Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 4

The Doctor stared at the ceiling. After waking up in the basement two days ago with a headache and a blanket over him, he started to think back to what had happened. He remembered the man and woman, the couple he met whilst out shopping with Donna and Jack. The woman claimed that he was her son. He took it as an effect of possible Schizophrenia. He remembered the man telling him that their son had died 25 years ago, maybe his anniversary brought it up. The loss a loved one can really bring people down. He should know.

He could remember walking towards the hub and being grabbed from behind after being hit on the head. That man was seriously strong, he must have or had a tough job. He was pushed in the back of the car and that's when he recognised the woman, she called him angel.

What confused him most was that he stayed knocked out during the journey in the car. But he vaguely remembers waking up and she was there. The woman, she kissed him and said something about him being home. Then it just goes black. That's all he can remember.

He's sure that they must have drugged him, especially if he stayed unconscious for that long and during the night. But that was three days ago and they haven't been down since. He tried to figure out what was their plan. He knew that they believed, or wanted to believe, that he was their son. He knew that they would probably want him to think the same too.

What he doesn't understand is that they took a full-grown man. They looked to be in their forties or fifties, so if their son died 25 years ago, then he would have only been a child. So why did they take him? Maybe they wanted to continue with their lives like nothing happened, their son would be the same age as the Doctor now, well the same age that the Doctor looks. He figured that these people were out of their heads, they're a husband and wife that are working as a team for kidnapping!

It has been four days since the Doctor woke up and still they haven't been down to him. He hasn't eaten or drank since a couple of hours before he, Jack and Donna left for the shops. He knew that's humans could only last up to a week without any food but two weeks if they had any water. He doesn't seem to be getting any. And he's pretty positive that these people don't know he's not human. So if they wanted him alive, then they would at least feed him.

He had already tried to escape, from the first moment he woke up he had looked for any signs of an exit. His hands being tied hadn't really helped. He could remember his pockets being emptied, so his sonic was probably gone. He tried the door at the top of the stairs but of course it was locked. Being who he was he tried shouting to his captors, hoping to reason with them. Which only resulted in Frank appearing with a needle. He dragged the Doctor back down the stairs and jabbed the needle into his arm, plunging him into darkness.

Five days have past and the Doctor made sure he wouldn't underestimate these people, the lack of food and water was making him tired. He also lacked warmth which made him kick himself for not lifting his coat. But he still had the blanket,which was rather difficult to use in his predicament. The basement was quite dark and he could only see so little using his keen eyesight. It would scare him to not be able to see anything, he wouldn't know if he was being watched.

Suddenly, the door opened at the top of the stairs, the light poured into the room creating a box of light at the bottom on the stairs. The Doctor stood using the wall, but was still a fair distance away from the stair case. A silhouette stood in the doorway and looked down before closing the door and flicking a switch.

The Doctor tightened his eyes shut at the unexpected brightness. He could finally see the interior of the room. It was an average sized basement. A few boxes sat in the corner, a huge machine, probably a heater, was tucked away under the stairs. He could also see the person who was now descending the stairs.

Frank touched the bottom and stared at the Doctor, adding a smile at the corner of his lips. The Doctor didn't like that smile, it made his spine shiver. But he still wanted to show his confidence and not let a freaky smile bring him down.

"Frank right?" He asked. His confidence shown a he took a small step forward from the corner he had been situated in for the past few days.

"You remember me" he stated happily

"From the shops yes. Well Frank, its seems that I have ended up in your basement and have been here for five days now. And although, it has been so much fun" Sarcasm intended "I would really like to get back to my friends, they're probably looking for me"

"Oh really, you want to leave? But we just got you back" Said Frank as he edged his way closer to the Doctor

"Yes actually I do"

"Oh that's a shame, because in truth, we don't want you to leave" The man had a slight touch of American in his accent which the Doctor could just about depict

"Sorry but I've got some friends who are probably missing me right now and wondering where I am"

Frank's face suddenly went cold and serious "Tuff"

The Doctor was starting to grow a little angry and changed the subject "What do you want from me?"

"It's not what we want from you, it's more like what we want of you" Frank explained

"And that would be?" The Doctor asked

"You. Just you in general. Just to be a part of our family again and give us your love" Frank answered, he had been pacing the basement but was still making his way toward the Doctor

"If you think this is some sick game!"

"Now now Aidan, use your inside voice" he said calmly

"I am not Aidan Frank, my name is the Doctor"

"Stop lying Aidan!" Frank burst out, but immediately calmed himself, controlling his anger "You know it's not nice"

"Listen, I'm not Aidan, I'm not your son. I never am and I never will be. Your son is dead"

Frank suddenly lunged forward and had taken the Doctor completely by surprise. He grabbed the Doctor by the hair and gave him a hard punch in the gut. Winded, the Doctor tried to lean forward, Frank used this to his advantage and gripped his hair tighter, then kicking him in the behind he forced him to the ground.

The Doctor was now flat on his stomach and couldn't move. Once he was done Frank stood leaving the Doctor on the cold floor, who could now only manage to move himself on his side, making him vulnerable. Frank shouted as he booted the Doctor hard in the ribs.

"Stop! Your sons dead!" The Doctor protested as he was violently attacked

"You're hardly dead if you're sitting right here!" replied Frank, giving him one more quick kick in the stomach

The Doctor coughed out his words "I'm.. not your.. son"

Frank bent down and pulled the Doctor up by the tie. The two men were now inches away from each other. Frank spoke cold and whispered "You will be"

Frank threw the Doctor back to the floor and gave him a few more kicks in the abdomen, back and torso. When he took breaks the Doctor used that time to get his breath back. He was surprised that he could feel no broken bones, just bruising.

Frank had stood in one spot for a while, staring down at him. The Doctor took no notice as he was to busy getting over the pain that was shooting through his chest and stomach. Then he looked up to see Frank move forward and swing one leg over him, Frank towered over the Doctor, he held no expression on his face even when he bent down and grabbed the Timelord by the lapels of his jacket, pulling him up into a sitting position and forcing him hard against the stone wall.

The Doctor banged his head against the stone and badly wanted to put his hand to it but he couldn't in his situation. Frank leaned forward and again their faces were so close, the Doctor could feel his breath on his cheeks. Frank smiled as he knelt and straddled the Doctor, trapping him. He couldn't move if he tried.

"Now you listen to me. I love my wife, so I will personally make sure that she is happy. And now the only way to do that is you. She wanted her son back, she saw you, I got you. And you will do what ever we say." Frank gave the Doctor a hard shake causing him to hit his head again "Got that!"

The Doctor groaned in pain before nodding. Frank smiled and patted him on the cheek "Good boy" Frank stood

"Now, we're about to have dinner but first things first, I have a few things you need to know. First, your mother and I would appreciate it if you would call us like your suppose to, 'mum' and 'dad'. Second, at dinner you will not speak unless spoken to, and you will use your manners. Finally, if you misbehave in any way, you will be straight back down here and I will punish you, understood?"

The Doctor simply nodded, not wanting to receive any more pain for the time being

Frank frowned "Yes...Dad" his tone indicated for the Doctor to copy

"Yes" The Doctor spoke

"No! Yes.." Frank moved forward and lifted his foot in the air before stomping it back down on the Doctor's vulnerable leg. "DAD!"

The Doctor yelled in pain. He tried to wriggle his leg out from under Franks foot but that only lead him to lean harder. He just had to say it and he would get off. He didn't want to completely break his leg.

The Doctor struggled, breathing heavily he managed to choke out the words "Yes… dad"

Frank lifted his foot. The Doctor pulled it away from him if he done anything else.

"Good" Frank smile, as though nothing had even happened "Your learning quickly. Now then time for dinner, I'm sure you're starving"

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