Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 34

"Jack, Jack…Jack!"Jack jumped awake upon hearing his name. He rubbed his eyes before looking up at the figure standing over him. Donna stood tall with her hands on her hips and a smirk on her face."I tried to call you like ten times" she complained

"I was asleep" he replied

"Well I know that. You're suppose to be watching him" Said Donna, she sounded rude but Jack knew she was merely worried for her friend

"I was, but then he fell asleep so I sat down and before I knew it you were all up in my face" Donna slapped Jack on his arm as he laughed at her. However upon hearing a soft groan come from the Doctor's bed, he immediately quieted down. Donna approached his bed as Jack picked himself up from the chair he had substituted for a bed. Donna then gently began to stroke the Doctor's hair as Jack checked his IV. "How is he doing?" she asked

Jack smiled and his face said it all "He's going to be just fine, just like I said. He's strong Donna and now all he needs is his rest"

"What about Frank?"

"Oh he's dead" Jack said rather unsympatheticly. "I haven't even bothered to move his body. I'm hoping the TARDIS hasn't done so already. She probably wants to burn it at the core of her mainframe. I'd rather dump his body somewhere and make up a story for the police to find him" Said Jack as he sat back down on the chair, satisfied with the Doctor's vitals. "What about little Santa?" asked Jack

Donna looked at Jack sternly before softly smiling at him "He's fine. He had a long and successful operation and he'll make a full recovery. Ianto charged it to Torchwood"

Jack sighed in relief "That's good, I already told the Doctor when he woke up earlier. He didn't take it too well" Jack briefly thought back to those few hours earlier, holding his friend in his arms whilst he cried. Still continuing to hold even after he had falling asleep. He longed to just lay with him, watching him as he slept peacefully, it would give him some relief to see him in any kind of peaceful state after all he has been through.

"I expect so. Ianto should be bringing him in now, he just had to give him his first set of pain killers that he has to take for the next few weeks" said Donna. Just then the Doctor shifted in his sleep before slowly blinking awake to Donna's touch. He stared at Donna for quite some time with half closed eyes before eventually blinking hard and wiping the sleep from his eyes.

"Hey sweetheart, how are you feeling?" asked Donna

The Doctor continued to rub at his eyes as he answered her "Bleh!"

Donna smirked, the Doctor behaving like his old self always gave her hope. Donna pulled up a nearby chair and sat next to the Doctor, opposite Jack. The Doctor watched her get comfortable before he looked between both Donna and Jack, waiting for at least one of them to speak.

When they both remained silent, he went first "Where's Santa?"

Before either Jack or Donna could answer him, they were interrupted by two soft knocks

"Knock knock? May we come in" Ianto stood at the door to the med-bay, you knew he was carrying Santa in his arms but Ianto wanted to keep him from view of the Doctor "I let myself in if that's okay sir"

"That's fine Ianto. How's your head?"

"Fine sir, nothing a little aspirin won't fix" he replied

"Great, perfect timing too, now you can answer his question" Jack gestured to the Doctor giving Ianto the signal to enter the room. When Ianto fully stepped into the room, he carried little Santa in a bundle in his arms. He had a blanket covering him and a cone around his head.

Upon seeing him the Doctor shot straight up on the bed which he immediately regretted, pain shot up through his abdomen causing him to collapse back down onto the bed. Donna jumped from her seat to check on him, when she was happy that he was fine, she allowed Ianto to pass and set the little dog gently onto the Doctor's lap.

"HI!" shouted the Doctor, greeting his tiny friend "Hey buddy it's so good to see you thank you for saving me!" he yelled

"Okay mister, both you and Santa have been through a lot, plus I haven't had any sleep in sixteen hours, so a little quiet" said Donna

Jack smirked "Then go get some sleep party pooper, we're trying to have a family reunion"

Donna stuck out her tongue in reply to which Jack just laughed. "I'll go get some tea and coffee" Ianto excused himself.

The Doctor grinned from ear to ear and he scratched the top of Santa's head. Santa seemed too tired to care and instead just made himself more comfy on his owner's lap. "What's that on his head?" asked the Doctor

"It's a cone" said Jack "Dogs must wear them after they get an operation"


"It's to stop him from chewing on his stitches" said Donna, she then leaned forward and lifted the blanket that still covered the dog and showed the Doctor his stitches just above his hip. The vet had to shave most of his fur off for the operation but it wouldn't take long to grow back "He needs to wear it until the stitches fallout"

"Do I have to wear a cone since I got stitches too!" assumed the Doctor

Jack and Donna laughed "No sweethearts, its just for dogs. I'm sure you're smart enough to know not to pick your stitches eh?"

The Doctor nodded and continued to caress his friend who had now fallen asleep. Ianto returned with two coffees for Donna and Jack and a nice hot cup of tea for the Doctor. Jack thanked him before he excused himself once more. Donna had explained to him with what had happened with Frank so he figured he must get a start on a story explaining his death, just for the police and the press to believe.

When he had gone, Jack leaned forward and looked at the Doctor. "Hey, why don't you tell Donna the surprise"

"What surprise?" he said

Donna also spoke up "Yeah what surprise?" over exciting herself. Jack whispered in the Doctor's ear

At which point the Doctor's face lit up "Oh yeah!" He then turned to Donna and beamed "My real name's the Doctor!"

Donna face dropped whilst Jack burst out laughing. Donna dived forward and pulled the Doctor into her embrace, waking up Santa in her midst. "Oh yes, I'm so happy for you! You're remembering! I can't believe it, I'm so glad. You're so smart you are!"

"Uh huh!" the Doctor managed to reply at the end of Donna's outburst

"Now your the loud one" Again Jack received a dirty look form Donna before she continued hugging the Doctor "You coming back to us then?" asked Jack

"I hope so, cause it kinda sucked being Aidan" he complained making Donna and Jack laugh throughout the TARDIS med-bay.

Donna hugged him more, squeezing him tight until he complained "Nothing is going to stop you this time then?"

The Doctor shook his head vigorously "Nope. Not anymore" Donna agreed before letting go of the Time lord and sitting back down. She chugged down her coffee happily, the news of the Doctor remembering his real name really woke her up, she no longer thought of catching up on her sleep, now all she wanted to do was help make the Doctor better and continue with his progress. Get him back on his feet so he could run across the stars, the universe as his back yard, nothing to get in his way.

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