Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 6

The Doctor's POV

I couldn't move. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't scream.

He continued to pour the boiling water down my throat. I was still pinned to the ground. All I could do to show that I was in pain was tightening my fists that were still tied to my sides, and kick my legs frantically. My face and hair were soaked, when he would stop pouring, I would cough up as much water as I could, but he only put more back in.

My mouth and throat burned in agony. I had a feeling that when this would all be over, I wouldn't have the ability to speak. The water kept pouring in, some went into my lungs. I was choking. My respiratory bypass kicked in, but that only made it last longer. It felt like that water was everlasting. Like the kettle would never empty.

I tried to imagine it being cold. Like ice had took control of the burning sensation. But the thought of drinking tea too quickly kept replacing it. My lungs were on fire. My stomach was in pain and to add to the fact that he was still sitting on top of me made it worse. He made it harder to breathe.

Then it stopped. The water ran out. I prayed that he wouldn't leave to boil up another batch, but instead he set the kettle down and reached for the pliers. He wrenched them from my mouth. Water still dominated my lungs so when my mouth had been released, I took control and coughed it back up. Water spewed all over my face, hair and the top of my chest. The fresh, cold air hit the inside of my open mouth and it was heavenly. My breathing was hard and heavy as I tried to catch it again.

He stared at me. I couldn't bear the silence as he sat on top of me, conquering the room. I didn't want to look at him; I turned my head to the side and closed my eyes. But he just wouldn't let me rest. He gripped my chin and pulled me closer to him. His eyes were cold and his jaw was tightened. The seconds that past were slow as he stared back into my eyes.

"That should keep you silent for a while. And hopefully teach you not to speak unmannerly ever again"

He released me from the tension in my stomach and stood. He grabbed the rope tied around me and pulled me to my feet. They were still sore from kicking the ground so hard but I managed. He dragged me back up the stairs and further up onto the first floor. He kept reminding me, taunting me in my ear to not speak. But how could I? My mouth and throat couldn't bear to be put through the act of speech now. I had been silenced.

She waited for them. Annie stood in the centre of the bathroom. She remained behind the chair that had been placed in front of her, the door opened. The Doctor and Frank stood in the door way. The Doctor was in his tight grip still gasping fo air. He was pushed into the room and onto the chair. Frank nodded at her before giving him a glare and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Annie held a bottle in her hand and knelt in front of him.

"Hi baby. Did you have fun downstairs with your daddy?"

The Doctor could only glare at her and tighten his jaw. Water still dripped from his fringe and he could tell that around his mouth was badly burnt but wouldn't take long to heal nor his throat.

"Now to stop anyone from ever taking you away from me ever again, we have to change you up a bit"

The Doctor's eyebrows knitted together. Annie held up the bottle for him to see before standing up and walked behind him towards the sink. Caressing his hair all the while. The Doctor looked over his shoulder to try and see what she was doing but she blocked his view. When she turned back around she was holding the bottle that now had its lid removed and was wearing a pair of see through gloves.

He looked up at her and saw that her unavoidable smile had disappeared and had been replaced with a blank expression, but her eyes showed insanity and darkness. The Doctor opened his lips slightly to breath as his mouth and throat suddenly became sore again.

The Doctor continued to look at her over his shoulder as she strode towards him and bent down to face him eye level.

"I will not lose you again. No-one will ever take you away from me. You are mine. You're my son, my baby!"

On her outburst the Doctor turned his head back and stared at the floor. He still listened as she crept closer and closer to him. She now held the bottle above his head.

"Don't they understand that our love is special?"

Annie tipped the bottle and an unusual substance poured out and onto the Doctor's head. He winced in pain as his scalp began to sting. He could feel the black gunk spread down his head. Annie set the bottle down and began rubbing the goo through his hair. The Doctor's face was squeezed tight in pain. His head was on fire.

She continued to pour more of the bottle's contents onto the doctor's head before rubbing it hard around his hair. By now his head had darkened. Instead of his normal dry brown hair, it was now black and swamped to his head. He wanted it off so bad, it felt like thousands of tiny insects were crawling through his hair, biting and clawing at his skull.

When she was done, she removed her gloves and placed them in the bin, hidden under the sink along with the bottle. She then crossed the room towards the bath and turned on the shower head that was hanging on the wall. The Doctor had watched her with ease, once he saw her do this, panic rose inside him. If this nut job was planning on getting him into that bath naked, then she had another thing coming.

Annie helped the Doctor out of the chair but didn't untie him. She brought him over to the tub and signalled for him to kneel. The Doctor frowned but complied. He knelt in front of the bath and watched as Annie grabbed a towel a draped it over his shoulders. She reached up and took the shower head down from the wall and placed a hand on the Doctor's back. The Doctor didn't struggle as he leaned over the bath and faced its surface.

The water trickled down his face. The Doctor closed his eyes as for that one moment, he could feel safe and he could imagine himself in the TARDIS, taking a hot shower after a long day. The water would hit his face and run down his slim body until it found the drain. But only his hair was wet and he remembered the uncomfortable feeling of the metal tub pressed against his chest as he leaned over it and then he open his eyes.

He was greeted to a white tub surface and black water running down it. The dark liquid continued to fall of his face and into the bathtub below. He jumped slightly when a hand began to run through his hair again.

When the shower turned off the Doctor still sat in the same place until he was told to move or was pulled up from his spot. He felt a pair of hands lift the towel that had been draped over him and begin to rub the towel through his soaked hair. When it stopped he heard her voice behind him.

"Follow me Aidan"

The Doctor turned to see Annie in the doorway of the bathroom waiting for him. The Doctor stood awkwardly but didn't follow. She fixed him a hard glare and he simply stared back. It wasn't until Frank appeared in the doorway behind her that made the Doctor look up and back away in fear.

"Do as you mother says" he threatened

Annie left the room and walked down the hall. The Doctor took slow steps towards the door, hoping that Frank would move. Even walking past so close to him, made him uncomfortable. But Frank stood his ground, so the Doctor slowly slid through the doorway, not taking his eyes of Frank if anything was attempted. The Doctor looked down the hallway to where Annie stood at the end beside another door. The Doctor hurriedly walked towards her and came to halt at the top of the stairs that he passed along the way. He looked down and saw the front door. He longed to be closer. He was just a set of stairs, a couple of steps and a door away from freedom.

Frank stood behind him; it was like he read the Doctor's thoughts.

"Like I said, don't even think about it. This is your home now" he said

The Doctor sighed hopelessly and began to walk the long hallway towards the room he had been beckoned in. It was the master bedroom, Frank and Annie's room. It was so bright and neat. Everything was perfect in every way. Nothing was out of place. Not one piece of clothing was left on the floor. All was hung up and put away. Annie sat on the edge at the bottom of the bed. She held and small hairdryer in her hand. The Doctor was called over and was commanded to sit in front of her.

The Doctor sorrowed before sitting on his knees on the floor. Annie picked up the towel that was still draped around his shoulders and scrubbed his head violently once more. When she was done she picked up the hairdryer and began to dry his hair. The Doctor felt so helpless. He was a grown man who was getting his hair dried by a Schizophrenic and watched closely by her psycho husband who stood in the doorway.

After, she had finished the Doctor's hair and had even spiked it back up for him to its original position. She pulled to the Doctor back up to stand and moved in front of him.

"Perfect. Frank what do you think?"

"It's good, makes it harder for people to recognise him"

The Doctor looked at them both with sad eyes before lowering his head to the ground again.

"You want to have a look Aidan?" she asked

The Doctor looked up to see her pointing at a mirror to his right that he had been unaware of before. Annie walked over to the standing mirror and took hold of the sides. She turned to mirror to show the Doctor. The Doctor took a small inside gasp at what he saw. His hair, it was spiky again, but not brown. It was jet black. He turned his head to all sides before dropping his shoulders in despair.

"Don't you like it?" asked Annie

The Doctor looked up at her and was about to answer but Frank got in the way.

"I think it's time for bed"

Annie laughed "Of course, how silly of me, it almost past your bedtime Aidan"

The Doctor was brought out of the room and into another that sat opposite the bathroom. The door was closed and just as he thought, was locked. Frank took the key from his back pocket and unlocked the door. The Doctor made his way into the bedroom cautiously before looking around. It was around the same size as the bathroom. The bed sat at the far wall. The walls themselves were white and held no posters or pictures. There was a desk just in front of the window; it had a chair neatly tucked underneath it. All together the room was quite bare. It held no evidence that a child had ever occupied this room. Unless, if he was treated no different to what the Doctor was being then he could see his parents not providing him with toys or colourful room decorations.

"I hope you like it"

As the Doctor was still eyeing the place, he saw a long mirror that ran across the wall next to the door. A wardrobe of some sort. But as he was taking in his new room, he didn't expect what happened next. The Doctor turned to face the couple, just as Frank was taking out a long, dark piece of cloth from his pocket. He looked from the cloth to Frank.

Suddenly, Frank lunged at the Doctor, pushing him and then tripping him up. The Doctor fell to the carpeted ground almost banging his head off of the desk. When Frank held the cloth in both hands and went for him, he raised his legs and booted Frank right in the shin. Frank fell to the floor on his hands and knees. The Doctor struggled to get back up but it was too late. Frank pounced on him and stuck the cloth into the Doctor's mouth and tying it around his head. The gag muffled the Doctor's words as he tried desperately to speak. His whole body was in pain, he wasn't sure how much more he could take of these beatings, tying ups and punishments. Again he was silenced, but when he saw what Annie handed to her husband, he panicked. A small needle containing a tiny amount of liquid. The doctor tried to back away from hands reach, but there was no-where to go. The needle was injected into his arm and Frank smiled.

Annie walked over to the bed and pulled back the covers as frank hauled the doctor to his feet and set him onto the bed. The Doctor was surprised that they hadn't changed his clothes or provided new clothing for him. But Annie removed his shoes and socks before setting his legs in the middle of the bed and pulling the covers up to the Doctor's shoulders. The Doctor didn't want to admit that lying on the bed was the most comfortable he as ever felt in almost a week. Annie then sat on the bed and began to play with the Doctor's hair.

"It's so good to have you back Aidan. And I promise to take better care of you. You're never going to leave me again"

The Doctor looked at her as he started to get drowsy. The injection was starting to take effect. He could feel his head fall deeper into the pillow. Then he heard her sing.

"Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree; merry merry king of the bush is he"

The Doctor recognised the tune. When he and Rose went to 2012 for the Olympics and ran into trouble. He remembered the mother, singing to her daughter when she needed her. She sang that same tune.

"Laugh, Kookaburra laugh, Kookaburra Gay your life must be."

The Doctor was finding it hard to keep his eyes open. His vision kept going blurred. He didn't want to sleep; but he was too scared if anything might happen. Annie continued to sing whilst stroking the Doctor's hair. Frank stood back and watched.

"Kookaburra sits on a rusty nail, gets a boo-boo in his tail"

The Doctor was unable to keep his eyes open and they shut making the world go black. Before he went into the unconscious sleep, he could still hear her singing.

"Cry, Kookaburra cry, Kookaburra oh how life must be."

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