything now, look at him for God's sake, you wanted him to be your son and yet this is how you're treating him!"

"We know what you did Frank; we looked you up" Said Jack "Your son, your real son Aidan. You killed him and covered your tracks. We know every single house you and your wife have lived in and believe me when I say, I will have hundreds of teams searching every one of them to look for his body. So even If you do kill him, you won't accomplish anything, you will go to jail but not for kidnapping, but for the murder of your own son"

Frank flinched and slowly lowered the gun to point it at the Doctor's head. "That child was a curse; he certainly wasn't going to live a full life and if I hadn't of killed him it was certain something else would"

"Your own son?" Said Donna, completely astonished by his testament.

"And he wasn't any better, so if you'll excuse me" Frank tightened his grip on his gun and readied his finger at the trigger. Jack did the same, prepared to put a bullet through Frank's head if he had to.

The Doctor moaned on the ground and whimpered once he saw where Frank's gun was pointed to. "Don't make me do it Frank" said Jack

Frank looked up and saw what he meant "You don't have the guts"

"You don't know me Frank, I've killed men, more than you have and I've seen worse things in life that you couldn't possibly dream of" Stated Jack

"Don't you undermine me" Threatened Frank

"And don't you underestimate me!" Jack replied "Don't call me a coward Frank when your the one who is yet to shoot him dead" Jack indicated to the Doctor who was now deathly pale and could barely raise his head. "Maybe you're the coward?" Both Jack and Donna knew that they had to get to the Doctor and give him medical attention before he does die or regenerate.

Frank cocked his gun "Wanna bet?"

Donna took a quick intake of breath as did Jack, Frank looked down at the almost unconscious Timelord and was about to shoot him until he suddenly yelled in pain. Out of nowhere, little Santa jumped though the air and sank his teeth into Frank's arm. Frank dropped the gun screaming in pain as he did so.

The little Jack russell held on tightly and even bit down harder as Frank tried to pry his from his arm. No one could prepare for Frank throwing his arm against the TARDIS wall causing Santa to hit the wall full force, the dog yelped in pain and dropped to the floor. Even he didn't have time to react before Frank jumped forward for his gun. Santa ran forward for another attack, right now he would do anything to protect his owner but he wasn't ready for Frank to change his target and shoot the little dog.

Santa wailed in pain as he hit the floor, blood now seeping from his chest. Another shot rang out, but this time it came from Jack's gun. Frank gasped in pain, he slowly looked down at the opened wound just above his heart. His eyes widened in shock before he collapsed to the ground breathing his last breath. Jack ran forward and kicked the gun from his hand, he stared down in disgust as Frank stared dead into space.

Donna had already made her way to the Doctor who was panting for air. "It's alright sweetheart, you're going to be alright" she assured him, but she didn't think it would do the job.

The Doctor struggled to catch a breath "H-help" was all he could manage

Jack knelt down next to him whilst holstering his gun "Don't you worry mate, Your going to be fine. Just you hang on okay, don't you dare close your eyes!" Jack placed an arm at the Doctor's head and another at his hips. Taking a deep breath Jack pushed his arms underneath the Doctor and picked him up.

The Doctor screamed in agony as Jack hoisted him up and began to carry him through the TARDIS "Hang on Doctor! I mean it, don't close your eyes!" The TARDIS guided Jack to the med bay, bringing it closer to him.

Donna however, stayed behind to pick up Santa. The little white dog now soaked in its blood whimpered in pain as she picked him up and also carried him to the med bay. In the back of her mind, she knew he wouldn't make it.

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