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Chapter 8

"Does anyone have a first aid kit?" Owen shouted as he checked for a pulse. This date was a complete disaster, he thought he planned it perfectly, but now it seemed like they were going to end up at work again, not that he wasn't grateful to be able to save a life, but he had just wished the universe would let him and Amelia catch a breath

"Here! There's the vet's supplies, will they do?" another trainer handed Owen a bag of basic medical supplies, Owen checked the contents and quickly decided that it'll have to do while they waited for the ambulance

"He has multiple broken bones and I'm pretty sure I felt a fracture in the spine between L2 and L3, pupils are equal and reactive but he's unconscious," Amelia notified Owen as he fished for a stethoscope and listened to his breath sounds

"He's got a huge hemothorax, I have to insert a chest tube to drain the fluid, help me move him to a more sterile place," He ordered

"Didn't you hear what I said? We can't move him here or we'll risk paralysis from the legs down"

"I can't do it here, the infection risk couldn't be higher"

Amelia pursed her lips and shook her head at Owen, she knew if the chest tube wasn't placed he would bleed out into his lungs, but she couldn't risk paralysis when she knew she had a chance at restoring mobility if they reach the hospital fast enough. After a few moments of hesitation, Owen decided he had no other choice, "Damn it, this can't wait for the ambulance." He cut the trainer's jacket and shirt using a pair of large scissors he found among the supplies. Amelia helped move the arm up gently so Owen could make the incision and insert the tube. A large gush of fluid and blood was drained out the lung and Owen used a suture kit to keep the tube in place. The pain of the sutures without any ansthetic triggered the trainer and woke him up, gasping, coughing and screaming of pain. Amelia rushed to hold his head down and stabilize his position.

"Hey, hey, look at me, what's your name?"

"John, John Smith," he coughed out and whined

"Ok, listen to me John, I know it hurts, but you have to stay still, if you move you might get paralyzed, blink once if you can understand me"

John blinked once and kept breathing heavily and wincing, luckily, it only took 5 more minutes for the ambulance to arrive. When they reached Grey Sloan Memorial, Owen and Amelia had to rush into the OR, they barked orders as the residents received them.

"Warren hook him up on antibiotics, lots of it, and change that test tube right away, also don't forget to give him a sedative"

"Edwards rush him into CT right now and then hurry him into the OR with the scans"

"Page Torres and tell her to meet us in surgery. Page Grey and Pierce for a consult, and let them join us in the OR if it appears like he has any further internal bleeding"

They basically ran as they gave their orders, stopping by a supply closet to get a pair of scrubs each and then pacing to the elevators. As soon as the elevator door began to close, They started taking their clothes off, Amelia starting with the simple jewelry and Owen with his shirt. He giggled as he unbuttoned his shirt and shook his head humorously. Amelia turned around and gestured for him to help her with the zipper on the dress, "What is it?"

He brushed her hair to the side and couldn't resist but give a quick kiss on her soft translucent skin on the back of her neck, "This is not exactly how I imagined we'd take our clothes off tonight," he chuckled as he took her zipper down all the way

She laughed at the thought, realizing that he had probably planned every last detail of their date, "You've been imagining huh?"

Owen removed his pants so that he was left in only his briefs and she took off the dress completely to reveal a sexy two piece lingerie. The couple paused for a moment, taking in each other, both couldn't be more bitter at the universe that they weren't able to mount each other right then and there. The elevator's ring was what alerted them to continue redressing quickly, reminding them that it was getting closer to the OR floor and it could open any minute.

"You're evil," Owen said as he put on the top clumsily, still staring at Amelia and incapable of removing that image of her from his mind

She smirked suggestively, "Like you said, not exactly how I envisioned stripping tonight. Now concentrate Dr. Hunt." She tied her hair up and straightened her back, ready for the elevator to open.

As Owen finished off tying his pants, he slapped her bum playfully and whispered into her ear, "So you've been doing some imagining yourself, Dr Shepherd?"

They both walked out, smiling like smitten teenagers as they headed to the OR. They started discussing the medical approach intended, all to be confirmed by the awaited scans, all in attempt to focus their concentration on the patient.

Callie assisted Amelia with the spine repair and Owen assisted Maggie with repairing the punctured lung. They faced quite a few complications, the patient coded 2 times, but they brought him back every time, at the end of the day, it was a hardcore exciting trauma surgery.

"I'm sorry today turned out like this, I wanted it to be a perfect date, it turned out catastrophic," Owen apologized coyly as they walked out the hospital toward Owen's truck that was fortunately parked at the hospital from the previous day.

"Are you kidding me? That was hot! Best date ever," Amelia bumped Owen's shoulder deliberately, with her hands in the pockets of the coat Owen gave her earlier.

Owen chuckled, admitting he fully enjoyed it just as well, "Yeah, it was. I just wanted to win you a bear, and take you to dinner in a small restaurant at the park, and then we'd watch the fireworks because you love it, I know it sounds cheesy, but I'm glad you enjoyed today nevertheless"

" Of course I did, we went out together, it was perfect. We can still order in and eat together at home," she tried to cheer him up

"Yeah, we can. Or we can skip right to the end," he tilted his head playfully

"What did you have in mind?"

Owen leaned in and whispered to her ear, telling her how he'd torturously pleasure her, stopping at the point where he knew she would break. Amelia suddenly felt her dress was tighter and restricting, all she wanted was to rip it off and rip off his shirt. She clutched his tie as he pulled away looking right in her big bright blue eyes, "Get in the car and drive us home right now," she was already starting to feel breathless.

They lay together, their naked bodies tangled with each other like they were one inseparable being. Amelia mumbled in her sleep, and Owen didn't mind one bit waking up from his light sleep to her incoherent wording, he thought it was the most adorable thing, he'd listen to all she said and tried to make any sense of them, it was the little secret that he will always keep. However as the stars slowly disappeared, and in their place came the faint pink glow of the next day, Amelia's dream seemed to be getting disturbing as the muddled mumbles became more unclear and louder, and her hands clutched the sheets and formed closed fists. He watched closely, ready to be there for her, but he wouldn't dare wake her up. As Owen expected, Amelia sprung up all at once from the bed with a clamorous screech, yelling for Owen's life, her words as clear as the sun this time.

She squirmed restlessly in Owen's arm, shaking while she let her hands roam all over him, tracing the details of his face, squeezing his arms and shoulders, and then touching her own face and wrapping her arms around herself. Owen mirrored all her movements, following her eyes everywhere, he tried to sooth her by stroking her hands attentively and whispering words of serenity to her. It seemed like she was in another world, like his words were inaudible to her, but she suddenly stopped and her shoulders slackened, finally bringing her sight to meet Owen's, she sighed in relief and closed her eyes.

Owen was dumbfounded by the whole scene that he just witnessed, he assured Amelia that he's not going anywhere while he tentatively removed his hands from hers and got up to get her a glass of water. As if the past few minutes weren't fretting enough, he came back to find Amelia curled in the corner of the room, staring at a paper she held firmly in both her hands. He hurriedly wended his way to her, settling the glass of water in front of her and sitting next to her in the same position. He didn't need to talk for her to start, her voice was broken and quiet, it made him hurt to see her in pain, he almost physically felt it.

"This paper. If I sign it, it means I'm officially your girlfriend. Like the something that we have is a real thing here." She remarked factually

Owen frowned, they didn't need a silly paper to 'officially' make them anything, what they had couldn't be fathomed into a few lines of unapologetic shameless degrading words for love. "Amelia, what we have, it is real, and you belong with me, paper or without it, this isn't a marriage contract, it's just too keep us from the gossip and chagrin," he addressed his fear to her in his flawless comeback.

"What about when you get hit by a horse or a car and you end up unconscious in my arms, and then this stupid paper won't let me operate on you and bring you back because I'll be your girlfriend on paper."

"Now why would I bit hit by cars and crazy horses?"

"Because that' what happens when someone gets near me, the universe is too busy slapping me down, it'll take down anyone who's near" she let out a sob she hadn't realized was in her

"Well not me, because with me, the universe is holding us up high, and I'm nothing short of beholden of the luck that the universe struck me with when I met you"

"Don't die on me"

"I will do my best, I promise. And if you want I'll keep a signed consent for you to operate on me in case of a car or horse accident"

She then instantly grabbed a pen from the bedside table near her and signed the paper before confidently locking her lips with his and leaning toward his torso. He held her assertively but tenderly, kissing her head through the hair and letting it rest on his shoulder. For the next few hours, they sat in easing silence, watching the sunrise.

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