It's later now/ Distance

Chapter 5

"She could have stayed with us a little longer you know," Owen said as he and Amelia got into the car. They had just dropped Kate at the airport so she could go back and finalize the divorce. Kate had stayed a week in Seattle and thought that was enough to cool down, at first she considered staying with her husband for the kids, but after seeing her sister, she decided not to settle for something as horrible as that, especially that this wasn't a fling or one mistake, this was a whole other affair. Owen had called an old friend of his, a lawyer who moved to New York, and he promised to help her.

"I told her so, but she missed the kids and it's time she left that cheating bastard for good, I just hope he's civilized enough for the kids," Amelia replied, she was clearly defensive and mad for her sister.

Owen grimaced as he pulled out of the parking lot and Amelia noticed while she put on the seatbelt, she raised her eyebrows high as she hesitantly asked, not sure if she wanted to know the answer, "What? You disagree?"

"No, no, it's just.. don't you think you're being a little harsh on him?" Owen kept his eyes on the road, expecting Amelia's rage next, she has been strongly opinionated about this and seemed to hate her brother in law more than her own sister.

"Harsh? I'm being too harsh on him? Owen, he has been sleeping with his student for 2 years!" Amelia frowned, "Where is this coming from anyway? Don't tell me you really excuse him."

"I don't, it's a horrible thing to do, it's only because.. well, I know what it's like to be the side who cheated, and it doesn't mean it didn't hurt me too," Owen regretted his words as they were coming out of his mouth

Amelia's eyes widened and she turned her whole torso to face him as he was driving, the traffic lights turning red where not in his favor, "What?!" she tried to calm herself down and remember that he has accepted her for all her past and she should do the same when it came to him, but she couldn't help but be bugged by this detail.

He sighed heavily, and tried to think of his sentences before explaining to her, "It wasn't an affair, it was one night one mistake, I didn't even remember the girl's name, and it is not why I broke up with Cristina, the beginning of the end was quite a while before that,"

Amelia inhaled and exhaled deeply, taking this information in, he didn't even remember her name, she was a little confused however, what other reason than infidelity caused him to break up with his wife then? "What was it then? Why did you break up?" she asked a lot calmer than before as the traffic lights went green again.

Owen hesitated to answer this question, he didn't want to scare off Amelia again, but he opted for being completely honest, "She didn't want kids, and I did, she had an abortion and we couldn't let it go,"

Amelia swallowed hard, she wanted kids as well, but it really scared her to want them, "Do you still want kids?"

As they entered the garage of their dream house, he looked at her dreamily, imagining forming a family with her, "I do," a small smile tugged on both their faces

They walked in awkward silence through the front door, they both felt the uneasiness in the atmosphere, they just discussed two heavy topics in a car ride. It was Amelia who broke the silence as they entered the bedroom. She walked in first but then turned around without a notice and grabbed Owen who was behind her from her coat, he instinctively put his arms around her waist. She looked at him straight in the eye before quietly demanding, "Don't ever cheat on me okay? I'll kill you."

He couldn't help but chuckle slightly at first, but then he noticed that her expression was completely serious, as he realized what the situation was, he gently cupped her face in his hands and assured her, "Okay, never." He bent down to kiss her tentatively, and a kiss followed another, until they helped each other undress and get into bed.

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