Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 5

Frank pulled the Doctor up to stand, the Doctor leaned more on his uninjured leg. Frank was a little taller than the Doctor and slightly more built. The Doctor watched him as he walked over to underneath the stairs and pulled out a piece of rope and a blade from what looked to be from a broken pair of scissors. The Doctor looked from the rope, to Frank, to the rope again. Frank walked over to him.


The Doctor hesitated but done as he asked. Slowly, he lowered to the ground and leaned on his knees. Then Frank walked behind him and cut his hands free. The Doctor rubbed his wrists were they were red. Joyous, as his arms ached from being behind his back for the past five days. Frank leaned forward and began to tie the Doctor back up only now it was around chest and arms. The Doctor's top half of his arms were pinned to his side. When Frank was done he heaved the Doctor back up and half pulled half dragged him to the stairs.

When they got to the top, Frank turned off the light and opened the door. In the hallway the Doctor could smell cooked food. He looked at his surroundings to get a glimpse of the house he was in for the first time. The entrance to the basement was under the stairs. To his left was the kitchen, inside he could see food set out on top of the counter, a hot oven and the fridge. To his right was the front door. He looked at it, seeing the street outside, sunlight, fresh air and freedom. Frank noticed and whispered in his ear.

"Don't even think about it boy"

The Doctor sighed silently before being pulled off into the kitchen.

No one was there, just food that made his stomach beg. He continued to be dragged into the connecting room. The dining room. Inside was a large table and chairs, some pictures on the wall and flowers on the table. Annie had her back to them as she was setting out the table for dinner. Frank let go of the Doctor and walked over to her wrapping his arms around her and kissing her on the cheek. The Doctor ignored them as he looked back to the front door and was about to try a quick escape.

"Look who's here" Frank said

Annie spun round and saw the Doctor. The Doctor looked back in time to see her smile and run up to him, wrapping her arms around him. The Doctor tightened his face in pain. His now bruised chest was being tightly squeezed by the psycho. She pulled out from the hug and walked back to Frank. The couple stood side by side looking at the Doctor, making him uncomfortable as he stood there helpless and tied up.

The Doctor wanted to make a quick remark but he remembered Frank's rules and he was still recovering from his earlier beating.

Annie went into the kitchen and brought in the food. Frank grabbed the Doctor and forced him down on a seat at the end of the table. Annie sat to his right and Frank on his left. The Doctor was thankful that he wasn't tied to the chair. But he still didn't see how he was going to eat in his situation, if they were letting him eat at all.

"Now Aidan, Frank told me that he wants to keep you tied up because you've been naughty. So I'm just going to have to feed you instead"

"Or you can just untie me and I'll do it my self" he suggested

Frank jumped up and grabbed the Doctor by the fringe "What did I tell you Aidan!"

The Doctor hissed"Not to talk"

Frank pulled harder "What do you say"

"I'm sorry!"

"I'm sorry... what

Frank turned the Doctor to face Annie, she had happily tucked into her meal, acting like nothing was going on. The Doctor stood his ground and kept quiet. Frank gripped harder. It felt like his hair was going to come out of his head, but he still refused to speak. He wasn't going to let two nutters kidnap him and train him into becoming their son, especially not in just a week. Frank practically pulled his head back.

"Ahh! Let go of me!" he yelled

"Not until you apologize to your mother!"

"She's not my mother!"

"BOYS!" Annie screamed. smacking her clenched fist down on the table. After her intrusion she loosened her grip and changed her tone back into its normal calm way. "Now, Frank let go of Aidan so he can eat, I want to have our first dinner back together again like a family. So no shouting at the table"

Frank let go of the Doctor and sat back down in his chair and tucked into his meal. The Doctor kept his eye on him, these people can't be serious. That lunatic was seconds away from ripping out the Doctor's hair, now he was happily enjoying his meal like everything was normal.

"Aidan" she called. The Doctor continued to stare "Aidan, look at me"

The Doctor ignored her "I said look at me"



The Doctor slowly turned and faced her with cold eyes. He hoped to get across that he will not be tamed. He will not be changed into some dead child. She stared back before simply smiling. He looked down at her outstretched hand. It welded a fork and on top sat some meat and what looked like cheese.

"I made your favorite. Lasagna"

She held up the fork but stopped when the Doctor closed his mouth. Even though he was quite hungry, starving in fact. He remembered them drugging him to sleep and now he won't take any chances. She moved forward again so the Doctor leaned back.

"Try some" she said

"I'm not hungry"

"You must be, you haven't eaten for a while"

"I know that, it's you who starved me?"

Frank spoke up sternly "Aidan"

The Doctor looked at him and said sarcastically "Oh I'm sorry" He looked back to Annie "You both starved me all because of your sick delusion you psychotic bitch!"

Frank stood "That's it!" Frank grabbed the Doctor by the back of his collar and pulled him out of his chair. The Doctor almost fell as he was dragged out of the dinning room and through the kitchen. Before they disappeared, Frank shouted into Annie. "Boil the kettle!"

Frank continued to drag the Doctor, so hard he was beginning to choke. Frank kicked open the basement door, turned on the light and both men descended down the stairs. All the doctor could think about was that this man liked to give punishments. He had already received one and if he was about to get another.

"Let go of me!"

The doctor was lead back to the corner where he first woke up. Frank quickly placed his foot in front of him and tripped the Doctor up, causing him to fall face first to the stone floor. He landed with a hard thump, banging his head off the floor. He could feel a sharp sting in the corner of his forehead just as the blood started to trickle down.

The Doctor couldn't see what Frank was doing but he didn't come back for a minute or so. When he did, he forced the Doctor onto his back, before stepping over him and sitting on the Doctor's abdomen. Pinning him to the ground.

Frank held a strange object, new to the Doctor's eyes. But from what he could guess, they looked to be like a set of tongs used in a chemistry class. Only these were bigger and opened outwards. They looked like a tool that were never used in a good way. Frank held them in one hand, using the other hand to take hold of each side of the Doctor's jaw, forcing open his mouth. The Doctor protested as Frank plunged the tool into his mouth, forcing it to stay open. The Doctor couldn't close his jaw and now he began to fear for the worst.

The Doctor was let go of and was left struggling with a metal object sticking out of his mouth. His eyes widened when he saw what Frank produced from behind him.

He held a kettle, freshly boiled and hot. Steam flew out from the top and the Doctor began to desperately push himself away from Frank, he knew he wouldn't get far and when the man caught up and grasp his hair, he panicked. Frank leaned forward, holding the kettle close.

"This will teach you not to call your mother bad names"

The Doctor pleaded as the kettle got closer and closer to his mouth. From what he could manage to shout and beg, Frank ignored.

Frank tipped the kettle and the water poured in.

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