Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 32

The Doctor screamed in pain as Jack gently set him down on one of the med-bay beds. The Doctor tried to reach out for Jack as he left to retrieve some equipment he now desperately needed.

"Jack!" he cried out

"It's alright I'm here" Jack made his way back to the Doctor's side after he retrieved what he needed. When he had become a Time agent, Jack had received medical training which had been helpful to him during some situations in the past, however, he had never dealt with a bullet would that could possibly be fatal. "Just you hang on, you're going to be fine"

Jack comforted the Doctor as he squirmed on the bed. The pain the bullet was causing him was unbearable. "Please sweethearts I need you to lay as still as you can"

"It's hurts!"

Jack's heart broke "I know, but it will only hurt more if you don't lay still" Jack filled a syringe with painkillers that fortunately weren't deadly to Timelords. Once he administered it to him, Jack pulled over a nearby IV stand and IV and inserted it into the crook of the Doctor's arm. The pain medication was already doing the trick and the Doctor was showing signs of relief; however that didn't stop him from moaning in fear and pain

Jack had managed to inspect the wound and he could already tell that it hadn't made an exit; the bullet was still lodged inside him. Just as he finished Donna entered with little Santa in her arms. Her face was pale white. Jack looked up and saw her, he ran to her side blocking the Doctor's view of Santa.

"Go back to the hub and get Ianto, if he hasn't woken yet then throw a bucket of water over him. Get him to bring you to the vet and get him sorted. Don't tell the Doctor, I don't want him more stressed than he is now"

"What about you, what about the Doctor? Jack, is he going to be alright?" Donna panicked

Jacked looked at her with a weary expression on his face "The Doctor is slowly coming back to us, even if he hasn't made it all the way does not mean he's not strong. He's not going to let a stupid little bullet stop him and neither am I"

"Will you be fine on your own?" she asked

"Yes now go hurry!" Jack practically pushed her out of the room. When he returned to the Doctor's side, he was sweating and had a shortness of breath.

Jack grabbed a pair of scissors and began to cut the Doctor's T-shirt off. When the wound revealed itself Jack couldn't help but bite his tongue. The Doctor raised his head to look at it also, but once he saw the catastrophe on his abdomen he cried out once more.

Jack took hold of his hands and squeezed it tightly "Doctor" Jack tried to not jump for joy when the Doctor responded to hearing his true name. Instead he kept himself level in order to get through this situation "I'm going to make you better okay. You're going to be fine. Now I'm going to give you a little injection of butterfly milk"

The Doctor frowned at the mention of the 'Butterfly milk' Jack smiled down at him. "What's that?" he asked

"Its special little milk that helps you doze off to sleep" said Jack

The Doctor's eyes widened "No I don't want to go to sleep!" he exclaimed. He tried to sit up, raising his arms to get away. Jack grabbed the Doctor arms and held them down, but as gently as he could.

"It's okay you just have to trust me. When you wake up, this will all be over. No more pain okay?" spoke Jack as he tried to calm him down. The Doctor did calm down as did his breathing. He looked up at Jack with fear in his eyes, but he looked at him for answers, for the trust of his safety that Jack would always give.

Jack released his hold of the Doctor and made sure he was comfortable. He then retrieved the anesthetic and inserted it into the IV. When he finished he leaned over the Doctor and began to stroke his hair.

"I promise you're going to be just fine and when you wake up. We're going to take care of you. You're almost there, you're remembering" said Jack

The Doctor's eyes were beginning to drift but he still managed to fight it off to ask one more question "Jack"


"Is my name the Doctor?" he asked

Jack paused for a moment before answering "Yes, it is" Jack tried his best not to scream "You remembered"

The Doctor slowly nodded his head. The Anesthetic was starting to consume him as his eyes drifted close. He whispered "I hated the name Aidan. I like Doctor better"

Jack smiled as the Doctor fell asleep "I like it better too". Once he was ready, Jack prepared himself to retrieve the bullet from the Doctor's wound. It was going to be long and hard, but he believed in himself even though it was his first time doing something of this proportion, and not on a human.

Jack encouraged himself to go through with it, he knew the TARDIS would also help with any problems and reassure him whenever he might have doubted himself. Jack paused for a moment before eventually beginning the procedure.

At this very moment he blocked out the world. He forgot about the dead body in the corridors of the TARDIS, he forgot about Donna and Ianto, even little Santa. He blocked it all out, for now he focused on one thing and one thing only. Saving the Doctor's life.

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