Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 8

"Frank! I haven't seen you since the case down at canary, how've you been?"

Frank just glared at the officer with evil eyes

"Well don't you remember me? We worked together"

Again he was met with silence

"Frank it's me Ben, Ben Mills"

"Oh I remember you, I remember how annoying you voice was everyday, how it just went through me. How when we were out on the field you would never shut up or do the right thing"

Frank began to slowly creep closer to Ben

"You never stopped bugging me, about cases and field work, the boss, or about that stupid fire arm test. You never stopped nagging me about how crap you are at shooting a stupid gun. Now you see Ben, I myself aren't really a fan of guns, I mean, they do a heck of a job when you need it but when you think of, Knifes.."

Frank produced the rather large knife from behind his back

"Now these, these do the gory job. And the best. The drive through whatever and wherever you want, because you control it. They go in, at just the right spot. They can be used for other things like your dinner, or opening tuff cans, protection…punishment."

Ben started to back away. He took a quick glance over at Frank's wife who was now watching the scene, but only with a smug look on her face, like she knew something, or enjoyed what she was seeing.

"You came into my home, uninvited and threatened my wife"

"No Frank, it wasn't like that, I…

"You know something Ben. I find knifes very useful, not because they are dangerous and can be used for a lot of troublesome tasks, but because they get, the job….

Frank jumped forward and plunged the knife into Ben's stomach. In the closet, the doctor had been watching, fortunately his hands weren't tied and was able to remove the tape from his mouth. When frank had stabbed the man, the doctor's hearts froze and his body stiffened.


Ben fell to his knees unable to speak a word of pain. He finally collapsed to the floor were the blood began to flow from his pale body and stain the carpet red. The doctor pushed the cupboard door open slowly and climbed out on his hands and knees, towards the helpless man. He rested his hand on the man's tear stained cheek just as he watched the life slip from his eye's and his body went limp. The doctor stared down at him for another few seconds before becoming enraged with anger and frustration.

"How could you! HE WAS INNOCENT!"

Frank stepped forward and practically screamed in the Doctor's face that was still staring down at the body in front of him

"He was an idiot for coming here!"

"It didn't mean you had to kill him!"

"I would have killed him anyway, he could have taken you away from us"


Frank grabbed the Doctor by his hair and pushed him against the wall

"He does now, and that's why he's better of dead"

"Go to hell!" The doctor finished by spitting on Frank

Frank sucked in air through his teeth and tightened his grip on the doctor before wiping the spit from his face

"How dare you use that language on me, I thought I taught you better"

"Clearly hot water and drugs aren't enough to tame me"

"We'll see"

Frank turned his head to look at Annie who was watching the two men with a death glare

"Honey, get rid of the body for me please. I have to teach our son a very important lesson"

Annie nodded and began to pull the poor man's body out of the room by his legs. When she had left she closed the door behind her, leaving the Doctor and Frank alone. Frank started by forcing the Doctor onto the floor into the middle of the room. The Doctor landed just beside the blood stain as he turned around to see Frank towering over him. The Doctor sat up and began to back up until his back hit against the wall, just under the window.

Frank bent down and picked up the knife. The Doctor stared wide-eyed as he began to creep closer to him, baring the blood-stained knife in his hand. He wasn't going to kill him, he couldn't, he kidnapped him for a reason and that reason can't be fulfilled if he's dead. Unless Frank knows about him, how he's not human. No, he couldn't, how could he have found out, yeah he's been starving him but some human adults can last this long without food. Keep it together Doctor.

The Doctor looked from the door to Frank who was now again, towering him. Looking around for anything that could be used as a weapon, nothing but some dust in his reach. Whilst keeping a grip on the knife, Frank bent down on his hunches in front of the Doctor and brought the knife up to his face. The Doctor saw his reflection in the knife as it was brought up and rested on his cheek.

Again the Doctor looked at the door whilst the knife slowly began to makes it way to his shirt. Frank had undone the Doctor's tie before throwing it in the corner. The knife was then placed on his chest; he could feel it move with his heavy breathing. The knife cut open the top button, but before making it to the second, the knife was pushed away by the Doctor's forceful hand.

Frank stared at him before he backhanded the Doctor hard on the face. The Doctor placed his hand on his now very red and very stingy cheek; again he looked from Frank to the door. It was so close and yet so far. His attention was brought back to Frank when he felt a hand close around his neck. Frank glared at him deadly whilst his hand began to tighten on the Doctor's throat. The Doctor placed his hand on Frank's arm, creating a struggle between the two.

"Time for another lesson"

The Doctor struggled to breathe "Sorry, but I have other things to attend to"

And with that, the Doctor brought up his bare foot and with force, kicked Frank in-between the legs. Frank immediately let go of the Doctor as he fell back onto the floor, holding his groin. The Doctor took his chance and got up and ran for the door. Amazingly, Frank was on his tail and ran after him. The Doctor opened the door and ran out into the hall and down the stairs. He could see the door just metres away. He could hear Frank storming after him. Adrenaline took over and the Doctor sped down the last few steps and sprinted to the door. Finally he reached it and tugged on the handle, but it didn't budge.

Frantically he began to pull harder on the door but it still wouldn't open. He looked for a lock or a key but there was none. He turned in time to dodge a grab from Frank and ran straight for the kitchen. Frank fell against the door before turning and headed after him into the kitchen. The Doctor couldn't see the back door or any windows big enough for him to fit through. He wouldn't have time, Frank was just behind him.

The Doctor ran for the cupboards and drawers in attempt to find anything for self-defence. He had found a drawer full of knifes and thought better, so decided to go Rapunzel style and use a huge metal pan instead. Frank ran into the room red from anger, when he saw the Doctor in the corner of the kitchen on the other side of the island counter, his eyes went dark.

"Come here boy!"

"You stay away from me" he threatened

The Doctor held up the pan over his shoulder, ready to hit anything that came near him. Frank edged closer and began to walk around the counter in the centre of the room. The Doctor then walked around the opposite side, keeping his distance from the maniac.

"I said come here" he said in a deep voice

"No!" The Doctor now stood in front of the entrance to the dining room "Let me out of here"

"I can't" he said tauntingly

"Why not!" he demanded, gripping the pan in his fingers

"You'll make your mother upset"

Suddenly the pan was pulled out of the Doctor's hands. He spun to see who it was but before he got his answer, the Doctor was hit on the side of the head by his own weapon. Luckily it wasn't enough to knock him unconscious, but enough to cause him to fall back against the counter. He clutched his head in pain and looked up to see Annie standing before him holding the pan.

"I'm so sorry baby, but I can't let you leave"

Suddenly and pair of hands grabbed his shoulders and pulled him up to his knees. Again the Doctor was now inches from Frank and he could see the anger in his eyes. Still recovering from the blow to the head, the Doctor could barely manage to hold his head up. Frank twisted the Doctor around so that he now faced Annie. Frank wrapped his arms under the Doctor's shoulders and pulled him up.

"Annie, grab his legs!"

Annie moved forward and the Doctor began to kick out. Frank gripped him even tighter under his arms while he kneed him in the back, winding him slightly. Annie bent down and grabbed the Doctor's legs, picking them up. Frank and Annie now held the Doctor in the air, it looked just like how Rose and Mickey carried him to the TARDIS after he regenerated, of course he wouldn't know that since he was unconscious.

The Doctor struggled in their grip as he was carried out of the kitchen and towards the stairs. He shouted out.

"Let go of me!"

"Get him up to the bedroom" said Frank, trying to ignore the Doctor's pleads and resist.


"Shut up!"

Whilst climbing the stairs, the Doctor pulled his legs back and forth from Annie's grip and eventually managed to get one free. Without even thinking, the Doctor pulled back his leg and kicked Annie in the stomach, causing her to drop his other leg and fall down three steps and land on the hard floor.

The Doctor was dropped instantly as frank had let go of his arms and ran to aid his wife. The Doctor didn't want to hurt her, he didn't want to hurt anyone. Seeing Franks face, the Doctor immediately regretted his actions and became scared. Slowly, the Doctor began to back up the stairs but it wasn't long before Frank looked up again from his wife and charged.

"Come here you little rat!"

The Doctor turned around, got to his feet and ran up the stairs, with Frank again on his tail. He sped up his pace and was once again back in his bedroom. He made it in time to shut the door behind him but not lock it, from what he knew the lock was on the other side and Frank wanted to get in. The two men pushed against the door, frank wanted in and the Doctor wanted him out. But since the Doctor was only in his bare feet, he began to slip on the carpeted floor and he knew he wouldn't be able to hold the door for much longer.

He looked around for anything he could use for defence, but there wasn't any. The door was opening more and more, that's when he saw the knife, still lying on the floor where frank had left it. He didn't know if he could make it in time but he could try. The Doctor counted in his head and waited for the right time to let go. The door flew open and the doctor jumped for the knife but fell half way there.

Frank had fallen into the room and had managed to grab the Doctor by the ankles. The Doctor fell and both men hit the floor. The Doctor reached out for the knife, his fingers snagged at the tip but never made it. A pair of hands grabbed legs and pulled him back, he was turned over on his back to face the man who was now leaning over him. His face was steaming red, veins came out of his neck and his breathing was heavy, it sort of reminded the Doctor of a raging bull.

"You little bastard, you hurt your mother!" Frank again sat over the Doctor, pinning him to the floor.

"She's not my mother you stupid ape, so get off me and let me go!"

"You are not leaving this house, you get that!"

Frank leaned forward and picked up the knife. The Doctor watched wide-eyed as Frank grabbed him by the wrist and held it to the ground.

"You will be punished like every other child"

Frank raised the knife in the air. The Doctor came to realise his intentions and begged. "NO! Please!"

"You didn't listen to me and now your mother is upset"

"I'm sorry!"

"Too late"

Frank plunged the knife down and right through the Doctor's hand.

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