It's later now/ Distance

Chapter 7

They woke up in the on call room about the same time, thankful that they slept through the night without much disturbance as they were both on call. Owen opened his eyes first, and kept his eyes fixated on Amelia as she stretched next to him, he was mesmerized by how beautiful she can be even when she just woke up with her smudged eyeliner from the previous day, she could go on without fixing it and she'd pull it off without a doubt. She eventually opened her eyes as well, biting her lips as she looked at Owen staring at her. He leaned in and kissed her shortly but sweetly. "Every morning should be like this," he sighed.

"I'm still mad," she retorted, though still smiling

"You don't look mad"

"How am I supposed to look mad when you're looking at me like that!"

"Like what?"

"Like that, with your Owen-y perfect loving eyes!"

"I can't help that I love you" he giggled, planting yet another kiss on her smirking lips

"I love you too.. but I'm still upset," she pouted like a little sulking kid, it was adorable.

"About yesterday.."

She nodded, biting the inside of her cheek, "it was like you were treating me as if I'm incompetent, you were shouting at me, I had no choice but ask you to leave, what happened In there?"

" It's not like that at all, I know that you are a brilliant surgeon, Amelia Shepherd. I don't know what to tell you, I was just really scared for her, I'm really sorry, I promise it won't happen again."

She saw that it was real, it wasn't just some lame apology, "You really care about Dania now don't you?"

He nodded, half smirking. She propped herself up and gave him a deep kiss, letting him know that his apology was accepted. She then pulled away and stood up quickly, adjusting her hair with her fingers and tying it up. Owen sat up and pulled her down by her hand, so that she fell sitting between his arms, he kissed her excruciatingly slow and teasing, and pulled away after lightly biting the tip of her lower lip. "What are you doing?" she felt her breath catch

"Where are you going?"

"I have rounds, and I left Edwards to update Mr. Rafi yesterday, I want to check on him and Dania myself today." she swallowed hard, she hated that she had to leave him in this state.

"I'll come with you"

She raised her eyebrows at him, questioning his suggestion, and weighing it carefully.

"What?" he frowned

"Nothing, you can come, I just want you to be careful, the first thing we're taught is not to get too personally attached to a patient"

He sighed heavily, "Don't worry about me, it's just a heavy case, I'll be helpful"

They shared a last peck before getting up and heading to talk to Mr. Rafi and Dania. Mr. Rafi stood up as the doctors entered the room.

"Hey Danny, how are you feeling today?" Owen grinned at her

"Bo'ed! I want ca'toons," Danny crossed her arms dramatically

Amelia chuckled at her expression as she performed a neuro exam, "Well, she seems fully responsive, and the scans seem clear, but I'd like to keep her for observation for a few days"

"Thank you so much doctors, thanks for helping my baby girl" Mr. Rafi said tiredly

Owen and Amelia exchanged glances and both smiled and nodded at the old man. All of a sudden, the lazy smile on his face faded and he fell back down on the chair passing out.

"Papa!" Dania cried. Amelia rushed to check his pulse and responses, as Owen rushed to call a nurse and walked back in a second later, cradling the scared little girl in his arms. Amelia then remembered that there was diabetes in Dania's medical family history. She ordered the nurse to draw blood and start him on iv fluids with glucose immediately as they carried him to the guest bed.

Mr. Rafi woke up a couple of minutes later, explaining that he was indeed diabetic, and he must have forgotten to eat after taking his shot of insulin, Amelia ordered a head CT to ensure there was no concussion or internal bleeding, and assured him that everything was going to be fine. After checking on a few other patient, Amelia headed to the cafeteria and joined Owen, Alex, Jo and Meredith, she shared the story with the group.

"Did you call child protective services?" Owen asked like it was the only natural thing

"What? Why would I do that?"

"Amelia, he forgot to eat, did you at least check for other dementia symptoms?"

"He doesn't have dementia, he does however have diabetes, which isn't a reason to take Dania away from her only remaining family"

"Owen has a point, I know a thing or two about Alzheimer's, first you forget where you left your keys, then you lose track of time and meals, maybe the girl is better off with child protective family," Meredith intervened

"Like little girls who had tumors removed from their brain are on high demand for adoption? I know the system, maybe Amelia is right, if the guy can give her a home and put food on the table it's better than her growing up to find herself living in a car," Jo commented

"Food and a home isn't the only thing a kid needs, what a kid doesn't need is a psycho guardian, trust me on that one," Alex said

It seemed like they were split down the middle on what to do for the little girl and her grandpa, "Look, they're both going to be kept under observation for a few days, she's going to be safe, I'll check on him again later, I won't risk calling CPS right now," Amelia argued as she bit on her apple finishing it, and getting up from the table. Owen excused himself and followed her quickly, meeting her at a quiet nurse station.

"Hey, did you need something?"

"Um, yes actually, I wanted to give you this," he passed a folded paper on the counter and left it in front of her.

She opened it and skimmed it without actually reading, "What's this?"

"Remember when I told you the hospital has rules? If you sign this, we don't have to worry about them anymore, it basically says that both parties aren't forced into this relationship and aren't taking advantages of each other,"

Amelia put the paper in her pocket and stepped closer to Owen, whispering to him in a sexy raspy voice "I plan to take full advantage"

He blushed noticeably and chuckled uncomfortably, trying to suppress his excitement in public, "Well, how about, you let me take you out on a date?"

"A date?" Amelia's eyebrows wrinkled as she imagined the idea. Sure they've shared meals in the house and the hospital and once in a small café nearby, but even though they were a month into their relationship, they haven't done anything more adventurous or fancy, mostly due to the fact that they had busy schedules and they spent their days off sleeping.

"Yes a date, this Saturday is going to be a sunny day in Seattle, supposedly, there are like 5 of these in a year, so what do you say?"

"Okay, sure, take me out on date," Amelia grinned, her own cheeks flushing and she felt her heart racing slightly.


Owen waited impatiently in the living room, looking at his watch every 5 seconds. "Amelia!"

"Just a minute!"

"You said that 15 minutes ago," he said under his breath

"What was that?" Amelia walked in with her hands on her hips

Owen looked up in surprise to see that Amelia was finally ready, standing in front of him, he was blown away by her black dress with laced sleeves, but he looked very unsure, "Wow.. you look.. amazing."

She could read him like an open book, usually, but she struggled to figure what his stuttering meant this time, "What? Am I underdressed? Would you just tell me where we're going?"

"Noo, you're not at all underdressed, and I didn't tell you because I want it to be a surprise" he paused a little, wanting to tell her to change but not ready to wait that long, "You might want to wear a little more comfortable shoes"

They reached their planned destination, and Amelia was surely surprised. "An amusement park?"

"You don't like it.. oh god, I thought it'd be fun"

"No, no, I like it, it's new that's all, but it could be fun!" she forced a grin and tried her best to act excited, grateful that she did change from her high heels to lower more comfortable shoes.

They walked together, hand in hand. Owen's enthusiasm quickly returned and he seemed to falsely believe that this was still a good idea, "Okay then, let's start with something light, we're going to go on the Ferris wheel, you'll be able to see all of Seattle from above great view," he was sounding really romantic, little did he know this wasn't light at all.

Amelia tried to convince herself this was going to be as fun and romantic as her boyfriend thought of it, so she took a deep breath and followed him to the first cabin. As soon as it started moving, she instinctively shifted to hold Owen's hand tightly. He squeezed it back and held both their hands intertwined in his lap, he was still smiling, unaware of what was about to happen.

Amelia had shut her eyes or tried to look anywhere other than the windows, however, when they neared the top, Owen became really excited, "Aims look at this! You can see all of Seattle, it's a beautiful view."

Amelia –still trying to cover it up- looked up slowly as calmly as possible to scan the view outside the cabin's big window, though it truly astonished her, it only took her a second to move her eyes an inch down so she could see how high above the ground they were. That's when she let out a long suppressed panic attack, "Oh my god! Oh my god! Why the hell are we so high!" she started hyperventilating and shaking severely

It didn't take Owen a split of a second to turn from thrilled and romantic to worried and helpless. He turned to face her and held her by her arms hoping to calm her down, "What is it? Amelia, tell me what's happening, what's wrong?"

"I have a fear of height!" She almost yelled at him, still struggling to breathe normally, and shaking in his arms.

"And you didn't think of confessing this before we got on the wheel?" He was pretty exasperated with the situation himself, but mostly nervous because he wanted to help her.

Out of the frying pan, into the fire, the Ferris wheel came to a sudden halt when they were right in the highest point in the ride. "What's happening? Why did it stop? Oh God are we stuck here!?"

Her breathing wasn't getting any better, and Owen felt like his hands were tied, but he decided to try anyway. He scooted closer to her and gently grabbed her face between his hands, stopping her from staring down the window, "Look at me, look at my eyes, it's only me and you, and nothing else matters, it's going to be fine, it's going to be okay, just keep your eyes on me, now breathe," soon enough, their breathes synchronized and Amelia kept staring right into Owen's green blue eyes, and for a second, she really believed it, it was him and her and it was all going to be fine. She gradually relaxed as the wheel started descending again.

"I am so, so sorry, I really thought I could control it and be fine, I'm so sorry," She apologized guiltily

"It's okay, it's my fault, I thought I wanted to do something special, I should have taken you to a fancy restaurant instead"

"No, you're just perfect and I'm a mess," She covered her face with both her hands, feeling self conscious

He softly took removed both her hands and kissed them, "Do you like ponies?" He smirked, "There's a horses and ponies section, somewhere here"

"I love ponies, let's go see them"

The couple bought a few carrots and headed to feed the horses, their date finally seeming to start getting better. A slight breeze came their way and Owen noticed Amelia wrapping her arms around herself. He promptly took off his jacket and place it on her shoulders, and he'd thought of how it fit her better than it ever did him, she could look stunning in anything, he thought.

They were feeding and playing with the ponies, sharing laughs and giggles, when the unimaginable happened. One of trainers was making a great effort trying to control one of the horses, and without a warning, the horse neighed loudly bringing everyone's attention to the scene. Suddenly, it lifted its front legs up violently and the trainer got kicked forcefully, getting thrown off to a shockingly long distance away.

People gathered around the injured man blocking Amelia and Owen's view who were watching the whole thing with widened eyes and mouth agape. "Is there a doctor in the house?" someone wailed frantically among the group, causing both of them to run through the crowd.

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