Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 37

"Jack, where are you going? The med bay is that way!" yelled Donna

"I'm taking him to the Torchwood med bay!" he yelled back as he carried the unconscious Time Lord through the TARDIS corridors.

Donna shuttered as she looked down at the trail of blood that was being left behind, on account of the Doctor's wrist. She followed Jack with several blood stained towels that she unconsciously brought with her.

After they had found the Doctor in the bathroom and eventually gathered themselves together, they both jumped into action to save their friend. Donna had used the towels to stop the bleeding whilst Jack was trying to keep the Doctor conscious.

"I wanted the voices to go away" The Doctor mumbled

Jack placed a tight hand on his shoulder "No Doctor, this is never the answer! How could you be so stupid!"

The Doctor let out a soft whimper "I'm sorry" he just managed to get one tear out before blacking out. Jack took this as his cue to get him out. He scooped the Doctor up in his arms and ran towards the console room.

When he made it back into the hub he was greeted by Ianto who rushed after him as he ran towards the medical bay.

"Ianto, have an IV ready and get a medical bag!" Jack order

"Yes sir" Ianto ran ahead and down the steps to the med bay. Jack wasn't far behind as he managed to carry the Doctor down and lay him on the bed. Ianto hurried himself around the room, collecting needed items. Jack opened the medical bag Ianto had placed at the bottom of the bed and took out a large piece of gauze. He managed to stop the bleeding but worried about how deathly pale the Doctor had become from blood loss.

Donna rushed in and also panicked at the sight of the Doctor. Jack reached forward and checked that a pulse still remained. It was slow but hopeful.

"Donna I need you to clean his wrist so i can stitch it up" Donna complied to Jack's order and soaked a clean cloth and gently began to clean the Doctor's wrist, trying her hardest not to faint. Seeing so much blood never did her much good, ever since she was a little girl it always make her sick. But for now, she controlled her breathing and made it through without seeing black dots in her vision.

Jack and Ianto had an IV ready. He inserted the catheter before inserting the IV with the drug solution. "What are you giving him!" asked Donna

"Digoxin. Since there is no one to help give him a blood transfusion, this with help his hearts pump with more constancy, get his blood going. It's alright, it is safe for Time Lords, he'll just feel a little nauseas when he wakes up" he replied

Donna nodded and stepped back "How do you know what you're doing?"

"Medical training, all time agents were given high class medical training for when they go out into the field, it's very useful if you were caught and tortured"

Donna blinked "Pardon?"

Jack ignored her "Okay, let's get this all stitched up"

"He's going to be okay then?"

Jack smiled at her "He's going to be fine"

"Not when he wakes up he's not, I'm going to beat him for giving us a scare like that. I mean how could he fall so low Jack?" she thought "I thought it was all going to be up hill from now on"

"I know, but he's so unpredictable" Jack finished stitching the Doctor's wrist and began to carefully wrap a bandage over the wound "I knew telling him something so serious was too early for him. When we found him in the bathroom he told me he wanted to get rid of the voices. I think finding out about the time war brought back a lot more memories at once, his brain couldn't handle it. I don't know what gave him the idea about slashing his wrist, but I'll make sure he's never going to have such thoughts again"

"Your right" Donna agreed sadly. Donna fell down on a nearby chair "Oh Jack, we almost lost him again"

Jack finished his work and made his way over to Donna's side, he placed a gentle hand on her knee and smiled "Hey, third times a charm. He's strong and he's not getting away that easy. If it were up to me, I'd make sure that mad man dies of old age"

Donna smiled at Jack before receiving a warm hug from him. There hug was interrupted by Ianto "Sir?"

Jack turned to him, no words were shared but they both knew what each other was thinking. Jack nodded and Ianto left the room. Donna frowned, confused of their exchange "What was that about?"

"It's cautionary" said Jack

"What is?" Donna questioned. Just then Ianto returned but with something in his hands. Padded restraints "What the hell Jack!"

"I told you Donna it's cautionary"

"It's the Doctor for God's sake and he's your patient not your prisoner!"

Donna watched as Jack accepted the restraints from Ianto and began to strap the Time Lord down to the bed "I promise you Donna even I don't want to do this, but we both agree that we don't want him to hurt himself again. So this is the only way, I will remove them when I deem him fit"

"He's not ill Jack, he's just lost. If I just found out my whole species were dead I certainly wouldn't think twice about ending it, all I'd think was that I had no reason to live and that's just. what... The Doctor did" Donna stopped in her tracks and realised what she was saying, it was only hitting her now. Her best friend had just tried to kill himself because all she wanted was to have his old self back and rushed into things. "Oh my God" Donna sighed, putting her head in her hands.

"Now you see. I swear Donna I don't like this anymore than you do, and he's certainly not going to like it when he wakes up" Jack placed his hands on Donna's shoulders "All we can do is be there for him and remind him that he has a reason to live"

Donna nodded and looked at her friend asleep in the bed "I'll go get him some clean clothes, maybe he'll like a cup of tea for when he wakes too"

"Good idea" replied Jack. The immortal watched as Donna ascended the stairs and went to fetch the Doctor some fresh clothes as the ones he was wearing had been stained with his own blood. Jack made his way around the bed and checked all his vitals, happy that he was already improving and was gaining more colour in his face. Jack could never stop being amazed by his friend's quick healing.

He just wished his mind would heal at the same pace too.

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