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Chapter 9

The next several days were a glimpse of calm before the storm. Owen and Amelia enjoyed their week with ecstasy when their schedules seemed to match up unpredictably for 3 nights in a row, giving them some time to ravish each other with pure passion. With every moment and every flick of an eye, they fell harder for each other. Fear filled Amelia's heart, as she remembered her conversation with Derek about how finding true love could very possibly destroy her. She covered it up and tried to savor the way he made her heart beat rapidly. It was like being together for the first time every time.

Owen, on the other hand, was trying the hardest he could to not scare her off. He knew their situation was tricky, they were sort of a thing, and then that was on pause, and now they were in this relationship that felt like it has been going on forever, but in fact, it was fresh and new and he dared not risk everything. He revered her every morning, Owen just revered her, thinking of how he wanted to tell her how he wanted to be with her forever, and how he wanted to have 5 kids with her, and he wanted this to happen now. He secretly considered Amelia's age and how long she had left, he didn't want to think about it that way or ever bring that up, but he couldn't help but think that not pushing Amelia will have him end up regretful. He had waited long enough with Cristina, he had wasted enough time, and after he thought it was over, after he had lost hope and conjectured that he had managed to destroy his chances at both love and a family, Amelia came along to prove him wrong. He never imagined he could love anyone like this, what he felt with her was beyond linguistic comprehension. He never in a million years wanted to lose that, not again, not after he has allowed his feelings to bloom and grow even bigger, if that was possible. So everyday he lied in his dilemma, answering with "Nothing" every time Amelia asked him what was wrong. Surprisingly enough, she let it drop, it was like she knew the answer and asked out of obligation rather than actually wanting to know.

Another thing they had gotten used to was occasionally checking up on Dania. After a few nights of observation, Amelia decided it was best she went through sessions of chemotherapy to ensure the tumor would not recur. Practically, Owen and Amelia weren't her doctors anymore, but whenever they were having a rough day, they randomly visited her and her grandpa, causing him to worry at first, and assuring him every time that she didn't need any more surgery. A couple of minutes with her and it made their day better. Owen and Amelia had found each other both staring through her window as she slept cuddled up with granddad. Owen still held his ground, as Amelia refused to diagnose Mr. Rafi with dementia, insisting that however old he may be, the system is no better for Dani. Amelia had settled this by letting them agree to disagree, she has seen how silly Addison was when she argued with Sam medically, and she didn't want that to happen to her own experience.

Bailey was officially recommended by Richard for the next of chief of surgery, and Catherine has also made her recommendation for the other Candidate to be the one and only April Kepner. The word has gotten around the hospital about a showdown between the two, different rumors perpetuating different predictions. Some said Bailey was the obvious choice as a more experienced fellow, known for the Nazi. Others appreciated April's new bad ass persona, talking about how she was kickass in the army and she has been doing an impeccable job running the most horrifying situations and traumas in the ER. The biggest issue against both sides however is that both sides were unbiased, Bailey being an already active board member, and April was Catherine's daughter in law, it was a conflict of interest. Amelia noticed this, and she decided to take advantage, so she approached Richard innocently that day.

"Hey, Richard!" Amelia beamed almost too enthusiastically

"Hi, Amelia, I was just about to come catch you for a quick consult, probably nothing but I need you to sign off on it"

"Okay, sure. Listen, I wanted to ask you something, you know, as an experienced ex chief"

"Is everything okay" he asked fatherly

"Everything is great. Is it true about the board letting Bailey and Kepner fight the chief thing out?" She asked the way a sport enthusiast would ask about a wrestling match

Richard chuckled lightly, "They're not going to fight it out physically if that's what you're hoping, but yes basically that's what's gonna happen."

"Uhuh. And hypothetically, since the job is technically vacant, any third or fourth member can apply, isn't that right?"

"Correct" Richard paused before observing the sly grin creeping on Amelia's face and realizing her intentions, "You're not-"

"Yes I am!" She lifted her shoulders up innocently, "Thanks, chief!"

Amelia hurried to find Edwards and told her to rearrange her surgeries so that she'd have some free time that morning. Stephanie had become more of a little sister/friend to Amelia, or at least, she liked to think of it that way. Apart from her small family of Meredith, Maggie and Owen, Richard and Stephanie were one of the few people who seemed to care.

"Wait, why are we pushing the aneurysm clip? I'm entering my fifth year and you told me I could do this one solo, did you change your mind? Please don't change your mind, I'm ready, I watched you do only about a hundred of those" Edwards rambled worriedly

"Relax, Steph. I know you're ready, but I'm preparing for something"

"Something? Like a new miracle tumor? How big is this something?"

Amelia stopped walking when she reached her office and turned around to look at her resident. She opened her mouth to say something then closed it, contemplating whether to tease her or to let her know the news. She went for the latter, unable to hold all the excitement for herself. "I'm running for Chief of surgery" she whispered after looking left and right, knowing fully that this wasn't a secret to be kept for long, though she hoped to be able to finish her application and get approved before the word got out.

"YOU'RE RUNNIG FOR-" Edwards started exclaiming loudly before being shushed down quickly to a whisper by her mentor, "Chief or surgery!"

Amelia nodded, pursing her lips together, failing to hide the wide grin on her own face, "Now, I need you to push the aneurysm clip so I could prepare my application, is that okay?" she raised her eyebrow, returning to boss mode

"That's perfect! You have to promise me I'll get to still be on the Chief's service after this"

"Edwards, you're with me. Now go manage my schedule before I change my mind," Amelia quipped, sending Edwards running with a peppy spirit. She chuckled and shook her head at her student's excitement for her. She managed to get all the needed requirements done that day and sent them in almost right away. Stephanie and she also did a remarkable job at keeping it for themselves. She wanted to tell Owen, scared of the possible consequences this could have on their relationship, and what this will bring to the table, she eventually concluded that this didn't need to be discussed until she knew she was even being considered. By the end of the week, she got the good news, she was now the third candidate, and she needed to have a presentation ready to convince the board why she should be chosen. What made it even better is that with the 3 exquisitely impressive candidates, no more applications were going to be accepted.

She decided she didn't want to wait anymore, so she hurried to find Owen and share it before he heard it from anyone else. She found him coming out of an ICU unit, looking drained and exhausted.

"Hey, tough case?"

"Yeah, we closed him up in the OR and we're waiting to see if he survives the next 24 hours, he seems like a lost cause but he's only 18."

"These are always the hardest" she offered some consolation, "do you want to hear some good news? Or at least, hopefully good news" she smirked slightly

"I'd love some good news right now," Owen sighed and rubbed his forehead

Amelia started to say something but then her pager buzzed loudly interrupting them. She looked at it and her face fell, "it's Mr Rafi, 911" she reported and began walking hastily

He followed her frowning, "What? I thought they were only here for chemotherapy, why are you being paged?"

"I don't know" Amelia grimaced as she was now running towards their room, Owen the same.

They arrived to find a team of residents and nurses already trying to resuscitate the old man. Amelia rushed and took over, performing the CPR violently herself. Owen, more calm about the terrible situation, approached the bed and asked clearly but softly about how long he has been down. 15 minutes, he was answered. He stood by Amelia silently, letting her exhaust her own hope, before saying out loud, what she knew was true. "He's gone, Amelia" She briskly wiped off a stray tear that had leaked from her eye, and announced the time of death monotonously. "You can call child protective services now," she retorted a little too harshly and excused herself out.

She went about her day, refusing to any interaction beyond completely necessary professional communication. After she finished her last surgery, she ran into her office and allowed herself to cry. She had held it in all day in order to be able to continue her job, she couldn't feel, but now, she had to, because now, she had a lot to lose and she hated day 1, so she promised herself to not go back there, and for that, she needed to let herself feel. After several minutes in solitude, she knew exactly what she had to do. She wanted to call Charlotte, but she figured she would either be busy with the triplets or be catching the chance to sleep. Instead she imagined exactly what she would tell her, "You need to get your ass to a meetin' right this second". So she did, and there she realized, she owed Owen an apology, and some good news. She had to decide on the good part of today so that she wouldn't lose herself. She picked up some food and headed back to the hospital, knowing Owen's shift still had a little less than an hour to end. She knocked on his office door and entered before hearing an answer, to find him behind his desk, staring blankly at the few papers in front of him. "Hey! I brought some Chinese, I thought you'd be hungry, it's been a long day,"

He looked up slowly, noticing Amelia for the first time, "How much do you love me?" he asked flatly

Amelia was taken aback by the question and its tone, she stood there for a whole minute gazing at him, "Is this about earlier today? I'm sorry about that," She paused, watching Owen get up tentatively and shake his head lightly, "Oh, you found out didn't you? Ugh I wanted to tell you earlier but I thought it was better to celebrate together later, which is now! Don't be mad, I love you, and everything's fine."

"You love me?" Owen asked again, pleading for an answer

Amelia sighed, still not realizing the gravity of the situation, she walked past him and put the bags of food on his desk, she gathered a serious expression on her face and replied, "I love you. I love you so much that I'm scared it will destroy me, Owen."

He looked at her, really looked at her, for the first time that night, pouring his eyes into hers. She quickly realized the expression on his face was guilt and not anger. She felt her breath catch and her heart skip a beat. As Owen continued gazing at her, she let her sight shift to the papers in front of her.

Adoption Order read the title

Your name (adopting parent(s)): Owen Hunt

She skipped over a few lines

Child's Name: Dania Rafi Hunt

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