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Chapter 3

They made out for a while before moving it to bed, but it didn't go much further than that. Owen left her mouth, lazily leaving a trail of kisses on her neckline. Amelia was holding his shoulders tightly, when she unexpectedly fell limp in his arms. Owen's first instinct was to check her pulse. He realized he was quickly becoming the overprotective boyfriend, and he should start to refrain from it before Amelia gets mad, he knows she likes being the strong independent successful woman that she is, and that's what he loves about her as well.

When he made sure she was merely sleeping, he was partly grateful, it's not like he didn't want her, god did he want her, but they were both exhausted and sleep seemed the best choice right now. She intuitively curled like a baby, tangling their legs together, and immersing her head into the burrow of his neck. He inhaled in the scent of her, and felt his body relax as their breathes even out in harmony.

He woke up about half an hour before rounds. Amelia was still sleeping soundly. He studied the lineaments of her pleasant peaceful face closely, before deciding to wake her up so he could have a few minutes with her before they started off their day. He felt a little selfish, but she was too tempting.

He started on her forehead and left light pecks attentively, he could tell she woke up since she inhaled in a deep slow breathe and an epic smile covered her face, but she kept her eyes shut. When he reached the top of her cheek bone and it was harder to move down from there, she gradually opened her heavy eyes, and stretched up so that their faces were closer together.

She smiled mischievously as she brushed her lips against his, teasing, "My lips are right here now," She whispered. Her soft throaty voice in the morning was something he had almost forgot how much it turned him on. He yearningly locked his lips with hers, his immense desire made it just more amusing for Amelia to tease further, deliberately slowing his lustful pace. She grinned into the kiss, and pulled away slowly, softly biting his lower lip, leaving him wanting. She was astounded when he didn't go at her for more, and recognized the defeated look on his face. She caught a glimpse of the clock on the wall and realized the exasperating situation they were in. She sighed, frustrated and disappointed,

"No, not again," she grimaced like she was begging the universe to just give her this one moment

"I know, I know," Owen was piqued as well, but trying to offer solace.

"Do we really have to go?" She nagged like a little kid as they both sat up

"Sadly, we do," He held her face in his palms, "but we'll talk again today, okay?"

She nodded and stole a quick kiss before he got up. He put on his lab coat and glanced back one last time at her as he held the door knob, "Amelia?"

She turned her face up, pausing from trying to fix her hair with her fingers. "I love you," he stressed on each word, letting her know he meant it and wasn't just saying it because of the moment. He grinned widely, as she forced a shaky smile, and walked out of the room.

Amelia put her hair up in a ponytail, and found her lab coat, and then she waited a few minutes before she headed out of the room.

She went to check who was her resident for the day, hoping it would be Edwards today too, she foresaw true talent in her, and she enjoyed working with her since she had picked up on Amelia's preferences.

Amelia met Meredith at the station. She smiled fonly, convinced that nothing could ruin her morning.

"Hey, I didn't see you since yesterday morning," Meredith checked in kindly

"Uh, yeah, I had a long surgery and then just crashed here," Amelia tried to hide her unconsciously forming grin at the end of that sentence

"You know, I moved out of the house but I still haven't settled on a final buyer, you might want to help out with that, and if you didn't find a place yet you can still stay there,"

"No, it's fine, I'm over it, if you want to sell it, then sell it Meredith, it's yours now," Amelia brushed it off. Of course she was irritated the last memory of her brother was being sold to a random stranger, but she tried to convince herself it was necessary to move on.

"So Owen also stayed here last night?" Meredith had intended for it to be a playful tease, but that was not how Amelia took it, given the last time Meredith asked about Owen and Amelia, it wasn't with sisterly approval.

"Meredith, can we not have this fight? You and I are finally good now, and there's this man who is absolutely perfect, and when he looks at me and tells me he loves me, all I want to do is start running far, far away. So I'm just trying to not screw this up, and I don't need you to give me more reasons to run," Amelia rambled, vexed and fed up, trying to get Meredith to back off and let her deal with her fear peacefully

Meredith had a wide smile on her face, she shook her head and raised her eyebrows at her sister in law. Amelia didn't understand the meaning behind this expression, so she frowned at Meredith, asking for further clarification.

Meredith chuckled before starting, "Amelia, I wasn't trying to start a fight, I'm sorry if last time this conversation didn't go so well, but I just wanted to be your sister, and for what it's worth, I think Owen is a good match for you," she corrected

Amelia bit the inside of her cheek and looked at the white hospital tiles. Meredith understood what Amelia was going through, relatively anyways, so she decided to try and help, "I'm not sure if you know this, but Derek and I weren't a complete fairy tale. Even after Addison left, it wasn't easy. He wanted marriage and kids, and it terrified me. It took me a long time to know I wanted it with him as well."

Amelia listened closely. She checked in with her brother often, but she, like the rest of his sisters, hadn't given much attention to his relationship with the little intern. She smiled at the thought of Derek having a sense of chivalry, and him fighting for the love of his life. "Thank you," She answered Meredith, giving her a genuine warm smile.

Meredith sighed and went back to signing a chart before handing it to the nurse, "If you don't want to go back to the house either, you can come stay with me, you know, until you find a place and settle. Arizona is staying there but there's one room left," She walked past thoughtful Amelia and turned back, "No Owen though!" She warned before leaving.

At lunch, Amelia was sitting with Arizona and Meredith. She decided to accept the offer and stay with them a few nights while she searched for apartments. She promised this time won't be like when she was invited to Derek's house. She knew Meredith was not obliged to her anymore, and they were friends now, but she still felt like a burden to live in an already crowded house.

Arizona got paged and had to run to save another baby. Owen boldly approached Amelia and Meredith's table. Meredith, sitting across from Amelia, noticed him first. She decided to avoid the uneasiness her presence as a third wheel might result in. She got up quickly as Owen settled his tray on the table and mouthed to Amelia silently, "No Owen in my house", she wanted her sister in law to be happy, but she couldn't have two adults in one bed with her 3 kids in the house.

After greeting, Owen asked guiltily, "So we spent last night here, but it can't be permanent, did you find a place yet?"

Amelia smiled, offering the perfect solution, "Actually, I'm staying at Mer's for a little while now."

"Oh, you're moving in with her to the old house again?" Owen inquired further, making sure she didn't mean the dream house. He has been wanting to ask her to move in with him and decide on an apartment together. He knew it was too fast, but he would have used the 'we're both out of a place' excuse.

"Yeah, we had this fight and now she's trying to make it up to me so she gave me a place," she chuckled light-heartedly. "You can come for a tonight, if you'd like," she offered sheepishly. She knew she wasn't supposed to, but she figured it won't do any harm, and her heart ached a little for him sleeping at the hospital alone.

That night both of them finished their day early. Conveniently enough, Amelia thought of this as a perfect opportunity to sneak Owen in.

Little did she know, Meredith got off pretty early too. She picked the kids up from day care and drove them all to the house. However, barely an hour later, she got paged to an emergency general surgery on a previous patient who had complications but seemed to be stable before she left.

She figured Amelia could save her. She knocked on her room's door, hoping she wasn't asleep or paged back to the hospital as well. After a few seconds. Amelia answered telling Meredith to come in.

Amelia covered her naked body with the blanket, hoping Meredith won't notice. Luckily for her, Meredith was in such a hurry that she jumped right into it.

"Hey, I just got paged and I need someone to watch the kids, can you do it?" Meredith asked nicely, knowing Amelia was close to the kids and was probably not going to decline

"Um, yeah sure, why not." Amelia answered, attempting to hide her shortness of breath.

Meredith however, noticed her sister's awkwardness, "Are you sure? Do you have a fever or something?" she grew suspicious.

"No, yeah, I'm fine, I was just having some dream," Amelia tried to get out of it, "You go, I've got the kids, don't worry!"

Meredith didn't have much time to over think it, so she immediately ran out of the room. As soon as Meredith was downstairs, Amelia burst into laughter, lifting the pillows and the blanket she had hid Owen under.

Owen shared her laughter, taking in what happened, "Some dream huh? What was that about?" he managed to get out in the midst of all the giggles.

Amelia calmed herself down after letting out the last of her chuckles, she sighed, "Well, like you heard, we've got 3 kids to babysit."

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