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Chapter 4

Owen walked in Amelia's office with a wide smile, he was obviously hiding a brown folder behind his back. She immediately noticed him and turned around, leaning on her desk, waiting for him to approach.

"Good morning," he said as flirtatiously as possible. He leaned down and gave her a small tentative peck

"Morning," she said, but her eyes quickly went down to the folder he was holding, "what's that?" she asked out of curiosity more than anything

"It's your special birthday present," he replied proudly

Amelia's jaw dropped in excitement, Owen himself couldn't hide his elation, he handed her the folder after a little teasing of holding it above her. As she held the scans that were inside it towards the light, her pupils widened and she was thrilled like a little kid going to a carnival. "Owen Hunt! Is this a grade 4 butterfly glioblastoma for me?"

"It is. It's been turned down by two other doctors, he's only 30 years old, it's operable but risky, and the patients wants the surgery," Owen grinned, it made him delighted to see her this happy

"You know this will take at least 6 hours? It's beautiful!" she chuckled

"Yes, that's why I cleared you're schedule so that after you're done, you can kickback, and relax, and we can have dinner, and.. some deserts," he hinted cradling her waist

"This is the best birthday ever," she said as she put down the scans and rested her hands on his shoulders.

"For the best girlfriend ever," he whispered. Amelia felt butterflies in her stomach, they have been on good terms, but seeing the pride and joy in his eyes as he called her his girlfriend made her fall for him harder.

She pulled him down by his shirt and passionately kissed him. His hands travelled from her waist up to her hair, he just never got over her silky dark locks. He shifted again so he could hold her steadily and pick her up to place her on the desk.

The two didn't even remember the door was still open, until they heard a distinctive voice shriek, "Amy?!"

Amelia quickly pulled away and pushed Owen gently, standing up again, getting off her desk. She sighed heavily and shut her eyes tightly for a second hoping it wasn't really the voice she recognized. Unfortunately, it was. "Hi, Kate," Amelia greeted, forcing an awkward smile. Kate was nice, she didn't meddle in Amelia's life as much as her other sisters, except when it came to her love life. It didn't help that she was the one to walk in on Amelia with two of her boyfriends when she was in high school. She never dropped the subject until Amelia broke up with the guys she didn't like.

Kate approached the couple and shook hands with Owen, Amelia introduced them. "This is my sister, Doctor Kathleen Shepherd, and Kate, this is Doctor Owen Hunt, he's my.. boyfriend."

"Oh I didn't know all your siblings were surgeons as well," Owen tried to make the situation more comfortable

"They're not," Kate said with a smile, "I'm a psychiatrist. But we are all doctors, in case Amelia didn't tell you, she's not really into talking, is she?"

Owen chuckled uncomfortable, this didn't make things much better, "So, um.. I was going to.." he looked at Amelia, checking if she needed him to stay to go, "I was just leaving." They both nodded and he couldn't have gotten out of there faster.

Kate's reason for coming to Seattle remained vague, she said she had some business to handle, and that she just missed her little sister and wanted to visit on her birthday. Amelia was now even more thankful for her present now. She went to grab some lunch before getting into the surgery, Kate just tagged along. The sisters joined the table where Meredith and Callie were sitting. Amelia introduced Callie and Kate. She wrote down final notes on the chart as Meredith showed her other sister in law pictures of the kids. Amelia only caught on to the conversation when they started talking about Meredith selling the house.

"Why don't you rent it?" Kate suggested

"It would still be there, mine, it just feels like a better closure for me," Meredith tried not to show the sadness it still brought about

"Wait, you still haven't sold it yet?" Amelia asked, taking a peek at the papers Meredith was reviewing

"Um, not yet, but it's okay, you don't have to worry about that as well," Meredith said nervously, like she was trying to hide something

"Relax, I can help you find the best offer," Amelia said as she swallowed the last bite of her sandwich and pulled the paper from the top of the small pile in front of Meredith

Amelia almost chocked on her food and budged forward after reading the name of the buyer on the paper. Owen Hunt. "Owen is buying the house? And no one cared to tell me? What's this supposed to be?" she had no idea how she was supposed to feel about this, all she knew was that she was extremely perplexed and quite mad.

As if on cue, Owen came over and joined the table, he greeted everyone cheerfully, and it wasn't long before he noticed his girlfriend wasn't alright. He noticed her gaze was fixed on the paper she was clutching from the sides. He sighed, "Amelia.." he didn't get to complete his sentence as she just threw the paper on the table and got up, "I have a surgery to get to," She said flatly.

Owen got up and followed her, he had every intention for this to be the most romantic gesture, however; it seemed like she didn't agree. When she noticed he was behind her, she sighed heavily and walked into the scrub room.

She turned and faced him. "What the hell do you think you're doing? What is this about? Buying my dead brother's dream house?" her voice was louder than she intended.

"Amelia, calm down, I thought you'd be glad-"

"Glad?!" she chuckled, "The last time I checked girlfriends and boyfriends told each other before buying houses like that."

Stephanie walked in and started talking gleefully about how excited she was about the tumor, she suddenly stopped mid sentence, noticing her mentor was not in the joyous mood she was in.

Owen rubbed his forehead, not wanting to air their dirty laundry in front of Edwards, who has already witnessed enough of their love quarrels the previous year. He looked up to see Amelia was already roughly washing her hands. "Okay we will talk tonight, have fun with your surgery," he tried to make it only audible for Amelia who resiliently hid the small smile about to curl her lips.

After Amelia finished her surgery, there was nothing much to stall on because Owen had cleared her schedule earlier. After updating the charts herself, she finally went to pick up Kate from the attendings lounge. It was going to be a crowded busy night at Meredith's, "Hey, ready to go?"

"To meredith's old house or to your new boyfriend's house?" Kate retorted

"It was Derek's. And no we're not going there, stay out of this one Kate," Amelia snapped

"You know, he's nothing like any of your other boyfriends, you really love him don't you?" She observed

Amelia bit the inside of her cheek, she did love him, "What's the point here?"

"If David ever did anything like that, it would probably save our marriage," Kate said wittily

"Wait, what?" that made more sense of her visit

"Instead, all he can do is screw one of his students ten years younger than I am," Amelia looked at her sister, shocked at what she was hearing, she always thought their marriage in particular was perfect, "he's always had a wandering eye, I should have seen it coming."

"That's why you came here? Katie why didn't you tell me, when did this happen?" she approached her sister sympathetically

"It's your birthday! How could I have said anything," Kate smiled despite the tears running down her cheeks, "I caught him red handed last night and I couldn't handle staying with him and not committing a murder, I'm sorry for walking in on your life like that."

"No, no, don't say that. You can stay as long as you want to, and we're gonna get you the best divorce lawyer, and you're going to teach that lying bastard a lesson, plus you're my favorite sister" Amelia tried to smile in condolence, she knew it cheered her up whenever Derek said that to her.

"Thank you," Kate wiped her tears and looked back up at her sister, "Listen, what I meant to say out of all this, is that Owen clearly loves you too, you push people away Amelia, and I might give too much opinions on your boyfriends, but don't let this one go.. the way he looks at you.. if I ever had that with David, God knows I would never have been here."

Amelia's eyes welled up, it was all true, she loved him deeply and so did he, she should stop running away before losing him. She nodded, she took her sister home and then drove to the dream house.

She found Owen, sitting on the bench on the deck, where he held her and protected her from her demons a couple of months ago. He quickly got up and walked closer to her, "Look, I would have never done this if I knew it would upset you, but I honestly thought you'd like it, I can take back the offer if it bothers you that much," he paused, checking Amelia's reaction. It was blank, she was silent, he couldn't read her, "but before I do, you should know, I did this because every time I look at this land, I imagine our future, and I remember that night you came to me with the sparkling water, and when we were dying to be with each other without being interrupted, and I was looking forward to sharing more memories with you here." She was still silent, blank, no reaction. "I don't know if you know this, but Derek was my closest friend here, he even let me help build this deck we're standing on right now, he was a great human being, and he would want you to have it all, so I'm pushing back Amelia, you're pushing me away but I'm not giving up, you're still my girlfriend and I love you and-" he was cut off by Amelia running up to him and pressing her lips against his. Finally, one hell of a reaction, Owen thought as he pressed her closer to him, relishing the taste of her lips.

When she eventually pulled away after quite a while, she kept her hands on his neck and her face in a close proximity to his, "I love you too, let's take this slow, step by step, okay?" He nodded promptly and leaned back in to get more of her again, "let's make some memories," she whispered before they went into their dreamhouse.

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