Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 35

3 weeks later

Whilst the Doctor had mostly recovered from the surgery, he still complained from minor pains in his abdomen, Jack instructed him to take it easy for another week but that didn't stop the Time lord from escaping from the med-bay and venturing through his ship.

Jack supplied him with more pain medication but due to the Doctor's new-found fear of needles they can only be given orally. Jack made a note to have a word with him about his fear later on.

When the Doctor did disappear it was Donna's job to prepare a punishing and firm speech for when Jack eventually brought him back. However, almost every single time, Donna would be put off by the Doctor's puppy face when Jack found him. He never wanted to be found and brought back, hence the reason why he continues to run away and seek new things.

He would get back into bed next to Santa who was also still recovering but no longer wore his cone. The Doctor's stubbornness arose after being found and he refused to co-operate until he saw his next chance of escape.

One night, whilst Jack took his turn watching him after Donna had went to sleep, the Doctor sneakily got out of bed and tip toed behind Jack's back towards the door. Jack however, saw it coming and had already locked it hours before. So when he heard the door rattle and the sound of defeat follow; he sighed and turned to see the Doctor trying to pry the door open with a bar.

"Umm what are you doing out of bed mister?" he asked

The Doctor spun around hiding the bar behind his back. His face was a picture of innocence as Jack approached him from the opposite side of the room. When he reached him the Doctor bit his lip as Jack raised his hand for the bar.

The Doctor sighed and gave the bar to Jack, the bar itself looked to be pried off from the bottom of one of the medical beds.

"Are you that desperate?" Asked Jack. The Doctor didn't answer, instead he lowered his head and looked down at his feet, avoiding Jack's gaze. Jack tossed the bar on a nearby counter causing a racket and waking up Santa, who now had his bed placed just beneath the Doctor's for a temporary vacation.

Jack placed his hand beneath the Doctor's chin and raised his head to get a look at him. He looked straight within the Doctor's eyes and saw something he hadn't seen in almost two years. "Every day, more and more of you is coming back to us"

The Doctor did nothing instead he just stared back at Jack and opened his mouth "I remember my mother"

Jack's hand fell from the Doctor's face in shock and disbelief "You did?"

The Doctor nodded "She was my real mother. I know for sure it was her"

Jack smiled and took the Doctor's hands guiding him back to the bed. The Doctor didn't argue as he climbed under the covers and watched Jack sit down at the edge of the mattress. "What else do you remember?"

"Just a little, mostly her. She was kind, warm and gentle. She sang me to sleep when I was little and told me stories to cheer me up. I can also remember running around a lot, I use to skip school just to run around a big red field"

"No different to who you are today. That's why you can't be in one place for so long. You just want to run around and investigate, have adventures and seek for fun" said Jack

"We can have adventures?" the Doctor asked, dumbfounded

"Of course in time. But first you need to heal and then I can take you to a nearby hill to watch the sunset. How's that sound?"

The Doctor nodded and thought "But I've figured it out now, I remember my home" Jack held his breath as the Doctor continued "That's why it's in my notes, why I painted it on my bedroom walls. Why the TARDIS showed me the room. It's my home isn't it? That's where I was born"

Jack nodded "Yes, it was. Its name was Gallifrey"

The Doctor tossed the word around in his mouth "Gallifrey, Gallllliiiiifreeeeeyyy. Yep that's it"

Jack grinned at his friend's never failing humour. They talked on for the next few hours until the Doctor gave in to the temptations of sleep and dozed off. Jack tucked him in and watched him for the remainder of the night, watching over his friend knowing there is no danger to fear but a man he loved to keep company.

A week later the Doctor had been allowed to leave the med-bay on the conditions that he'd stay nearby and not lift anything heavy. A human would still have to stay in bed until they were fully healed but not him. He already had the energy of a lion and ran and jumped and climbed around the hub and the TARDIS with the wit of a monkey. Donna incessantly threatened to send him back to the med bay but he never listened and continued to enjoy his freedom.

Jack couldn't help but laugh at Donna's attempts to calm him down. She would ask Jack if he slipped coffee in the Doctor's drink in the morning, which would explain the Time lord's spirited behaviour, but he always denied it.

One day Donna sat at a desk reading the report Ianto had created on Frank's death. They had dumbed his body next to a river with a nearby bridge, the police first thought it was a suicide until they saw the bullet hole in his head. They didn't rule out murder but with no evidence of who to convict, they stuck with suicide.

Donna had been watching the Doctor run around the hub playing with Ianto. Jack was filing some paperwork in his office. She hadn't noticed as the Doctor suddenly stopped playing and walked inside the TARDIS.

She didn't even notice Ianto calling his name in search for him; it wasn't until he approached her and asked if she knew where he was.

"What are you asking me for, you're the one playing with him?" she alleged

Ianto replied "That's what I'm trying to say, I can't find him. He won't answer me"

Donna stood from the desk "Go and check Jack's office he might have went up there, I'll check the TARDIS" Ianto did as she asked and headed up the steps to Jack's office. Donna however, made her way to the blue ship and entered her vast interior.

"Doctor" she called out "Are you in here sweetheart? Ianto's looking for you" she received no reply. Donna closed the TARDIS doors behind her and made her way up the ramp. That's when she heard shuffling and a soft whimper that followed.

"Doctor?" Donna circled the console following the sounds of sobbing. Donna frowned as she eventually saw the sight of the Doctor sat beneath the console unit. His head rested on his knees and his arms covered his face as he softly cried.

"Oh sweetheart"

The Doctor never heard her enter so jumped when Donna spoke up once more. His face was lined with tear tracks and new ones were starting to fall. Donna bent down to his level, getting a full view of his features. "Doctor what's wrong?"

The Doctor didn't answer; he barely got a word out before he burst out into more tears, tucking his face away from Donna's view. Donna shifted herself around so that she sat directly in front of him. The grating floor wasn't exactly comfortable but that didn't bother her for the time being.

Donna placed her hand gently above the Doctor's, stroking his with her thumb "Come on, don't hide from me. Tell me what's the matter so I can help"

The Doctor never wavered, he didn't raise his head but that didn't stop his from answering "They're all gone"

Donna just about managed to hear him, she tilted her head in misunderstanding "Who is?"

"G-Gallifrey" The Doctor announced, causing Donna's heart to shatter.

He's remembering more of his home. Jack told her he remembered growing up during his childhood and his true mother. However, they had completely forgotten about how to tell him of his planet now, so thought it best to wait for the day he remembered himself.

But as Donna watched her best friend cry over the loss of his home she cursed at her past self and Jack for making that decision. All she could do was take hold of the whimpering Time lord and hold him tightly as he cried.

"There's so much fire and pain. People were screaming and children dying!"

Donna gently rocked him back and forth "Shh now, try not to think of it. Your remembering sweetheart and I know it hurts but it's all in the past" Donna caressed the Doctor's head and he hid his face in her chest.

"You knew" he said his voice mumbled against her

Donna sighed and looked up as Jack entered the TARDIS "Yes, we knew"

Jack saw the crying form of the Doctor curled up to Donna, Jack frowned and mouthed to Donna 'What's wrong'. Donna didn't answer and only gave him a stern looking, signalling for him to come over.

"Hey Doc, what's wrong?" Jack placed a hand on the Doctor's back, his worry increased as he could feel the tremble at his touch.

"Gallifrey!" he yelled

Jack closed his eyes in sorrow; neither he nor Donna was looking forward to this day. "How much can you recall?"

"Not a lot, I s-still can't remember a lot of stuff from before, but the TARDIS keeps t-telling me that I n-needed to know something im-important, but that I wasn't going to like it!" the Doctor broke down again so Donna held him as tight as she could to calm him down.

"I'm so sorry Doctor. I know we should let you try to remember on your own, but I guess you're just only going to get worse if we don't help to fill in the gaps" said Donna, she looked at Jack who she could tell didn't fully agree with her. Donna tightened her jaw and glared at him "It's the least we could do"

Jack sighed and shifted himself onto the floor. He then reached out and took the Doctor's hand. The Doctor twisted his head around so that he could see Jack but that he was still resting against Donna.

"I'm about to tell you something and you're probably not going to like it, but all I can say is don't be afraid to cry or tell me to stop, or run away. Neither me or Donna will stop you. Okay?"

The Doctor swallowed before nodding to the immortal. Jack took a deep breath and slowly began "You come from a race called the Time lords, a very powerful and intelligent and peaceful race. But a war erupted between them and a race called the Daleks"

Jack smirked as the Doctor made a face at the mention of his enemies names before he continued "The war lasted a while and you fought against them. But you were the only one who knew how to stop the war and make peace. It was the biggest decision you had ever made in your life"

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