Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 7

3 Days Later...

Knock knock knock

Annie and Frank jumped from their seats at the dining table after hearing the knock at the door. Annie panicked. They don't usually get visitors or even a knock at the door in general. Frank stood his ground waiting if anything might happen.

Knock knock knock knock

Annie jumped

"Frank, who is it? What do they want?"

"I'm sure it's nothing dear?"

The doorbell rang

"Frank! What if it's them, they might come and take our baby away from us again!"

"Annie calm down, stop over exaggerating and answer the door"

Frank's voice grew stern and cold

"Just get him away from here"

Annie nodded, making her way out to the kitchen and towards the front door. Frank followed her to the kitchen counter and stopped to grab something. Pulling open a drawer, frank reached inside and pulled out a long silver knife, capable of bad things.

Frank closed the drawer and held the knife behind his back whilst slowing creeping out of the kitchen and towards the front door where Annie now stood. He signalled for her not to pen the door yet until he reached the top of the stairs which he was slowly ascending backwards. When Annie complied, he turned around and made his way up to the rest of the steps.

Frank hid behind the wall at the top of the stairs, out of view from the door. When Annie saw him disappear, she moved forward and opened the door. Her hearts raced when there stood before her was a lone police officer.

"Hello ma'am. I'm here about a call about some complaints coming from this house. Apparently there's been a lot of noise, some shouting and yelling and it's been disturbing the neighbours"

"Oh I'm sorry officer, we'll sort that out now"

Annie tried to close the door quickly on him until his hand had got in the way as he pushed the door back open forcefully.

"Yes ma'am, I assure that it would be sorted it out. Is everything ok at home, no problems, no issue's, anything I can help out with"

"No, no we're fine"

Again, Annie tried to close the door but failed

"Ma'am, it looks to me your trying to hide something"

Listening at the top of the stairs, Frank tightly griped the knife harder. He then looked across the hall to the slightly ajar door. Through the door he watched as the doctor lay asleep in the bed, moving around in his slumber.

"No officer, why would we try to hide something?"

Just then the officer looked up to see a figure sneak across the top of the stairs and into another room. Annie noticed this and tried to close the door, beckoning the man to leave.

"Officer, shouldn't you be leaving now, more important things to attend to and not a silly noise complaint"

"Yes ma'am, but even a silly noise complaint can be more suspicious than you think and now, I'm curious. What's up the stairs?"

"Nothing!" Annie yelled, unable to hide her apprehension.

"Let me see"

The tall officer stepped easily through the doorway and into the house. He looked around slowly and as his eyes fell upon a few pictures that hung on the wall, he stared at the man who stood in some of them. Then he recognised him.

"Frank, that's Frank Grant. Your Frank Grant's wife"

"How do you know my husband?"

"I work with him, he's a fellow police officer, and we went to training together. Is he upstairs?"

"Yes, yes he is but you can't disturb him"

"Oh I'm sure he won't mind, good man like him"

Frank listened closely to the conversation, he frowned we he heard his name coming from the man's lips. He thought hard of whom it might be, he's worked with a lot of officers in his time and still does, he can hardly remember his training and who he might have spent it with there.

He backed up into the door that slowly opened on his entry. Keeping the knife behind his back, he crept up towards the sleeping figure in the bed. Taking it step by step, Frank bent down towards the bed and produced the knife from behind him. He stared at the face that lay before him, smiling at how peaceful he looked. He knew it wasn't exactly easy getting him to bed either. He had to sit on a chair in front of the bed for 2 hours straight, waiting until he fell asleep. He was about to use the injection on him again, but when he saw his eye's begin to shut, he thought better. That was last night, and he was still asleep at 10 in the morning, must have been really tired.

Frank smiled again before he leisurely brought his hand up baring the knife and held it close towards the sleeping figure's face. He flinched when he heard the conversation going on down stairs getting louder and closer. Frank turned back to the figure, gently; he caressed the man's face with the edge of the knife. The man in the bed began to stir; his eye's fluttered before slowly opening. When they set upon Frank and the knife, he tried to get up to move back. But he was pushed back down as Frank clamped a hand over the doctor's mouth.

The doctor squirmed and tried to yell under Frank's hand, but he was drawn to silence when the knife was brought up to his throat. Frank smiled under his breath as he brought his finger up to his lips in a silent gesture.

"Don't go up there!"

"Mrs Grant, it's fine, we're friends"

"I'm sure friends don't barge into each other's houses. Now get out!"

The officer made his way up the stairs, unaware of what he was getting himself in to.

Frank turned around to look through the door that he had forgotten to close. Just at the stairs the officer stood with his back to him, talking to Annie. He had to be quick. Turning back to the doctor, he hauled him up from the bed keeping the knife close to his neck. Finding some duck tape, he took it with him as he forced the doctor into the walk in wardrobe in the wall. Stepping in after him, Frank slid the door shut, but kept it slightly open to see what was happening.

When he had time, Frank ripped a part of the duck tape off and placed it over the doctor's mouth. The doctor could also see though the small opening in the door. His eye's widened when he saw a tall, dark-haired police officer, step into the room. He watched as he looked around before laying his eye's on his bed.

"Who sleeps here?"

Annie walked in behind him

"Oh ah m-my husband slept there last night. We had a bit of a quarrel but we made up, so I guess you can just leave now"

"I guess that explains the noise complaints. And who owns those shoes?"

The officer pointed down to the doctor's shoes that lay on the floor at the bottom of the bed

"That's not exactly his style"

"I really wouldn't mind if you'd just leave!"

"You see Mrs Grant, like I said, I really am curious about this house"

"What's so curious about it?"

A voice came from behind the officer. Frank stood at the wardrobe that was now closed behind him. Frank gripped the knife tightly behind his back.

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