Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 33


The Doctor held his breath as Frank screamed his name.


He was too afraid to remove himself from underneath his bed. He knew he would eventually be found; there wasn't much hiding places on offer. Under his bed was his best option.


Suddenly his bedroom door slammed open and Frank entered his room. The Doctor could only see his feet as he stormed around the room looking for him. His first instinct was to check underneath the bed covers but to no avail. He then watched as Frank made his way over to his wardrobe and opened the door. Frank furiously shifted through all of the clothes in order to find him, when again he failed to find his target he screamed "Aidan get the fuck out here now!"

Frank paused for a moment before banging the bedroom door closed and making his way over to the bed. He then got on his hands and knees and lifted the covers, clearing his view of underneath the bed. That's when he spotted the cowering Doctor.

"You! Get out here!" Frank yelled heatedly

The Doctor wasted no time in obeying his orders and slowly crawled out from under the bed. Once he was far enough out Frank tangled his hand into the Doctor's hair and pulled him out the rest of the way. He then threw him to the ground and commenced kicking him in his side.

The Doctor howled out as Frank continued to beat him with continuous jabs. "Daddy please!"

Frank then proceeded to grab the Doctor by the lapels of his shirt and haul him up into a sitting position before pushing him against the door of his wardrobe. The Doctor gasped as his head made contact with the door.

"You just fucking listen to me alright! Did you try and leave the house this morning?"

The Doctor shook his head vigorously to which Frank replied with a back hand to his cheek

"Answer me Aidan! Did you try to leave the house?" he asked

The Doctor shook his head once more "No" was all he could manage

Frank gripped the Doctor's shirt and pulled him forward before immediately forcing him back against the wardrobe again, causing the Doctor to hit his head for a second time. "Stop lying!"

"I'm n-not, I s-swear! Please daddy I swear I d-didn't" Frank glared at the Doctor as he began to cry. Tears fell from his eyes as Frank had practically scared them out of him.

Frank let one hand fall so as he could use it to take hold of the Doctor's hair and force his head up to look at him "You think your friends care about you. You think they like you. You're a fool boy. Stupid, to think such childish things. No one likes you, no one cares about you, you are all alone in this world and you are going to die all alone"

The Doctor didn't want to believe what he was hearing "No" he pleaded

"Yes" Growled Frank "And you are never going to leave this house. You may think you're safe, you may think your friends will protect you, but you're wrong. I will always be watching you, every step you take, every bite you eat and every breath of air you inhale. I will know"


"You might think I'm dead but I will resurrect, I will come back and I will kill you"


"Don't try to run from me Doctor! I will find you"

"Sweethearts come on wakey wakey"

Jack softly dug his knuckle into the Doctor's shoulder to help him stir. When the Doctor eventually showed signs of waking up Jack smiled. He then proceeded to stroke his hair and tickle his nose just for his own amusement.

The Doctor tried to slap him away only for Jack to catch his hand and gently rest it back down on the bed. "Come on Doctor, I know you're awake"

The Doctor slowly shifted his eyes open only to be met by a blurry Jack. The Doctor groaned as he tried to wipe the sleep from his eyes.

"How are you feeling?" asked Jack

"Sleepy" he replied. The Doctor's voice was horse and dry. Jack reached over to the cup of tea he had made for him before he woke up.

"Here, this should wake you up a bit" Jack held the tea in front of his lips; he then added a straw allowing the Doctor to take sips of his favored drink. Once he had finished, the Doctor let his head drop back down onto his pillows and closed his eyes.

"Oh no you don't, come on now, you can sleep later I want to talk to you" said Jack

The Doctor frowned "You're so needy"

Jack laughed "And you are definitely not a morning person. Now come on, open your eyes and look at me" This time Jack was a little bit sterner, which he immediately regretted as it caused the Doctor to obey his command and look at him with scared eyes.

Jack placed his hand on top of the Doctor's and squeezed it "I'm sorry. I just want to have a little chat and then you can sleep all you like"

"I'm not sure I want to now" said the Doctor

"Why? Bad dream?" asked Jack. The Doctor didn't answer, he merely diverted his eyes to avoid Jack's gaze "Do you want to talk about it?"

The Doctor just shook his head and began to fiddle with his blankets. Jack sighed before he leaned forward on the bed and tilted his head to try and get a good view of the Doctor's face. "Hey" The Doctor raised his head ever so slightly to look at Jack "Want to see something cool?" asked Jack. To which the Doctor completely lifted his head and nodded.

Jack smiled before standing up and making his way over to a trolley with a lot of equipment on it, he then proceeded to lift a tiny little bag with something inside. The Doctor watched him intently as he made his way back over to him. Jack sat back down before he showed the Doctor the little see through bag. It's contents caused the Doctor's eyes to widen.

Inside the little bag was the bullet that had been lodged in the Doctor's stomach, put there by Frank. "This is the little bugger that caused you all that pain"

"That was inside me?" the Time lord asked

Jack nodded "Yup. I can even show you your scar later but for now we need to let that heal" Jack emphasized this by reaching over and lifting the Doctor's blanket, he then gently lifted the clean T-shirt that Jack had dressed him in to show him the bandages that now dominated the Doctor's abdomen.

The Doctor stared at the bandages before he got a sudden shiver. Jack got the message and lowered his shirt and blankets once more. He then picked up the cup of tea "Here, take another drink" The Doctor did as he was told and practically drained the cup. Jack sat the cup down before looking at the Doctor's IV "Are you in pain?"

"A little" he replied. The Doctor watched as Jack retrieved and small needle filled with a clear liquid. The Doctor swallowed hard and yelled out "Wait, no I don't want it!"

"It's alright, it's not the medicine. It's a pain killer, to help with the pain" Comforted Jack

The Doctor shook his head "I don't want it" The Doctor and Jack stared at one another for a moment before Jack gave in with a sigh and set the needle down.

"I guess that's something else we need to work on huh?" Jack received no reply but that didn't bother him, instead he sat back down and made himself more comfortable next to the Doctor's bed. The Doctor watched him with furrowed brows "I'm not mad at you if that's what you're thinking. Just promise me you will try to take some pain killer later if the pain gets worse and it probably will"

The Doctor nodded and a feeling of relaxation passed over him. The Doctor liked Jack, a lot, and if he were ever mad at him, he wouldn't know what to do. He would probably conquer with Frank and decide that he was right, that he didn't have friends.

But that was just a dream. A really bad dream, it wasn't true and that's all he can believe.

"Now then, I need to tell you something, I need you to listen to me okay" said Jack. The Doctor nodded and he wasn't sure where Jack was going with this but he still listened.

"Now, do you remember anything after Frank shot you?" jack asked

The Doctor thought for a moment before looking at Jack "I remember you carrying me and giving me the butterfly milk. I remembered my name!" The Doctor answered with such excitment, proud of himself for remembering his name. Jack smiled down at him as he also couldn't be more proud of him, but that smiled faded as he had to continue.

"What else do you remember?"

"I think I remember Frank, he fell, but he didn't get up" Jack waited for the Doctor to finish before interrupting "Is he gone?"

Jack took a deep breath and held onto he Doctor's hand. He nodded "Yeah, yeah he's gone. And he's not going to hurt you ever again. I can promise you that"

The Doctor said nothing as he did not know what to say. A part of him was happy that the man was dead, something he longed for for two years but something he wouldn't admit aloud. Another part of him felt pity, but he didn't know why he felt that it was right to feel sympathy for the man's death.

"Doctor" The Doctor blinked out of his thought upon hearing Jack call to him "There is something else you need to know"

The Doctor waited patiently for Jack to tell him but his patience was wearing thin and he just wanted to know, the way jack was behaving signaled that it wasn't good. The wait was eating at him, even though it wasn't that long of a wait.

"Do you remember Santa saving you?" The Doctor remained silent and merely shook his head "Well, he stopped Frank from…hurting you again. He attacked him. He stopped Frank but he could only stop him from doing so much"

Jack's heart tore as the Doctor stared at him with a glint of panic in his eyes. He didn't want to finish but the Doctor deserved to know "Frank shot Santa"

Tears immediately welled up in the Doctor's eyes "What!" His lips trembled as the news of his beloved pet attacked him like a stab to the heart. The Doctor choked before he eventually succumbed a whimpered like the child he used to be.

Jack sat on the bed and pulled the Doctor into his embrace "It's okay it's okay shh. Donna took him to the vet and they're giving him an operation just like you had"

The Doctor didn't answer, only cried more

"I haven't heard anything new yet, but I bet you he's is going to be just fine. He's a strong little thing isn't he?" The Doctor sniffed and nodded his head. Jack couldn't see his face as it was pressed up against his shoulder.

"And when they're finished, we're going to bring him home and take care of him just like you. You too have a lot in common then huh?" Jack continued to hold onto the Doctor whilst he cried into him, even after he went silent and softly dozed off to sleep Jack still held him close, praying that his promise came true.

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