Is my name The Doctor

Chapter 9

It was 12:30 in the afternoon and the Doctor sat quietly on the floor next to his bed. It had been 3 months since the police man's murder and so far, Frank had gotten away with it. Some police had came days later to search the house. Frank had cleaned the blood stain on the carpet before locking the Doctor back in the basement. He wasn't sure how he had gotten away with it, but it was clear he had some experience.

His hand had healed quite nicely thanks to Anne and her nursing skills, but he wasn't surprised why she was already retired. Whilst locked in the basement once more, the Doctor managed to find an old box with some pictures in it. His hearts stopped when he found an old photo of Frank and Annie when they were younger, between the couple was a young boy. Aidan.

The boy wasn't smiling however and the Doctor could guess why. Frank had his arm over his shoulder and he could just about make out some bruising on the boy's arm. His worry grew more and more each day he stayed. But that didn't stop him from giving up.

For a while now, The Doctor had been rewarded for his good behaviour. For instance, good manners, eating his dinner, and doing what he was told, all simple rules that normal kids would follow. His most popular one was to call his kidnappers how they wanted him to. Which was proving quite difficult for them. one day he had been rewarded with some paper and crayons to colour with. At first they just sat there until the Doctor began to use them to jot down some plans of escape. It didn't go to well when Frank found them and he had been given a hard back hand to the face, he had also taken the Doctor's shoes, leaving him barefoot for the past week now. He wondered if he were to ever get a change of clothes. His dirty wrinkled suit was beginning to irritate him.

So now as he sat on the floor, locked in his room he began to draw some pictures. Something he seemed to find quite enjoyable as well as his only pass time. A couple of some planets he had been to, others were places on earth and then he would like to use a couple of pages to draw his beloved ship. In fact he was adding another one to his collection when he heard the a key in the door and unlock, he looked up as the door opened and Frank walked in, closing the door behind him. He stared at the Doctor as he lowered his head and raised an eyebrow like he was expecting something. The Doctor knew rightly what it was and he wasn't complying to do it.

It was a new lesson he was taught not long ago. Since Frank and Annie were finding it hard to get him to call them his parents they had decided to start of slow and give him lessons to at least call them it when he had to greet them. Frank was still glaring hard down at the Doctor and was beginning to tighten his lips. The Doctor thought ahead and pictured what might happen if he didn't give him the satisfaction. With a sigh, he lowered his line of sight to the ground and gave in.

"Hi daddy" His voice was like a whisper full of disappointment and regret. Frank's smile was satisfactory and he made his way closer to the Doctor before lowering on his haunches to be eye level with the Doctor. The Doctor tried to ignore him by continuing with his drawing, at least until Frank looked down and saw his picture.

"What are you drawing?" His tone being quite gentle compared to any other day, he must be in a good mood.

The Doctor only swallowed, not really wanting to answer the man. He had already learned not to anger him or fight back, ever since what he did to his hand. He thanked Rassilon that it was still fully functional. That didn't mean the fear of the psycho was gone.

Frank had decided on answering the question himself and snatched the drawing away from him. The Doctor's head shot up and he frowned at the man who soon diminished when Frank replied to him with a dark side ways glance. He stared at the unfinished picture for a few more seconds before looking up at the Doctor who had now came to leaning back heavily against his bed and bringing his knees up to his chest.

"You seem to like drawing this little blue box. I have seen it many times in your other drawings. Care to tell me why? Did you see it on the television or in a film that you watched? I think these things were out in the fifties or sixties. I was just a boy when they started using radios instead. But I was just wondering why you are so attached to them, I've seen you draw at least ten others just like it. Why Is that?"

Frank was met by silence as he watched the Doctor stare down at the picture in his hands "Aidan"

Nothing "Aidan" Again he didn't answer, not until Frank had raised his voice into a sudden shout causing the Doctor to jump. "Answer me Aidan!" The Doctor looked up at him with a hint of fear in his eye's before pulling up the courage to speak and quickly thinking of something else to say.

"I-I-I just like to- draw the box. I think she's p-pretty" he answered in a hushed voice

Frank frowned "She"

"It, It, I-I said It" the Doctor spoke before he went back to his silence. Another lesson he had been taught, which he had chosen to follow after the consequences he had received.

Frank tried to look through him but thought of nothing else to say and placed the picture down beside him. "Ok, lets just move on to the reason I'm here. I have something to show" The Doctor's gaze shifted to what Frank was producing from behind his back. Knowing it wasn't going to be good and his eye's widened when his thoughts were right. Frank now held a small jar the sat between his forefinger and his thumb. He could see a clear liquid inside which couldn't be good. At first the Doctor thought he was going to knock him unconscious with it like he had done countless times before, but why show him it.

"This here Aidan, is your new medicine. It's going to help you get better. Now your probably thinking that you're not sick, but believe me, a parent knows when their child it sick or something is wrong. So that's why I got you this. Your gonna have to take it once every 2 to 3 days and I'll help you with it." Frank then produced a small needle and stuck it through the top of the jar and sucked up some of the strange liquid. The Doctor breathing was growing heavy as Frank moved forward with the needle.

"No please, I don't-" The Doctor pleaded but immediately stopped himself

Frank grew angry after he had spoken, but held back his frustration and continued. "Don't worry son, it'll all be over before you know it" And with that, Frank pushed the Doctor's neck to the side and stuck the needle into his neck. When he was done he then stood and brought out a chair before setting it on the other side of the room facing the Doctor and sat down. The Doctor watched him as he felt the unusual substance travel through his veins and straight towards his face. He began to panic, he didn't know what had just been injected to him, it could be a drug, he could have an allergic reaction to it like he did with most drugs.

The Doctor closed his eye's as the room became blurry, he felt like he was spinning. The liquid had travelled directly to his brain and began to take effect. A sudden yell escaped his lips as sharp pain hit him like a hammer against his skull. It was then followed by a few more until the sharp pains became constant and didn't stop. The Doctor clutched his head, his face contorted with pain, pain that wouldn't go away. Frank watched grudgingly as the Doctor slid down to the floor and curl into a ball, clutching his head, he began to scream.

The pain became worse, he saw flashes of white in front of his eyelids that came every time the pain contracted. He couldn't describe it, between knifes in his head or electrocution. It began to affect his mind, his memories. Flashes of memories began to come to the surface of his mind. The TARDIS, the Time War, Bad Wolf Bay, The Valiant, Gallifrey. Then he began to see people, friends and companions, past companions, even his family. Donna, Martha, Jack, Rose, Mickey, Jackie, Sarah-Jane, K9, Zoë, Romana, Susan, his real mum and dad. It was heart braking. The Doctor screamed as tears fell from his eyes.

Frank watched the whole time, he was honest about it not lasting long, but he didn't say anything about it causing tremendous pain. He watched as the Doctor's screams began to die down and he just lay on the floor still in his little ball. He knew that he was only keeping his arms over his face, so that Frank couldn't see him cry, but he could still hear him.

It was then that he heard a knock at the door and it slowly opened afterwards. Annie peered her head round the door and looked to Frank. Frank smiled and stood to welcome her. Her put an arm around her shoulder and they both looked down at the sobbing form before them, who was now attempting to sit up.

"How's my baby doing? Did he take his medicine?"

"Uh-huh, and he took it quite well actually. There was a bit of a struggle in the middle but he pulled through. I'm sure this could become a daily routine"

"Oh good. I just want him to get better again, so we can be a proper family"

"We will honey, don't you worry" he kissed her

By now the Doctor had been able to sit up again and lean against his bed as he brought his knees up and wrap his arms around them. He would still sniff then and now as some of the his tears hadn't come to fall yet. Annie looked down at him and perked her lips.

"Aww, my poor baby" She moved forward and knelt next to the Doctor and began to pet his cheek. The Doctor tried his best to ignore her, he just wanted to lay down and rest. "Since you were so good with your medicine, I got you a little surprise." She then produced a small brown teddy bear, it had a white rounded belly and round ears. The Doctor looked from it to Annie and then to Frank, who had his arms crossed and a hard glare on his face. The Doctor sniffed once more before slowly lifting an arm out and taking the little bear. His fur was quite soft and fluffy. He looked over the bear for a while until he heard a hard cough from near by and he didn't need to look up see who it came from or what it was for.

Not wanting anymore pain for now, the Doctor decided to get it over with and take his queue "T-thank you…mummy"

That was one month ago, for a whole he had endured the same medicine every two to three days, if he was lucky it might have been four, but it was rare. He hated it. The pain it conflicted on him, the memories that came to the surface hurt. But the more and more he thought about it, the more the began to realise, the memories he was losing. Already he couldn't remember parts of his childhood and that scared him.

He couldn't understand how Frank had gotten hold of something that was capable of doing this. He knew he worked as a police man. He could have easily gotten hold of some drugs. Played with them a bit, maybe even found some that caused memory loss.

He decided to leave it for now, he wasn't really in the mood to figure things out now. He was cold and alone. He clutched his teddy closer to his chest, which he had grown quite found of. For in these times, it was his only company.

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